Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game Mod

Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Hack,Mod

Craft a snug and visually pleasing indoor garden haven within a lofi-infused chill game, adorned with an assortment of plants.. Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game Mod v0.17.19-230517.2

Update: 09/12/2023
Original price $: FREE

Download Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game Mod 0.17.19-230517.2 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

🌸 Embrace the Blossom of May: SAKURA! 🌸

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Dive into the enchanting realm of Window Garden, an idle and serene gaming experience that empowers you to craft and embellish your personal haven of an indoor garden. Immerse yourself in its captivating cottagecore and lofi atmosphere, creating a tranquil and soothing ambiance while cultivating and upkeeping your snug grove, adorned with an array of plants!

Step into a universe where you can venture through your own cozy indoor garden, uncovering concealed treasures and gentle creatures. Unwind as you architect and tend to your garden, infused with a twist of goblin-core aesthetics.

For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and calming gaming encounter intertwined with the joy of indoor gardening, Window Garden offers an impeccable choice.

🌱 Cultivate and unearth novel plant species.
🌱 Amass butterflies, birds, and other wonders of nature.
🌱 Embellish and unveil new chambers.
🌱 Fulfill missions and gather precious gems.
🌱 Engage in delightful mini-games.
🌱 Unwind with the serene vibes of lofi music.

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Explore the Tranquil Beauty of Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Mod

Step into the captivating world of Window Garden, where nature’s serenity meets the charm of idle gaming. This innovative Lofi Idle Game Mod offers a unique blend of relaxation and creativity, inviting players to create and nurture their very own indoor oasis.

A Serene Haven of Creativity

Window Garden isn’t just a game; it’s an artistic journey. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of a cozy indoor garden, complete with the calming notes of lofi music. As you embark on this creative adventure, you’ll find yourself not only cultivating plants but also designing an enchanting space that’s uniquely yours.

The game’s cottagecore aesthetics elevate the experience, allowing you to decorate and personalize every corner of your garden. Unlock new rooms, rearrange furniture, and add delightful decorative elements to craft a haven that reflects your style.

Cultivate and Discover

Your journey in Window Garden is all about growth and exploration. Cultivate an array of plants, each with its own characteristics and beauty. Unearth hidden gems as you interact with your garden, discovering gentle creatures that make your oasis come alive. The goblin-core twist adds a touch of whimsy, infusing the game with unexpected surprises.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Engage in mini-games that challenge your creativity and offer rewarding experiences. The game encourages you to complete missions, gathering precious gems that contribute to the expansion and enhancement of your garden paradise.

Connect with Fellow Gardeners

Window Garden isn’t just about solitary creativity. Join a vibrant community of like-minded players on the official Discord server. Share your design inspirations, swap gardening tips, and celebrate each other’s achievements as you collectively find solace and inspiration in the world of Window Garden.

Stay Updated and Engaged

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Your Feedback Matters

The creators of Window Garden value your input. Whether it’s a suggestion, a question, or simply sharing your experience, feel free to reach out through their social media accounts or drop an email at [email protected]. Your feedback plays a vital role in shaping the future of the game.

Embark on a journey of tranquility, creativity, and growth with Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Mod. Design, nurture, and connect in a world that celebrates the beauty of both nature and gaming.

Embrace Nature’s Symphony with Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS

Experience the harmonious blend of nature and creativity with the Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Mod available for both Android APK and iPhone IOS platforms. This innovative mobile game transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming, offering a serene escape into the world of lush indoor gardening.

A Digital Retreat for Green Thumbs

With Window Garden, your mobile device transforms into a haven of relaxation and imagination. The melodic tunes of lofi music accompany you as you tend to your virtual indoor garden, nurturing a diverse array of plants. This isn’t just a game; it’s a retreat that invites you to unwind and create beauty in a stress-free digital environment.

The game’s enchanting cottagecore aesthetic has been meticulously curated to infuse your gardening experience with warmth and charm. As you progress, unlock new rooms and outdoor spaces, each offering a blank canvas for you to express your personal style.

From Seedlings to Masterpieces

Window Garden is a journey of growth and transformation. Begin with simple seedlings and witness them flourish into stunning plants with distinct characteristics. Explore the unique personalities of each plant as they react to your care and attention. The goblin-core twist adds an element of surprise, ensuring that every day brings new discoveries and interactions.

