Solitaire - Classic Card Game Mod

Solitaire – Classic Card Game (MOD – HACK)

Solitaire, a timeless card game, serves as a means to enhance both your mental acuity and resilience.. Solitaire - Classic Card Game Mod v3.1.0

Update: 06/04/2024
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Solitaire, also known as Classic Solitaire or Patience, is a beloved card game enjoyed by millions worldwide. It’s a perfect way to keep your mind sharp during short breaks or unwind after a long day at work. Dive into the timeless gameplay and have a blast with this classic solitaire experience!

Solitaire Highlights:

♥ Classic Gameplay
Enjoy the original rules of this free Solitaire card game. Your goal is to place all the cards onto Foundations by suit. Move larger cards between the Piles and utilize the Stock to tackle this classic challenge. Test your patience, enhance your skills, and rack up points!

♥ Challenging Levels
Keep your mind engaged with various Solitaire levels! Boost your logic, memory, and patience skills. Access these card games anytime on your mobile device and strive to become a true solitaire master!

♥ Relaxing Pastime
Whether you’re feeling fatigued or simply need a breather, classic Solitaire card games offer a relaxing escape. These short patience sessions help break the monotony and keep you centered.

Give your brain a workout and unwind with our classic Solitaire game!

Solitaire Features:

♠ Thousands of Levels
Select your preferred solitaire mode and dive into unique card games every day.

♠ Seasonal Events
Participate in free solitaire card games of varying difficulty levels, unveil themed postcards, and aim to collect them all!

♠ Daily Challenges
Conquer challenges in classic solitaire games, earn golden crowns, and strive to collect a unique trophy each month.

♠ Customizable Themes
Personalize your solitaire experience with a range of backgrounds and card designs.

♠ Helpful Tools
Utilize hints when you’re stuck and undo moves if you think you’ve made a mistake. Master the game like a pro!

♠ Joker Card
When you’re out of moves, try your luck with a Joker card to finish the game.

♠ Simple Controls
Enjoy intuitive tap or drag controls, allowing you to focus on the game with ease.

♠ Auto-Complete
Finish card games swiftly by opening all the patience cards.

♠ Auto-Save
Resume your free solitaire session right where you left off.

Classic Solitaire Rules:

  • Your objective is to move all the patience cards of 4 suits to the Foundations.
  • Stack cards in Foundations by suit in ascending order, from Ace to King.
  • Flip all face-down cards to build the Tableau of 7 Piles.
  • Move face-up cards between Piles, stacking them in descending order and alternating between red and black suits.
  • Transfer a stack of cards by dragging the entire stack to another Pile.
  • If no moves are available on the Tableau, utilize the Stock pile.
  • Only a King or a pile starting with a King can occupy an empty space on the Tableau.

Take a break, indulge in classic Patience daily, and aspire to become a true Solitaire game master!

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