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Ulala: Idle Adventure {MOD – HACK}

. Ulala: Idle Adventure Mod v1.117

Update: 28/05/2022
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Download Ulala: Idle Adventure Mod 1.117 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

Whether you’re sleeping, eating or taking the subway – come and play Ulala: Idle Adventure! Ulala is an idle MMORPG that brings Stone Age thrills and adventures to life in a fun and social way!

Can you imagine how carefree the Stone Age was?
In the edge desert, at the foot of the volcano, live a group of happy Ulala and a group of little monsters. Ice and fire, thunder and electricity are intertwined in this vast and wild continent, and the struggle between peace and action is constant.

This season’s hunting horn is about to sound! Ride your little tyrannosaurus and bring all your friends and prove yourself as the top hunter in the world of Ulala this season.

A relaxing RPG?
Want to be the best, but don’t want to spend all your time playing constantly? Come and play Ulala! Here, simple and addictive gameplay will not distract you from your daily life!

Tired of struggling to level up your character? Come to Ulala, your characters and pets will be automatically upgraded and infinitely upgraded. This brings a whole new concept and gameplay experience to the idea of ​​MMORPG.

In the land of Ulala, you can team up and make new friends anytime, anywhere, even while chatting or dining! Playing an RPG has never been easier!

Team up with friends and make a name for yourself!
In the world of Ulala, you can enjoy various bonuses and benefits by forming a team! Relax and come to the world of Ulala with all your friends and family!

Rich and diverse game experience
Rich gameplay with a huge selection of skills, equipment, skins and more!
Collect epic gear shards and skill cards to unlock and upgrade powerful skill sets.
Ulala says “No!” to fixed classes and playstyles; showcases thousands of different skills, equipment combinations, and more. This allows you to craft and create your own personal lessons and play styles!
Get ready to take your favorite pets and dash to your enemies to deal powerful blows!

Never Ending Choice of Pets
T-Rex, Triceratops, Sabre-Toothed Tiger, Marmot… You can choose your own personal pet that will level up and grow with you on your adventures. Just remember to prepare your delicious recipes and traps! good luck!

More information:
Official website: https://ulala.xdg.com/
Facebook group: https://facebook.com/PlayUlala/

Free download Ulala: Idle Adventure {MOD – HACK} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 79M) - Version 1.117. Released on December 23, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. . Developed by X.D. Global. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Everyone 10+.

Feature Hack Game Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - Unlock Premium
  • - Unlock All
  • - Unlocked Paid

Version Game Ulala: Idle Adventure Pay Fees MOD

  • - Unlocked Download
  • - Unlocked Premium
  • - No Money
  • - Unlocked All
  • - Free ADS

1.S6 Season Event – Sailing Song.

