Trading Legend Mod

Trading Legend [HACK + MOD]

Go back to Ancient Oriental Dynasty, build your business empire!. Trading Legend Mod v4.0.0

Update: 28/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Trading Legend Mod 4.0.0 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4 and up

[Travel to the Song Dynasty and run your business! ]

展馆相互堆叠。 There is no end to singing and dancing throughout the day.
In Bianliang, the capital where business is encouraged, you will start as an ordinary citizen. Get to know your neighbors, open your own shop, and eventually turn it into a business empire.

◎Sufficient capital flow is the key to starting a business. Never let your money go to sleep.
◎ Remember to deploy competent retainers to take care of your business.

◎Update the menu every day to cater to customers’ tastes to improve your restaurant’s rating.
◎Prepare all ingredients such as bubble tea, minced pork rice, etc.
◎Enjoy Bianliang’s happy lifestyle.

◎Learn about different Chinese medicines and treatments.
◎ Run your infirmary with kindness and honesty to gain a reputation.
◎Research exotic medicines and herbs to find cures for rare diseases.

◆Global trade
◎In ancient times, international trade could be full of risks. Join a guild and explore the Silk Road with your fellow merchants.
◎Hinduism, Misr, Mara… Visit these ancient countries and discover different local characteristics.
◎Pay attention to commodity prices, sell higher and buy low is the golden rule.

★Official Information★
* Facebook Page:
* Official Website: dzgtl/index.html

Free download Trading Legend [HACK + MOD] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 523M) - Version 4.0.0. Released on December 31, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Go back to Ancient Oriental Dynasty, build your business empire!. Developed by 37GAMES. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game Trading Legend MOD

  • - No All ADS
  • - Free Premium
  • - Unlock Premium
  • - Unlock All
  • - Unlocked VIP

Version Game Trading Legend Pay Fees MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - All Unlock
  • - Unlocked Paid
  • - Speed

– New System: Fish Pond
– New Beast Combo: Fabled Creatures
– New Retainer Attire Set for Beauties of Qinhuai: Full Bloom
– New Event: Judgement
– New System: Advanced Attire Skills
– Added: Achievements in Temple of Gods.

