Soda Dungeon 2 Mod

Soda Dungeon 2 [HACK & MOD]

The much-loved relaxed dungeon crawler is back in action!. Soda Dungeon 2 Mod v1.2.2

Update: 02/12/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Soda Dungeon 2 Mod 1.2.2 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Introducing the triumphant return of your beloved fizzy dungeon crawler! Prepare to embark on another adventure as the Dark Lord has once again stashed an array of legendary items, treasures, and goodies within his castle’s walls. Overcoming an unending horde of monsters, traps, and treacherous obstacles might seem daunting to some, but not to you. You’ll remain safely ensconced in the tavern, employing Soda Junkies to handle the perilous tasks on your behalf. Utilize the loot they retrieve to enhance your tavern, town, and armory, thereby attracting even more formidable adventurers. This cycle continues as you construct your town, gather a formidable team, and strive to conquer the dungeon, transcending dimensions and venturing into the unknown.

During their journey, your merry crew of soda-fueled companions will encounter a variety of challenges, including trumpet-blowing skeletons, enraged chefs, malevolent Dark Lords, and even a determined fairy. The only things they won’t encounter are timers, lives systems, or paywalls. All features can be obtained using in-game currency, keeping true to the Soda Dungeon’s ethos.

Craft Unique AI Patterns! – Fed up with lackluster NPC allies? We share your sentiment. Shape custom behaviors for your party using Soda Script! Even in your absence, they’ll perform precisely as you desire.

Forge Equipment – Manufacture new weapons and armor for the adventurers you enlist. Unearth rare materials deep within the Dark Lord’s fortress to forge innovative items.

Offline Progress – Is Soda Dungeon just one facet of your life? No issue. Accumulate Battle Credits while you’re away and redeem them for rewards upon your return. Resources continue to accrue even when you’re offline!

Establish Your Headquarters – Assembling an unrivaled party necessitates more than a tavern this time. Construct a blacksmith’s forge, a wizard’s emporium, an arena, and more to unlock your party’s full potential.

Endless Pursuits – Your requests have been heard. You sought greater challenges and objectives. You… wished to assist in rodent eradication from people’s lands ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Lucky for you, the NPCs in Soda Dungeon 2 are ready to offer valuable rewards in return for completing diverse side-quests!

‘What’s a Soda Dungeon?’

Soda Dungeon represents a turn-based dungeon crawler where you assemble a team of adventurers to raid dungeons in your stead. Utilize their plunder to expand your town, entice superior heroes, and fathom the depths of the dungeon.

Experiment Freely – Combine various classes, experiment with abundant gear, and dispatch them into battle. Rest assured, all your hard-earned loot will be safe as they return, even in the face of defeat 🙂

Equitable and Free – All acquisitions can be made using in-game currency. Absolutely no loot boxes. However, if you’re seeking to expedite your progress, special upgrades may be available for your consideration.

Cross-Platform Gameplay – Engage in the game on your mobile device, tablet, or Steam, and transport your saved progress wherever you choose to play. We’ve been informed it’s stored in “the cloud”.

Automated Combat at Your Discretion – Feeling a tad lazy? We understand. Assemble your party, activate auto-combat, and relish the spoils of war. You’ve earned a break.

ANProductions is a solitary studio that boasts over a decade of game development across various genres.

Poxpower would like it to be known that he too has been crafting games for a substantial duration, quite possibly for 11 years.

