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Update: 07/08/2022
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1) Tons of exclusive comics and novels
Explore our library of exclusive novels such as The Sorcerer Supreme, Master Damien’s Pet, Nanosurgery Reborn and great translated novels such as The Library of Heaven, Lord of Mysteries, Hidden Marriage and many other manga adaptations.

Read scenes from your favorite web novels such as B. The King’s Doppelganger, Unleashing the Witch and Berserk. Come to life as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of comics and novels.

2) Daily quick updates
Join our millions of readers looking forward to daily updated web novel chapters. Web Fiction gives you an unparalleled immersive atmosphere for reading comics and novels.

3) An active community that loves to read
Web novels attract over one million readers and authors who are committed to a passion for reading and writing. Whether you prefer to read web novels translated or original, Romance or fantasy, a shared reading interest brings readers and writers together, regardless of genre. Download web novels now. Start your reading or writing journey and become part of a fun and active community.

4) Share your story and gather your followers
Join thousands of aspiring writers. Start your journey and tell your story in a web novel. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Enter our bi-weekly writing competitions and use our matchmaking system to publish your novel to millions of readers with similar interests in your genre. Find your voice and share your message with the world.

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Free download Webnovel [Hack_Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 63M) - Version 5.8.0. Released on January 23, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. So many great fantasy and romance webnovels here!. Developed by Cloudary. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Teen.

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1. Interactive system optimization.

