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The Last Door: Collector's Edition. The Last Door: Collector's Ed Mod v2.0.15

Update: 28/01/2023
Original price $: FREE

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Feel what it’s really like to be alone in the dark in this low-res, high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure that won multiple Game of the Year awards. In Victorian England, when Jeremiah Devitt receives a letter from his old classmate Anthony Beechworth that contains a hidden, cryptic message, He knew what was wrong. His journey to an abandoned mansion has only just begun as he begins to recall long-buried secrets of his youth, discover things humans should never know, and open doors that should remain closed…

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition features four episodes of grisly mystery and otherworldly horror, inviting you to explore the deepest, darkest secrets of Victorian England. With new scenes and puzzles, improved graphics, unlockable rewards and improved sounds. Explore old mansions, abandoned apartment buildings and twisting subterranean walls with just a lamp and a magnifying glass to guide you. Do you dare to open The Last Door: Collector’s Edition?

Key Features:

Award-winning point-and-click horror adventure set in Victorian England
Including exclusive new locations, scenarios and puzzles, stories and more
Upgrades Includes enhanced graphics and overhauled sounds
Four critically acclaimed scenarios*, a limited edition set
Unlock new goodies** and bonus content
Carlos Viola Unforgettable original score
Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

Available languages:


*,** Chapter 1 is free. Unlock everything with just one IAP

Free download The Last Door: Collector’s Ed MOD/HACK for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.0.15. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. The Last Door: Collector's Edition. Developed by Phoenix Online Studios LLC. Operating system requirements 4.4. Teen.

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Version 2.0.