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<h2>Embark on a Fizzy Adventure with Soda Dungeon 2 Modh2> <p>If you've been craving the excitement of dungeon crawling and the thrill of strategy, look no further than <strong>Soda Dungeon 2 Modstrong>. The beloved sequel to the original Soda Dungeon is back, and this time it's armed with even more fizzy goodness and exciting features. Get ready to dive into an extraordinary journey that combines tactical gameplay, resource management, and a touch of humor.p> <h3>Conquer the Castle and Unlock Legendary Looth3> <p>The premise is simple yet captivating: the nefarious Dark Lord has amassed a horde of legendary items, treasures, and riches within the confines of his castle. However, it's not a straightforward treasure hunt. The path to riches is obstructed by an unending array of treacherous monsters, cunning traps, and formidable challenges. But fear not, as you won't be facing these perils directly.p> <p>Your role in Soda Dungeon 2 Mod is that of a savvy tavern owner. Rather than engaging in battles yourself, you'll be hiring a crew of brave Soda Junkies to do the dirty work for you. These soda-powered adventurers will plunge into the depths of the castle, battling monsters, overcoming traps, and bringing back the spoils of their conquests.p> <h3>Upgrade Your Stronghold and Assemble a Mighty Teamh3> <p>The riches that your Soda Junkies gather aren't just for show. You can utilize them to enhance your tavern, expand your town, and establish a robust armory. The improvements you make will attract even more skilled adventurers, ready to take on greater challenges. The cycle of recruiting, upgrading, and adventuring continues as you build a formidable team that can conquer the treacherous dungeon and venture into uncharted territories.p> <p>But it's not just about amassing wealth and heroes. Soda Dungeon 2 Mod brings a new level of engagement with its customizable AI patterns. No longer do you need to rely on the default behaviors of your party members. With Soda Script, you have the power to design unique tactics and strategies that align with your playstyle, even when you're not actively overseeing their actions.p> <h3>Crafting, Auto-Combat, and Moreh3> <p>In Soda Dungeon 2 Mod, there's always more to explore and experience. Discover rare materials hidden deep within the Dark Lord's castle and use them to craft new armor and weapons. This customization adds a layer of personalization to your adventurers, making them even more potent in battle.p> <p>If you're worried about keeping up with the game while you're busy, worry no more. Soda Dungeon 2 Mod allows you to earn Battle Credits even when you're away. When you return, you can exchange these credits for valuable loot and resources, ensuring that progress is never halted.p> <p>And let's not forget the convenience of optional auto-combat. Sometimes, you just want to sit back and relax. With this feature, you can set up your party's strategies, activate auto-combat, and watch as they engage in battles on your behalf. It's the perfect solution for when you deserve a break but still want to make progress.p> <h3>The Legacy of Soda Dungeon 2 Modh3> <p><strong>Soda Dungeon 2 Modstrong> is a testament to the evolution of the dungeon crawler genre. Developed by the renowned ANProductions and Poxpower, this game encapsulates years of experience and dedication to gaming. With its cross-platform compatibility and commitment to fair gameplay, it offers a refreshing take on dungeon crawling that truly sets it apart.p> <p>If you're ready to embark on an epic adventure filled with soda-fueled excitement, strategic prowess, and endless treasures, then Soda Dungeon 2 Mod is the game for you. Dive into the fizzy fun and see if you have what it takes to conquer the dungeon, expand your town, and uncover the secrets that lie beyond.p>

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<h4>Unleash Your Soda-Powered Minionsh4> <p>As your band of merry, soda-fueled minions delves deeper into the castle, they'll encounter an array of eccentric adversaries. From trumpeting skeletons that sound an eerie alarm to angry chefs guarding secret chambers, each encounter promises a unique challenge. The ever-present Dark Lord and even more menacing Darker Lords will test your party's mettle, while a determined fairy adds a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. Despite their trials, your minions remain resolute in their quest, striving to succeed against all odds.p> <h4>Fair and Fizztastic Monetizationh4> <p>In an industry often plagued by paywalls and microtransactions, Soda Dungeon 2 Mod takes a refreshing approach. There are no timers, no lives systems, and certainly no paywalls blocking your path to progress. Every feature, upgrade, and advantage can be acquired using the in-game currency you collect on your journey. This commitment to fair play ensures that success is based on your strategic prowess rather than your wallet.p> <h5>The Power of Soda Scripth5> <p>The introduction of <strong>Soda Scriptstrong> elevates your control over your party to new heights. Tired of lackluster NPC allies making questionable decisions? Take charge with Soda Script and design custom behaviors that align with your tactics and objectives. Whether you prefer a cautious approach, an aggressive strategy, or something entirely unique, Soda Script empowers you to make every decision count—even when you're not actively supervising.p> <h5>Cross the Platform Divideh5> <p>Embrace the versatility of <strong>Soda Dungeon 2 Modstrong> across platforms. Whether you're on your Android device or your trusty iPhone, the adventure remains at your fingertips. Seamlessly switch between devices, and continue your journey exactly where you left off. Thanks to its integration with the cloud, you'll never be tethered to a single platform.p> <h6>Join the Dungeon-Crawling Legacyh6> <p><em>Soda Dungeon 2 Modem> stands as a testament to the passion of ANProductions and Poxpower. With over a decade of game development experience, these creators have poured their expertise into crafting an unforgettable experience. As you venture through the dungeons, construct your base, and conquer the unknown, you become a part of the legacy of this beloved franchise.p> <h6>Embark on Your Soda-Powered Journeyh6> <p>So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of <strong>Soda Dungeon 2 Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOSstrong>? Prepare to lead your soda-powered crew through a labyrinth of challenges, customization, and conquests. Whether you're a seasoned dungeon crawler or a newcomer to the genre, this game promises an unparalleled blend of excitement, strategy, and fizzy fun.p> <p>Embrace the adventure, gather your forces, and dive into the fizztastic world of Soda Dungeon 2 Mod today!p>