New comment

  1. GaTaRi GXP: dope.
  2. Genvieve Clay: Love the stories but it takes way too many coins to get through only a few chapters, make it easier to get chapters or make it so you can earn credits more often and this would easily go from a 3 star app to a 5 star one..
  3. Squid Fury: Overall not bad, but it's been crashing alot since the last update when I turn on audio mode then use another app while listening to the audio. In the past, this wasn't a problem. And now the audio simply doesn't work....
  4. JULIETO JUDILLA: I want abondoned husband dominates to release a new chapter.
  5. Daniela Lyttle: So far really good.
  6. Brianna Williams: This is a good app but I wish we didn't have to pay for it because I don't have money because I'm 16 and don't have a credit card yet but I love to read these books.
  7. 2ofDees Please: So far, the first book is very interesting and I can't stop reading it..
  8. Joseph: is noice, only complaint is not enough fast passes.
  9. Diana Cooper: Best app ever.
  10. Kelvin Ahugah: Adventurous.
  11. arlette Portaje: Nice so far.
  12. Maria Samaniego Jimenez: This app is so awesome the books are very intriguing and sweet 💖💖💖👌😍.
  13. Cabardo Tagor: Interesting.
  14. Darine Mahmoud: This app have the best comics ever😳😳😳.
  15. The true Kennedy.: Got me back into reading. Thanks.
  16. Junaliza Lawagan: ❤️❤️❤️.
  17. Jim Vivar: Love.
  18. Naakwaley Quarteypapafio: So interesting 😇.
  19. Khrista Hughes: Its awful. Its a navigation nightmare. It requires you to define your lead preference as male or female (literally could care less about the lead's gender). Though I didnt have issues with adds outright, while i was reading a comic there was chat blurbs flying across the screen like comments on a live stream, there was no clear or easy way to remove that feature. Honestly this app isn't worth the headache when it comes to finding a good story. I'd rate no stars is able to, its worthless..
  20. Abdulkareem Abduljawaad: my experience with this app to be honest this is one of the best apps for light novels if not the best performance wise it's fast and there is a lot of new novels original or translated and one of the best features is the fanfic feature my God the fanfics it was the best and the worst this ever you can't so much to learn and so much time lost any way if you are new let's just say don't enter the fanfic section unless you have a lot of time any way if you are new to the novels world welcome ❤️🤝❤.
  21. King NM: It's good 👍 😌 👌 ☺ 😊 🙂 👍 😌 👌 ☺ 😊 🙂 👍 😌 👌 ☺ 😊 🙂 👍.
  22. Ifeoluwa Akinremi: I love the app.
  23. Natalie Clark: I wish they would actually tell u how to use energy stones in stead of saying go to novel then what's next like bruh I can't find what's next anywhere other than that I like the app.
  24. Beryl Bensun Mosahary: Only if the cost be reduced...otherwise its OK!.
  25. Josh Rossacci: I will start off by saying, this app is expensive to use. I have priced it out before and it is a bit less expensive than if you were to go online and buy physical books if you were to look at the cost page for page. Other than that this is a lot of fun. No adds, easy to use. The quality of the novels is up in the air though, because all of the authors write on an individual basis. No publishers or editors unless the author themselves have hired one..
  26. Candy Hutchison: Great stories just too expensive. Authors don't get a lot from their stories..
  27. Haidie Gade: I like this app,, very much so much to read rnx.
  28. Joshua Santiago: The heck i have a strong network connection yet it said something went wrong plss fix it.
  29. Felicisimo Tayo: Wonderful &exciting.
  30. DeJaun Henry: Excellent i love to read the fanfics.
  31. Peralta Raymond: Good.
  32. sive Magele: I enjoy the app.
  33. Anita Newton: Continued reading of a section has Improved, however occasionally loose my book..
  34. Roxane Brogan: So far the book I reading is very well written,not like some other free reading sites. Thank you for that.
  35. Jenny Peterman: Love love love..
  36. Killjoy The Monster I Am: This is a great app to find good reads, usually tried and true and not the normal fanfiction with no sense of direction nor vernacular. The recommendations are eye catching with even professional authors popping up regularly. Quality control extends to most, but don't expect it everywhere. A personal favorite would be, "The Legendary Mechanic" a translated chinese novel with a great level of writing with a broadened vocabulary despite the title's simplicity common to translated works..
  37. Prince Arl: I don't like that they added ads in every chapter.
  38. Abdulhameed Babatunde: Too expensive.
  39. jessica penamora: I like this app..
  40. Nady Domines: Good one.
  41. Jayson Lathrop: I used to love your service and even when you whent to the paid option it was still great I came back to it to enjoy and I am bombarded with adds I am saddened and disappointed that in order to make a dollar you continue to sacrifice your quality product you have lost a customer..
  42. Neko Bell: A bit expensive if you're a voracious reader like i, but infinitely worth it. I cannot possibly put to words the sheer amount of enjoyment and lookfowardtoitness i have for this. I know that's not a word, but you'll be making up words too, eventually. It's a lovely idea, a great concept, it supports creators, and best of all, it actually provides. My usage of this app far exceeds any other. That should rightfully indicate how good it is. If it doesn't, try it yourself. And then, read... ^-^.
