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WITH – Whale In The High [MOD_HACK]

Idle games designed for relaxation and adorable simulation games for a soothing experience.. WITH - Whale In The High Mod v1.0.11162

Update: 02/12/2023
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“Everyday WITH U”

WITH is an adorable mobile game that offers an escape from the daily grind and transports you to a fantastical realm ❤️. We can’t wait to welcome you to our serene island of WITH.

While embarking on a journey atop a dandelion seed, Wiz found themselves making an unexpected landing on the back of a sky-faring Whale. By serendipity, Wiz and the Whale crossed paths and, together, they fashioned a tranquil sanctuary.

WITH is a leisurely idle game, brimming with whimsy and wonder, tailored just for you ❤️.

[ Key Features of WITH ]

  1. A carefree idle mobile game that’s accessible to all!
    Bid adieu to stress! Gold and hearts accumulate effortlessly with the passage of time. It’s that simple ❤️.
    Leave your worries behind and revel in the unhurried pace of Wiz’s daily life, serenaded by soothing background music.

  2. Personalize the charming Wiz with a plethora of costumes and accessories!
    Craft your very own distinctive Wiz with a selection of skin tones, costumes, footwear, bags, and more. You can even bestow them with a name!
    Witness the irresistible cuteness of Wiz donning a rabbit costume ❤️.

  3. Foster the Whale through interaction and feeding.
    Wiz and the Whale share a symbiotic bond. Try feeding the Whale with culinary creations prepared by Wiz!
    Each day, the Whale imparts words of solace that warm your heart ❤️. These comforting words can be an immense source of healing, especially when the rigors of daily life weigh you down 🎵.

  4. Present your Wiz with an adorable pet!
    Apart from the Whale, a menagerie of pets inhabits the fantastical world.
    Nurture a friendship between Wiz and these pets to keep boredom at bay. The level of affection will rise too!
    Delight in the charm of these petite and endearing companions ❤️.

  5. Explore the tranquil haven of Wiz village, a sanctuary for relaxation and healing.
    Savor the serene ASMR sounds while Wiz lulls you into a state of tranquility 🎵.
    Find solace in the healing background music of Wiz village, undisturbed by the cares of the world 🎵.

[ WITH is highly recommended for those who ]

  • Crave their own space and a respite from the bustling daily routine.
  • Seek a genuine escape from the monotony of everyday life, finding solace in healing experiences.
  • Adore crafting beautiful and adorable characters.
  • Have a penchant for fantasy genre games.
  • Desire to communicate with Wiz, the Whale, and the pets.
  • Are enchanted by all things cute and enjoy cute-themed games.
  • Revel in the soothing sounds of ASMR.
  • Are avid fans of cute simulation games.

[ Necessary Access Permissions ]
Photo/Media/File Access: Utilized to store essential game files on your device. After granting access permissions, you can reset or revoke them as needed.

WITH Official Home Page: http://with.gnjoy.com/
WITH Inquiry: [email protected]

Discovering WITH: A World of Whimsy and Wonder

If you’re in search of an enchanting escape from the mundane, look no further than WITH – a delightful mobile game that transports you to a whimsical realm where relaxation and fantasy reign supreme. Dive into the extraordinary world of WITH and immerse yourself in an enchanting adventure alongside a friendly Whale in the high heavens.

A Chance Encounter: Wiz and the Skyborne Whale

Picture this: Wiz, a curious traveler, embarks on an extraordinary journey atop a delicate dandelion seed. However, their voyage takes an unexpected turn as they make an emergency landing on the back of a majestic Whale soaring high above the clouds. This serendipitous encounter sets the stage for a unique and heartwarming partnership.

Crafting a Healing Haven

As fate would have it, Wiz and the Whale come together to create a sanctuary like no other, a place where stress melts away and tranquility takes center stage. WITH is not just a game; it’s a therapeutic experience designed to help you unwind and find solace amidst the bustle of daily life.

Key Features of WITH

1. Stress-Free Idle Gameplay
WITH offers a carefree gaming experience accessible to players of all ages. Say goodbye to the pressures of constant engagement. Gold and hearts accumulate effortlessly over time, allowing you to relax and enjoy the slow-paced life of Wiz while being serenaded by soothing background music.

