Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape Mod

Survival: Man vs. Wild – Island Escape (Hack_Mod)

A wild island escaping & text adventure game. Survive and escape a wilderness!. Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape Mod v1.8.3.0

Update: 12/08/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape Mod for android apk & iphone ios 4.2 and up

Wilderness survival challenge begins. What Bear Grylls did in Man vs. Wild, you can do in this text adventure game!

This is an uninhabited wilderness. You lack food and water and you have to do your best to survive. Finally escape from the desert island and return to the civilized world. During your stay, you must learn the rules of survival and conquer nature with your courage and wisdom.

To survive and escape, you have to build camps, jungles, mountains, ruins and more. Explore, trade with locals, battle beasts and cannibals, delve into mysterious ruins, solve puzzles…

As you explore, you begin to feel more and more alien to this wilderness. Mysterious ruins, native legends, mysterious mysteries, it all leads you to believe that this is more than a simple wilderness. It’s not the last day on earth, but it might be your last day, be careful!

Wilderness! Survive! exploration! secret! It’s all in Survival: People and Nature.

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Free download Survival: Man vs. Wild – Island Escape (Hack_Mod) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 60M) - Version Released on September 4, 2020. By EN.VNMOD.NET. A wild island escaping & text adventure game. Survive and escape a wilderness!. Developed by Sector 51 Tech. Operating system requirements 4.2 and up. Everyone.

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1. Fixed some tiny bugs and optimized gameplay..