  43. Tony Walker: Pretty good platform overall (at least from a reading standpoint). Plenty of works to choose from, depending on your personal taste. Wish there were more free comics, and for some reason the "write" button was replaced with a "sales" button..
  44. Stephen Adebowale: I have deleted and downloaded this app twice now .. By Everytime I want to sign in or check the books in the library I keeps telli me something went wrong .. I can't even sign in or Create and acc which is so pissing me off .. Pls I need feed back 😤.
  45. Anne Villasis: Stories are enjoyable. I will keep on reading more.
  46. joan cornico: Edit: Feb 17, 2022 so far still smooth. Tho i hope u really add more novels from trending manhwas🙏.
  47. Uniquex Official: Webnovel is the best story app!!!!!!.
  48. Cameron Frye: Great. Fast pass and coins is a blight in mobile apps but there are other places to get the light novel's so use it more as a getting on point. And there the fan submitted content that's free.
  49. kyla rogers: Yay.
  50. Tonia Moreno: There are a bunch of chapters and the are expensive to unlock. Still I like the story and style so I keep buying the coins..
  51. Adi Chopra: If anybody reads it then please think about it carefully. your review system is very bad. A person can review a book multiple time and the author has the right to delete reviews so in this case a very bad writer just deletes the bad reviews on his book and keeps in spamming five star reviews everyday. now do you think this is fair? NO of course not. due to this I had to read a garbage novel and waste my money and time. Please correct this mistake as it is a very highly unprofessional conduct..
  52. vamshi krishna: Buying membership is a scam here.. they gave 250 coins. Which i spent to unlock 5 chapters in advance . i assumed we will be in advance 5 chapters atleast till month ends but the very next day they release a chapter they charged me 5 coins to unlock... dont buy membership... its a waste of money to buy each page everyday... its a big scam.
  53. zoey xd: Pay to read !?!? 😡😡😡.
  54. Roseby Amo: Gud app.
  55. Molley ndungu: NYC.
  56. Oluwafemi Olanisebe: It doesn't have proper tags for the novels.
  57. Alim Kennedy: It's a great app to read and discover new novels.
  58. iMr Bee: Ok.
  59. Michael Wilder: Wonderful.
  60. Alisha Saharan: From the last few days , my reading time is not increasing and even though I have read it for around half an hour , it only adds 5 minutes. Please fix this..
  61. tim badii: I like this app. But there is only one issue I really wish if there is a reading history.everything else in this app is awesome 👍😎..
  62. Gustafsson: the ads while I'm reading is very annoying.
  63. Miriam Bolivar: This app is a waste of money. Their privilege plan is really confusing. I availed the privilege where I can unlock 7 chapters in advance. But whenever there's a new update, I'm only able to read a chapter everyday even if I have sufficient coins. I've already paid a 1000 peso just so I can read a lot of chapters..
  64. Chronoxus: Good App.
  65. Elder: Annoying but wish to support my favorite Authors..
  66. Gabriel Gadé: It has a good selection, but It's just wattpad with shittier algorithm.
  67. Shainig Star's: ♥️♥️❤️.
  68. Justin Rolls: Levelling system's a bit weird, but otherwise can't complain..
  69. TedDy ClOuD シ: The app is good but I'm having trouble reading in comics, or just scrolling.. it either skip or go back to the chapters I've already read. Also it annoys me that there's only one limited adds that gives one free pass..
  70. Dunderling: I love the app and everything about it..
  71. monica charlier: Great stories.
  72. adam longs: Love reading novels here tho wish more options could be added. Maybe use selects like anime planet to help find specific novels and remove unwanted novels especially ones like sexual content as some writers use this often without warning and has left a bitter taste..
  73. ETHAN Lodge: The most scammiest app I've downloaded. Literally paying a massive load of coins that use IRL money to read chapters around 200 words long. My dreams have more plot. Then you've got free passes that are given to you once a day - meaning that you have to consecutively log on just to spend a minute reading. This would be fine if authors don't write more than one a day and write more than 200, as it is literally a cash grab. You're going on a novel site to pay for features for some overused cliches.
  74. Devante Lee: Amazing app with great selections for all genre..
  75. Andy Thomas: The way I see it, Webnovel is just like any other comic/manga app. You have the ability to come back daily to get (2 from here) free chapters, but if you really like something you need to spend copious amounts of money to binge your favorite stuff. It's dumb, especially when apps like Tapas allow for you to take surveys to massively increase how many chapters or pages you can read. Webnovel has potential, but they aren't my favorite..
  76. baby_ blue: It's pretty good... wish there was a better way to read more. Like some stories need a fast pass or something.....
  77. Tyler Marshall: Good.
  78. Maria Elena Hernandez: Estoy Esperanto a Leer sus libros y me gustan mucho ojala suban Los capitulos y puedamos Seguin disfrutando Las historias gracias.