Engage in a variety of mini-games that challenge your creativity and provide you with essential resources. Complete missions to gather gems, which serve as the currency to enhance and expand your garden paradise.

Community and Connectivity

Connect with fellow gardening enthusiasts and lovers of Window Garden through the official Discord server. Share your design inspirations, seek advice, and connect with a community that shares your passion for cultivating beauty and tranquility.

Stay Informed and Inspired

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments from Window Garden by following their active social media channels:

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Your Voice Shapes the Garden

Your feedback holds immense value to the creators of Window Garden. Whether you have suggestions, queries, or simply wish to share your experience, don’t hesitate to reach out through their social media handles or via email at [email protected]. Your input contributes to the ongoing growth and refinement of this digital haven.

Immerse yourself in a world of beauty, creativity, and tranquility with Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Mod. Transform your mobile device into a portal to a serene oasis where nature’s wonders and the joy of gaming unite.

Free download Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Hack,Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 0.17.19-230517.2. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Craft a snug and visually pleasing indoor garden haven within a lofi-infused chill game, adorned with an assortment of plants.. Developed by CLOVER-FI Games. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game MOD

  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - No Ads

Game Version Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game Paid MOD

  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - Download Free
  • - No Charge
  • - No Reload
  • - Speed

Version 0.17.19-230517.2 Release Notes:

– Resolved issue with inability to complete Discover Plant Mission (Bug-7UgeRr)
– Addressed problem of immovable Fairy Lights Curtain (Bug-NnoLr1, Bug-iykxsw)
– Rectified the absence of certain Plants (Bug-tpOYzX)
– Implemented Plant Book sorting by Gem
– Various minor fixes.