New comment

  1. David Baker: Decent experience, have only played it one day, will update..
  2. Bon Vent: No ads but 100x rush (premium feature) stops when you leave the app, even worse, bought a pass and stopped receiving daily pearls before the end with days left ... Theft of real money, doesn't look like a bug to me but more like a strategy..
  3. Back2Junk Cringe: Good but not good.
  4. Fast sloth Jung: It's the best game ever, and I normally don't like these types of games..
  5. Eric Fox: If you put in the time, it's a great game with a great community..
  6. Griffin Cooley: Log in a couple times a day to kill time, it satisfies my gaming needs 👍.
  7. Michael Holden: Great game play! Fun and easy! ***Devs add ability to trade evolutionary pet stones in for others. And add customizing options for Hero Transformation looks please***.
  8. Chidera Nwoke: Good game.
  9. Mark Vincent Alegado: Great game.
  10. Max Kugler: Amazing afk game..
  11. Keith Harris: The game was fun until I realized u can't delete characters, need to fix this... People are leaving the game because of it.
  12. BlunterCanvas42: Way too dependant on other players who will either AFK for days and it's impossible to find teams to replace said members. Waste of time..
  13. Ardha Fatika: Omg i can't even update this game on play store, now need another update 1 gb in game , soon or later maybe i will uninstall this game because of my memory not enough, it's sad i really enjoy this game!.
  14. paullzzzZ: i like this game but its fast draining battery( oh okay).
  15. Carl Tremblay: Easy going games .... something not to clear about teams but beside fun game to play.
  16. Gini Sly: Another game that lies about needing access to your media and storage. Games get all the access they need from Google to save games within their own directory. Anything more than that is to invade your privacy, full stop..
  17. david noble montalvo: Excellent.
  18. Porferio Parao: For me.. The game is great.....
  19. yukai yokai: Amazing game that's it it's just good.
  20. Nlitend: Just started, but it seems fun.
  21. James Smith: Well I was expecting another one of those standard afk game's but I am impressed this is a fun game..
  22. Harry Ward: Good really good.
  23. King Kermz: Its fun.
  24. Patrick Steinbeck: System for Hare burrow is broke. I click for new hunting ground and it keeps me in the same area. Also when you summon bunnies your kills get stolen from you. Which wouldn't be a problem if there was actually some in the maps. I don't need a map of 5 legendary bunnies when you only get 6 attempts and it takes so much more than that to kill them. But with epic bunnies it takes 2 attempts but there never is any in the first place..
  25. Allyson Chen: It's a slow start to level and get items but once you do it's all about the grind. Wish the code gave me more to work with but I'll still be able to play and level with what I farm.
  26. Austin Rodriguez: I'm having fun but only I the beginning.
  27. David Callan: Nothing like the hype. Very disappointing..
  28. Michael Stevens: So far its a fun idle game. My team is very helpful. I will probably stick around for a while..
  29. XFrOzEn_KhIgHtX: Fun game but it super buggy and lagging alot cant even play the game because of how buggy my screen keeps buging alot.
  30. Joshua Mcfalls: I like the game but you can't progress your character without a team and everyone just wants a healer I don't like playing a healer so I have been stuck by myself leveling up one every 6hours and without a team you can't enhance your weapon and armor slots and it very frustrating like make the game more solo friendly because the people in world chat don't care about any class that doesn't heal.
  31. Ronelle Forde: No objections u got to love this one if its your kinda game *top3.
  32. Jalesa McRavion: Just downloaded but then realized I couldn't play as a black person. Just don't really like playing games that don't give you that kind of option..
  33. Preach: To be honest... I was having more fun in the beginning. But this game is a pay to win type deal. They don't have the best deals either. You can have fun (like me) but again pay to win Revised review: upon further gameplay, my disappointment is peaking. I admit, I did spend a good chunk of money (in the beginning) but to keep this short. Considering on letting this game go. Had higher hopes for this one, but without sinking in the bank account you won't progress very far nor adequately..
  34. The peters way: Greatest game.
  35. Nick Miller: Nice timewaster..
  36. Lyra Ryla: Wow! This is so cool! I get a 5 star rate.
  37. Bryant: Wish there was a way you didn't have to party. I have 4 of my own characters, if this had a better way to have a solo ran party without taking 6 hours switching between characters it'd be 5 stars for me. Dev Reply -And now 1 star because its 100% not fixed, still have to play for 6 hours to be solo, party with people that kick you if your off for 2-3 days with life or play with people who haven't been on not allowing you to try to progress when you can play..
  38. Courtney Burril: Won't connect to server and when it does it kicks me out after a couple minutes. Unplayable..
  39. Cara Marciano: App has started copying clipboard data on startup, very concerning for privacy and security. Edit: NOT setup, whenever the app gets opened it copies clipboard data..
  40. Gregory Wyatt: Like the fact that I earn even when I'm off the game..