New comment

  1. Alyssa Fauquher: So much fun! Very captivating!.
  2. V R: I just keep coming back to this excellent story year after year. There is something so hauntingly beautiful about it. The animation while simple creates a nostalgic feel and can even enhance the scary parts of the story without being too graphic or over the top. Well done to everyone who made this, I love it..
  3. Leer Jawise: I was loving this game, but found the game breaking telescope bug other people did. Now i cant play it. Is this going to be fixed??.
  4. Sooyun Cho: This is def my top 2 fave games. Everything about it I love - the dot art style, story, the puzzle. Best puzzle escape I can ask for. Just wish developers continued to make more work like this. Well done!.
  5. Brent Ritchey: WARNING! THERE IS A GAME-ENDING BUG IN THE 4TH CHAPTER. It has happened to me and other people. In the telescope room there is a desk and if you click on it the screen will go black and you won't be able to continue with the game. Even the main menu will be black. Nothing you can do to fix it, as far as I know. Don't waste your money!.
  6. Terri Boland: Well, I have to give 5 stars since I can't give decimals but that's besides the point. This is an amazing game for any 8-bit puzzle lovers, the horror aspect was good. This game gave me a good run for a download. The only downside is the in-app purchase which I did download for a few extras which lasted only 3 minutes Other than that, this game did a very good job and I look forward to playing Season 2 on Steam soon.
  7. Spicy Like Flour: Simply amazing.
  8. Nik H: Replaying this years later- great take on an oft- retold bunch of Lovecraft stories, if i remember correctly. I liked when you actually get to go "behind the veil". I think it's supposed to be indescribable, but id like them to describe it. Always thought it was cool how it seems to have been a sort of passion project by so many people. And the animation style is cool. I like the pixel art. Makes me wanna make something like that too..
  9. Eric Johnson: The free version only includes the first of several chapters, but the game is good enough to make it work the investment..
  10. Adam Tyndall: I adore this game, but what is wrong with it? I'm in the first episode and the screen goes black as I walk through a door. I close and reopen it and nothing, just a black screen. Playing through the first time it worked fine, but now I have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. But it still doesn't. I paid for this, but it just goes to a black screen when I walk through a door. What exactly am I paying for?.
  11. Alea JustAlea: If you are playing on a phone and "hand" clicks aren't registering, just exit the game through the menu and continue game. It should refresh and allow you to interact properly. Happened 10 seconds in to unlocking the game (Ep.2) and I was.. not pleased. So far the game is very entertaining as far as the storyline. A bit easy for a point and click adventure game, but I trust my score will remain at 5 stars..
  12. Bjorn Leuschner: A really well designed game, love the unique gameplay and graphics.
  13. Riko Nee: Please fix the part where the game goes black screen when I click the desk near telescope on part 4 of the story..
  14. Leona Andrea: It's was fun but the problem is the need to buy the full version of the's ok I will give it a five star so anyone will see this if it have money or not.
  15. Lenoria Handy: Love the game, hate the fact that I have to PAY to play the rest :/.
  16. Nevaeh Boltz: This game is definitely worth paying for to unlock the other chapters. It has such a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps you on your toes, and the puzzles aren't too difficult to the point where you need to look up a walk-through. The storyline flows very nicely and everything really comes together. I would highly recommend this game!.
  17. Nicolas Marinelarena: Incredibly well-designed. I love how it feels like watching a series. Second time around playing the whole thing..
  18. Paritosh Gupta: Great horror story!.
  19. JonandJon: One of rhe greatest examples of cosmic horror. 10/10..
  20. Dallas Clark: Phenomenal.
  21. Debra Scott: No matter how many times l tried. Could not pick up morphine??? Guy in bed left notes. Still can't pick up morphine.. Glitchy game Then l got to telescope. Screen went completely black. Cannot go to game no matter what l do. Black screen... Sent email about problem... no answer??.
  22. sigo Kawa: Its a very nice game.
  23. Iron Donut: A masterpiece, i love pixel games and this is just perfect. The puzzles are complicated and make you think sometimes, very good game. I love it.
  24. Maple: Do not buy this game. Screen goes black when I put the lens on the telescope in the cave. There is no way to fix this..
  25. Chris Koenig: I really enjoyed this game! I have always been a fan of "point and click" adventure games, and you can really tell the developers share the same sentiment. They put A LOT of thought into the design of this game. The controls are intuitive, and the puzzles are tough but fair. I guess my only slight complaint is I maybe would have favored a more VGA/"16-bit" art style over the very chunky 8-bit pixel art.... The art is really good, but for me personally, would have preferred a little more detail.
  26. Perla Amores: I love the game so much but i cant afford the other story and that made me upset :( i really love it but i cant afford the other parts of the story....
  27. Davie Brown: Horrible graphics,no tutorial,horrible controls.uninstalled fast.
  28. Flávio Dechen: What drew me to this game was that it was created by the studio behind Blasphemous. I was fully immersed in the story the whole playthrough, enjoying every puzzle, every character and every scenario. The game builds tension slowly, dragging you deep into the otherworldly horrors of its story. Plus there are a couple of well placed jump scares!.
  29. Justin Ruffner: Amazing.
