Tales of Grimm Mod

Tales of Grimm {Mod,Hack}

Summon and upgrade! Idle Card game based on Dark fairy. Let's go adventure. Tales of Grimm Mod v2.0.1

Update: 27/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Tales of Grimm Mod 2.0.1 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0 and up

This is not an ordinary fairy tale you have read before. Enjoy the incremental mobile game of dark fairy tales!

You, a dreamer, start your own story in the Wizard of Oz. Adventure with the heroes living in the Wizard of Oz and explore the secrets hidden behind the darkness.

[Free your hands]
Set up your hero formation, keep your hands away from your phone and wait for victory. Your hero will not stop fighting, so don’t forget to reap great rewards when you come back. Say goodbye to all those redundant clicks and swipes, and win our battle with just a few taps.

[Train your hero more easily]
Experience the thrill of upgrading a hero. Equip your heroes with treasures and become stronger in minutes.
[Explore more stories]
In the Wizard of Oz, there are many secrets hidden in many inconspicuous corners, waiting for dreamers to explore. Play various modes to learn more stories about the aborigines of the Wizard of Oz.
[Fight for your honor]
Remember, you are not the only one called here. Adjust and discover your best hero formation and compete with other dreamers in the PVP arena. Win rewards and honors with your heroes!

Free download Tales of Grimm {Mod,Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 464M) - Version 2.0.1. Released on October 15, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Summon and upgrade! Idle Card game based on Dark fairy. Let's go adventure. Developed by TAPPLUS. Operating system requirements 6.0 and up. Everyone 10+.

Feature Hack Game Tales of Grimm MOD

  • - Free Purchase
  • - Free Premium
  • - Booster
  • - Unlocked Full Version
  • - Unlocked Paid

Version Game Tales of Grimm Pay Fees MOD

  • - Unlocked Download
  • - Unlocked Free
  • - No All ADS
  • - Full Version Unlock
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What’s New
-Optimize the display of the overall user interface

-The scene of Town has taken on a new look, and building names adjusted.

-Optimize overall game function

-New character [Cindy’s Stepmother] and New event Coming.