New comment

  1. Milaryliv Bihag: I just loved this from the started~💅.
  2. E Gonzales: Uninstalling only because I have finished all the gem levels. It's a very nice idle gardening game (take your time, enjoy the chill 2 to 7-day gardening and the room decorating, and getting birds and butterflies) with very nice music. Plus you do learn about plants. Thank you!.
  3. Randomapple53: This game really highlights my day!.
  4. Destiny Fitzwater: It's actually really cute and calming.
  5. Morgan W: This game is exactly what I was looking for! A nice relaxing game where I can care for plants. Bonus that I can decorate the windowsills! And I love that ads are by choice, not pushed on you. And that you aren't required to buy things with real money to move forward..
  6. Rana and Seth Schneider: This game is so much fun. It is really low powered so if you want to distress you can just play this. Great job creator!!!.
  7. Xbibi_1: So cute.
  8. Emilie Diduch: Very underrated game! Wow!.
  9. Ella Jung: Got a huge problem with the game. :((( I've been playing this game for weeks and I really invested my time in my plants and everything. However, I need to change my phone because it got broken. When I opened the app on my new phone it went back to the first part of the game. I know that my progress should be reflecting on my new phone because I login to my gmail account to save my progress. I can still see the achievements that I made on the app here in google play. :(( please help me..
  10. Purple Potoo: Very relaxing.
  11. Leah Kimber: Good game and it's actually a pretty calm one..
  12. Ghost face: I really love this game ♥️it's relaxing and calm not like other games tho I do with there was more extra stuff like for the kitchen instead of showing sink show like cooking area and add stuff like cooking stuff and a cool thing where u can actually cook.
  13. Amethyst Palanca: i love it very cute and aesthetic Helps stress.
  14. Vanessa Roe: Not really sure what an the 5 star reviews are about. The game was unplayable for me..
  15. Lilly Crawford: This game is pretty good. The music and art is great. My only problem is that I'm already out of space after only a couple days of playing and nowhere near getting another key. Otherwise, it's awesome!.
  16. Kiersten Darcee Samson: Hello! This game is relaxing and super cute! But the only problem I got so far is that the game does not show the icons used for decorating, buying new furniture, buying gacha pons, playing the games in the gameboy and the quest button.Also I cant touch anything so my screen is broken in the game and I can't touch my plants that are dying since the screen is broken. Pls fix this bug because so far this is my favourite game..
  17. randomasiankid: this game is everything I've ever been looking for and more!! I love the pixel interface, it's so cute!! I'd give 5 stars but only one thing really: the keys are so hard to acquire :(( Also it would really be nice if a login (facebook,gmail) system could be added! If I change devices I really don't want to lose all the awesome game progress I have here :(( other than that this game is everything!!!.
  18. Acearo: Good but when i tried to open the game on the second day the screen has a sort of gray ish tint and i cant interact with anything please help i dont know what to do and i missed so many suns and water drops D': Fyi i also cant play the game.
  19. Companion Beans: This game is absolutely delightful! Cute graphics, good music, and most importantly, no forced ads. This is by far the best plant keeping game I've played..
  20. nikki GP: I really love this, but there was a problem when I was playing it, you see it the Google play games greets you after clicking on the app, It is supposed to greet my account name but then it is different. The account name was Savvy mine was Li. Is there anything that can help this?.
  21. isko lin: This is one of the hidden gems on the android platform. Great lofi music, ads are not too many, and super cute pixel/retro graphics. Love it..
  22. Tanvi Gholap: Perfect i just wish there was a way to save and load the decoration set up some way cuz i like having diff theme after a few days but it is a hassle changing decorations each time.
  23. Veronica Byrd: Thus is actually one of my favorite games I've downloaded, and I play a lot of phone games. I usually don't like idle games, but I love how you have missions and can unlock more rooms and decorate. Every month some of the items in the shop change as well as the specifically seasonal items you get for free. There's mini games as well to collect points to help you water your plants. They did really a really good job..
  24. Roxan T. Taborada: Cozy and lo-fi vibes❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  25. Rachel: So fun, relaxing and cute! No constant ad pop ups either, but I can't unlock any new items/rooms because I need to complete 40 missions, yet doesn't give me more than 25..
  26. Abubacar Yahya: Its so aesthetic and lofi, helps me calm down and i feel like the plants are my child.
  27. Dianery Santana Martinez: I love this game😍 it's just what I was looking for. Everything is so pretty, it is calming but entertaining at the same time. Excellent music, really like that you can change the track. And it is nice the ads are a choice to get some stuff, it is not annoying. I only have 1 room right now, really excited to unlock the rest 😄🫶.