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Free download Soda Dungeon 2 [HACK & MOD] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.2.2. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. The much-loved relaxed dungeon crawler is back in action!. Developed by Armor Games Studios Inc. Operating system requirements 5.0. Teen.

Game Hack Features Soda Dungeon 2 MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Remove All Ads
  • - No All ADS
  • - Unlock All
  • - Sprint

Game Version Soda Dungeon 2 Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Free Download
  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - No Charge
  • - Remove All Ads

Resolved a problem that hindered players from leaving the tavern and successfully finishing the tutorial.

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  1. DarkSouls Guru69: this game is awesome! I hasnt touched it yet for monts because I have a lot of games on mobile and I am hesitant to play them right away because I don't have a lot of time, but I noticed this is an offline game too so I tried it out, well it was amazing. this game should be placed on tops of anyone's list.
  2. Zach Goebel (ZachGoebs): I enjoy the game play quite a bit but I've been experiencing a ton of bugs. Click on loot after dungeon run? Crash. Get advertisement? All game sound goes away until I close and reopen. These things are extremely frustrating for a game that is not new at all. Also there are buttons that you can see register your press but don't do anything. To sell stuff I need to hit the same button 3 or 4 times. Love all the bugs.
  3. Malik Haseeb: The game is good. but the only problem is that the healing fairy make the game pop when 2nd last lvl where boss come in next lvl healing fairy kill all my armies. through poisoning, sleeping,etc. and deal so much dmg.
  4. Jacob Berry (Xyvren): While I would love to give this game a positive review, I can't get far into it due to it crashing every time I finish a round..
  5. Anthony Benton: great game.
  6. Chris Tilton: Like the game but about 50% of the time when watching an ad to extend a run the game crashes and I don't get any of the progress I just made. And after a long run.
  7. Marcus Pajarillo: very good game not much grind nor brain power needed to complete 10 dimensions but after that its just how far would you go.
  8. Mike B: Wonderful game, frequent crashes though.
  9. summit summit: DO NOT WATCH ADVERTISEMENTS THEY WILL RESTART YOUR GAME EVERY SINGLE TIME AND YOU WILL LOSE PROGRESS. Crazy that a game out for this long still has an issue like this..
  10. Anon Ymous: good game but sadly there is no more storyline after warriors dimension so i cant really have a goal.
  11. Son Rwanson: perfect casual game.
  12. Will Siu: fun time sink.
  13. edwin rubio: Not a " that's it" type.
  14. Douglas Newell: Everytime an ad pops up after its finished it closes the game.
  15. Ryan Polenz: its awesome when you're able to get ahold of the UI..
  16. Walter Glenn: The game is fun but the new update ruined the huntress. When you kill an enemy she permenantly gets a little stronger aganist it. She didn't have a natural spell untill "mark" which makes enemies take 1.5 times damage. Good right? NO because they use it WAY too much. It ruins auto mode because they use it every other turn and render themselves mana less really early. Fix it.
  17. Joshua Steitzer: a good idle game to let the day go by..
  18. Klausmieir Candis Villegas: too many ads.
  19. Blake Dickerson: woop woop.
  20. Haerann Salgado: simple yet it has depth.
  21. Andi Liani: Used to be a good game, reinstalling it cus i kinda missed the game. But the dev gettin greedy now with force ads banner covering screen. Welp good luck dev. Honest review : fun and nice comedy on story, repetitive and boring gameplay (mystic + nurse wipe).
  22. Alex Skinner: Fun game, simple game mechanics and no WiFi required, would recommend for a long car ride. However, the game play loop can get repetitive and tedious but that's why there's an auto play with the ability to customize scripts (how characters react to stuff) to maximize optimisation to get to the boss battles where the game gets a bit more interesting. p.s. If the devs read this it would be nice to add a bit more complexity and custom options/conditions to the auto play script menu..