New comment

  1. Stephanie Rice: Don't waste your time, you don't get login bonus, living past 45 days is impossible unless you want to spend actual money. Just another greedy developer looking to take advantage of ppl..
  2. Jack None Provided: Good idea, executed terribly..
  3. Ahmad Malik: Is it multiplayer?.
  4. Devansh Saini: I abhour this game 😡😡😡.
  5. Jobert Parallag: Lol need internet.
  6. عبد الرحمن نعمان: Love the consept of a story but when you die you start the whole story Again... 😕😣😒.
  7. Star4Ever: Really makes you think and strategically make moves to survive. Excellent!.
  8. Ashok Patole: The first time we be told that we were not in our relationship with our own children we had a good chance of being able in a way.
  9. Moldovan Beniamin: This is a very good survival game!I love that everithing is hardcore,even the trees want you dead! So,this game is not that difficult the begginig,but it isn't easy peazy neighter!However,as the game proggreses,it get's seriously hard not to frezee to death! However,something has to be fixed! So,in winter,I made fires,but they made little to no difference,and I had a room,not a tent!It should eliminate the cold comepletly,even with a tent,what about a room!Can you explain why,or fix it?.
  10. Md Nayem Nur: Faltu game.
  11. Ole Jeffy Stevenson: Very fun, interesting, addictive game where time flies by before you know it. Can be a little complicated to find out different things and get used to surviving..
  12. Albert Jay M. Lab-oyan: Scam game please dont download or please report the game creators. in-app puchase dont show it only deducts cash from your billing choice and doesnt compensate for legal damages.
  13. Rahul Rana X C: Best.
  14. Amber Rolffs: Do not purchase anything in game!! I purchased conch twice to respawn neither time was I credited. Contacted the company and they asked for my UID for the game, I sent it to them and have not heard back after several emails to them..
  15. Jeffrey Ebare: Fix your game the fatigue killing the survivor, insomnia must remove n my opinions, low on 🌘 cant add ⚡ even your going to sleep nothing happen low on ⚡ cant cook how supposed to be to play this, and also the mint herb should be loot able near waterfalls , you should try to play your game 1st before ...
  16. Heaven Lee: Fun game but Terrible on the purchases . I made 3 orders of the 4.99 and they never credit me my purchases of the counches plus the bonus for it ..
  17. Jenelyn Fallorina: Wow it's so nice game 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.
  18. Axl jon Tumbucon: PLSSSSS. UPDATE THE GAME.
  19. Maheshwari: Very bad.
  20. Dharambir Singh: this game loading very very very slow.
  21. Md rashed Babu: Valo na.
  22. Sam Adel.A: Its quite glitchy and the music is annoying and I get lost cuz of bad translation.
  23. Gggg Gggg: Man vs wild my favorites.
  24. Santos Tellez: Great game but could use a more in-depth explanation of its mechanics. Definitely worth giving it a chance..
  25. Alan Abraham shibu: 👍.
  26. Noriel Cezar: Decentl.
  27. John Baira: wants you to update in game.. but is already updated..
  28. Theresa Lightbourne: Nice game fun.
  29. Yacoob Dawood: I enjoy this game with the seasons,constant animal attacks meaning you cant just wait at camp and constant resourcse managment as tools break. Some tips are to rush the caves and the jungle to unlock plenty of vines and wood.
  30. Redric Blue: BORING!!!.
  31. FarizzulFarouk: I hate it when you limited to where you go. There a tons of places to go if u stuck in wilderness. Why unlocking one by one? i accept the realistic of the game but it ridiculous to wait for places to explore to appear. It should give freedom to let explore all places in first place..
  32. YH Tam: Its good, realistic. The problem is that escaping is near impossible and food is too hard to get at the end of the game. I also run out of mint and honey, making my imsomnia levels 0. Edit: probably need more practice.
  33. Sasi Sasi: Survial.. Man Vs. Super game.
  34. Shubam Dey: I really liked this game.
  35. Martina Bruwer: Fun game, prepare to die often.
  36. Aka Joseph: This is disgustine,after downloading the game and you direct me on the game eithout feeling how sweet it could be and day update the game to the new version,why didn't it be updated here.
  37. Maruf Hassan: Very good game..
  38. rath siv: E4002.
  39. lightningcrush: I would like to play this game it looks cool but when I open it says check version please have network or something like that. And I do have WiFi but I can play the game. Can you guys tell me how to fix this.
  40. Rose Pa: Won't load says cant configure network.
  41. David Morocco: Everytime I open this game I see network although my wifi working perfectly. Please fix asap..
  42. LOL-blood: I keep trying to get on the game but I will not let me.
  43. STEVEN NGUYEN: The game keeps crashing. I cannot even start the game due to E4002 failed to get config, even I tried to switch different networks and 4G. I wish to rate 0 star if they have..
  44. Morgan Topaz: Was super fun but now all i get is a can not connect message so i cant play anymore which bites cause this game helped me relax after work.
  45. Pavel Shemyakin: not a working app..
  46. 50 . ທ.ອັດສະຈັນ 7/6: This game very fun but too many bug😢.
  47. Ki Hinsch: Game was fun, but it will no longer load for me. I get a "failed to connect please keep network open" error for the past few days..
  48. Pei Lee Tan: This game is attractive to me. It is hard even in a normal mode. But error 4002, anyone can help?.
  49. Bobby Turner: It's fixed.
  50. Sean Collington: Love this game been playing it for a very long time i have unlocked almost everything, but recently app has had connection failures so i cant play it anymore 5* because when i could play it i was addicted.
  51. Madhusudhan Billa: Nice but not so nice it is ok.
  52. BD Roni: Nich games.