New comment

  1. Ricardo Tandoc: Love the game.
  2. Jia Ling Oo: I had make a purchase, I paid and I didn't get my item. The "contact us" in the game is useless, I tap it and it happened nothing..
  3. Sun Ho Ro: Another automatic game with zero control. Your previous game was 100 times better. Such a waste of artwork..
  4. Charles Peterson: Like it so far.
  5. Andrie Tunggono: Good game, many events and not too P2W. F2P still can survive and enjoy as long as patient and make good strategy for battle formation. Good job devs. I really enjoy this game.
  6. David Vang: Fun.
  7. Orian Starr: I love that there is finally a game based on the grim fairytales.
  8. Dennis Thomas: Readily fun enjoying it.
  9. Wolfyy y: This game is good for f2p players, and its very fun to play!.
  10. Erik Hutto: Love this game!.
  11. Nicole Johanson: Very cute game, quite easy at the beginning. Hope it gets a bit more difficult..
  12. Crain: Nice Game, have no glitch perfrct.
  13. Mary Elliott: Fun game. Lots of red buttons to tap. I like that in a game..
  14. Ray White Velez: Fun for awhile till they offered Free item for $14.99.! Isn't FREE, free.?.
  15. Matthew Palmer: Good.
  16. Anna Wilson: Love the characters!!?.
  17. Christopher Hawkins: Quite nice wish it were better ways to get MC exp but great otherwise.
  18. Thành Phạm: All is great except for the expedition| I skipped a chest in the " Fall of Capital" and now my Dream Teller is stuck and can't complete with only 90% finish in the expedi tion. please fix this..
  19. kharis aditya: Hey, the game is good, i realy enjoy it But today when i buy your premium pack , eventhough payment is succesfull and my money already send to you, ingame it said purchase failed, why though? I already paid, please fix this..
  20. Joseph Protokowicz: Nice game!.
  21. Epic Brolf: Great game of idle so far! I like fairy tales fantasy worlds and hope much more gets added!.
  22. Rob Fischl: Great game so far. F2p friendly..
  23. Thomas Mcginnis: fun game so far.
  24. dante-david johnson: Keep up the good work.
  25. Rachel: Boring.
  26. Le Van: Nice art.
  27. Jesse McDonald: Visually beautiful and creative take on same old format. -1 star for incredibly long and borderline insulting tutorial. -1 star for battle tutorial that unlocks at level 27? -1 star for the fact progress is halted by my level. (I need to advance in level to continue campaign but my characters are level 80 and campaign enemies are level 47. Horrible balance.).
  28. XC III: So far so good but the news flash and chat notification is very annoying. Hope next update there will be option to hide the news flash and chat button completely. Until then, I will keep it two stars because IT RUINED THE GAME EXPERIENCE BADLY..
  29. Florielvir Vecino-Flores: Interesting game but had a lot of problems. Controls were laggy. I had to keep tapping the battle button many times before it worked. Then the battle itself would lag sometimes, usually during ultimate attack animations. The game also disconnects for some reason saying there's no network when there is. I don't have the same problem with the other online games I play on this device so it must be some bug in the game. I do like that it has no intrusive ads though..
  30. Michael Moss: Good game.
  31. anita lopez: Love the game so far.
  32. Mohd Majminuddin: Nice game.
  33. nazmi faizy: Best game.
  34. Lisabeth Dixon: LisabethDixon Save.
  35. Darius Cook: A fun and time passing game.
  36. Leo LelaRentaka: Very good game 😁🙏✨🌼💮🌸🍓🍎🍇🍐🍊🍈🌙☀️.
  37. Jonathan Potter: Fun game.
  38. Versora Hellsing: Fun game so far.
  39. Pa Pa Thaw: Best best.
  40. Nirvage: Nice game! Must try it.
  41. Sutthipong Noisri: My best idle game..
  42. Owless Eighty-eight: Fun.
  43. Ty Allen: Bad..
  44. Joshua Young: Interesting i like the grim tie in.
  45. Ratchada Point: Great.
  46. Cory Williamson: 👍👍.
  47. Robinson Alonzo: One of the best games I played.
  48. Nurul Syakban: Good... Good... Good... 😈😈.
  49. Gabe Sutton: Pretty fun.
  50. Craig Robinson: Fantastic!!.
  51. Meteor Gin: I like it.
  52. Music Love: nice.
  53. Alexis Prosper: Absolutely love it!!!.
  54. Vxntxge_ Rxs3s: I love the game it's really great but In regular battles I can't creat my own team and add my choice of characters I can only do that in boss battles if I find out how to I'll update the review..
  55. William Alexander: I just started but I'm enjoying it so far. I adore the art style..
  56. Marcus Martin: No energy gathering needed. Just pays and easy to build up level.
  57. Emily Crest: Awesome story...cool game.
  58. Tom Rose: Fun game that draws you in..
  59. John Peters: I have played over 100 idle rpg's and a few I have loved. But I can say with certainty. I am smitten. I love the art, the characters are cute, but I especially love the Music you made so many good choices. It's Aesthetic perfection. I know you have a budget but if you could add voice acting and allow all the dialogue to be researched that would be cool..
