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THE WAR stands as a distinct multiplayer real-time 4X strategy game.. THE WAR - Black Stone Mod v1.29.204752

Update: 06/12/2023
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In the year 2069, humanity made a groundbreaking discovery – the Black Stone, a mineral with an incredibly high energy density. The global scramble for control over this resource resulted in escalating conflicts, eventually erupting into the First Black Stone War in 2085. This devastating war prompted the development of the Core-Gear, a colossal war machine fueled by the Black Stone’s power. This innovation swiftly shifted the tides of war, leading to a brief period of global peace within a year. The aftermath saw the world divided into three major factions: the Black Eagle Union championing democracy and freedom, the White Bear Front representing the people, and the neutral Suzaku Covenant situated in the East. Despite these efforts, lasting peace remained elusive as the specter of war continued to loom.

Key Features:
Revolutionary Real-time 4X Gaming Experience
A pioneering amalgamation of real-time strategy (RTS) and 4X gameplay, blending dynamic battles and streamlined controls. This approach allows players to dedicate more attention to growth, strategy, and fostering social connections.

Grid-based Strategic Mechanics
Real-time expansion, construction, development, and battles are seamlessly orchestrated on a dynamic “grid.” With an expansive battlefield comprising over 10,000 grids, numerous players can collaborate and compete within this framework.

Incorporating Rogue-like Elements into Strategic Development
Throughout the empire-building journey, players are presented with recurring opportunities to select “pondering cards.” Following numerous sets of randomized three-choice selections, a distinctive strategic card combination gradually takes shape.

Influential Heroic Mechas in Battle Determination
A diverse array of heroes propel the Core-Gear across the battlefield. Leveraging heroes’ “active strategic skills” thoughtfully can decisively tip the scales of war.

Game Modes:
Adventure Mode
Embark on a narrative-driven journey to grasp fundamental game mechanics and delve deeper into the game’s intricate universe.

Evacuation Mode
Engage in a three-day, large-scale strategic showdown with 16 participants. Assume the role of commander, collaborate with teammates, and strive for victory.

Alliance Mode
In this five-day grand strategic confrontation, 18 players are divided into three factions. Cooperation and alliances, rather than mere elimination, pave the path to becoming a genuine strategist.

Faction Introductions:
White Bear Front Arsenal
Focused on heavy industry and machinery, this faction employs potent bomb and electromagnetic weaponry. Notable is the K-47 Aviation Fortress: an aerial ground strike powerhouse that proves extremely resilient.

Black Hawk Combined Arms
Centered on modern high-tech combat forces, this faction employs a plethora of optical weaponry. The Rhino Heavy Tank, for instance, boasts unparalleled toughness, an energy shield, and excels in frontline combat.

Vermilion Phoenix Alliance Force
This faction uniquely melds classical and technological elements, featuring an Eastern mystical aesthetic in its tech tree. Currently under design and production, it promises a distinctive approach to strategy and aesthetics.

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The War – Black Stone Mod

Unveiling a New Era

In the year 2069, humanity witnessed a watershed moment with the discovery of the enigmatic Black Stone mineral. This game-changing find held within it an unparalleled energy density that ignited a global frenzy for control. Nations squared off in a high-stakes battle to secure this resource, leading to escalating tensions that culminated in the cataclysmic event known as the First Black Stone War in 2085.

Rise of the Core-Gear

Amid the chaos of war, human ingenuity reached remarkable heights with the creation of the Core-Gear. This colossal war machine harnessed the raw power of the Black Stone, forever altering the course of battle. Its advent proved pivotal, instantly reshaping the balance of power and ushering in an ephemeral period of tranquility within a year of its deployment.

A Fragile Peace and Shifting Alliances

In the aftermath of the war, the world splintered into three dominant factions, each symbolizing a distinct ideology. The Black Eagle Union emerged as the champion of democratic values and freedom, while the White Bear Front stood as a stalwart representative of the common people’s aspirations. The Suzaku Covenant, situated in the East, adopted a neutral stance in a bid to maintain equilibrium. However, despite the veneer of peace, the specter of conflict persisted, casting a shadow over the world’s newfound order.

Gameplay Innovation: Real-time 4X Fusion

“The War – Black Stone Mod” revolutionizes gaming by seamlessly merging the real-time strategy (RTS) genre with the complexities of 4X gameplay. This innovative fusion crafts a dynamic experience where players can engage in real-time battles while dedicating substantial focus to empire development, strategic planning, and meaningful social interactions.

Strategic Dynamics on the Grid

The heart of the game beats within the dynamic “grid.” This interactive platform hosts a myriad of activities, from territorial expansion to construction and development, all transpiring in real-time. With a sprawling battlefield spanning over 10,000 grids, players collaboratively vie for dominance while navigating the complexities of cooperation and competition.