2. Personalize Your Wiz
Express your creativity by customizing your adorable Wiz character with a wide range of costumes, accessories, and even a personalized name. Create a unique Wiz that reflects your style, and don’t miss the chance to dress them up in a charming rabbit costume.

3. Nurturing the Whale
The bond between Wiz and the Whale is heartwarming. You can contribute to the Whale’s growth by communicating with it and providing nourishment. In return, the Whale offers words of comfort that will warm your heart daily. These words are a source of profound healing, especially when the weight of everyday life becomes overwhelming.

4. Adorable Companions
Beyond the Whale, WITH introduces a variety of cute pets in its fantasy world. Forge connections between Wiz and these endearing creatures to banish boredom and increase affection levels. Revel in the charm of these pint-sized companions.

5. Serenity at Wiz Village
Escape to the peaceful haven of Wiz Village, where you can unwind while listening to soothing ASMR sounds. The healing background music in Wiz Village provides a haven of relaxation, ensuring you’re free from external disturbances.

WITH – A Game for Everyone

WITH is highly recommended for those seeking a personal sanctuary and a break from their hectic routines. It’s a haven for anyone yearning for genuine moments of escape and healing. If you’re a fan of character customization, adore fantasy genre games, appreciate the art of communication with virtual friends, and have a soft spot for all things cute, WITH is the perfect game for you. Dive into the world of WITH today and experience the magic for yourself.

Essential Access Permissions

To enjoy the full WITH experience, make sure to grant the following access rights:


These permissions are necessary for storing essential game files on your device. You can manage and revoke access rights as needed.

Explore more about WITH on our official website:
WITH Official Home Page

For any inquiries or assistance, please contact us at:
Email: [email protected]

Get the WITH – Whale In The High Mod For Android APK & iPhone iOS

Ready to embark on your WITH adventure? Make sure you have the latest mod for Android APK and iPhone iOS to enhance your gaming experience even further. Dive into the world of WITH with these special features:

1. Unleash Unlimited Creativity
The mod allows you to unlock an array of costumes, accessories, and in-game items, giving you unlimited possibilities to customize your Wiz. Make your character truly one-of-a-kind.

2. Accelerate Progress
Speed up your journey in the game by receiving additional resources and bonuses. Level up your Whale and pets faster than ever, all thanks to the mod.

3. Ad-Free Experience
Bid farewell to annoying ads that interrupt your gameplay. The mod ensures an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience.

4. Enhance Your Relaxation
Experience even more soothing ASMR sounds and healing BGM in Wiz Village. Let the mod take you to new levels of tranquility.

How to Install the WITH Mod

Please note: The mod is available for Android APK and iPhone iOS. Follow these simple steps to get started:

For Android:

  1. Download the WITH – Whale In The High Mod APK file from a trusted source.
  2. Enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  3. Install the modded APK file on your Android device.
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your enhanced WITH experience.

For iPhone iOS:

  1. Ensure your iOS device is jailbroken to install modded apps.
  2. Download a trusted modded version of the game from a reputable source.
  3. Install the mod on your jailbroken iOS device.
  4. Launch the game and explore the new features.
Join the WITH Community

Stay connected with other WITH players and share your experiences, tips, and tricks:

  • Follow us on social media for the latest updates and events.
  • Join our official forums to engage in discussions and exchange ideas.
  • Participate in in-game events and challenges to earn exclusive rewards.

With the WITH mod for Android APK and iPhone iOS, you’re all set to embark on an even more enchanting journey with Wiz and the Whale. Enjoy the game to the fullest and escape into a world of relaxation and wonder.

Disclaimer: Please note that using modded versions of the game may violate the terms of service of the original game. Use them responsibly and at your own discretion.

Contact Us

If you encounter any issues with the mod or have questions, feel free to reach out to us:

Email: [email protected]

Explore the official WITH website for more information:
WITH Official Home Page

Free download WITH – Whale In The High [MOD_HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0.11162. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Idle games designed for relaxation and adorable simulation games for a soothing experience.. Developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd.. Operating system requirements . Everyone.

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Patch to resolve bugs.

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