  79. Charles Jordan: I love it! My only issue is you can only read so many chapters before you have to pay for it..
  80. kemi Calder: Love this book.
  81. Carole Owira: Captivating stories from some of the writers..
  82. brenda wardally: Interesting.
  83. Jzan Cadungon: my everyday companion...thanks webnovel😘😘.
  84. Adeniji Mercy: This app is the best with a lot of interesting story.
  85. Lillian Van Niekerk: Love the stories.
  86. Thomas Lindee: I love the app but after you get so far into a book it's makes you either pay or wait a day and after chapter 100 I don't think anybody would want to wait or pay to read the book but it's just a suggestion.
  87. Titan Wizard: Amazing app with plenty of books and webtoons, my only ossue is just how anoying it is to read very far without spending money. If they would make it easier (like maybe a wait for free) and I do know about the option to unlock it with an ad, bit it just doesn't work.
  88. Adewale Dosumu: Nice app but needs some improvement.
  89. juliet appah: Great stories but very expensive..
  90. Ridwan Rimon: Good app.
  91. De N: This is really a Good App, If you have patients,Time or Money you can read anything if you want.
  92. Jennica mea Punsalan: Awesome.
  93. Johnderick Zalameda: It's super good but if you don't have money i think you can't finish some novel but it's really good ☺️😊.
  94. Shadow Listener: Great app for reading but receving a messenger text somehow reset your chapter starting back from the start of it.
  95. John esther: I love the app, though am still learning how to use it.
  96. Anora Dsouza: It was a very amazing experience on Webnovel for three years. You can read multiple books which cater to your genres. If you wish to write you can get paid for it too by being a contracted author. Additionally it's an official licensed app for Chinese novels and comics translations. Overall it's an amazing app!.
  97. Beverlyn Macalalad: great apps.
  98. Marc Cuer: Very Nice! I just hope you lower the price a little bit. Thank you.
  99. Redentor Tulabut: Really felt like watching movie.
  100. Sweet: I really like this application,but if you want to read a novel until finish,you have to spend a lot of money,expensive .. one novel up to hundreds of chapters ...
  101. Rose Sharie: The stories are great, they have many stories of all? genres. Though if I can recommend something to upgrade this app is that: 1: The opening scene is kinda long and sometimes lag (for my phone, I don't know about yours) 2: The check-ins is cool, you can make up your missed attendance by paying points but can you please make the sundays available for paying points for attendance? (I missed my sunday check-in twice when I was About to get a 100 days 😭😭😭) But overall it's a very good app💖.
  102. Seema Tulsiyani: Love the novel.
  103. Kaila Rapana: The stories I've read are well written, some chapters are well priced but the app does cost a bit if you want to get through a book faster..
  104. M P: Love the app.
  105. Haziq: This is best.
  106. Prisca Dave: Love the novels and the writers.
  107. I'm Basic: I like the app. It is a generally free app that supports its creators. One small complaint is that on the note 9 you can't download images because the home bar gets in the way..
  108. Fe Benito: Every chapter is worth reading! I already missed Tang Ning and Mo Ting and the other characters as well. Kudos to the author!.
  109. Kajsa Hansen: It is too expensive. Each coin may not seem like much, but they also don't get you much. One book caneasily cost over $20. Plus there appears to be little to no quality control, and the number of spelling and grammar errors is ridiculous!.
  110. Hannah Maslanka: A reliable source for fun stories to read..
  111. Michele Mays: Love it just wish i xld read morw by videos or get more chapters so i can passs the works on..moonlight demon is awesome on there really into it. Just if it was easier to continue with ad videos.
  112. Jaz Borres: I used to Like this app but its money grabbing and adds are way too much 😔.
  113. Yanan Sim: Update, used to have minimal ads, now they are invasive. Constantly in your face while reading. The app is useless now since it's like every other website. Whether it was a translation or an original. However, the app has put in a Paywall in the form of "Premium Novels". It started out with an "Ad-Wall". Watching it unlocks the chapter. Then it became, watching the Ad to gain "Stones" which you can spend to unlock chapters without watching Ads..
  114. Ruth Packingham: Not enough chances to get points for reading.
  115. Josiah Ashlock: Functional for a digital reader, but completely unusable in practice. Plagued with ads, notifications, and pay walls to read a mix of well translated and poorly translated stories that may or may not be dropped at any point. Navigating the app is a nightmare and search will not find a novel even with the exact name entered, instead pushing recommendations and adding series to my library I had no interest in. Avoid supporting at all costs..
  116. Tillor James: I can't get all the chapters at ago.
  117. Benneth Goodness: Not bad.
  118. Gert Hendrik: This app is extremely active so writers get good exposure. Nice comics and good books to read as well..
  119. Wendy Sparks: I love it so much.
  120. Newt: I do all of my novel reading here so I got no problems with it..
  121. Jamar Wilson: One of Best reading Apps ive seen in an while,The Currency is also good aswell But what i want would if you could make free trial for the membership to see how the benefits/pros/cons of the membership..