New comment

  1. Michael Chen: 一個課金有肉吃,無課沒湯喝的遊戲。製作方隨時會調整數據試圖營造出有利於課金的環境。如果你不介意課金那隨意。畫風還算不錯。不過無課玩家不推薦。(最後補充一點,遊戲中有很多概率性機制並不透明,如果口袋不夠深需三思而後行).
  2. Amber Justis: Good.
  3. bryan taylor: Played this game as a trial for crowns rewards in another game. I completed the tasks and wouldn't awarded my crown reward. I wasted hours of my time on this terrible game..
  4. Booty Creamcheez: Developers cheated us out of alot of exchange points. Greedy scammers. They dont address their glitches & hiccups. You have to spend alot of money to come out on top and even then it's rare thing..
  5. Patrick: Actually really fun game, 5 Stars. -1 Star for extreme pay to win mechanics. -1 Star for every event giving you the middle finger if you won't spend like $100 for the super cool reward every couple days. -1 Star for the predatory systems such as "Top Up" rewards that encourage you to spend an extra dollar to get more rewards no matter what deal you purchase. Another really good game messed up by greedy devs..
  6. Leo kit: Deleting the comments you do not like will not help. Making sure to post the truth everywhere. Game costs hundreds to thousands a month. They should focus on adding ads that a oerson can pay to remove and adding the feature lkke hero wars of tasks for gems, ingots in this games case, not new content. Every event cost 50 dollars to thousands. No game is worth more ghan 100 a month. If it was not focused on money grabs it would get 5 stars..
  7. King Gecko: I just started playing but I am enjoying the game alot.
  8. Kethry Rain: This sucks, note to self this misery was not worth it AT all..
  9. Jer E: P2W.
  10. Sadie Egstad: I tried playing it but it won't let me get past the character screen where you pick your name it just keeps sending Mr back to that screen..
  11. Derrick Black: Very cool game its awesome and the art was awesome. You can earn points and it's full of excitement every where. You don't get bored playing. My connection is a little slow but it's still fun..
  12. Timothy Johnson: Boo.
  13. Benjamin Alexandre: Pretty fun game. Good art and lots of activities to keep you active.
  14. Lesley Bruner: Interesting game.
  15. Figuira Ballanche: I purchased a pack but its not appearing, I feel like I wasted my money 😐 please help me.
  16. Raven Alvarez: Definitely great game. When you send your feedback the developers really read it. Really recommend it to players who doesn't want to spend money because some of the events gave a decent rewards base on your performance, and to some players who like to spend it good also because spending in this game is worth it. Basically this game sometimes pay to win in the events but sometimes it's basing to hardworks and to strategy of the players. 5 stars for that hopefully this game release more events..
  17. James Whitman: i dont know yet.
  18. poolhallbully: Fun, addictive and easy to play. ENJOY THE GAME EVERYONE!!!.
  19. Jaya Raju B: Great app 👍.
  20. Vino achumi Achumi: Please add back the translation. It's very sad that i cannot converse with my friends from other natives, who doesn't know English..
  21. GraceAnn Roller: fun.
  22. L Q: This is a complete pay to win game plus you need to spend a lot in order to "really" play. There's not enough content for free players to enjoy as well. Nice art style (not great voice acting) tho..
  23. Jay Roa: 2 months of heavy play time and being involved in the number one Guild alliance in all the servers. This is without a doubt a pay to win game. And this is not the first p2w I've played, but this is definitely the first one that incentivizes modded accounts to exist for the sole purpose of pushing the whales to spend more. Furthermore if you request a refund you will be denied and your account will be banned. The devs should be ashamed..
  24. Charlotte Fowler: Love it.
  25. John Smith: I was enjoying the game.. My server had moderate spending and balanced across guilds.. a week after the server had been going one or more people joined our server spent but loads of money and completely took over the entire thing leaving everybody else in a position where they can't ever get first place in anything. Uninstalled I understand they need to make money but not to the point that it leaves again completely unbalance..
  26. Esther GunNer: Just good... No more word.
  27. Mike: idle clicker game with sexy add-ons. Boring..
  28. Kay Lindsey: Graet.
  29. ed westervelt: Still checking it out.
  30. EveUwU: Great and easy game to play. Instructions step by step of the way. I have not have to pay for anything yet. Which is good..
  31. Audrey Zumu: I love this app.It's so good to play.Trading legend can you please support the GIF in your game please 🥺?.
  32. Ashley Chappell: I honestly like the game until the moment I tried to login with my Google Account and all my progress was gone. It had me starting over. I spent money and for all of my progress to be gone is just wrong. Please fix or give me my money back..
  33. Ashley Chappell: Well I was throughly enjoying the game until the moment I tried to login and my entire game and progress restarted. I'd like to download again but where is my progress..