  28. Ezra Loro: It pretty good its a cozy game to play when your stress..
  29. Felix Wildman: I love this game its amazing, it's cute and I love you can decorate it how you want, do have afew suggestions tho. First, I suggest having the option to have a break when you need it without your plants dying. Second, I suggest being able to decorate the whole room and have plants around the room I'd love to be able to do that. Finally, I suggest having a cat to come by and catch the birds and butterflys, I suggest being able to buy an animal for how ever much that way its an option..
  30. Hala Lolo: I love this game it's very calm and fun yet I didn't really like the count down thing on the two games in it but other than that it's very nice and I suggest adding a little bit more butterflies and/or birds.
  31. Darya mandra: A very good game (or I might say the "best") where you can comfortably look after your plants. It would be cool if we also could buy resources (water and sunlight) with in-game coins because sometimes there is just not enough resources..
  32. Bethany: It's a good game but it gets extremely annoying when things in the foreground clip behind things in the background and vise versa which makes it look weird and very inconvenient and annoying to fix. This is why I give it 3 instead of 5 stars. Also, more space would be nice.
  33. PandaPalda Gaming: I havent play this game yet but i download it and the look is so aesthetic and cute i love pixel game and this game looks very cozy, i will try it later..
  34. Thadar Phyu Sin Bella: I am addicted to this gameeee I LOVE THE PIXLE STYLE AND THE MUSIC IS GREAT Only small problem is that it keeps lagging and crashing but like I'm pretty sire itz just my phone having an atsma attack.
  35. GG girl: This game is so cute!! There is no annoying ads every 2 seconds. Basically you take care of plants, you water them and give them sun light. You can also unlock different plants, unlock new areas and decorate it the way you want. It has very nice lofi music and the aesthetic is so cute. I love that it's so relaxing and calm 10/10!!❤️✨.
  36. Hồng Ngọc: The Best game i ever enjoy!!.
  37. Lezel Jane Rozarito: 👍👍👍👍👍.
  38. Chris Thornhill: Its calming.
  39. Sofia Matos torres: It's such a fun and cosy game the only complain i have is the 5hr wait on the miny games overall the game is so cute and fun.
  40. itwasdestinee: The music and no forced ads is GREAT, the graphics are adorable, and its very relaxing to play! I think a grid system while decorating would be good to add tho, cuz its hard to get things like shelves to be even with a 2cd one. I also wish there was a hibernation mode so that way if you get busy/want a break but plan to come back later, your plants won't die. And a pet to maybe collect butterflies/birds for you would be awesome too! Overall, this is now my favorite game & I highly recommend!! :).
  41. Yan Nam Leung: Cool concept, wish the rooms are cheaper to get, and wished there was a lofi study room.
  42. mrgb: Such a comforting game. The background music is so relaxing and cute! I do wish we could do other things in the game after taking care of all the plants..
  43. Andy Febrico Bintoro: Plant care Game, not a simple idle game for relaxing..
  44. Jody Girl: Relaxing and enjoyable. Pixel aesthetic is my favorite..
  45. Rarua Kiriwi: Love how the game is designed as a pixel world, and it's amazing how the plants and style looks!.
  46. Katie Mercek: Incredible game! Beautiful pixel art, very relaxing and mellow, lots of design options and consistent content unlocks. No ads to deal with unless you choose to watch one for a little boost. My new favorite game. :).
  47. Erika Vrbanić: This is the best game i have ever played, it's so relaxsing and just amazing! It's so aesthetic and I just love it! Great job to the team who made this!.
  48. Lisa N: I'm so hooked on this game! I played it after install and forgot about it and all my plants died. So I just discovered it again and I have been working on all my new plants! Some have grown and it's so fun to decorate and check on them! There are many cute features in which to display your plants. It will be exciting to see the plants grow, and get more rooms to display more plants, of course! The only issue I've had so far is the pictures don't show up in the book..
  49. Stephanie: virtually impossible to get water. sun is plentiful, but it never rains. you can't get enough water through the minigames & the ads only give you 10 drops at a time. they should change it so that on dry days it's possible to get enough water just through mini games. ads should be for bonuses only. i was expecting a chill, relaxing game where i could watch pretty plants grow. as it stands this is a frustrating pay-to-play game which slowly kills your plants if you don't spend money to buy water..
  50. Paige M: This is a really chill plant care game. The music is great and gives you a choice of what you'd like to hear, no enduring tracks that you don't like. Graphics are very cute. No pay to play, you opt into ads if you want, but that's it. Wish the rooms were bigger, but beyond that it's a great relaxing game..
  51. Hanna Johanna: One of the best relaxing games!.
  52. • Nora Nararara •: I downloaded this game at April 30th 2022, deleted it bcuz my storage is full, and re-download it just yesterday, I lost all my progress, tbh, maybe this is my fault, but, then I replayed from the very beginning, making sure I've already do the cloud save, but then it doesn't save, it always restart ;-; (It resets 6 times btw) Imma wait until it's fixed :].