  30. Flying Pen and Paper: One complaint is that the episodes (episode One, at least) are very short (20 mins).
  31. Sara Brown: Broken! Same as other people I found the telescope room and when I clicked on the desk everything went black. If I choose to go back to the main menu that's black too and only visible if I mash the screen?! What's going on?? Fix it please I was so enjoying this and want to finish the story..
  32. Sam Irving: They F I N A L L Y fixed the crash. Great game; one of the best Lovecraftian games out there.
  33. Delfi Cavalli: De los mejores juegos que jugué jamás ♡.
  34. Aisling Pedrotti (Rawrkitty89): Great till the end... I go down the well and now my screen is totally black, and it won't progress. I close the game and the menu doesn't even show its just black. I can't complete the game. Other than that this adventure has been amazing and I hope this glitch is fixed soon..
  35. Privacy Matters: I really enjoyed this game. The only reason I took away a star is because it froze up during the last Chapter and I had to reinstall and start over. Otherwise, great game..
  36. sam sam: Good experience overall but I was really disappointed because it ended up crashing at the end of chapter four and I can't finish it..
  37. Kevin Swift: Great suspenseful/Horror puzzle. Great story! 1st and 2nd game, 2 thumbs up. Wish 3rd game would come around.
  38. Pide Ayuda: Played the first two chapters online a while back and was intrigued. Figured I'd splurge for the whole thing and it was worth it. Excellent story and concept..
  39. Rick Mac Gillis: Nice powerful ending to the first episode. Too bad the inventory bar goes over the purchase button at the end, and even once purchased it asks you to buy....
  40. verybased man: Videte ne quis sciat..
  41. Heliana Banes: Loved this game. Worth it..
  42. Dean Howells: Same problem others have reported, all fine until you try to use the telescope and then screen goes black and is unable to be redeemed even when restarting.
  43. Flora: One of my favourite games. Amazing story, outstanding music, love the graphics..
  44. Paul McKillip: Game now works on my phone, amazing game and I'd recommend it to anyone.
  45. Kaivalya Wani: Love this game!.
  46. Leonardo D .M.: Amazing...simple and nice. Well it takes a while for you to find the item in the scenario but it is ok!.
  47. 9910 kitty: One of the best games I have ever played.
  48. Kate Fallon: Very simplistic graphics but really inventive use of imagery and plot. Original score also impressive. I usually don't spend money on these games but was more than happy to pay the small fee for the add on. I was gripped!.
  49. Sheri Vondenberg: I really enjoyed this game and will be getting the second one.
  50. Chandler Hanson: 9th October, 2021 - after updating my android to the newest Samsung Note (N20) I was delighted to discover that my LD:CE was again fully functional. This game is so full of charm, I love it. Big fan of the storyline of the veil, the original musical score is a hallmark of the game. Low res graphics add a hint of nostalgia, and the puzzles often require just the right touch of lateral thinking. Thrilled that you're back. And so too returns 5 star rating. *videte quisque novit* ;).
  51. Cody Worden: It was nice, but i imagine it would have been better to buy but i haven't decided yet. If you are going to play this game, some tips are to double tap doors to quickly move between rooms and look VERY closely or you will miss multiple items. Also, in the first chapter (the free one) there is a key on a nightstand that is not visible and the cursor is obscure with regards to how close the bed is to the key. Idk how anyone is supposed to find it w/o help and hold and drag on screen to find items..
  52. JHOI OTOSORB: Look nice but cant update the gane beacuse i am using old version but i update it its no space 😩.
  53. neko lynn: Love the series..
  54. Monirul Haque: Just play the full version on steam.
  55. Dillan: This game is beautiful. Hard to find stuff ? It's a pixelated point and click. Duh. But it's part of the magic. The story is totally f****d ( I mean that in a good horror creepy kinda way) and the art style is commendable. Personally did not have the black screen issue but other than that possibly happening XD.. this game is amazing and full of puzzles and moments that will have you stumped and that just makes it all the more rewarding when you move on. storyline-puzzles-beautiful pixel graphics.
  56. Bianca Piper: Though it traumatized me 🤣 I love it so much. Especially the soundtrack..
  57. Ashe Guevara: Point and click goodness!.
  58. Silver Louise: This is a rip roaring ride, with great showmanship and loads going on. I was ready to give a great review. BUUUT I got the problem several people have reported in the reviews, once I found the telescope room the screen went black inside the game AND in the menu system, and nothing will restore it. I couldn't find any contact details or advice anywhere for what to do, so looks like I am going to miss out on the end of the story :(.
  59. Rona Reviano (YoriLinE): Can't play it.
  60. Evergreen Glade: I gotta say, that scare at the end of The Letter was awesome! I actually made a YT video on it, I hope more people play this game, I love it.
  61. Erik Martin: Gripping game but stuck after 1st episode. Game will not let me progress. Please fix this..
  62. L B: Loved the first episode but can't seem to unlock the rest of the episodes.
  63. Jeremy Perdue: Great atmospheric game with gritty storytelling; Worth the small price for a riveting adventure!.
  64. Zepheyr Z: Doesn't work after latest Android update. As many people have indicated it doesn't even open. Needs to be updated..
  65. Suresh Borkar: Please unlock all level.
  66. Pete Roberts: Very enjoyable and un-put-downable. A couple of times, the precision of the selection system caused me problems (the stars!), but mostly worked well. Awesome soundtrack..
  67. Ruth Appleby: If3 only played the first part but would like to play more, but the upgrade button does nothing.