  34. S: Enjoyed this game until it reset and can't find my account. 100s of hours gone in a piece of junk game. Deleting this for good, awful..
  35. Ernest Cline: I downloaded this game because the ads for it were intriguing and I had an offer in another game for a reward for making progress in this game. The game is tedious. I chose to play as a female character, yet my character's male spouse is called in-game as her wife. I decided the offer from the other game wasn't worth the loss of brain cells I'd suffer from playing this game, so I quickly abandoned both this game and the reward in the other game. I was doing okay when I quit..
  36. DoubleSixx X: Fun.
  37. Emily Johnston: Couldn't even chose a character, chose a lady, gave her a name then it just cycled round to character selection over and over :(.
  38. Lodemaii Love: Art style is good. Gameplay? You better get ready to spend thousands if you want to rank at least Top10 in any events. No strategy involved as long as you can dish out 💲💲💲. Lots of dead servers because of this. Also, they still haven't banned the resident sexual harasser, so there's another negative..
  39. brad russell: Recycled clone game. Good for tapjoy credits. I don't know why anyone would play this game for real..
  40. Anna O: Not trade focused. There are mini games that are, but I don't care, they are only around a few times a month. It's not a game that would entertain me for long. I miss games like Sid Meier's Pirates or Taipan but updated would be nice..
  41. Rochell Halsell: The images kinda confusr me.i thought it was a sim building game...
  42. Robyn Pa: Fair.
  43. flusterzero: Really good.
  44. Xiyue Deng: Super greedy developers. You'll get butt kicked all the time in this game if you don't spend big money in this. You'll get swept by big money spenders on your server at first. When you finally get to higher level, you know what? The developers start cross server event so that you have to play with even bigger money spenders that started playing 6 months earlier than you. You'll never get good rewards, you get hunted all the time and cannot fight back if you don't have a pocket deep enough..
  45. Joanne May Cayao: i purchased a pack but dint receive it in-game? 7 hours already passed still no response from the ticket I submitted.Now I want to have a full refund of all the purchases that I made. No immediate response on customer queries. This is too bad..
  46. John Alvies: A lot going on its hard to follow.
  47. BB Yu: How can I switch the language from English to Chinese please.
  48. phillip james: Very fun.
  49. Kim Fang: 考虑一下, 承包项目的立项人多些权利, 比如踢走人, 或限制只有本帮的人可以参加.
  50. Kevin Williams: More fun than I thought it would be!.
  51. Sammy: Nothing like the ad.
  52. Ashira Hauke: Boring tap game that requires no strategy or thought.
  53. anthony jackson: very fun!!!!.
  54. Afterglow Music: I personally had a bad first impression given by this game when, before I even got a chance to play, it showed an in game news notification that the game would be shut down for maintenance on December 30th, 2021. When it gave me this notification it was January 12th, 2022. I uninstalled the game before even playing, because this showed me that there wasn't even enough care from the team behind the game to update their newsletter after almost two whole weeks. Very sad end before the beginning..
  55. Sam Townsend: honestly love this game. fun to do daily &met some great people☺️.
  56. Vani Samaroo: Nice graphics and aesthetic but the game is too easy.
  57. THARSHAN S: Awesome game.
  58. Daniel Brady: Very interesting game play and style. Loads of fun..
  59. Deimos Voralius: Repeatedly has refused to refund a purchase even after it was brought to their attention immediately. Conversations included being gaslighted and later having a stress-seizure from this ongoing saga. Decidedly a buy-package game. A significant amount of events are cross-server, leaving you far behind veterans in old servers. Gold packages have little innate worth, they bribe you to buy them by attaching quests to gold purchases. Game is dead, it's a shell with old accounts justifying purchases..
  60. HELL BOY: Poop.
  61. Ming Zhou: Color and music are good. Font is too small to read..
  62. Kitty KitKat: it's a Pay to Win game. Same features over and over it gets boring afterwards..
  63. Joseph Miller: Good so far but it asks for a review pretty early on.
  64. Thomas Peters: Awesome game.
  65. Lazy Automation: The feast system is incredible dumb..
  66. anime lover: I can't get past the character creator screen. I pick a picture and name but when I hit confirm it just brings me back to the character page. Such a shame as I would have liked to give the game a try..
  67. SamanthaBeckyLynn Davis: It's a fun game, but it takes way too much time gain prestige and you have spend a lot of money to gain some of the big rewards..
  68. Sai Htet Lynn: It's a good game. The game progress becomes slow once you reached rancher because of the lack of prestige. The gap between power and prestige is too huge. Devs should consider a new mode that is similar to infirmary, restaurant which specialzes prestige. Devs should announce the event schedules on social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Discord, G) so that players can prepare for the upcoming ones. Please write information in English,too because there are non-Thai players..