  41. Adrian Tudo: When i play this a few mins. It returns in the main screen please fix i enjoy your game so much😢.
  42. Monie Love: Fun game but would love to see an update with the ability to change characters skin and most hair styles..
  43. Jose Sanchez: Its a charming game, the characters and artwork and well designed and the core game play is addictive. The gambling mechanics and in app purchases are getting a little out of control and it will take you a LONG time to get anywhere without shelling some cash. Overall, I enjoy this game..
  44. White: Nothing too it.
  45. Traylon: You cannot delete characters. You're forced to make a NEW account if you mess up. Also cash grab pay to win..
  46. Ethan Jarrald: I love it.
  47. ryan peszko: Creamy game.
  48. Lisa Dooley: Fun game and the pets are adorable. Costumes and cute stuff is level locked at a high level. Not pay to win but paying can help the farming a bit. I would give five stars but a couple of things are just bad. 1. The leveling takes FOREVER and you start seeing people on your team just stop logging in anymore once they reach in the 30-40 level range. 2. You CANNOT delete a character. Most people want to try different classes out but be warned. Once you make a class, it's there forever..
  49. Jana Louise Buenaventura: Cute.
  50. Ryan Seavers: Matchmaking error all the time. Cant even match with people. No I'm gonna uninstall it.
  51. Neil Zaldivar: Great idle game!.
  52. Vi Eaton: I like this game and it doesn't even have much ads.
  53. Emma Dugan: Was obsessed for months. Great game but ruined by chat bullies/edgy kids. No option to hide chat, asked for advice and was sent abuse or mocked both times by daily/high lvl players. It never got boring as our team had members from various timezones so was always progressing. Around lvl 40+ it gets hard to find or maintain good teams as players seem to quit around here. Can be PTW later in game, am at lvl95 and already is hard to stand out from similar players unless you pay for gear or pets.
  54. shocked power: I remebered this existed and spent hours looking for it it was worth it.
  55. Brandon Stroup: Awesome.
  56. Nicademous: Fun game with a few bugs to work out. Good slow introduction to all the game mechanics. Fun with a few friends.
  57. vamp v: It aight.
  58. Kiki Tanda: I stopped spending money on this game last month because I noticed that I wasn't progessing much at all which is my biggest issue with this game; it's a greedy money sink. Everytime there's a major update something breaks, such as rn where songs are overlapping and translations are just straight up wrong. This of course, never happens with Shop updates & updates where they turn things into money sinks (like the new world boss system). I'll be saving my coins for better games..
  59. Kane Morris: This was a 5* game for me but after being here for Six Seasons it has become so unrecognisable. The p2w theme is taking over and to be in the top 300 for the better rewards you need to spend £100s every month. If this continues it will be 1* and I will stop playing. I hope the devs listen and try to improve this..
  60. Jake Beoulve: Love it.
  61. Joshua Werner: Is this supposed to be a game? Seems all you can do is watch. Allsothe code the add promised would give you a t-rex only gave some amount of some resource or other..
  62. jimbo: Good Game Fun But Its Way P2W Would Be Higher If Its Not Too Pay To Win..
  63. Toby Shreve: As much as I love this game, and have supported it from the beginning. I regret to say that the game, needs some upgrades because it keeps crashing every 2 minutes. Other than that, total 5-star game..
  64. Kayla: Really satisfying and cute! I'm not really into afk games and personally I hate learning new games anyway but my close cousins suggested we all play this together and I know it's an afk game but I haven't put it down lol! Really easy to understand, cute, not overwhelming, I'm really liking it :).
  65. Eug Tg: Please fix the lack of purple bunny.
  66. Tim David: Great game!.
  67. Jay Kuma: Its been a year since my last review i ended up quiting the game for about 11 months. Came back and the game got quite the update. It felt refreshing to play. I started on the blaze server for a fresh start and started having a Little bit of fun again. Its an upgrade from the last time i played, but its still feels bland for higher power and stages, and also I still feel like a Food Melder would do the game some good, to much Green and blue quality with nothing to do with them.. Just Sayin. 6/10.
  68. augustine quiroz: It was fun for 2 years now it's just repetitive cash grab every month. I quit at the new year time to find something else to waste my time..
  69. John Earl Sola: Perfect.
  70. Ezekiel Lapastora: Pay to win.
  71. Douglas M: Where's my Honey Badger !!! It dissapeared after I got him which is super ridiculous. He got my food, pearl for accel. and nothing left over except a sour taste in my mouth. Any support for that?.
  72. Cody Armentrout: This game deleted my account after so many hours I'm so pissed.
  73. mark patz: It's unbalanced in the way pay to win games usually are, but I haven't gotten too bored of it yet. Although they give out a moderate amount of gems, if your smart with them you can get most of the higher teir items. There's always something to do and it's simple enough I can do at work. (Physical labor).
  74. Shadelos G: Fun and fair..
  75. Henry Myaclpine: Awome.
  76. andrew haught: Great game but they dont let you delete characters. *edit* please fix hero hill..