  60. Darren Green: I love the old fables... this game puts a nice twist on all the characters and it's refreshing to play! Thank you developers!.
  61. Riz Torres: Good game but the yet the tutorial kinda boring.
  62. Chris Xu: its a fun story to read and play. please keep it up..
  63. Jawsfan: Love the characters and artwork..
  64. Fira Zulaika: So far so good. Not bad thou, the art is so good.
  65. Roda G: So far ok, things happen so fast on early game you dont know what you are doing.
  66. Katee Reed: Love it. The system is not hard to understand and an amazing experience so far. Doesn't seem to require money to get anywhere either..
  67. Agneslenni Sijaya: Interesting....
  68. Gaiahawk2020: The game is a clever spin on classic fairy tales, so every kids movie I loved when I was little is making appearances. Twisted and entertaining, I wish there were more games this thorough..
  69. Leandra Rose: So far I really like this game. Only played it for a day so far but I will update upon later judgement..
  70. Alex Luis: I don't normally leave reviews for anything, but wanted potential players and developers to know: the good - the art style of this game is incredible. Plus the setting of known fantasy characters in a dark setting is cool. This is where the good ends. The bad - it's another auto battler and gacha system. I was pretty much instantly turned off by this game with how much automatic features were going. This is not a game and the intro to help with game is too long. I want to play, not just watch.
  71. Ryan Murphy: Pretty smooth.
  72. Geek_Girl Gaming!: I just started to play and I'm already obsessed with this game!.
  73. Catharina Chaelany: Easy to play.
  74. Kerwin Keith: OK.
  75. Rovels Iroth: The game is good, unique and many features. But looking at how the game show off those premium packs, I can say this game is too P2W than F2P-friendly. So expect too much difference between whale and low spender to F2P accounts..
  76. kmutt542: Good.
  77. The Fluffy Gamer: I'd give it a 5 but I can't until I know for sure y'all are making this game with heart and not for a few few pennies extra in your pockets. Once I know its worth it, I'll adjust.
  78. Desiree Soto: 👍.
  79. Khairil Nizam: So fun!!!.
  80. Octavian Alecu: Amazing games good graphics good customization for heroes.
  81. Rachelle R.: I don't usually play strategy games like this, but the art style is just too pretty to pass up! If you're into that Grimm/ Hallowen vibe, seeing the various art is worth it alone. It's a nice, pretty idle game I can enjoy while relaxing before bed :).
  82. Arthur Mackey: ok not bad.
  83. Ahmad Sofwan: So far so good.
  84. Jon Ritt: So far a lot of fun..
  85. Beny Agustinus: Good game.
  86. Levius Akuma: Great game! The summon rates are low but still worth playing.
  87. Andreas Triwahyono: Amazing.
  88. Precious elhie Domingo: Must try this awesomegame the devs very generous.
  89. Risalah Adisastra: Good Overall.
  90. Amanda Gilbert: Rpg chibi character idol game.
  91. Samuel.Tristan. Ryansyah: Anime thighs are nice.
  92. Luna Star: This game is well put together. I was disappointed with the story though. I was expecting it to be about the original dark fairy tales, but it's about the nice fairy tale characters turning evil. Which is kind of generic. This game wasn't to my taste, but I'm sure there are people out there who will love it..
  93. Wahyu Widrajad: Good game.
  94. Anthony Moore: Great characters, lots of fun..
  95. Rikudou Senin: Fun game before Cross server challange.
  96. Rachel Anderson: Pretty fun game. Super cute art style.
  97. Kevin Monaghan: Unique for the genre.
  98. Tiffani: art is nice, animation feels like a worse version of afk arena. the english is horrible so story doesn't make much sense. also feels like they just ripped off fairytale characters..
  99. Gross Trash: Giving a 4 star because I love the art and concept, but the story and tutorial mechanics need work. It is very rigid and feels lifeless, sadly..
  100. Robin Swangstu: Addictive.
  101. Sean C: Game updated and my account/progress is gone, which isn't a huge deal since I had just started playing but I've never seen such a terrible issue in any other game. Otherwise, game seems fine with some real humor in it, but a bit normal in relation to gatcha gameplay (collect heroes, level them up, fuse them, rinse and repeat). Great art though!.
  102. Viktor Pham: Very nice game so far..
  103. Kilo115: I don't know why but this is so addicting. There's like always something to do in this game and your still progressing your characters. I hope they can add even more characters with unique abilities..
  104. Charles Nichols: Interesting so far. Similar to most pull games. I like the art work.
  105. MANOLITO ILASCO: Nice graphics, easy and good gameplay. Nice storyline and cool characters..