  23. Garfeold: It's very cool. Rexy approved 11/10.
  24. Alexander Abbott: The nostalgia feels good. Great Job 👍.
  25. Haris Saputra: It's too colorful ! No, i mean in a bad way. I hardly focused on choosing skills and else. And when you got 6 members, you'll be overwhelmed.
  26. Canadian Bacon: goodgame 👍.
  27. Jacob Miller: This game is super fun :).
  28. 1 the dan fan: very fun i like the game.
  29. Pete Bowman: One of the best Timesucks I've played in a while! Job well done!.
  30. Brandon Lopez: Was having a good time with it until I reached the second dimension and now the game crashes when I try to close an ad. Which could be fine but there are mandatory ads at the end of each run so I can't collect anything or make progress..
  31. UiopikYT NIE: love it.
  32. Aynera, Kj B.: After the runs, the game crashhhgggg grhhhhh galet ako 💃💃.
  33. Arian Gharooni: perfect in every way.
  34. Ced Davis: simple and enjoyable, obviously a grind game but it allows you to buy almost everything with in-game currency, including no ads. The only currency you can't grind for is caps, but to say it's optional is an understatement. Good game that retained all that made the original great, and more..
  35. Steven Carter: I absolutely love the game but now it's cutting out after first dungeon fight what can I do to fix this game is fully updated.
  36. Marcus Henry: good way too past time plays itself if your into that or you can do it yourself good in between.
  37. Mr One X: I care about quality content. Thanks..
  38. Michael B: need a 3rd.
  39. christopher redlich: I really like this game! colorful well made retro graphics, interesting and funny plot, only 1 mandatory add <3 great music too ☺️sometimes the dungeons can take a long time to finish, but that's ok with battle credits u can zip through and get that gold for your soda junkie fix!.
  40. ziad ahmed: first time ever I don't feel interrupted or forced by a review screen also needs to be mentioned the fact that this is happening for the first time after almost two weeks of playing the game casually of which i definitely have experienced the game and can give a genuine review of the game brilliant placement and timing, definitely not by chance, appreciated experience.
  41. Mandre Banks (MajesticSnooy41): It stops when you're fighting bosses LoL 😂 glad I didn't spend no money on it.
  42. cristian savin: great game keep it up.
  43. Ty Jules: needs more variety of weapons and more places to go to and definitely an alchemist like its begging for one... or a soda maker. enchanting would b nice too.
  44. XXtadaZ Tadaz: Brilliant game, works really well with pc etc being able to transfer saves at the click of the button. To be honest, I only spent 2 odd quid on the game cause you can buy everything with in game money. I half wish I'd supported more as the games brilliant. If you do play, buy the double time clock as a minimum. Makes the game smoother and supports a fantastic dev..
  45. Lawrence Green: very fun game.
  46. Jesse Archuleta: god tier.
  47. Dane Lester: Not a bad game, but to call it an idle game gives the player the wrong impression, because you can't progress in the game with the app closed. You'll get to the point where any sort of meaningful progression can only be achieved by starting the game and then leaving your device on unattended. This is because the actual combat is very slow, even with the speed boosting upgrade. So I can only really progress to higher levels while I'm sleeping and leaving my phone running the game overnight..
  48. Avery Fletcher: good i on a replay my main issue both times is the further you go thr more dull the gameplay but still amazing game as a whole.
  49. Chris Fernandez: AWESOME 10/10.
  50. Doug Mycockin: love it very nice good job 👍👍.
  51. Burn Me Please: Game crashes after a while of playing,mostly during the dungeon sequence. Because of this, i lose a lot of my progress. Nice game if not for that flaw..
  52. Next Step: Amazing game not only for the gameplay but also for the storyline, it's packed with jokes that 99% of the time land (the 1% being the burping) and after you finish the storymode you still have optional content to play through, the game is 100% f2p as even the ad-block can be bought with in game currency which you get for purely playing (the main currency, gold), but being the filthy p2w i bought all the optional items, also i personally love the soundtrack, if you can give the game a shot..
