Super Wizard Mod

Super Wizard (HACK & MOD)

Build, Battle, Survive!. Super Wizard Mod v1.1.6

Update: 25/01/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Super Wizard Mod 1.1.6 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4 and up

About the game
Super Wizard is a Roguelike action game with more than 20 magic skills to choose from. Different combinations of magic skills will create different fighting styles. In addition, a large number of artifacts with various spell effects make the battle unlimited.

Game Features
-Roguelike game with magic skills, start your adventure as a wizard.
-More than 20 kinds of magic skills and more than 10 kinds of abilities to create your unique combination.
-Complete the game on normal difficulty, unlock more difficult levels, and get more rewards.
-Monsters with devastating special abilities are waiting to be destroyed.
-Collect heroes, weapons, armors, rings and many items.
-Hunting has never been so fun.

Free download Super Wizard (HACK & MOD) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 78M) - Version 1.1.6. Released on December 14, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Build, Battle, Survive!. Developed by Mofish, Inc.. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. Everyone.

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Game experience optimization..

New comment

  1. chester angelo velasquez: I love this game.
  2. Michael Mercado: Love the lack of an energy system. Live the lack of constantly forced ads. Great gameplay.
  3. Ghiddeon B: There aren't any gameplay sounds (spell casting, monster death, etc)..
  4. Zachary Davenport: Not only is this a worse copy of a game you didnt even give the reward for watching an ad instead making me watch the same ad again for no benifit not only are you copying a game you dont own your getting money off of it when the original is free with no ads you should be sued for this.
  5. Chris Haze: I played magic survival and it's a very empty game, hopefully this is better..
  6. Bdon55 X: Play magic survival, same thing, the original, and higher quality..
  7. Glair Mark Bronola: Pay to win version of the game Magic Survival but you need to watch ads to make the game balanced..
  8. Stephen Snyder: Trash app. A bullet hell with poor controls, no real plot / story, and ceaseless ads. If you want to be bothered by ads at every single little opportunity, by all means download it. Otherwise, avoid completely. 10 minutes and you will be sick of it..
  9. Brandon Bland: Too many ads.
  10. Matt Sell: Really addicting and fun game.
  11. Dylan Bowles: Solid game so far. Pulls the right stuff from magic survival, and adds a couple things.
  12. Joey S: I Really like this game.
  13. Ak Ryss: Shameless, blatant, and worse copy of Magic Survival. The game copies everything Magic Survival did but to a worse degree. They played Magic Survival for a few hours and decided to make their own game without realizing why magic survival had certain mechanics work the way they did. OTHER THAN ART this game is worse in every aspect to Magic Survival and the dev should be ashamed..
  14. pat halbur: Wow you took the real good original game and broke it your randomization algorithm for skillz is busted need at least 1 battle skill min every lvl not just 3 supports. monsters should have a base speed no greater than your char ever till lvl 20 and you broke all the artifacts where's my neg pos artifacts. All in all 1 star I gave the original 5 stars and it was almost unbeatable. I will edit this when I see somthing positive happen..
  15. Dixie Cobb: I could not move. Tried at least twice would not let me move what so ever! I had high hopes for the game and thought it might be fun but i guess i was wrong!.
  16. Judah Douglass: This game is alot more than it appears. There is a ton of stuff to upgrade. And it feels like a dangerous dungeon each time you play..
  17. P. Uaong: 1. You must link colour to benefit or weakness i.e. green is benefit, don't link it to increase/decrease. That made me confuse cause word wasn't clear 2. I need to continue last game when i must to leave 3. After ads, game must stop and player active to continue, not instantly move when ads end 4. Fusion system, inactived everything that i can't fuse.
  18. Tony T: I wanted to like this game but way too many ads. Copied the game Magic Survival..
  19. Alice and Quorra: Hello Devs. I know giving 2 star is to much for this new n fun game but l need your attention asap so it the best way for way. Here my honest review after playing for 2 hour : This game is a very Fun n Good one. Advs is necessary n lm understand that, but would you please consider to gave a players 1x Free advs chance for Daily and Shop? Also, never ever play this gama online mode without a Wifi because those advs somehow drain a lot of data. Please do something about the those asap.
  20. leo agung: Get into ice world stage, seem can't clear it. One of the boss there have shield, one time, the shield regenerate infinitely so you cant hit boss hp. Another case on same boss is when you can decrease boss hp, the boss suddenly going crazy with freaking run so fast so that you cant outrun him..
  21. Minix Lafon: Super cool, at first it's hard, but after leveling and combining different skills/magic, it becomes addictive..
  22. Ogorman Schendel: It must be recommended. Nice game..
  23. Twisted Kindness: A game like magic survival but better, I like what you added in the game it made it more enjoyable for me, hope for more optimize and updates.
  24. Julee Brenda: The perfect toilet mobile game doesn't exis... I've been playing for at least 40 minutes now. Very good caster RPG with minimal advertisements (view ad for one revival per run). Highly recommend..
  25. Hmith Southernu: This game will transport you forward in time after each attempt. I absolutely love this game & it will only get better after updates. Each run will be a new challange with so many different magic combos as well as artifacts to choose from..
  26. IceBear Muro: Copied Magic Survival , and it's p2w , shameless plagiarism game.
  27. Nightfall Aiden Rivera: bad controls.
  28. KNICK NACKZ: character not moving at all..
  29. TrishaZaffZyrich 3K: Hey download super wizard.
  30. Yojie Azenila: I play something like this before but the graphics so good the only problem is choosing skill it shoe ads and ads and more ads....
  31. Charles Limon: very addictive! chapter 3 already!.
  32. Lord Minuel: surprisingly addicting!.
  33. Shanell Lupita: Freeze at the beginning of the hard to get equipment..and when it freeze i close the gme and open it and the progress gone..wish it can continue for the last game i played.
  34. quanwei zhao: Such a really fun game, intense but quick and simple enough for anyone to understand. Each game takes around 10 min but that depends on how long u can stay alive haha! Good work!.

Download Instructions Super Wizard latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Super Wizard mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link super-wizard-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Mofish, Inc..

- Download Super Wizard mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file super-wizard-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Super Wizard original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Super Wizard Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Super Wizard for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Mofish, Inc. provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Super Wizard file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Super Wizard Mod Apk on Android & Super Wizard Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Super Wizard Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored super-wizard-hack-mod.APK & super-wizard-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again super-wizard-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Super Wizard on your phone.

Download Super Wizard (HACK & MOD) [UNLIMITED] 78M

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More information

Version: 1.1.6.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: 3.8.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 5,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $29.99 per item.
Developers: Mofish, Inc..
Votes: 243.
Interact: In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items).
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