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A decade spent crafting words and honing strategies!. Word Crack Mod v4.31.1

Update: 09/12/2023
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Download Word Crack Mod 4.31.1 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Celebrate a decade of words, challenges, and strategic gameplay with Word Crack’s 10-year anniversary! Engage your mental prowess, showcase your lexicon prowess against rivals, and put your expertise on display in the latest iteration of this globally popular game.

Experience the thrill:

  • Engage with random challengers.
  • Craft words using letter tiles.
  • Amplify tile values with special cells.
  • Demonstrate an expansive vocabulary.
  • Delight in the timeless classic mode.

Compose words, refine your tactics, deploy your letter tiles, and accumulate points to conquer your adversaries.

Leverage multipliers to your advantage! They hold the key to triumph—utilize them to elevate the value of your words, making a significant impact. Don’t forget the added bonus points for using all seven tiles from your rack.

Elevate your cognitive prowess! Enhance your lexicon without the need for dictionary perusal.

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<h2>The Evolution of Word Crack: Celebrating a Decade of Engaging Vocabulary Challengesh2> <p>Word Crack, the beloved word game, is marking a remarkable milestone - a full decade of word-building, brain-teasing challenges, and strategic gameplay that has captivated players worldwide. This iconic game has become synonymous with refining vocabulary skills, stimulating mental agility, and fostering a competitive spirit among language enthusiasts.p> <h3>Unveiling Word Crack Mod: A New Dimension of Gamingh3> <p>The commemorative 10-year anniversary brings an exciting upgrade - introducing the Word Crack Mod. This latest version takes the already captivating gameplay to new heights, offering players an enhanced and immersive experience that's hard to resist. The Word Crack Mod is not just a game; it's a journey through words, strategy, and linguistic finesse.p> <p>Engaging with the Word Crack Mod offers an array of features that bring excitement and challenge:p> <ul> <li><strong>Unleash Your Vocabulary:strong> With the new version, players can showcase the extent of their vocabulary prowess, impressing opponents and proving their word-building expertise.li> <li><strong>Challenge Random Opponents:strong> The thrill of competition gets even more intense as players face off against random opponents from around the globe. Will your linguistic skills reign supreme?li> <li><strong>Strategic Gameplay:strong> Word Crack Mod isn't just about forming words; it's about using your letters wisely, optimizing your tile placement, and outmaneuvering your opponents through cunning strategies.li> <li><strong>Multiply Tile Values:strong> Unlock special cells that allow you to multiply the value of your tiles. Master the art of positioning to maximize your points and gain a strategic advantage.li> <li><strong>The Classic Mode:strong> While introducing exciting new features, the Word Crack Mod doesn't forget its roots. Enjoy the timeless classic mode that started it all, and relive the nostalgia of the game's inception.li> ul> <h3>Maximize Your Points, Master Your Strategyh3> <p>Word Crack Mod challenges players to think critically and creatively. The game isn't just about forming any words - it's about forming high-scoring words. Harness the power of multipliers strategically to elevate the value of your tiles and surge ahead in the competition.p> <p>Moreover, there's an additional layer of excitement for those who manage to use all seven tiles from their rack. A clever move that can tip the balance in your favor and earn you extra points!p> <h3>Building Minds, One Word at a Timeh3> <p>Word Crack Mod isn't just a game; it's an opportunity to enrich your vocabulary and enhance your mental acuity. Engaging with the game regularly allows players to naturally expand their lexicon without the monotony of flipping through dictionaries. It's vocabulary enrichment in an engaging and interactive format.p> <p>So, whether you're a long-time fan of Word Crack or a newcomer to the linguistic battlefield, the Word Crack Mod promises an exhilarating and intellectually stimulating experience. Celebrate a decade of words, challenges, and strategic conquests by diving into this new dimension of word gaming!p>

This content provides a detailed introduction to the Word Crack Mod, its features, gameplay enhancements, and the benefits it offers to players in terms of vocabulary enrichment and mental stimulation.

