Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena {MOD,HACK}

Embark on an extraordinary Idle RPG adventure alongside a global community of thousands of players.. Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod v2.19.0

Update: 06/12/2023
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Explore a captivating fantasy realm where survivors of the apocalypse thrive in tribal communities. In this harsh world, fierce battles for survival unfold, pitting humans, ferocious beasts, and advanced machines against each other.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure alongside thousands of players from all corners of the globe. Take charge of your team as you lead them from the humble Sojo Village to the towering peaks of Faraway Mountain, all while unraveling the enigmatic mysteries of the post-apocalyptic landscape. Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena, acclaimed as the best mobile game of 2022, invites you to join the fray!

★ An Endless Odyssey ★
Traverse vast savannas, journey through the arid expanse of the Great Desert, and conquer the snow-covered heights of mountains. What lies beyond the horizon, waiting to be discovered?

★ Idle Gameplay ★
Even if your schedule is packed, you can still immerse yourself in the enchanting gaming universe of Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena thanks to its unique idle mechanics. The battle doesn’t cease when you’re away; your team continues to train and grow in strength. Upon your return, they’ll be equipped with newfound abilities and heightened prowess. Forge a formidable squad without the need for endless grinding!

★ Strategic Warfare ★
Employ your formidable main character alongside a diverse roster of over 50 companions hailing from different factions, each with their own unique skills. Overcome adversaries in battle, with each encounter presenting a fresh epic challenge enriched with RPG mechanics.

★ Earn Valuable Rewards through Companion Summons ★
Engage in the Ascension ceremony, summon loyal Companions, and reap rewards from your tribe. Let the celestial skies be your guide.

★ Ultimate Game Features ★
Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena boasts an array of compelling features, including Combat, Tower, Shadow Hunt, Arena, and many other modes designed to offer players a rich and diverse experience.

★ Epic Arena Battles ★
Showcase the strength of your best Companions in the thrilling Arena, the PvP mode of Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena. Engage in online combat in a multiplayer showdown for honor and glory! Aim for the top of the leaderboard to claim the most coveted rewards!

★ Conquer the Infinity Tower ★
Commence your ascent from the Tower’s lowest depths and conquer its challenging trials to secure valuable treasures. What awaits you at the pinnacle?

★ Multilingual Support ★
Tribalpunk – Idle Hero & Arena caters to a global audience with availability in 12 different languages, including English, Русский, Español, Deutsch, Français, Português, Italiano, العربية , 한국어, 简体中文, 繁體中文, and 日本語. Revel in the delight of playing your favorite game in your preferred language.

★ Get in Touch with Us ★
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Exploring the Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World

In the world of Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena, players are transported to a mesmerizing post-apocalyptic landscape where societies have regressed into tribal communities. Survivors of a cataclysmic event now face an unforgiving environment, battling not only each other but also menacing beasts and formidable machines. This unique setting sets the stage for an enthralling adventure that beckons players from around the globe to immerse themselves in the challenges and mysteries that lie ahead.

Leading Your Team from Sojo Village to Faraway Mount

The journey in Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena is nothing short of epic. Players begin their adventure in the humble Sojo Village, where they must assemble and lead a team of survivors. As the game progresses, players will embark on an expedition to the towering Faraway Mountain, a symbol of both danger and discovery. Along the way, secrets of the post-apocalyptic world will slowly unravel, offering a narrative that keeps players engaged throughout their odyssey.

An Endless Adventure Awaits

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena boasts an expansive game world that invites exploration. Players can traverse vast savannas, venture into the arid and unforgiving Great Desert, and conquer the perilous snow-capped mountains. The allure of what awaits at the end of this seemingly endless journey is a driving force behind the game’s addictiveness.

The Unique Idle System

For players with busy lives, Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena offers a unique idle gameplay system. This feature ensures that the action never stops, even when you’re away from your device. Your team continues to train and grow in strength during your absence. When you return to the game, you’ll find your squad empowered with new abilities and increased strength. This idle mechanic eliminates the need for constant grinding, allowing you to enjoy the game at your own pace.

Strategic Battles and Diverse Companions

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena introduces players to a strategic combat system. Players must utilize their powerful Main character in conjunction with over 50 companions, each belonging to different factions and possessing specific skills. These companions are essential for overcoming the diverse array of enemies encountered in battles, providing a fresh and challenging experience with every encounter, enriched by classic RPG mechanics.

Summon Companions for Rewards

Engaging in the Ascension ceremony allows players to summon loyal Companions, with each summon offering valuable rewards from their tribe. The celestial guidance throughout this process adds a layer of mystique to the gameplay.

Exploring the Ultimate Features

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena is packed with a wide array of features to keep players engaged. From engaging in Combat, navigating the Tower, embarking on Shadow Hunts, to proving your mettle in the Arena, there’s no shortage of activities to explore and enjoy.

Thrilling Arena Battles

In the Arena, players can pit their best Companions against one another in PvP mode. Engaging in online multiplayer battles for honor and glory, players can ascend the leaderboard to secure the most coveted rewards, making it a competitive and exhilarating aspect of Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena.

Conquering the Infinity Tower

Starting from the lowest levels, players must conquer the Infinity Tower by overcoming increasingly challenging trials to claim valuable treasures. The anticipation of what awaits at the summit adds an element of excitement and accomplishment to the game.

Global Accessibility with Multiple Languages

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena aims to cater to a global audience, offering the game in 12 different languages. This inclusive approach allows players to enjoy the game in their preferred language, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Contact Us for Support

For any inquiries or support, players can reach out to the Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena team via email at [email protected]. Additionally, players can stay updated and engage with the community through the game’s Facebook page ( and Discord channel (

Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod

[Please note that modding games may violate the terms of service of the game, and I cannot endorse or provide information on unofficial mods.]

Unlocking New Possibilities with Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod

For players seeking a unique gaming experience, the Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS opens up a world of new possibilities. This mod introduces exciting enhancements and features that can enhance your gameplay and provide a fresh perspective on the game.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

The Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod offers a range of enhanced gameplay mechanics, allowing players to tweak various aspects of the game to suit their preferences. From accelerated progression to customizable difficulty levels, this mod empowers players to tailor their experience.

Unlimited Resources and Rewards

One of the key attractions of the Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod is the availability of unlimited in-game resources and rewards. Say goodbye to resource shortages and welcome the ability to acquire items, currency, and rewards without limitations. This abundance of resources can significantly expedite your journey through the post-apocalyptic world.

Exclusive Features and Content

The mod introduces exclusive features and content not found in the standard game. From new character abilities to unique quests and challenges, players can delve into a wealth of fresh content that adds depth and excitement to their adventures.

Compatibility and Installation

Installing the Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS is a straightforward process. Players can easily download and install the modded version of the game on their devices, unlocking a host of exciting features that breathe new life into the gameplay.

However, it’s essential to note that using modded versions of games may breach the terms of service of the original game, and players should proceed with caution. Additionally, always ensure that you download mods from reputable sources to protect your device from potential security risks.

Embrace the Modding Experience

In conclusion, the Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS offers players the opportunity to enhance and personalize their gaming adventure. With new features, unlimited resources, and exclusive content, this mod provides a fresh perspective on the post-apocalyptic world, allowing players to approach the game in their unique way. While modding can add excitement and flexibility to the gameplay, it’s essential to use mods responsibly and be aware of the potential implications on your gaming experience.

Free download Tribalpunk: Idle Hero & Arena {MOD,HACK} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.19.0. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Embark on an extraordinary Idle RPG adventure alongside a global community of thousands of players.. Developed by Antada Games. Operating system requirements . Teen.

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