  53. Nanda rajeev: I love this game , it's so cute ..
  54. Chloe Blair: I love this game..
  55. Sarah M.: I love this game so much! Only game I play. So relaxing and fun and adorable! Update: thanks for the tip! I couldn't figure out how to get back to the original room once I got a kitchen key but I wasn't clicking on it quite right to go back to the living room. Thanks for being so responsive and for such a fun and super enjoyable game! I love it!.
  56. Midnight: When I download this game I already love it, the style of this game is amazing! But They're these things that I want to recommend, the mini game part has timer and it's a little hard for me to earn gold because the timer pops up after you play or when it's game over.. I forgot some to recommend but I'll let you know if I found some, thank you for making this game it's really relaxing and it doesn't force us to watch ads😁.
  57. Trinity Wendt: I love this game! The style, plants, decor and everything else is too adorable. My camera isn't working atm but honestly that's fine with me. I can't wait till more games come out on the lil ds or whatever you wanna call it . I hope you keep up with this game and keep adding stuff cause you got me hooked!! I wish it was easier to get the other rooms tho lol anyways keep up the good work!!.
  58. jess: It's cute but it's slow and boring and requires too many 30 second ads to get anything done..
  59. Omu-Rice: There's this bug where if I store or repot any limited pots I claimed they would suddenly disappear and I won't be able to see them in my storage. Kinda disappointing... I really like the valentines heart pots..
  60. charttale: this is such a pretty and cozy game i love it<3 it's very soothing.
  61. Zoe (Clementine): It's so cute!!!.
  62. Caitlin: Such a relaxing, sweet game. A couple of glitches here and there, but nothing that takes away from the overall beauty of this game <3.
  63. Shane Dog: How do you unlock gems.
  64. Kavinsky Jenner: i love this game so much!! this is the perfect game ever i've played in my life and i love the aesthetic of it! i won't definitely get bored playing it over and over. it's so relaxing, thank you for this!.
  65. ᴋᴏᴍᴀ: Probably the cutest and relaxing game I've ever played on my phone. The music and graphics are very good and the game play is actually fun. EDIT: 5 stars now, thanks to the very friendly reply to tell me how hanging the plants works ♡.
  66. Lasha Butler: Pretty fun & relaxing game. Easy to get the hang of too. I love all the different plants and decor you can get..
  67. Breanna Alexander: I love my little plants and being able to decorate with them, but I feel like there needs to to be a way to buy sun and water with the gold you earn because sometimes it won't rain for days. It's either be that or the watch ads fill the entire can up and not just like a quarter of the way. This game really is fun and I love it.
  68. Jack Attack: I absolutely adore this game. It's got a nice pixel art style, one you learn what everything does its easy to get a rhythm going. More then once since I've gotten this game I've found myself clicking into it just to listen to the music and decorate. If you want a relaxing game with nice looking plants, a well put together care system, easy to work with decoration, and a calm atmosphere window garden is something you should try. I cannot recommend this game enough..
  69. Sheldon Mescher: Love this game is absolutely beautiful und it is so fun! I play it everyday und if I could I would give this app 1000 stars!.
  70. Marilyn: I love taking care of plants and this game makes it so much better I love it!.
  71. Jean Ballard: This is the Stardew Valley of plant growing mobile idle games! Not just for the art style, but also the cozy atmosphere and wholesomeness. I was skeptical because of the lack of reviews/downloads, but I'm in love! This might just be my favorite mobile game, along Neko Atsume. Just the kind of games to help you relax and recharge your mental stamina. 🥰🥺.
  72. Ash Smith: I love the game but i cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to unlock new gems. 😭.
  73. Sparrow: Best plant game ever. It's just so chill and enjoyable. I can't wait to see what my plants look like when they're fully leveled up. Edit: The daily quest doesn't always give rewards, and if you watch an ad it doesn't usually double or give anything at all. But if that is fixed it's a total 5☆ game..
  74. Nicole Ann Sajo: cute and Cozy I love It 😍😍😍😍.
  75. Naomi Shircliff: I've been playing this game for over a month. It's so calming. I love it.
  76. Kezia Lungu: Very cute game.
  77. Kayleigh Lane: I've only played for 20 minutes and I'm already obsessed, this game is sooo cute 🥹.
  78. Crysta: I ❤ this game. It just started to crash a lot today. The game would just close and I'd see my homescreen..
  79. whxfr: um this apps have trojan(some kind of virus which it can freely open ur apps and everything).
  80. thechappells: This game is so relaxing and fun! I love the music and the beautiful background and I love that you can name each individual plant! I also think the sleep feature is AMAZING!!!!.
  81. Okwesa Hadassah: This game is a very unique and relaxing game compared to some plus thanks for fixing the lagging, love ❤️❤️❤️ the game. Oh I have a suggestion please include a full room so that we can see the characters activities..