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<h3>Bringing Word Crack Mod to Your Fingertipsh3> <p>Embrace the modern era of mobile gaming with the Word Crack Mod now available for both Android APK and iPhone iOS platforms. The convenience of accessing the game on your handheld device allows you to enjoy its addictive gameplay whenever and wherever you want.p> <h4>Seamless Gameplay on Android APKh4> <p>For Android users, the Word Crack Mod APK brings a seamless and immersive experience. Simply download the APK file, install it on your device, and delve into a world of word challenges and strategic battles. The game's user-friendly interface ensures that you're only a tap away from exercising your vocabulary and strategic skills.p> <h4>Word Crack Mod on iPhone iOS: Elevate Your Language Skillsh4> <p>iPhone iOS users can now elevate their language skills on the go with the Word Crack Mod. Available for download on the App Store, this version caters to Apple enthusiasts, offering a polished and engaging gaming experience optimized for iOS devices.p> <h5>Constant Updates for Enhanced Gameplayh5> <p>Word Crack Mod is committed to delivering an evolving gaming experience. Regular updates introduce new features, gameplay enhancements, and challenges, ensuring that players remain engaged and excited about the game's evolving dynamics.p> <h5>Join the Word Crack Communityh5> <p>Word Crack Mod isn't just a game; it's a community of language enthusiasts, strategists, and wordsmiths. Connect with fellow players, share tips, and engage in friendly battles that test your word-building prowess. The game's global community offers a platform to learn, grow, and challenge yourself while making friends along the way.p> <h6>Conclusion: A Decade of Words Redefinedh6> <p>The Word Crack Mod represents a milestone in the world of word gaming, redefining how we engage with language challenges. With its strategic gameplay, emphasis on vocabulary expansion, and a community that spans the globe, this game encapsulates the essence of intellectual entertainment. Celebrate ten years of linguistic excitement by embracing the Word Crack Mod for Android APK and iPhone iOS - a testament to the evolution of wordplay.p>

This section elaborates on how to access and enjoy the Word Crack Mod on both Android and iPhone iOS platforms, emphasizes the constant updates that keep the gameplay fresh, encourages players to join the game’s community, and concludes by summarizing the impact and significance of the Word Crack Mod over its decade-long journey.

Free download Word Crack {MOD & HACK} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 4.31.1. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. A decade spent crafting words and honing strategies!. Developed by etermax. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