  69. jay s: Don't recall playing.
  70. Louisa Dalrymple: this is a fun game.
  71. Jaime Nemitz: If you dont wanna spend 100s of dollars you will not enjoy this game..
  72. Marcus Howell: Very strictly pay to win. I've been playing for quite a while now, several months, and it doesn't matter what time or effort you put in this game, you will always be beaten or outclassed by others who pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to be at the top. Predatory practices like this should be illegal, as people are going into debt by becoming so engrossed in these at the expense of their real lives. Shame on the developers for this blatant greed..
  73. Christian Moore: I'm not very far on this one but I like it.
  74. Dawn McCraney: Extremely easy to become absorbed into this game. Very fun and the other players are always helpful..
  75. Ea Zehel: The game is good. Always full of event. Keep it up.(edit: the game are lagging now. What happened.).
  76. Vida Muerta: Enjoyable enough. Would be more so without the pay to win model. I'd cheerfully ignore ads as an option for refrehes..
  77. Katsura Zanshin: This game is super fun, I enjoyed playing it, but it is definitely pay to win. You cannot get the beauty or retainer prizes unless you pay (and pay a lot of) money. You can't even use the ingots you gain to help in most events or if you can, one or two items for 1000+ ingots. At higher levels the impossibility of gaining the better leveled retainers, beauties, and attire seriously hinders play..
  78. Erin Buck: This game is both a suprise and a joy. It combines familiar mechanics to make something unique. That being said, they sure try really hard to make you want to spend money. You can play free and enjoy yourself buuuut you will never win anything or rank no matter how long you save up..
  79. Jason Ouellet: Honestly, i want to love this game i really do, I've spent a lot of time playing and have spent way too much on a simple mobile game, things are way too pay to win. $400 in I've realized I have a problem getting too caught up in being competitive, that's money i could've/should've used on more important things. Plus, if i really wanted to spend that on games doing so for a console or PC game would've been a better idea..
  80. Jake Vargas: As the developer described their own game - "Unpalatable" leaving the player "Dissatisfied". Absolute truth there so I gave them an extra star. One of the worst games imaginable..
  81. Jeff The Shrunken Head: Awesome game for the consumate trader! So much fun.
  82. Flores Joshua: I'll come back.
  83. SapphiVre: I just started and it seems like a fun game. Will update when I play more..
  84. Danica Mitchell: Fun game but it's pay to play big time. I really enjoy this game and joining an active guild makes it better. BUT if you want to get anywhere you will be spending A LOT. Update: I dropped it another star as the server is dying and few people are active, but if you change servers you lose all you've built..
  85. Jacky Tran: Huge pay to win experience. You will not get as far if you're F2P even with the help of VIP players. Unless you plan on dropping thousands of dollars. I feel like you're going to be at the bottom of the ranks no matter what in the events..
  86. TheMRRobopenguin channal: Honestly not really into many games but this one is fun.
  87. Cora Dena Jiminez: Fun game, love the voice acting!.
  88. Sue S: Update: they (tradinging legends customer service) threatened me that if i tried to get my credit card to refund this they would ban me completely from game and other nonsense. They refuse to do anything to make this right and are mean and rude. Don't spend money on this. They take more without permission then bully you so you don't ask for refund..
  89. Lucky Bunneh: Fun but it feels alittle bit restrained..
  90. Lost City: Absolutely amazing game! The levels aren't easy to complete, but st the same time it keeps you invested. There's always an event to work on for earnings. Very entertaining, but the only problem I really have first to mind is how I was unable to login to my account on my phone as I have this on my laptop..
  91. Shaani Friction: While playing this game I almost lost track of time.
  92. Gregory Scheffer: Imagine a game that literally holds your hand then imagine one that literally baby walks you through everything. It's a game that consist of small quest. Simple, read quest... click bank 10 times, click bank 10 times... next quest, hire 5 Rice shop staff, next quest hire infirmary 5 staff, next quest click bank 12 times, next quest hire 6 infirmary staff... upgrade retainer, hire 5 Rice shop staff. Over and over, nothing unique. Never graduate from hand holding.
  93. Karina Brazzi: It's amazing.