Unveiling the Strategic Rogue-like

“The War – Black Stone Mod” introduces an ingenious strategic rogue-like element. Throughout the empire-building journey, players are entrusted with pivotal decision-making through “pondering cards.” This mechanic, involving multiple rounds of randomized three-choice selections, culminates in the creation of a distinctive strategic card combination, adding a layer of unpredictability to the game.

The Heroic Mechas: Architects of Victory

At the heart of each faction’s arsenal are the heroic mechas, piloted by distinct heroes. These formidable entities spearhead the Core-Gear’s charge across the battlefield. Masterful utilization of heroes’ “active strategic skills” serves as a linchpin in the pursuit of victory, shaping the outcome of battles in unprecedented ways.

Embark on Varied Game Modes

“The War – Black Stone Mod” offers diverse gaming experiences through its array of modes:

Adventure Mode: Unraveling the Narrative

Venture through the Adventure Mode to unravel the narrative intricacies, gaining a comprehensive grasp of the game’s fundamental mechanics and immersing yourself in its captivating world view.

Evacuation Mode: Strategic Showdown

Gather your wits and strategic acumen in the Evacuation Mode, where 16 participants engage in a three-day grand strategic showdown. Assume the role of a commander, forge alliances, and strive to secure victory in the face of formidable odds.

Alliance Mode: Cooperation Amidst Conflict

Forge alliances and delve into cooperative strategies in the Alliance Mode. Divided into three factions, 18 players engage in a five-day grand confrontation. Here, victory is not merely about elimination but hinges on shrewd cooperation and strategic alliances.

Faction Spotlight: White Bear Front Arsenal

The White Bear Front faction distinguishes itself through its emphasis on heavy industry and machinery. Leveraging heavy bomb and electromagnetic weaponry, this faction’s designs evoke power and resilience. Noteworthy is the K-47 Aviation Fortress, an airborne ground strike juggernaut that stands as an indomitable force.

Faction Spotlight: Black Hawk Combined Arms

The Black Hawk Combined Arms faction stands as a testament to modern high-tech warfare. Embracing optical weaponry, this faction boasts the formidable Rhino Heavy Tank. Shielded by an energy barrier, it emerges as the ultimate frontline combatant, weathering intense damage.

Faction Spotlight: Vermilion Phoenix Alliance Force

The Vermilion Phoenix Alliance Force encapsulates a fusion of classical and technological elements. Characterized by an Eastern mystical aesthetic, this faction’s tech tree promises an unexplored avenue of strategy and design, adding an element of anticipation to the game.

In conclusion, “The War – Black Stone Mod” ventures beyond conventional gaming boundaries, offering a dynamic, engaging, and strategic experience that explores the interplay of power, innovation, and conflict in a world shaped by the enigmatic Black Stone.

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Introducing: THE WAR – Black Stone Mod for Android APK & iPhone IOS

Embark on a New Journey

Step into a world of unparalleled strategy and conflict with “THE WAR – Black Stone Mod.” Available for both Android APK and iPhone IOS platforms, this game plunges players into the heart of a global struggle for supremacy, driven by the enigmatic Black Stone mineral.

Optimized for Mobile Platforms

Experience the adrenaline of real-time battles and intricate empire management on the go. With its meticulously crafted interface and user-friendly controls, “THE WAR – Black Stone Mod” ensures a seamless experience on both Android and iPhone devices.

Mastering the Grid

Navigate the dynamic grid-based mechanics with finesse, as expansion, construction, development, and epic battles unfold in real-time. This innovative approach brings the power of global conquest to your fingertips, whether you’re commanding your forces on an Android tablet or an iPhone.

Your Decisions Shape the Future

Immerse yourself in the strategic rogue-like elements as you make critical decisions through “pondering cards.” With every choice, you shape your empire’s destiny, enhancing replayability and offering a fresh experience each time you engage with the game.

Heroes and Core-Gear

Harness the power of heroic mechas and their unique skills to sway the tide of battle in your favor. As you command the Core-Gear, whether on your Android device or iPhone, the outcome of the war rests in your hands.

Explore Varied Game Modes

Engage in the riveting Adventure Mode, delve into the tactical Evacuation Mode, or collaborate with allies in the Alliance Mode. The choice is yours, and “THE WAR – Black Stone Mod” ensures a captivating experience on both Android APK and iPhone IOS platforms.

The Future of Warfare is Here

Embrace the Convergence

With “THE WAR – Black Stone Mod,” the boundaries between real-time strategy and 4X gameplay converge seamlessly. Whether you’re on an Android device or iPhone, you’ll find yourself at the forefront of a new era in gaming.