  68. Carmila Wright: The game is great, but towards the end, when I got to the telescope, the screen went black and couldn't play. I should get reimbursed. Others had this same thing happen, and noone responded. That is bad service..
  69. Sear Mi: Amazing game wish there was a pr 3.
  70. mikel browning: I really like this. I would have given perfect but the item the silver key was so hard to find and or click on. Also I want to play the next episode but it won't let me. I would pay you for them if you game would let me. Keep making interesting games. I'm loving the cosmic horror thing going on. Please fix the bugs so I can play the rest..
  71. red hood: Game is not working on S8+..
  72. Joshua Facemyer: Great game, retro vibe!.
  73. VV B: Nice game just too pixilated. I get it is supposed to be like that but a hammer that looks like one pixel on the table is not cool. Too much clicking to not miss items....
  74. Jamie Estrada: It was great.
  75. Felix Kittler: Was this close to finishing it, now I only get a black screen when starting it up....
  76. Ann Dotdot: I'm so glad I can finally play this game all over again! I love this game so much!!.
  77. Ashly Lorenzana: Very cool pixel style animation game with an interesting storyline.
  78. Xan Gar: This game is oooold.
  79. a. phytophile: One of the best mobile game experiences, impressionistic graphics and a great musical score make a really terrific and gripping story out of very simple media. it is minimalist but as rewarding as any great story based game. the free preview chapter gives a good impression but the real value is the whole story. at the price of a paperback novel for both games it is worth it. newest update works on modern OS versions and devices so please ignore reviews saying it is broken; it has been patched..
  80. Lloyd781: Absolutely love the series. I'm also so happy that it works on newer android versions again after the update!.
  81. Shan: Played this series years ago and loved it. It's great to be able to replay them, and the mobile version works perfectly..
  82. brick tea: Black screen.
  83. Cadaver Pageant: Amazing! Now works on newer Android..
  84. James Jech: Incredible unique horror adventure!.
  85. Undiscussed Horrific Abuse Victim & Survivor Of: This game is beautiful but at the very start the player is forced to make a character kill themself. So you know, when you try to kill yourself your life instinct kicks in at the last moment, and it is a great effort to go through with it rather than change your mind. Success is usually from doing it quickly, because the longer you pause or think alone at the end the more time your life instinct has to convince you to stop..
  86. Tandean Raphael Kurniadarma: have to pay.
  87. n/a: nice.
  88. Walid Bellam: One of the most interesting games, going to the 2nd season.
  89. Dan Maynard: Legitimately one of my favorite horror game experiences of all time. The episodic story plays out like a binge-able T.V series that you'll never want to put down. Somehow, in spite of the retro-styled graphics, the game has one of the most engrossing horror atmospheres I've ever been immersed in. Can't say enough good things about it. Part 2 completes the story and is just as good. Really wish this one had a true successor..
  90. Gidie RECKLUSIAK: I love and Hate the game at the same time. Giving you one chapter and then asking you if you what to go on or not.... like your not. Love the game the music the atmosphere very good game this worth every cent. It feels like a movie only you have to move around love it. Also the intro one if not theeee best I have ever seen in a game wooo..
  91. M Nj: Only shows a black screen.
  92. Janet Lemon: Hate pixelated games. I feel like I'm playing with a children's Playmobike set..
  93. June Wilson: I am unable to play game at all, just a black screen 😕.
  94. quỳnh nga ngô: When I clicked for playing the 1st episode, then it just appeared a black screen and I couldn't click anyhere??? I tended to play trial then I would buy full vers, but if this situation still happen, maybe I will never play again although the plot seems quite interesting.
  95. Nicola Ialongo: After the last update, I arrived at a point in the game (the telescope) in which the screen went black and I could not play anymore. If I close the app and restart it, the screen remains black and no interaction works. It seems that other users experienced the same problem..
  96. Cintia Colla: This game is amazing its combo of my two favourite type of games mystery + pixelated and it makes an amazing experince.
  97. Hélciu Einstein: After I finished the game, I started again and while I was playing episode 1 again after a while the screen went black and now I can't play the game anymore, because every time I open the app tbe screen gets black... It would be nice if ypu guys could fix this problem..
  98. farah ahmed: I have problem i can't find the silver key i watch videos on YouTube and the key was forwarded the door and door is close so they can find key while when i play the door was open so where was the key :D.
  99. Zhazelya: Don't know why ratings are so low, it's a great game.
  100. Freaky Cat: Sometimes background music doesn't stops when it suppose to stop and collapses with other background music in chapter 2 as long as I unlock the coffin. Thank you for the upgradeed graphics and animations, nicely done..
  101. Julie Skulls: !! Trigger warning !! I havent played much of it yet and it seems interesting but you should probably put a trigger warning in the begining. Many people who are looking for new games could possibly have had known people who passed from suicide or have attempted to do so themselfs... Please take into consideration that this can cause some people to hurt themselfs.
  102. Tj Javier: Very engaging and immersive! You just get caught in the eerie atmosphere of the game. Would've been 5 stars if not for the crash at Chapter 4. After crashing, I no longer could open the game 🙁.