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New comment

  1. Rajendran: fantastic game app. Superb app..
  2. Cat T: This is re-rated down from four stars to two because I don't know what they did to this app but it's awful now. Plus I played two rounds with two different people and they're not even in the game right now So this is just another issue with trying to keep a game going and nobody's around to play. I'm going back to Word Wars..
  3. Felipe Corcobado Oñate: juego muy simpático sobre todo para niños que necesitan aprender a escribir y para adultos que quieran pasar un rato simpático..
  4. Lucky Thug: nice.
  5. Iván: The Ads Game. One word, one 30 seconds ad..
  6. Gloria.J. Bell: was OK for a while. Messed upbad today,,Spinning wheel don't,, work blank tiles on my holder only way to see then is lay a letteron the board 2 see what it is. ,,letters r over lapping 1 another,,.
  7. Ejiro Overo: I dont seem to understand why after all the complains about this new unnecessary upgrade the developers haven't deemed it fit to revert to the classic version or at least offer something close to it. Big shame!.
  8. Amanda Cooper: interesting game. it has different modes, smart players. chat could work but doesn't..
  9. Miguel Franco: Annoying publicity every 5 seconds.
  10. Bujoreanu Dan: I wasn't able to use this app (the game freezes),so I uninstalled it..
  11. Linda Howse: WWF has gone downhill with all the changes they have implemented. Work Crack is much more rewarding to play. Switch over now!.
  12. Bonnie Sandison: like game but seems to have glitches. please fix.
  13. Mildred Barrera: Me agrada que pueda competir de manera sana en este juego..
  14. Adam: No guest login = a 1 star negative review, and an quick uninstall..
  15. Mike Forster: Very clear layout and I particularly like the automatic check of the words..
  16. Celso Junior: Mucho bueno questo game, best ever.
  17. Stella Matthews: Have to say the original was by far better. Had been playing that for several years. This version is slower and unless I'm missing something the chat with friends isn't as friendly! It used to show when a new comment was on but as far as I can make out it doesn't make you aware that a chat is ongoing. If I'm not correct please advise me. Not sure I've the patience with this version and that's a shame..
  18. Kristen Mason: There are times when there is an ad after every word played. at those times it is not worth playing.
  19. Norman Phony: I used to play Aworded / Word Crack for years, but the upgrade to Word Crack 2.x is a real disappointment. Why reinventing what used to be good? The extra features are totally unnecessary. I don't like the graphics. People like Scrabble. Why do you try to reinvent that game?.
  20. Javier E: Era mejor la versión anterior. Tarda mucho en abrirse aunque tiene nuevas variaciones del juego que están muy bien.
  21. Victoria Bradley: Very upset this ap collects financial info. It's unacceptable..
  22. Ajay Rai: Can't exit the app with back button. Battery drains fast. Notification does not clear after I open the game. Notification should be cleared after opening the game. So many bugs insane app..
  23. Ahead Labs: Ads are shown all the time and are very intrusive and aggressive.
  24. Richard Martin: Far toooo many adds, overkill. Sorry, uninstall.was the word for the day..
  25. David Mair: this game is amazing.
  26. Sheillah Nayiga: Superb.
  27. ivan rahardian: Gamesnnya Sangat Bagus Banget Deh.
  28. Mick Sasse: Requires login to play. No use..
  29. Unknown: Switched from an iPhone 5c to Fairphone Android 11. What was once an elegant, sober, intuitive and effective game design has become unrecognisable garbage. Childish interface, eye-hurting visuals, battery consuming, inconfortable gameplay mecanics. A genuine example of an upgrade totally gone bad. If it used to work perfectly well, why the heck touch it ?.
  30. James Shelley: really digging it be cool if it had some different power ups.
  31. Massoud Rostami: Another Etermax Great App. Great Brain Exercise..
  32. Cynthia Pressley: love it.
  33. shikon tama: 19 june 2022 Your bug fixes don't fix bugs. I still don't have access to chat and the words with same letter multiple times like iiiiiiiiiiii, aaaaaaaaa, uuuuuuuu are still hard to create. Even the word ii doesn't exist in English nor French. 31 july 2022: I contacted you by mail as asked. Chat still unavailable even after the latest updates.
  34. Barbara Joubert: After several years of playing Word Crack I now cant get into it to play. We have a new wifi system provided by Vox starting recemtly. Please help..
  35. L C: It's an okay Scrabble clone, but there's issues. Firstly, if you accidentally tap to fight/rematch against someone, you cannot get out of it, literally forcing you to fight against someone you don't want to, accompanied by an ad after every single turn you make (luckily, they're not as annoying). Second, there's a lack of statistics. You only have your highest scoring turn, your longest word and your highest score. Third, the bots take 1-2 minutes to play; could be fun if faster..
  36. Icepac (Zangemeister): An ad after every word. You're basically punishing the gamers for playing.
  37. Cocoaa M: UPDATE DOES NOT WORK OR INSTALL PROPERLY. Also Chat function does not work anymore. When I send chat message the person does not appear to receive it nor respond when they always use to. Was hoping your update would fix this issue bit it won't update! Downloaded new version of your other aworded max 2 game but there is no facility or option to search for a particular user. Very Disappointing!, Please fix asap!.
  38. Mary Love: I really enjoyed playing this game I just found it I've been playing it ever since thank you so much for the challenges and he just the app itself recommend to others.
  39. Lima Gregory: good.
  40. Ashley A: great game ☺️👍.
  41. Beep Beep (Beep): 5 minutes of complete confusion! I'm done!.
  42. Richard James: Best Scrabble clone I have found so far. one off payment to remove adverts too. Much better than all this subscription nonsense!.
  43. Bambi Perry: I like the game but it assigns you to opponents over and over and over again without asking you if you want to even play. Now I have eight games going and no one has returned to play for several days.
  44. Liz Alcendra: Demasiados anuncios.