  82. Persephone Bockman: This would be my favorite game is it wasn't for the part where I need to take breaks from my phone sometimes and when I come back it gives me that stupid screen where it asks oh if you touch this you'll get your plants then before I even get a chance to touch it it kills them all I get that this is supposed to be Tamagotchi but with plants but nobody like the dying aspect so why would they like this.
  83. Anisah Sumali: I love the game, it's so relaxing and cute but my only problem is it's very laggy when I turn on the WiFi, please fix this. Thank you..
  84. caylee white: You only have to watch adds if you want to. Very relaxing and cute no stress game!.
  85. Denali Rw: This is exactly the kind of game Ive been looking for! Cute plants that are actual real plants (most of which I do have in my house), relaxing music, and no forced ads or purchases just to access basic features. I hope it stays updated and they add even more plants to the game soon!.
  86. Brandy adams: Found this on r/herbalism thought it was the cutest thing. I love it!.
  87. Kesline Vieux - Michel: I love this game so much! The style, music, and ambience is everything i've ever wanted in a game and more! The dimensions are different on my tablet as compared to my phone though, its more zoomed in, i can't see my plants in the far left and right side on my tablet, but i can when i play on my phone. I hope this gets fixed soon, i love this game..
  88. Nathaniel Laxina: Chill game for plant lovers like me 🤩 Highly recommended.
  89. Awkwardly Me: Concept of this game is wonderful, however it isn't relaxing. This game is an ad generator that is described as a relaxing game. There is nothing relaxing about having to watch an ad in order to acquire each item. Basically watch an ad get a pot, plant, decoration, to water, feed your plants. Devs are obviously greedy asf for the $$$ 99% ads 1% play is what it's about. Periodt!.
  90. The_Doomed_Dino: I cannot think of one bad thing to say about this wonderful game! I absolutly love the music and I wish there was more. Thank ypu developers <3.
  91. Dee P: Really cute and relaxing.
  92. Honey Bunches Of Nope: It's a really wonderful game. I can't figure out how to put my decorations away once I've put them up though. I would love to redecorate the room..
  93. Ka kao: So cute!!!.
  94. Jasper Ellis: This quickly became one of my favorite mobile games! I wish I could tell you everything I love about it, but there isn't enough space.... If you like growing plants and calming music, you're absolutely gonna love this. Every single update brings me SO much joy. I play this game in all kinds of situations to help with my anxiety- before bed, during travel, or even during a power outage. I'm so glad I found this game. I really hope it gets the love it deserves!!!.
  95. Henry Baey: My favourite game of all time.
  96. ブログkryziya: I like it very much! It is relaxing with the music and all. The only problem I got is it crashes every time I play for long, like 30mins or so. It is so frustrating, especially when I'm trying to farm gold..
  97. Ria Claire Perez: Very good game i reccomend but the ads wont work so can you just make the halloween stuff cost like 10-50 coins but good game! also how to get gift codes and also i reccomend!.
  98. Morgan Iamuzzella: Best relaxing game I've played. Love the music and art style and the freedom to be creative with my room. The plants are amazing, the different pots available and just a number of fun deco items. Beautifully done..
  99. Jayce Otey: I love it.
  100. Bogomil Bakardjiew: The game is very good but please give us more water. Water is the main reason for my plants to die. Just fix the problem..
  101. honghao chen: It is fun when you have nothing to do.
  102. Megan Kinney: This is a very relaxing game I do wish there were easier ways to get water and sun because I never have enough for all my plants and the mini game don't really give you that much But over all it is a nice game Edit: it refuses to let me watch an ad to revive my plants that have died and I really don't want to throw them out. It has been like this for the past 2 weeks and it's starting to get on my nerves..
  103. Lynsheree Eastman: NO ADS UNLESS I WANT! Everything I want and more. Love the customization. Pixel graphics are perfect. Awesome updates. I'd play any game made by you guys! AWESOME JOB!.
  104. Crystle Alvarado: Love this game. Great to play and relax to..
  105. Noelle Humphrey: I love this plant game but there should be other ways to get water and suns. You already made a mini game for the suns but u should do the same for getting water because sometimes my ads do not work. Thanks for a nice game😀😃⚘🌷🌻🌼💐.
  106. Purrty Cat In The Box: Wonderful peacefull and really relaxing. Could use more ways to get water and sunlight..
  107. M Y: Edit to add: y'all you can get water in Sleep mode with Rain turned on! Changed my game. Anyways- I'm a huge fan of this game, it's honestly becoming one of my staples. Perfect game to check in on and play before bed to relax. The sleep timer settings were such a pleasant surprise also!.
  108. Ashley Goodspeed: I love the game but I would love for there to be a different way to get water you can only get it if it's raining or from the the sink faucet. You run out if water and sun way to quickly and then ur plants die and u have to start over to finish the quests. Overall I love the game!.