  53. Mark D: My game keeps crashing(galaxy s20 fe) after an ad or a dungeon run. Which is frustrating because I have to watch the ads again or do the dungeon again. So I just uninstalled..
  54. allaa: Good game.
  55. Fluff Fluffer: A beautiful solid game, something incredibly rare to see in the modern market. A breath of fresh air from the common artistically dead games plaguing the app store. I really hope this studio does more. They deserve it..
  56. Tim Haliday: Fun game, frustrating though as the sound consistently cuts out and you have to restart it.
  57. Shaun Knighton: I want to preface this by saying I really enjoy this game. There's a lot of charm and effort put into making the game fun and enjoyable. But! If I pay to remove ads, it's because I -don't- want to see ads. Ever. Even if it gives me a bonus of some kind, I don't care. Stop asking if I want to watch ads when I've already paid to remove them. Please..
  58. Olivier Laurent: Forced ads -> automatic uninstall.
  59. Stephen Felder: The game keeps freezing up..
  60. ArcBrush: Alright in the short run, but you get to the ng+1 pretty fast and after that its just repeat..
  61. Sergiu Ciprian Ungureanu: The adds are forced and interminable. I'd rather uninstall the game than play it. Absolutely horrendous experience..
  62. Earl Nino Alajid: Good.
  63. Michael Sciabaras: Been playing this game for a long time now and never had this problem until a few months ago. I love the game and is definitely a big upgrade from the first one, only thing that is a little annoying, doesn't matter too much but when I go to watch an ad to double my daily battle credits I watch the ad but when I click out of the ad the game crashes and kicks me out out of the game. I cleared the cache but that didn't do anything. I hope that it gets fixed, other than that this is a 5 star game..
  64. Juan Bravo: Great engaging game. I like how I can customize what my characters do in the dungeon. The RNG takes a bit to figure out how to work with it but I expect that for an endless runner..
  65. Hunter Rawls: need sum help give me sum.stuff ong.
  66. Gabriel French: The game won't work as it starts to load it crashes sending me back to my home screen, if this can be fixed I'll actually be able to try it..
  67. christine lewis: Negative rating.
  68. Ndina Nkole: it's a good offline game I beat the first one and I will beat the last.
  69. Gamingbot10: Great game for stones ngl.
  70. Cameron Duncan: it is the best pixel game ever.
  71. Ross Baldwin: I love the game. I love the software. I love the style. Bug report: owned number of armors has wrong number displayed (one) when I own multiple of the same type in blacksmith (level up screen).
  72. Andy Breivik: I just started playing and it crashes every time I finish a dungeon..
  73. Rowen Hollomon: pretty good.
  74. Arwen Creswell: Fun for the 3 minutes I got to play, it crashes the 2nd time you die in the dungeon.
  75. Adonya Williams: love the story and game.
  76. Akihiro Daiguji: It's fun..
  77. Blaine Sawyer: awesome time-consuming.
  78. Marco Mark: I want to love this game, but the amount you have to put your phone down and let it auto play is a bit much. Especially when you don't get double speed until very late into the game. That is, unless you pay actual money for it..
  79. Benjamin Horton: cool game but the grinding can get boring. I recommend the game regardles.
  80. Buce Benfrd: I love the game everything is great but why'd I just lose my file for no reason bro 😐.
  81. Bernikov Dmitrii: найзззз.
  82. Donna Siddon: Kadeem: it was great.
  83. Sutton stiles: Ads make this literally unplayable. Several ads bugged out causing me to close the game and lose progress multiple times in a row..
  84. Živojin Mišić: Soda scripts need a good update, 2 statements at once would make the game so much better. The progression is kinda weird, while the game is good, it is very easy to overpower yourself and then just brainlessly wait through the floors. Perhaps an earlier game speed upgrade would solve this a bit, but the problem seems too fundemental to just swipe away like that..