  103. JoeBlu: Atmospheric and engaging. Spectacular score. 5 stars. (MotoG5).
  104. Ela: It deleted all my progress after I installed the last update.
  105. HL AL: Edit : it's finally working on newer Android devices. It's the best point and click adventure I ever played without the annoying part of this kind of game like try every thing on every thing or illogical puzzle or repetition of text when what you doing is wrong just a red cross and insanely good sound effects and music Thank you for great game.
  106. Jose Maria Casado: Excellent game.Now it works in Android 10!!!!.
  107. Chris White: So glad you guys finally updated the game, and it works on all new devices! Such an amazing game. 5 stars!.
  108. Ashton Bonner: Great game.
  109. Mellow: Crashing not working.
  110. Baris Er: Won't start.
  111. Andrea Stenti: perfect point'n play game with an exceptional storyline, music and characters. NOT WORKING with latest Android versions. No update? :/.
  112. Moisés: Awesome game! I loved the great music, I loved the story like a Lovecraft story and the indie style. Good job! I would like a third season..
  113. Michel Van Weyenbergh: So you decide to still let people give you money, but phones with android 10 cant run it? IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION TO UPDATE THEN GET THIS OFF THE APPSTORE. THIS IS THEFT..
  114. Readable Noise: Please update the game; I still have never found a game that has beat the experience of this, and I'm saddened it won't work :'(.
  115. Nana Ku: Doesn't work! Please fix it to newer android devices! I was willing to pay now :'/.
  116. Mohammad Zain: Not working on new version.
  117. Megan Tinker: Couldn't play, just keeps crashing. Pleaseeee fix so I can play. I loved part 2 of this game, that one worked fine. As soon as i can play it ill change to 5 stars.
  118. K Sinclair: Does not play on Samsung S8, it says for older android devices, surely this issue can be fixed?!.
  119. Marcos García: Great story, wonderful soundtrack. If you play it in the dark with earplugs it will give you goosebumps..
  120. Harish Kumar: *NOT WORKING ON Android 10* Got it free on Windows Phone Sale once... favorite since then. No lags and actually thrilling. The background score is one of the best in the genre..
  121. hayley densley: Do devs EVER read these comments?? Seems like enough ppl hav explained the issues occurring? I too cannot even get the game to load..reinstalled x3 times,cleared cache etc... makes no difference at all..PLEASE DORT ASAP DEVS!!.
  122. Saedus G: Game wont play anymore, it doesnt support the new android versions.. come on devs fix this please..
  123. Chad Kleckler: Needs an update to run....
  124. froggy: I do like these pixel horror games.
  125. Fuzzy Pickle: Quality content, we'll worth the money!.
  126. MawilliX: Doesn't work on this device.
  127. Gian Ilagan: The same as many other people said, it is only working for older version. Hoping that the developers make an update to this game. I'm really looking forward to play this game, just watched its small gameplay in youtube's recommendation and i liked it. Really hope that they read this and make an update. Though the season 2 works but still want to play this first. Still rating to 5 star :))).
  128. Amelia Bee: Cannot launch the game. It just crashes the moment you try to play it..
  129. Restu Triadi: App doesn't work on Android 9, can't even start the game. Please fix this, thank you :).
  130. Henry Chang: Cannot play on Android 10, app seems too outdated.
  131. Bronx Latina: I paid for this app now you want me to pay More? Seriously!??.
  132. Lydia Lee: Very wonderful game, it is very thrilling. The music is amazing, it is worth every penny! It has a wonderful story, perfect for people who love a good mystery (like myself) I wish more games like this existed.
  133. Curtis Marx: Sadly, this doesn't run on Android 10. I played the first chapter long ago and loved it, was hoping to finally finish it during the pandemic. Hope they make an update someday.
  134. Marko Apokalypse: Loved it when I could play it. Thankfully I finished it before it stopped working..
  135. René Prieto Polymeris: Short but sweet..
  136. Nicolás Romero: Please update the game, its sad not having the chance to play this game anymore.
  137. Catalina Vargas Medina: Doesn't work on Android 10. As soon as you run it, you get a message saying that this app was built for a previous Android version..
  138. Christine Nanson: Can't play game on newer versions of Android. Can the developers please fix this?.
  139. Allister Graham: Won't run as it's "built for an older version of Android". That's a shame as I was looking forward to playing it, looks good..
  140. Steven Jordan: no longer runs with current Android version..
  141. pipsy loop: It keeps crashing on Samsung A10. I played this before in the same device but now it crushes.....
  142. A Google user: I really enjoyed it, but sadly it is now incompatible with my S10e.🥺.
  143. A Google user: Will not run. Installer says it is designed for older versions of Android. Am running Android 10 on a Galaxy S10. Force closes every time I try to launch it. Looking at other reviews, this appears to be a common occurrence..
  144. A Google user: Really love this game. Wish the studio had kept up with updates to it and continued the storyline. Really sad to see it unplayable and sad there's no more narrative..
  145. A Google user: Doesn't work with my too recent version of Android :(.
  146. A Google user: Had to put 1 star to leave a review but, honestly I cannot rate the game because i was never able to play the game it will NOT load/open.
  147. A Google user: won't work on android 10.
  148. A Google user: It's a very nice game, but unfortunately does not work on Motorola G7 with Android 9.
  149. A Google user: Crashes on start.
  150. A Google user: One of the best games out there for Android. Loved every second of it..

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