  94. Steven Marquiss: Game is fun at first until you realize it is the most blatantly pay to win game ever. Have been playing 3 weeks and the top of every event are people in the "VIP 6" range which equates to them having spent roughly $1000. In 3 weeks since my server was new when I joined. Ridiculous. Then that advantage just snowballs from event prizes..
  95. Miss Munchkin: The game , graphics all are good!! But it's no point u gotta spend money on it how do you win those events?? It's not fair all the high rank players obviously paid high money on it and have their VIP badge .. It's almost like the more you pay the more you get!! It's not fair give us also a chance ( like t kids like me :'() ...we also want to win events... It's more like rich is getting richer in the game :'(:'(:'(.
  96. Frost Vortex: [email protected]
  97. Anson Hardjojo: Deleted post? Great, even more reason to avoid this game. After abandoning Great Bazaar, sad to see how devs will only focus on introducing more P2W instead of enhancing game for more loyal followers..
  98. Vivian Diec: Community is honestly great but the game is v p2w. Ranking high in cs event absolutely impossible and everything they release is all pay to get. U gotta pay a disgusting amount of money to get anything in this game. I really can't enjoy this game as it is..
  99. Vaidra Gomez-Vicchitto: Good.
  100. William Wyman: Was a good game to kill time, fairly decent playing. With the new updates it became impossible to get strong unless you paid. The developers ignore all complaints and say that they're trying to make things Fair which is false. They're only trying to get money unless you're ready to spend a lot of money I would not download this game.
  101. jaineet singh: If you have money to flex, this game is for you, if not, you can still play and enjoy the music and graphics but your growth/ progress will be slow. You'll meet some nice people too so thats another 👍.
  102. Prankster Posts: Great way to spend some time :).
  103. fridge man: Addictive game but I lost my account and my progress with it and because it was a guest account it can't be found again.
  104. Michael Ray: Great fun idle game feels accomplished while playing. Very active community and super helpful. Interesting events and community events. So why 3 stars? Every aspect is monetized. But that isn't the terrible thing it's the sheer amount of money is absurd. Vip levels are rediculous, I'm saying like thousands of dollars for vip levels. The packages are sometimes just seriously dumb, it needs to change. But still.. it's fun lol.
  105. Firas Hannoun: Don't download this...the development team are the big spenders, they make it impossible to win any competition to get the real players to spend money, they are money hungry..
  106. eric escue: Very fun.
  107. Stephen Richards: Cool game.
  108. Donghae 28: Great rainy day game.
  109. Imagine a Name Being Named.: Good game concept, good execution..
  110. Leo Ken: i just have one complaint plzz add adding frnds system i cant add frnds its a pain😓😓 other then that this is a great game loving it enjoying it im actually obsessed but that frndlish stufff plzz i love this game dont wanna stop playing for like not a good reason its only have guild chat a SHOUT OUT!!!! plzzzz add the system of adding frnds thank u.
  111. Suhani Chaudry: When will the update come and translation coming 😭😭😭😭.
  112. Martin Knight: Awesome game so far with a lot of interesting different things to do. It's definitely worth checking out!.
  113. Dawn Cheung: Its ok..
  114. Kira S. Cruse: The only reason this isn't a 5 star review is because sometimes when new patches are updated things won't load. This is only recently over the last 2 months. This is super frustrating, as I have played literally every day since discovering this little challenge game last spring. If I didn't enjoy this game so much I would have uninstalled it over this glitch. I know you're wondering why not submit a complaint? Well, my app won't load the complaint button anymore..
  115. Mark Denielle Arada: It's a great game but I think it needs a private message to other players feature.
  116. Daun-Sherri Williams: Great Game.
  117. JBEAST: It's cool.
  118. Syd Tomas: Great game it helps me pass time but pls add more male beauties and it seems to have errors where ethey call me him even tho I picked female I don't mind it but maybe some do.
  119. Nancy C: Useless support team when something goes wrong. Just sends you the same useless information over and over again at the rate of one message per day if you are lucky. Super upset to loose my main account for no apparent reason..
  120. Ronald Andersen: Its not pay to play, you just have to it's really a fun game to play. You don't have to spend any money at all. You might not be in the top 50 but you will get tons of rewards for free. The mini games are really good too. I'm at over 50 million income and all I spent was 1 dollar when I started playing. The game has a lot of humor in it that actually makes you laugh. There are a million upgrades for your buildings and people so you can always find some way to constantly increase your income..
  121. Gracie Maxwell: Your being delete if you dont let me login tomorrow after the money I spent on this. It's a shame really but it maybe a sign to quit pokemon go did something like this to me as well..
