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An app overflowing with enjoyment!. Toca Boca Jr Mod v2.6

Update: 06/04/2024
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Excited to embark on a journey tailored to your preferences? Toca Boca Jr. consolidates Toca Boca’s most cherished games for children into a single app! Tailored for preschoolers, Toca Boca Jr. offers a plethora of enjoyable activities, fostering creativity, world-building, and exploration.

Toca Boca Jr. is a component of Piknik – a subscription offering boundless opportunities for play and learning! Gain complete access to premier preschool apps from Toca Boca and Sago Mini with the Unlimited Plan.

Craft your own ecosystem, sculpt the environment, and witness its evolution! Plant trees to nurture a thriving forest. Shape mountains for panoramic views. Gather berries, mushrooms, or nuts to feed a variety of animals. Capture snapshots of your creations and delve into the enchantment of nature!

Ever fancied playing with your food? Now’s your chance! Whip up an array of delectable (or not-so-delectable) dishes in Toca Kitchen 2 for some hungry characters and observe their reactions. Sautéed carrots, grilled fish, or lettuce smoothies? The choice is yours! Cook with flair and concoct amusing recipes to share with friends!

Calling all aspiring scientists! Dive into the exhilarating realm of science and acquaint yourself with all 118 elements from the periodic table. Conduct experiments using five distinct laboratory instruments to observe each element’s behavior. Who knows? You might stumble upon a groundbreaking discovery! Don your lab coat and prepare to explore the elements – experimentation awaits!

If you can envision it, you can construct it! Team up with six new builder companions on a remote island and forge an entirely new world with building blocks. Utilize their unique abilities – jumping, walking, rolling, and rotating – to stack, smash, paint, decorate, and actualize your creations. Unleash your imagination and commence building!

Tend to 15 pets of varying shapes and sizes! From a turtle stranded on its back to a dinosaur with a tummy ache, an assortment of furry, scaly, and feathery friends awaits in the waiting room. Employ different tools and provisions to alleviate each pet’s ailments, and remember to reward them afterwards. Rouse them from their slumber to resume playtime!

Prepare to cultivate, innovate, and engage with flora! Toca Lab: Plants encourages you to explore and evolve your plants into novel species, guided by your curiosity. Experiment with a grow light, watering tank, nutrition station, cloning apparatus, or crossbreeding contraption to collect all 35 plants and unveil their distinct characteristics!

• Endless access to Toca Nature, Toca Kitchen 2, Toca Lab: Elements, Toca Builders, Toca Pet Doctor, Toca Lab: Plants, and Toca Boo
• Enjoy pre-downloaded games offline, no need for WiFi or internet, for portable amusement
• Share one subscription across multiple devices for convenient family enjoyment
• COPPA and kidSAFE certified, ensuring a secure and protected digital environment for children
• No regulations or time constraints – just uninhibited, imaginative play guided by your creativity!
• Absolutely no third-party advertising or in-app purchases

All Toca Boca products comply with COPPA regulations. We prioritize privacy and are dedicated to furnishing secure and trustworthy apps for kids, instilling confidence in parents. To learn more about our approach to designing and upholding safe gaming experiences for children, please consult our:

Privacy policy: [Link]
Terms of use: [Link]

Toca Boca is a distinguished game studio renowned for crafting digital playthings for children. We firmly believe that play and enjoyment are paramount for understanding the world. Thus, we develop digital toys and games that foster imagination and can be enjoyed collaboratively with your children. Most importantly, we do so in a secure manner, free from third-party advertising.

Introducing the latest addition: Toca Kitchen Sushi! Are you prepared to craft your own unique sushi creations? Delight patrons at a coastal sushi eatery and experiment with delectable (or daring) combinations! Who says squid can’t accompany candy canes? Dive into ingredient experimentation, shape your sushi into delightfully peculiar forms, and remember to add decorations for that personal touch!

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