  53. Lily Yang: 2019- It looks like a cool game to play, unfortunately I am unable to since I can't get pass the update screen. After it updates at 98% or 99% the update disappears but then asks to update again but can never get pass that. 2021 - FINALLY! I'm able to play the game and a few minor bugs with holding down on items to see descriptions and trying to click on items without it scrolling, but other than that I love it by far!.
  54. dhanukkeerthi.m: Super.
  55. Yldern SilverWalker: Great;game would love more work done with island escape, other then that love the work, and I can't complain..
  56. rakesh allewar: AD are many.
  57. Tim Mann: Sucks.
  58. animal lover: Kahas badiya nHi hai.
  59. Zac Ramsey: The game design is great..
  60. Amanda Crittenden: I love this game, I really do, but it has issues. 1. I've paid for the permanent packs and I clocked the game, so when I came back the permanent packs are gone. 2. When beasts attack they take some pretty random things- things animals don't need or use. Take the food, but seriously everything else? 3. Needs more save options. The conch is too expensive and all over the place with costs for things. There needs to be a set, realistic price instead of paying 600+ for a couple of things. Thank you.
  61. Neha Peduthala: 😊Nice game.
  62. Strata GX: You need tea or honey to raise your insomnia or you die. Sleep does not fix this. Stupidest survival game ever..
  63. itsATrap 69: Loved the with this new update..crashes..bugs(rewards not accepted..insomnia never cured ..and so many ) will happy change it to 5 stars after its fixed ( ps talents arent added evan if watching ads).
  64. Anthony Collins: Simple and fun survival game. Great time killer..
  65. sahil: Gazab.
  66. Ash L: Complete rubbish pay to play don't waste your time.
  67. Lim Jian Hua: I need help!!! During event period, i claim the keys , but i wasn't able to use it. It keeps saying fail to get information, please try again online. I'm sure that my internet is not the problem, i changed accounts but it still occur the same error. I also try to reinstall it but failed. Please help out!! Thanks. Edit: no reply or feedback for days. Disappointed..
  68. S C: _real_programmers_dont_use_spacebar_? try string1 + " " + var + " " + string2 instead ;) otherwise, a nice game.
  69. Beshoy Albatross: Bear Grylls.
  70. KOALAアリエス: It's all wonderful, plz update this game.
  71. Soumyajit Das: nothing to do myself computer is doing everything & finding something is hard.
  72. STREET GAMER: Wonderful creations in the game.
  73. salmon Dasari: It is so good but there are some bugs so please fix them ok.
  74. নভঃ কাব্য: 655 day survive and at last finished the game..
  75. m fzlyy: Bestt!!.
  76. irsyadipa: Game is like continuous great sex. Only issue is prolly the translation n interface bug, but i keep playin anyway so yeah good game.
  77. Jefferson Oribello: This game is incredible.
  78. ranjith rnk: Good.
  79. Gopal Lamani: Nice game..
  80. AIMGOD 2.0: Its working great 👍.
  81. Angelica Bruce: Its suck if you die , u back to bigginers , totally this games is cool ilike it. But when i die i back to lvl 1.
  82. Bo Bo Kyaw: I Like this game very challenging ******,there is 6 stars for you.
  83. Log-e: death revive death revive same words same story same character too slow too pay to win. do you feel the boring of this game.
  84. political potty: This is very easy and XP you have a reply from them and XP and silver spring Maryland College.
  85. Manisha Dey: Good game💘❤️.
  86. ArizonaArizona: Why isn't this game for sell? Because i would very much like to own this game..
  87. Lauren: Got really addicted to this before and left it.Now I'm back at it again 😂.
  88. Life: Nice game but easy to die and there should be a way to save the progress it will make the game much better.
  89. Lisa True: I wish developers would make a similar game as this only RPG so you could move a actual character around and build and design, also keeping this game just how it is. I've had this game for a few years and will always keep it, it is really a great game tho I've never escaped I do like to see how long I can just live on the island...
  90. Luke Horton: Awesome game now no bugs.
  91. single-and-happy: So far it's a 5-star game for me for its gameplay. Tbh, I haven't managed to escape even once in this game. I hope the price for the adventure kit (I mean the one to go to the checkpoint) is cheaper. This is a game you can enjoy without spending money at all. Quite addictive since I usually lost time track when playing this..
  92. Robin M: Is a very hard game but is fair, I die like 50 times before to finish the first time. I could give 5 stars if the game have more options to upgrade weapons, shields or at least more variety of it.
  93. Sajin: I am enjoy this game.this is a adventurous game.I like it. In earlier i have been some confusion. Now i am enjoying it.
  94. Bhupen Pradhan: Nice game.
  95. Enziguri: Good game but get bored quickly when playing it.
  96. Jeeva Ratnan: Interesting and good game .👌.
  97. Lucas: Fun.
  98. Shawnie Jarrell: Was 5 stars now with the wifi glitch and needing a update that wont update i cant even play unistalled the game due to this. I really liked it before..
  99. AROMAL menon: Nice.
  100. ashley marion: Love this game. Totally offline unless you decide otherwise. Great time consuming survival game.
  101. Nor Aisyah Padzil: I died too many times! I uninstall it because it was frustrating! Level down it a bit, I keep dying by bear attacks!.
  102. Gemma Tabilog: One of the best survival games i'd ever play, recommended to those who can endure challenging type of games..
  104. Lyon Ambrosio Djuanda: Ads? Mysterious man? Inapp purchase? Dumb.
  105. Cara: One of the best survival mobile games.
  106. Agustina Metila: i hate this game the most i lost my items and when i tried to quit the game and lost my items i did not die but i still lost it this ia the most bad game don,t download it i hate it the most #1 please fix this game.
  107. tiffinie pierce: Cant log in keep getting error message.
  108. Asim Paudel: Nice game.
  109. mathan gaming: This game is helpful of life.