  77. Ben Tillman: Fun little afk game.
  78. Abdullah Abdullah: It's alright.
  79. Leon Alger-Palmer: I thought this game was about adventuring but it's terrible.
  80. FANCY ONCE: Good game. Been playing for months, so many events..
  81. Joseph Laughlin: Awesome game only problem is that there is no way to delete a character..
  82. Gene Welch: Great game entertaining and enjoyable 😉 and the community is amazing.
  83. sonebody new: Nice game, but its basically pay to win, the distance between a f2p player and a person who paid is way to much especially that your rank in leaderboard give you high advantage..
  84. Wha Happened: banger.
  85. coolcoopy g: U need money.
  86. Corey Adams: Honestly this game is so worth it it's very fun and I've been playing for awhile but I play or check it everyday it's always fun to come back and play everyday!.
  87. Extreme Gamer238: Very fun game but gets a little repetitive.
  88. ahmad alzayed: Good.
  89. Lisa Honey: Cute..
  90. Josh Allen: Little bit 'pay to win', but what can you expect from free games nowadays? All-in-all though, I'd still say it's one of my favourite mobile games to date.
  91. MRgamErDudE: Event alarm detection time the kids on the and t I am not a mistake in there no later than I am not a mistake on my balls and t I have too much to anyone else please erase all the kids on George and I am a mistake on my balls to the rest are you still wants a mistake in my balls to get the latest version of a prostotute.
  92. Christopher Hoffmann: Fun for a couple weeks but consumes to much money to really enjoy..
  93. Delvonte Sears: Great game. Easy to follow an understanding. Not pay to win..
  94. Cody Dunkley: Early stage is busy, But it's good mid-game. P2W or F2P are both good ways to play. But hard to find relaxed teamates. 4 Stars.
  95. Brian Rogers: Great game!.
  96. Elizabeth Sprabary: Very fun and enjoyable for short or long term.
  97. Jeremiah Dinkins: You can go offline all the time and come back just for your rewards and it's fun you should take my advice on this one.
  98. MKW Watry: It's really fun game but there are some things I would change but I won't go into detail.
  99. eli kasper: The pet farm hud is gone can't see anything to click on, the main screen hud bugs out and goes away majority of the time.
  100. Bea Blenker: This is an interesting new way of looking at the idle team element games could be. The pets are adorable and there are different styles to choose from in terms of fighting. However, it takes an excessive amount of time to level up and many of the games assets are level AND power locked. I believe the game could benefit from giving the option of either or and rewarding you for being on a team..
  101. David Gonzalez: Such a good game so strategic.
  102. Mark ryan Monseda: Horodol.
  103. Anna Mapp: Fun!.
  104. abdelrhman afifi: The game is quite fun, and I like how it progresses as I level up. Just that there are minor issues like, not being able to log into my characters and only see (connecting to server) messages, while using WiFi, and then I find out that I can log in with data. Despite the fact that I reported it, nothing was solved and I couldn't log in the moment my data was finished. This game requires quite the amount of attention so this definitely is just absurd..
  105. James' Channel: Very money hungry but very good game. Been playing for almost 2 years.
  106. Edwin James Perez: Skills gathered from loot keeps disappearing. I've opened my game with 99+ skills gathered said in the notification and when i click it, they disappear. Please fix..
  107. Deonte Scales: Really good game.
  108. Michael Sanchez: It's fun but there is no combat that you control but still fun.
  109. Deathimonkey: Great game but can't delete a character. Even if it was had to be lower than a certian level would be nice have two I cant do anything with bc I miss clicked.
  110. Mikage08: the game has been active for a while now, really wish they make certain things easier to do like upgrading character skills. i do not enjoy clicking 1,000 upgrade resources one by one everyday.
  111. Cia Xing: Seasons ends and haven't recieve weapons skin and aura although I'm top 4984..
  112. Snozz Bmgo: Good.
  113. Kene James: I like this game really a good game.
  114. Albert kuncoro: There was an error at the tournament, the bidding reward was not distributed to my account I posted a mail regarding to the error, and the admin resolved it by sending me only 2000 tokens (I should get 2635 tokens) and it was sended at the end of the event, so it's not possible for me to spend the tokens.
  115. bien joshua salcedo: Good game.
  116. YOINK YEET: The only reason I chose 3 stars is because of most of the people they can be toxic just because of the fact they have a higher power then you..
  117. Muhamad Sangar: I did not play it yet but it's definitely good?.
  118. Raymond Ruazol: Great Game.
  119. Preston Baggerly: Pretty fun! You can spend $ to speed up the farming process for things, but it's definitely not a "pay-to-win" style game as you can get top tier equipment reliably with no $ invested. There's a heavy math element to certain classes if you want to maximize your team's potential though. Make sure you actually read things and you'll be fine. :).
  120. McHale Janke: Great fun.
  121. Timberhoof /Arthur: digging it.
  122. Andrew Tuitt: love it because it isSo relaxing and good.
  123. Joshua Sparks: I'll give it five stars when u fix hero hill.