  106. Linh Nguyen: Good art and lots of freebies. Rate for 5 star is good but rate for the highest rarity is very low.
  107. Anh Cao: I have a bug that I can't level up my 7* character. However, I kinda like the theme of the game and its multiple threading game style.
  108. SaikrokEsan: cannot get into the game and they're always "sever is under maintenance".
  109. Muhamad Raditya: cute game j love it.
  110. Dung Le Ba: Likr.
  111. Deni Iananta: Great simple game to kill your boredom.
  112. Khánh Như Trần Lê: Please remove the autoplay feature.
  113. Robert Bryant: Love it so far.
  114. Giorno G. Brando: UI should be improve, thats the main reason i gave 3 stars. Thankyou, sincerely.
  115. Blythe Smasal: Just started the game and it is good so far.
  116. gwen agnese ceasario: Really fun game! The character designs are great too!.
  117. cyril Azurestone: Good time killer for sure!.
  118. Jack Allen: Pretty good so far. Easy combat and controls and love the artwork and lore come to life.
  119. Marco morales wolfy: Really fun to play excellent battle system.
  120. wilson nonel: Visually amazing.
  121. Werejere: Easy...ftp friendly so far and fun.
  122. CC Taryn: the game is fun and i love the style, but there is literally no people of color in this game. There is a HUGE lack of diversity, everyone is either white or they have blue skin. The Tomb of Ali bond thing has 2 characters that absolutely should be arabian but theyre literally... white. I'm pretty sure I've seen only one poc in this game and it's Ophelia. Can you please add diverse characters? That'd be pretty great.
  123. Gwen Rhoades: Liking it.
  124. Luna Rayne: Super cute and fun, loving the art style and gameplay along with..
  125. cahya light: Change my rate before. Gacha rate not so friendly now..
  126. Real Deska: it's decent and quite addicting..
  127. Philippine Peso: Not bad but very similar to afk arena.
  128. Alfonso: It game. Like game..
  129. Sandy Adams: Super cute and fun game... I am enjoying it a lot..
  130. Loretta Lande: Cute and different...wish we could do a little more when in fight mode..
  131. Lily Luna: What I liked: could engage in multiple battles at once, and even switch to different things while the battles continued. Why I uninstalled: mainline progression is based on player level; NOT power level... so I'd get to do 3 or so battles before I had to stop for a day in between. Although the brothers grimm tales are public domain; I'm fairly sure the Disney versions arent... which they heavily copy... dmca risk. Don't invest actual money..
  132. Jacob Vassilew: It's decent. So far.
  133. Scott-Andrew White: Fun fairytale story game to waste time with.
  134. Mr. Maskie: Ended liking this game a lot more than I thought. Since many of these characters are Grimm Fairy Tales it'd be nice of there was a thing say what story every character was from..
  135. Jeff Coleman: Yep.
  136. stephen chai: good.
  137. Justin Whitaker: Love the art..
  138. Claudia Quiñones: Such a cute strategic game..
  139. good boy garden: I love the graphics and animations! I've only been okay for a short amount of time but I love it..
  140. John Newman: Awesome.
  141. Zetha Adriana: Great.
  142. Journi Sotte: Its a great game..
  143. Tosp Die: This game is great I like your graphics and you intro and a lot of thing in the game good keep going 👍.
  144. Nikki George: I love is game.
  145. Tim Hart: It's fun.
  146. 6 อานนท์ มากัง: ภาพสวย.
  147. Mohamad Syahril: Good Game and welldone Dev.
  148. William Chang: So far loving the game it why i spent the first top up , keep up the good work.
  149. Cyanide Mสl: Super fun love the graphics.
  150. nefarious k: Love the art style. Though I wish they will give me more gems to summons for more "heroes".

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- Download Tales of Grimm mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link tales-of-grimm-modhack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher TAPPLUS.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Tales of Grimm Mod Apk on Android & Tales of Grimm Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Tales of Grimm Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=616

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored tales-of-grimm-modhack.APK & tales-of-grimm-modhack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again tales-of-grimm-modhack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Tales of Grimm on your phone.

Download Tales of Grimm {Mod,Hack} Unlock FULL VERSION 464M

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Version: 2.0.1.
Operating system: 6.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.7.
Content rating: Everyone 10+.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: TAPPLUS.
Votes: 5,606.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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