  85. John Fore II: I'm enjoying the game..
  86. Dindo Adlawan: I like the game however the game always crashed in the middle of the battle..... 1 star for now Hope you fix the problem as soon as possible.
  87. Jason Walker: it is fun to build up an inventory then do it differently next it.
  88. Cameron O'Dell (Cammo): Give me 15 second ads over these 3+ tier ads.
  89. Carlos Diaz: it's great especially with the new updates..
  90. Ronald DeSilva: good.
  91. B J: The forced ads gave me browser pop ups that remain after uninstall.
  92. That Guy: This is a very good game. It's well made, if you enjoyed the first you'll enjoy this one. The humor is A+, too. That being said, I think it's a very "your mileage may vary" thing. Progression isn't too slow, but it still basically turns into an idle game were you can't close the app (especially when you start over in a new dimension). I have friends who absolutely adore it and played the first game to completion, but personally I just got too bored waiting forever while the game plays itself..
  93. Billy Halvorsen: Forced ads.
  94. Mykhailo Vlasiuk: FTP playable + insanely addictive. Just try it!.
  95. Nyonyo: Fun for earlier dimensions, literal grindfest for Warrior's Dimension and above. Don't download if you don't have a lot of time. Auto battle helps but not so much, maybe 4-5 stages/minute. 2x faster upgrade isn't really worth much for its price. Credits also helped, but the fact that the shop won't refresh when you use this is kind of a let down..
  96. Eric Lewis: nothing wrong.
  97. unknown man?: I love the game,BUT WHY DOSE IT CRASH FROM 5 TO 5 MINUTES OVER AND OVER AGAIN,I REINSTALLED THE GAME NOTHING CHANGED,IT LEAVES THE DUNGEON AND GETS RID OF MY PROGRESS PLEASE HELP WHY DOSE THAT HEPPEN Edit: ok im done,i dont play this till you fix the problem cuz its really anoying,i lose my loadout too,every single warrior gets refreshed,im done.
  98. KC GaMeZ: very cool.
  99. Lance Baylon: Keeps crashing after an ad.
  100. James Ballance: I loved the game previously, but having a tutorial you can't even complete and having to provide a pop-up solution that doesn't work... that is really rough. Tried it 5 times, Uninstaller and tried again with the same failure at earning awards for the tutorial dungeon run. It's tragic but this is unplayable..
  101. HIimNoah: Really fun game, just like the first soda dungeon game. But unfortuanlty the game crashes sometimes and you loose all your progress if the autosave hasn't saved for you..
  102. Rebecca Martin: Would bea great game if it would stop crashing.
  103. Tre Hopkins: great game.
  104. charlierambo ._.: Good game would recommend to others. Not a bot real review..
  105. 0kultist: It's alright.
  106. Jason Matos: Love old school turn base games. Then this is the game for you..
  107. Dustin Crist: ayee.
  108. Sizwe Nhari: I remember playing soda dungeon 1 and enjoying it. It's good to see that the sequel is even better..
  109. tanya coates: Great game, tons of content, very fun. However lots of time may be spent being afk waiting for your party to go through a bunch of fights. At Least there's battle tokens..
  110. Cleiton Kolling: I bought the no ads offer thinking I wouldn't need to watch an ad to get my party or a boost, but no, it's only the 5seconds ads you won't get anymore. I got what it meant afterwards, but I still feel it's unfair not to explain it better in the offer..
  111. Charlie Mun: great game and good pixel art.
  112. Jakob Edvardsson: Grindy. Would be fine if the game wouldn't constantly withhold ad rewards after watching the full ad..
  113. Noah: A big improvement on the original good game worth your time a bit grindy but a good game.
  114. Gage Scott: The game crashes to much. I'm in the middle of a dungeon I find a key *boom* game crashes and I have the start from the beginning of the with a different party. The game is fun that's really the only annoying thing about it..
  115. Jared K: Full of bugs on latest version. Game crashed right after Carpenter building built so now when I try to access it, it asks me to build it again even though it's built..
  116. silas chester: nice.
  117. Synxii I: Huge 2023 update?.