  122. J.D. Kaopuiki: Game plays all right, but the one thing I hate the most about this game is they don't push updates through Google Play they push it through their own app so you never know if permissions change or they try to push something unwanted. Because of the last update a bunch of key functions don't operate anymore can no longer translate within the game to understand other players got to use an exterior service. Can no longer exit the game by normal means you have to force close it..
  123. Rhonda M: I enjoy the game.
  124. Pavni Kumari: This video was uploaded from 🆓🏬🆓 oll India store for free phone available present invention of privacy ward experience with you to go back 🔙 office 3365 Microsoft window 11 and get a few days ago I think 💬🤔💬 your help 🆘🆘🏪🏪🆘🆘🏪🏪🏬🆘🆘🏪🏪🆘🆘🏪🏪🏬🏬🏬🏬🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🏪🏪🏬🆘🆘🏪🏪🆘 and writer of the store for free phone available for remote playback is my resume for your help 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🏪🏪🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🆘🆘🆘🆘🏪🏪🏬🆘🏪🏪🏬🏬 myself phone number Samsung galaxy S4 mini Cooper.
  125. Ezekiel Velasquez Jr.: Nic3 cool and fun.
  126. Kaka Ayoms: Pretty good don't really have much to say.
  127. Cassie Caldwell: Good.
  128. 随意楼: Best game.
  129. Jeremy Lewis: Terrible. It's just a clicker game..
  130. Justin Danenberg: Don't let anyone tell you this game doesn't cater to those that spend and I'm talking thousands of dollars if you dare think you're going to rank #1 in any events then someone is going to run you up everytime like Dev's and make you spend another thousand to maintain your ranking. Great game but you will never be able to play and earn decent rewards without dumping insane amount of cash to compete. If you don't believe me download and ask anyone of the players how expensive this game really is..
  131. Antonia Betha: Great time consuming gameplay!.
  132. Christian Zavala: Love it its like a tycoon.
  133. Erica Puga: It's pretty good I like the graphics!.
  134. Jim Jackson: Love the game addictive.
  135. Donna Farner: So far it's ok.
  136. Mark Norred: Used to be a Four Star review, and I gave this game every chance. I wanted to like it so much. But the developers of this game make it quite obvious they ONLY care about getting money from players. If you are free to play, prepare to be okay with mediocrity at best, because you will have at least 33% of events that are literally impossible to obtain the reward in, because the developers locked it behind a huge paywall that not even casual spenders can hope to reach. If you want to spend in this game, prepare to spend a lot to get anything you want. The developers hard gate so much of their content that players have to spend at least $50 per event to have a HOPE of getting anything decent. And that is if you DON'T care about ranking. I gave this game several months of trying, because I wanted to see if there was any possibility of them catering to anyone OTHER than the severe money spenders. Even one of the most fun aspects, cross-server events, is made in such a way that it's only enjoyable for those spending hundreds of dollars every couple of days when events change. In the end, I have found nothing but massive disappointment amidst brief seconds of enjoyment in reaching personal milestones, only to be quickly reminded that it doesnt matter because it amounts to nothing..
  137. Mda Aliyan: It's JUST pay to win..
  138. Shaun Casayuran: Fun..
  139. Vanlora Aldrich: Fun.
  140. Zane Gabor: Solid.
  141. Russel Alexis Abedania: Nice.
  142. Jillian Rommelee Balcita: The game keep saying "Unstable network connection, kindly wait for awhile or try to restart the game" something like that especially at "Goodluck-S48". Is the server "Goodluck-S48" is down? I'm enjoying playing this game, kindly fix it..
  143. Leslie Hollingshead: I love the game play of this game! The only issue I have is in order get special rewards in events you have to spend money. There is no way around it, which is completely unfair..
  144. carmelita clark: Just gets more expensive or very slow.... if u spend some u get further a little bit.... Other players say oh all games die out... hell no they dont a good game doesnt die out.. either boring or money hungry games die out!!!!!!.
  145. Donanova Timoncini Albertini: Yay.
  146. Stan Carey: It is ok.
  147. Kaitlyn Kayl: Love it!.
  148. Constantine Vlahos: This game is a lot of fun but way to bloody expensive if you want to rank well..
  149. jc o/l: Interactive!.
  150. Michael Lehman: Fun.

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again trading-legend-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Trading Legend on your phone.

Download Trading Legend [HACK + MOD] Unlock Full Version Apk + iOS 523M

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Version: 4.0.0.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: 4.1.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: 37GAMES.
Votes: 20,847.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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