  110. sabir Muhammad: Yar bara zabardast game hai ye to o bhai maro mojhay maro.
  111. shin chan gaming: Asowmmmmmm.......................... ....................
  112. Ryan B: Honestly game is really fun however I took a break from it for a few months and when I started playing it again I was constantly asked if I want to watch an ad everytime I travel is annoying. You know I would be willing to pay if it meant never having to be asked if I want to watch an ad. Because of this I will not be playing this anymore. Nobody wants to be asked to watch an ad every 30 seconds.
  113. Saber: Fun game, unique style and a good level of difficulty with a great and helpful Facebook community. I wish there was more events and an easier logging in system, instead of relying on email we should use the uid (But it's not that big a deal) because when tranfering from one device to another (the first one not being owned by myself) it can be tricky. I love this style and hope you can make more games like this, it's a lot of fun..
  114. Brady Keith: Alright. So after I beat it the first time, loved it. Little bit much with the daily beast attacks at the end. Think it took me like 120 ish days (in game) to escape. Everything you need to beat the game, is in the game. You can save at certain points. All the items you need are available without spending My only problems are the costs. To get different characters and traits is very expensive. You can watch ads and stuff to unlock most things though. All in all, 3-5 is a good game for me..
  115. Jao Froning: If you pay attention to your health, the game is 🔥 🔥!! Pretty hard though..
  116. Nazim Uddin Arafat: It is a Excellent app❤❤.
  117. Cutelesc Cutesicle: Love this game.
  118. mojib casarigan: Plzzz fix this game.
  119. Nicole Clark: Amazing, Intelligently coded game. Was WAY better in the beginning stages when there were no ads..
  120. Review Channel: Nothing to say.
  121. Shivam Setia: Verry lagging and not start in android 9.
  122. Dennis Humes: Lagging.
  123. Putra Setyo: The app keep crashing when I try to do anything.
  124. Tabatha Fogt: Fun game but keeps kicking me off now.
  125. Michele Crandall: After reaching 48 days system glitch to network error. After several attempts to uninstall and reinstall it still didn't fix the error. Too bad to I really enjoyed playing the game..
  126. anthony feliciano: Game wont open. I'm getting a network error.
  127. John Miller: So suddenly an egg appeared when I start the game. Everytime I try to crack the egg the game crash.
  128. Michael Grady: Unable to play, ads prevent gameplay..
  129. Lawrence Daet: This is a good game similar to Buried Town. However, when I decided to continue the game on another device, I found out that there is no option to save my progress to the cloud. It is either I continue playing the game on the same phone or uninstall it and permanently lose my progress. Also, the in-game time progresses even without doing anything, causing people with "slow fingers" to be at a disadvantage. 2 stars. UPDATE: The latest update deleted all my progress. 1 star..
  130. Doug Ferris: Not good. keeps shutting down.
  131. Andrea Takata: Great game but very difficult.
  132. Eric Wicht: Froze up and stops. Commands in Japanese.
  133. Nicholas McLean: This new golden egg kicks me out of the game everytime i try to leave camp. Tried to start a new game(after begin so close to escape) and that still didnt work.
  134. Do The Do: It crashes, it has giant ads covering the screen, and despite it being English it still has some buttons in Chinese, meaning I don't know what is happening..
  135. girf lederd: Eih.
  136. Elijah Dabbs: When I try to crack the egg it kicks me off the GAME!!!!!!!!!.
  137. Deck II: Goodgame.
  138. Meagan Ireland: I just updated my game and now I cannot play because there is a stupid gold egg on the screen that won't break and keeps me from doing anything else. Pretty upset because I've been playing a lot....
  139. Samantha Augustine: It was great until after update my 70 hours of game play reset along with all purchases..
  140. Shannon Liersch: Love it.
  141. Nicole K: It's okay... Story mode, no actual simulation f the story which was disappointing.
  142. Glenn Charnock: It takes a little while to get a grasp on the game, but it challengine and fun at the same time and you can finish it withiut paying money - highly recommended. P.s. Remember to plan mint as soon as you can..
  143. Laila: Since the newest update it keeps kicking me out of the game randomly, I can't do anything for more than a minute between when it does that and it's super annoying, I've spent a good amount of money on this game and is really appreciate it if that problem could be fixed, thank you :).
  144. data wind: Not so good.
  145. mohd danial: Okay.
  146. Johnnys Torres: It is a great game, don't let the rate keep you away from it..
  147. Cano Luna: A little difficult to understand the game in the beginning on once you get it it's really good. And yes you can winn..
  148. Bảo Linh Đinh: Great.
  149. Oinam Henthoi: Really like the game onlybone problem i cant delete my game there anyway?.
  150. jayesh koli Status: This nice game.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape Mod Apk on Android & Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored survival-man-vs-wild-island-escape-hack_mod.APK & survival-man-vs-wild-island-escape-hack_mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again survival-man-vs-wild-island-escape-hack_mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Survival: Man vs. Wild - Island Escape on your phone.

Download Survival: Man vs. Wild – Island Escape (Hack_Mod) [UNLOCK ALL APK + IOS] 60M

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Operating system: 4.2 and up.
Evaluate: 3.2.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 500,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: Sector 51 Tech.
Votes: 5,861.
Interact: Digital Purchases.
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