  118. Sly Vain: Points for the fun storyline. The rest is idle and repetitive, basically just setting your phone aside for 20-30 minutes while units autofight in a dungeon, then do it again..
  119. Cameron Grondzki: very fun but mining 5 gold before going to next dimension for guild hall is a pain and HEAVILY slows progression..
  120. Paul Hinks: Would be 5 star. But every time it loads a video it cuts the game off at the end..
  121. Robert Prez: Game always FREEEEEEEEeZEZzzzzzzzzz if not pretty good game LMK if fixing is possible I'll change rate for 😃.
  122. John Brito: This game works really good. The sound shuts down after ads are shown..
  123. besty boi: fun but crashes after every run.
  124. Isaac Boyd: this game rules.
  125. bong olvido: the game always stop.
  126. Fábio Dias: I liked the first one better.
  127. Tyler Mccranie: One of the best games on Android but I've lost alot of progress twice at this point. It's hard to recommend..
  128. Lewis Mackness: Great game I just keep getting kicked of the game everytime I watch an ad and I don't receive the reward I've tried 4 times already and haven't got any thing kind of annoying and sometimes when I load the game up I also get kicked how do I stop it from happening.
  129. James Serpa: Currently unplayable, app is fully updated and still crashes at the end of a dungeon run deleting all progress made up to that point. 12/11 edit: still unplayable with tutorial bug. Go play Soda Dungeon 1. At least that game works..
  130. Jacob Miller: Very solid game.
  131. Njthornton09 Thornton: just a fun game with minimal ads..
  132. Thuthukile Nwafor: Great game but i usually dont play it but my brother plays great pixal rpg.
  133. Harley Sousa: Realistically I think I would say the game is like 4.5/5, but I cant give a half star so i'll just give a 5. My only issue with the game is kind of minor but still an issue. There doesn't seem to be many variants when it comes to actual unique items. This could be because im still low level in WD *Warrior's Dimension* But you basically only ever use 2 kind of trinkets *based on what you're farming*. Then use the same AOE damage item/spell to speed clear to the end of farm runs..
  134. Ryanjed Dacio: Pretty nice idle game. Able to set up runs and then leave it while I do other activities.
  135. james webster: Pretty cool addition to the first.
  136. Jimmy Currie: good.
  137. eo4q: funny dungeon crawl.
  138. Cody Iisakka: Not as good as the first one but still fun. Kinda looses it's luster after a bit..
  139. Caleb McGinty: fine ill play it.
  140. Axel: the original soda dungeon is way more enjoyable..
  141. Alex gorlenko: Intentionally using insanely long animations to pad out terrible gameplay is pretty much what I should have expected, but this game went above and beyond by having a god awful crafting material system that you won't get any value out of unless you look up which monsters drop what. For a relaxing semi idle RPG I would say Soda Dungeon 1 is far better, but also not a great game..
  142. Frank Hong: Decent free game. I was able to clear level 1000 within a week. Not much after that, but the music was on point and the game play is pretty straight forward. Leveling up a character is tedious but it helped. Free go try it out..
  143. Adam Orange: Fun game until dimension 4. Thats when the repitition kinda got to me. Other than that its a cool game. Perhaps having new dungeons all together when going into new dimensions to keep it fresh. Keep your gear because when u going to next dimension. Having to grind for good gear is a major turn off..
  144. Ry Guy: My favorite game 100%.
  145. Aaron Brown: very good game 0 issues on Samsung s21 all the bad reviews are from people with dinosaur phones.
  146. tartinatron 1: Classic game.
  147. Henry Walton: I like this GAME.
  148. Jacob Earle: all around a good dungeon game.
  149. Mystogan DDD: Best god damn game ever. You guys got me hooked and I can't stop. Art style is fantastic and the game itself is very stable. Sometimes I fall asleep from playing it all night. Also, the story is very engaging , I always want to kick that purple guy's a**. Well done truly..
  150. Logan Blakemore: They fixed the bug so yh, also i miss this game, its so good.

Download Soda Dungeon 2 [HACK & MOD] UNLOCKED ALL

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