Forge Alliances, Secure Victory

In the Alliance Mode, where 18 players are divided into factions, cooperation and strategy reign supreme. As you engage with the game on Android or iPhone, remember that true victory emerges not through mere elimination, but through shrewd collaboration and strategic alliances.

Faction Evolution

Watch as the Vermilion Phoenix Alliance Force unfolds, bridging classical and technological aesthetics. This faction’s enigmatic Eastern mystical style, still in design and production, promises to redefine strategy and aesthetics for Android and iPhone gamers alike.


A New Chapter Awaits

“The War – Black Stone Mod” beckons you to embark on a strategic journey like no other. With its fusion of real-time battles, 4X gameplay, and captivating mechanics, this game offers an immersive experience on Android APK and iPhone IOS platforms.

Download Now

Prepare to conquer the battlefield, shape history, and immerse yourself in the complexities of conflict and strategy. Download “THE WAR – Black Stone Mod” today on both Android and iPhone, and be part of the ultimate mobile gaming revolution.

Free download THE WAR – Black Stone HACK_MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.29.204752. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. THE WAR stands as a distinct multiplayer real-time 4X strategy game.. Developed by 上海拿破熊网络科技有限公司. Operating system requirements 5.0. Teen.

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New comment

  1. Edward Chan: Resources generate too slow. Missions not clear.
  2. Akaachanz: Good game but my phone keep overheating and drain battery fast.
  3. Youngky Kurniawan: Can't find match matching....
  4. anita martinez: cool nice.
  5. 6老: Is bored......
  6. LJ Lejesta: Yo game is stupidly broken i cant even put my acc in it and even if i do the game asks for the same nickname i put on it but it declines in the 2nd time i put my nickname,yo you got to fix that issue cuz if it happens to other players, people miht not even want to play it and it might end up like other useless games..
  7. Alfred Sumugat: Nice game and no boring.
  8. Garcia, Jan Cedrick B.: Crashes on login.
  9. Sichi Guillegan: Game is good but I cannot log in even if I have a good internet connection, it says "connection failure" pls fix that and I'll give 5 stars.
  10. Mark Daniel Rojas II: why I can't play with other nation? only CN?.
  11. Sekundus Siat: This great but the Chinese player Called me a whiet dog so 4 Star.
  12. NumberofthinkMakesbadjokes f: My experience on the game very fun but the thing is after playing for a while i stopped then i tried to play it again it just said its asking for my connection im not sure what happend but it made me get bored since i dont wanna reinstall it again.
  13. Faisal Febrian Noor (Kazuka): The game has some promise. But there's very very bad problem with it 1. Game resources is very very slow (like snail slow) 2. The rewards is very very small 3. This game more like pay to win 4. The game has no event or anything (it's fun for a DAY) 5. The game has battery consumption HIGHT 6. Unit damage is very very low (they better to just fist the enemy) 7. Unit & Hero upgrade is very very EXPENSIVE & slow (Because grinding) Don't play this game yet.
  14. Giovanni Gilah: Why there is network eror even though I have a good network?.
  15. Kitortz: Some of the UI still has untranslated parts and the parts that are translated are about below average, with some of the text not fitting the screen, overall, I am enjoying this game.
  16. Hanzo Aizen: It's a fun game to be honest great time killer but they're are so many chinese not complaining tho they're good.
  17. Yujuki /yuuki: The Best game ever.
  18. ANU: gacha rts game( kinda p2w ) u can buy resources or better unit maybe it normal in china.
  19. Francis Coronado: I love this game even it's I little hard keep up the good work👍.
  20. kyu kyu: So bed.
  21. Syamil .Basayev: good game but still need more updates.
  22. MIN RUI LOH: 回来了,哈哈,又可以继续玩了.
  23. こーひ: pretty good game, smooth graphics, refreshing to see a different gameplay..
  24. Fredrick Goh: 27 April, then how abt my monthly pass? Though I have refunded the season pass but monthly pass is still active and I have not able to collect for over 2 days now. 25 April unable to log in for more than 18hrs now since last night update. Do not recommend international player to register as it seems game is in testing phase (as reflected in TapTap and not in Google play) . No report button. Regretful since it is a game that is as advertised and is actually decent. It is a good sad..
  25. Yu Nwe: a very unique and fun game.
  26. BelacanBreed: Yang, the game producer are textbook example of scammer in scene. He scammed Mihoyo fund by living lavish, hacking his own acc during streaming whenever vs good player, raise IAP for en server, banned players on his own, to extent selling those banned acc on his wechat personal acc. A living trash.
  27. CaTaNaKaTz: Overall, the game is interesting, and designs look nice. The only problem I uninstalled is I don't have time to play a game like this. Keep up the good work, though..


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