  124. Kelsey Foldessy: Its alot of fun but needs a bit more to do while your on the game..
  125. Ringo Yuki: So laggy even using lowest setting. Also hard to lvl up cause need a group, solo player get stuck at same lvl, especially high lvl cause most old player quit.
  126. adamm kelley: Addicting game just started though..
  127. Mark Halver: UPDATE: I've been told that it still isn't your problem despite the referal, please co-ordinate together. So in March I had an issue, I was told to provide details and it would be fixed. I gave those details, no response for 10 days, I ask what's up, I'm told to be patient. 4 months later I check in, still not resolved. 4 months after that I check in, and I have a note saying my issue isn't getting fixed, I'm not getting a refund, and I should have known better than to make the error I did..
  128. Tiffany D.: I love the concept of the game, it'd be cool if you give us the option to tap on the screen during battles for an extra boost of power. It also would be better if it was easier to find a team. Beautiful graphics, plenty of stuff to explore and discover..
  129. Justin Balentine: Amazing.
  130. Kaimta: Been playing since day one. It's awesome. Only issue is it gets a bit pay to win if you want to be a top player. Other than that, it's great!.
  131. Tyler Grabow: fun.
  132. Tizian K.: Never seen a game with worse and more annoying ads. Just show gameplay or stop spamming your ads everywhere.
  133. Kevin Geng: Amazing game! Both f2p and p2w players are on the same ground, so there doesn't seem to be a huge gap in progress any way. Incredibly easy to get addicted, and more like an adventure game than an idle game with its mechanics..
  134. xXLacet Gacha GirlXx: So AMAZING but the part i like the most is getting to FIGHT New bosss!.
  135. Marc T: Bruh... 2 GB........REALLY.
  136. Liam McMullen: Love this game since I first pleaded so like Godzilla this phone now it's really good game yesterday it and yesterday I'm not just say three days ago I was level eight now I'm level 29.
  137. Trevor Thackston: I opened this game and the very first thing it did after asking for storage permissions was paste from my clipboard. Immediately uninstalled; I can't imagine any valid reason to do that..
  138. Jackie Wallace: I love this game. Very entertaining, and we'll made..
  139. nicky Lewis: Very fun 2 play.
  140. August Vergel: Nice game.
  141. Shawn Smallwood: This game is one I'll have for a very long time. As soon as I downloaded it I couldn't stop playing. It's addictive. I had no bugs or glitches and surprisingly it was running smoothly for a game so beautiful. I am really enjoying this game..
  142. Ryder Weightman: Best game ever.
  143. Iamt00t: is aight..
  144. Craig Chamberlain: Kill dinosaur, have afk team, duality of man.
  145. Kenneth McLovin: Great afk game definitely keeps the boredom away..
  146. Billy Bills: Took my 15$ for a pass that lasted less then 2hrs rip off.
  147. Marchel Moore: I have played this game for 2 years straight no more questions..
  148. Lauryn Hoberg: The game keeps crashing everytime I'm logging in..
  149. Surprize For You: I have been playing the game for almost two years. the game is the best idle game I have come across. The game has regular updates and there is almost always an event going. the only downside is it is definitely a pay to win game. I'm in the top 4k players, but I know I won't climb much higher without pumping in more cash then I am comfortable with. If you don't mind microtransactions, this is the idle game for you..
  150. Kevin Del Fierro: What a great game,definitely good..love the mechanics but there is just a problem I can't top up or buy pass.But I will rate it 5 because is was really good. I hope there are more codes to come.

Download Instructions Ulala: Idle Adventure latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Ulala: Idle Adventure mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link ulala-idle-adventure-mod-hack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher X.D. Global.

- Download Ulala: Idle Adventure mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file ulala-idle-adventure-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Ulala: Idle Adventure original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Ulala: Idle Adventure Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Ulala: Idle Adventure for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file X.D. Global provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Ulala: Idle Adventure file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Ulala: Idle Adventure Mod Apk on Android & Ulala: Idle Adventure Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Ulala: Idle Adventure Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=7530

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored ulala-idle-adventure-mod-hack.APK & ulala-idle-adventure-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again ulala-idle-adventure-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Ulala: Idle Adventure on your phone.

Download Ulala: Idle Adventure {MOD – HACK} Unlocked All Apk + iOS 79M

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Version: 1.117.
Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 4.3.
Content rating: Everyone 10+.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: X.D. Global.
Votes: 141,984.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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