  109. Ruth West: This game is sooooooooo relaxing, like cmon.....i do wish there was a way to add coins just a suggestion..:').
  110. Ash: I'm not sure what to say, it's just a flat out 4 stars..
  111. Bethany Daniel-Devison: I love this game but it has a few bugs with watering, sun's, watching ads then not getting the reward. And now it says I need to update the app and I can't find the update anywhere in play store so I either deal with the pop up or restart the whole game.
  112. Charlotte Osborn: I'm enjoying it. Wish the sleep timer had an actual timer on it..
  113. Payten “Anonymous”: I love this, it's cute, but I have an issue with it. When rain or sun falls on the window sill, there's no way to collect it because it makes you click on the plant. I don't want to move my plants every time one drops to be able to collect it to take care of them. Very frustrating.
  114. Gabrielle: Edit: It was the inventory plants!!! Thanks so much :) now I know!.
  115. Victoria Hanes: It's just a nice simple game.
  116. Miranda Jaramillo: This is a super sweet, relaxing and well balanced game!! The music and art are lovely, and the sleep timer feature is a great bonus :) One thing I think would be neat is if there were a way to give plants individual nicknames. I know it's a little silly, but I know a lot of plant owners who do this, and in game it could help differentiate between multiple instances of the same species..
  117. Adam Vidden: Super cute. I would love a widget version. Also if you read this dev, I understand why you have to use ads, so please don't misunderstand, but I'd love a version with a one time payment to get rid of them..
  118. Shea Thomas: Only in regards to the new update. The new ad butterflies really ruin the sudden frenzy :( I hit one and that's it, it takes away from the frenzy duration... And I can't simply just Not hit them either as they overlap other butterflies, making them impossible to dodge. I totally understand the need for ads but these butterflies ruin one of the game aspects.
  119. Cherishia Kira: Love this game its so calming ..
  120. Tippanath Sudjit: Really nice and relaxing. I enjoy this a lot!.
  121. MJ Rene: Absolutely adorable and relaxing..
  122. Kaydee Ortega: I really like the game! It's calming over all and pretty fun! But so far I unlocked the kitchen and I think it's bc the devs haven't made the other rooms or other newer plants but I can't unlock the other rooms since their not available in the market place, but over all it's a pretty fantastic game!!.
  123. Possums Joe: This is super cute! It's such a pretty game and the vibe is just so relaxing. 😌👌 I killed my first set of plants, but watching ads revived them, which took some of the pressure off. (Ah, if only that worked on real plants... 😂).
  124. ryan humphrey: Love The Game 🎮 💙 👌.
  125. syd j: I accomplished 44 missions but after the update. The number returned to 1. Please help, I was about to unlock new things!!! Hope you have a great day. Such a peaceful game to play and pass time after a long day. I really enjoy the game and recommend it often..
  126. B0NES: Very cute and has severely helped my mental health <3.
  128. Prithvi Raj Sancheti: Download this game rn!! Its like the best lofi game.
  129. Mayo Sakura: 💚💚.
  130. Jhoriel Jose: cute apps for children....
  131. parya sarani: I love the game and its esthetic, so relaxing and progressive.
  132. Shelina P. Gaspar: Beautiful and aesthetic.
  133. Yoga Yoga: 👩🏻‍🦰❤.
  134. Nandya Putri Pratama: How Can I unlock the key for bathroom, bedroom and Balcony?.
  135. Caracolina: I love this game! Leveling up my plants like pokemon is so satisfying! And the soundtrack is super chill. My only complaint is that you have to watch so many ads to care for the plants, which pulls you out from the calm atmosphere of the game. I wish you got twice the amount of suns for each ad, so you don't have to watch another every 15 seconds.
  136. hazerend: Woohoo! Relaxing and amazing game with awesome music. You guys must give it a try!!.
  137. Víctor Esperón (Yuki): I rly luv the game, I mean, the background music and the colors and gameplay feels clean and relax.
  138. Isiah Aquino: Found this game in the playstore by searching 'cozy game' and im sad that only a few people know this game and why do i found this game late :( this game deserve more recognition tbh. The art,graphics,music,plants,decor is so aesthetic! I hope this game will be famous soon :) and please in the next update, put a save and transfer data option ❤️ but overall this game is very very good! Looking forward in the next update 💕.
  139. Cat _09: This is totally sooo underrated! The game is so great, aesthetic, and relaxing! The plants, decor, and graphics are just *chefs kiss*. I'm totally obsessed with this lol.
  140. Vicky Sy: Nice concept, good graphics👍.
  141. Veselin Tenekedzhiev: I have been following this game and its development for while and I am happy that I had the chance to give it a try. The gameplay is relaxing, has plenty of things to do and items to unlock. Taking care of your plants with chill-out music at the background is a nice touch..
  142. Brian Cubero: Very relaxing game. I play it everytime Im stressed to chill myself out.

Download Window Garden – Lofi Idle Game Hack,Mod Unlock All

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