  122. Lil Amore: Great App🌹.
  123. abbi tubby love galexy 1000: Wish there was more coins or a easier way of getting coins.
  124. alisson pastrana: You need money money money and more money it's not improving just gets greedier.
  125. Meliawati Karnadi: The recent updates gave me dark welcoming and library pages. Makes me lazy to stay. Update: And it's getting darker on the chapter pages. Seems like it's more suitable to read in the dark. 😔.
  126. Alexah DC: I love webnovel! ❤️.
  127. Laimi Sakaria: I enjoy reading the stories.
  128. Isabela Sapong: It's a good app with good stories but I have been having a problem. When I got a notification that a story was updated, and I clicked the updated book it didn't show, like there are still the previous chapters but when I go to the next chapter it says it doesn't have another chapter, this has going on for months, please fix this..
  129. Athura Das: One of the best apps ever. I love this app and everything about it. Everything is perfect 💓💓💓. This got me interested in reading it's better than every app I've used.
  130. shreedharsingh rawat: Very nice app I like it so much it's all story are amazing.
  131. Combat Madness: It's great.
  132. A Google user: Would rather buy a book than read here. To read one chapter is just damn expensive. I'll buy 5 books that are bestsellers and is critically acclaimed and that would still be cheaper than a chapter here. A lot of the stories are also trashy and are just copycats of each other.
  133. Nzube Nelson: Needs a little more repairs.
  134. Marcia Araujo: The first thing the app asks you is if you want male or female lead stories. It's already wrong to say that this sort of thing exists. But then you have no option but choose between them!!!! I like action ("male") , sci-fi("male") and romance("female").... Not using that thing..
  135. Elyn Domitita: So sad, I ve spent money just to open up to chapter 224 of the Spellbound and Under the Oak Tree. I've even purchase a membership. Then one day when I open my webnovel app I was shocked that I need to sign in again and when I did everything was back to zero. My badge, my membership and my open chapter were gone. It's like I am a new user now. I hope I can recover it specially my membership benefits and purchased chapters. Please do something..
  136. Cheers everyone: I like the experience.
  137. Naa Hafdh: The app has been amazing since last year, thank you. The user interface has been cool too, the fact that I get read the books that I like and write my own makes it even more amazing for me..
  138. Erlinda Ignacio: Love reading your books.
  139. Adam R: I've used the app for over a year at this point and never had a problem with ads till now all of a sudden there's ads taking up screen space at the bottom. I thought that as a paid member that sort of thing would be blocked but when I went to customer support they say that they don't provide a ad blocking service. What is the point of membership if it can't even stop ads seen as the coins you get aren't worth it as sometimes its only enough to get one chapter a day and never more than two.
  140. Captain x0x: I just want to read peacfully but goddamn it's so expensive 😭😭.
  141. Tangimatang Taratai: Great novel I do enjoy reading it.
  142. ViSReG: Horrible design. Web version is better..
  143. Emmanuel Aderinto: Amazing app! good novels..
  144. fufu l: Love the app read hours of the books I I just it was a little cheaper 😏😁.
  145. Alex Dovell: The comics suck and is slower than hell bye.
  146. Tim: Constant popups, attempts to redirect to other novels - the app was great 6 months ago but has gone downhill since then. Update 2022: app has gotten even worse. I counted 12 popups before I could even pull up a chapter to read. Uninstalling again. Terrible app..
  147. katherin Stclair: I love the app so very much.. I just WISH there was more romance comics.. lol....
  148. Kay-Ann Ewen: App is f***ing awesome💋💗.
  149. Aninditya Maharani: You are the best one.
  150. Jasmine Brillas: Best reading app ever.

Download Instructions Webnovel latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Webnovel mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link webnovel-hack_mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Cloudary.

- Download Webnovel mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file webnovel-hack_mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Webnovel original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Webnovel Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Webnovel for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file Cloudary provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Webnovel file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Webnovel Mod Apk on Android & Webnovel Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Webnovel Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=14134

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored webnovel-hack_mod.APK & webnovel-hack_mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again webnovel-hack_mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Webnovel on your phone.

Download Webnovel [Hack_Mod] UNLOCKED ALL 63M

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Developers: Cloudary.
Votes: 275,199.
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