  45. Silvia (Silvia): bad respect to the previous versions. keeps crashing and too many ads, also wors design.
  46. Manuel Ramos: excelente juego.
  47. Gail Snyder: set up is a bit different from other word games I've played but easy to figure out. fun game.
  48. Bambi Perry: nice game. closest i can find to scrabble.
  49. Hilary Conybeare Marsh: ads annoying, gameplay good.
  50. Olivia Franklin: Lived previous version which stopped. Loaded this version, tried to sign in with email After putting in email it just shows shaded area passing over and over it does not continue. Loaded on my 5G phone. Doesn't even get to sign in on tablet. Disappointing as it is a fun game.
  51. Claudia Lara: Game keeps freezing or crashing all the time to the point it's just annoying to restart every time. Also too many ads..
  52. Siobhan O'Malley: Enjoyable.
  53. Sheyne Carlos: great game so far. loads of opponents, good, quick games. UPDATE: as soon as i submitted my review, the ads after every single game i played from then on started, except that they wouldn't load, so they wouldn't play, so i couldn't end them, resulting in my having to close the app and restart in order to keep playing. Deleting this app now and giving it 1 star..
  54. alan malone: I understand the need for ads, but they run constantly during the game ruining the fun while you play. Other than that great game.
  55. Evelyn Banor: excellent.
  56. Linda Leibach: 1 word = 1 add Unable to play.
  57. Mark V: Points for some letters don't make sense. Too many 1 value letters. Some should be worth 2, like in old scrabble that I remember.
  58. Irene Layhe: brilliant game, ruined by the fact every now and again i cannot play as new tiles are blank and take ages for letters to appear and then extremely slow to move to play. Also miss having chats with other players as I could years ago..
  59. Daniel Weber: I.enjoy.combining.this.and.the.pro.version..
  60. Cherry Ann Elegado: It was a nice game but too much ads as in toooooooo much ads, every after your turn you have to deal with the ads about to uninstall this and not recommend to others because of the unlimited ads..
  61. Shiloh Pemberton: Hate the update...all the bubbles and the ads!! I already paid for no ads in the old version. Not happy..
  62. Marie-Rubik Crayon: love the update!.
  63. Julie Frey: Great games..
  64. Bonnie Sandison: Great challenges.
  65. SJW: The upgraded program is terrible. It fixed no problems in the new version and introduced lots of new bugs. In particular there is a prominent "play" icon which is very easy to touch by mistake. They removed the option for a "are you sure?" button. I have lost lots of games because of that. The chat is now useless and the dictionaries are poor. I could go on. It is a pity as, fundamentally it is a very nice app..
  66. Ezequiel Gaggiotti: El juego está bueno, pero me come demasiada batería para lo que es..
  67. Jami Kastle: My new favorite game....until the ads for other games ruined it....uninstalled 😒.
  68. Nitin Agrawal: too many ads. rest all good..
  69. James: Really fun, would recommend!.
  70. Lori Briscoe: best game out.
  71. Ana Zafra: "Error login Facebook".
  72. megh singh (Never give up): Hoohoo.
  73. katt “Warrior ant” bodziak: I quit. Every time I flip to my settings it asks me to log in with Facebook. And I'm already logged in and the ads are incredible. Bye✌️.
  74. Alina Tar: Used to play it couple of years ago and decided to give it a try again. What a disappointment! Instead of clean, no nonsense design I opened a colourful jingling moving thing where actual game seems to be an afterthought..
  75. Shaiakh: Remember when it was good?.
  76. •Ms. Sable Puddles•: Fun games. But if you don't play on the timer you lose. I had 175 and my opponent had 125. She won cuz I missed the timer, I fell asleep. Like why do I need to be timed to play a game. 1 star y'all 😠.
  77. Stella Urbano Badia: Esta versión es con anuncios y muy lenta. Donde está la versión sin anuncios que yo compré?? No me gusta nada. No lo recomiendo..
  78. Nataliya Crouse: I am enjoying this app. The graphics are pretty and colorful. It would be fun to see my average word points as I continue to play games in my profile. Allow profile name editing (I linked via FB). I like the vibration response (I mute sounds and music when I play). the ads aren't over the top and purchasing ad free is reasonable ($4.99 one time fee). Competitor apps want a subscription to be paid monthly, so I like this much better and will likley purchase the ad free version..
  79. Jen Paul: I only have one problem about my location.
  80. Alex B: When playing using my Google Pixel 6 Pro, the "Game Dashboard" shortcut is constantly displayed in the bottom right corner even though it is not selected in settings. Is this a problem with the game or Google? It plays fine on my other devices..
  81. Emma: There's a big black bar/banner at the top of the app even with no ads that is very intrusive, and there's an unnecessary loading screen at start up. There's also no option to choose English UK dictionary. If these things were fixed I'd happily give it a 5 star :).
  82. Jose Luis de la Peña: So so so so so so many bugs.
  83. Melisa Alexandra: Too many adds, just too many..
  84. Kia Pierce: good solid scrabble but sometimes locks me out and log in with Facebook or email doesn't work..
  85. Jay Killjoy: This is not the old word crack game. This is basically scrabble..
  86. rosalind holguin: Why is it when I play on my Android phone the game has alot of technical issues, but when I play on my Chromebook the I see no issues at all??!!.
  87. Caleb Sawh: Cant login at all. Tells me to Lovin via Facebook and the the screen doesn't change or let me login. Awful support..
  88. Katie Dunstan: good Scrabble app, bombards you with ads until you pay for it though.
  89. Paul Conyngham: What ON EARTH happened to the UI? It now looks like a toy for 6 year olds. Been using this for 3 or 4 years with the ad-free version. Can't seem to activate that here. If I can't find the old UI/pro version, I'll be stopping using this.
  90. Mumtaz Jafar: advertise is a hassle.
  91. Irene Conde: It's a great game, just too many ads.
  92. Fifitra Ariffin: Game is simple, easy and fun but too much ads, ads literally after EVERY move. Making my phone hang Game suddenly stop while playing.
  93. Deanna Wilson: I like to play this game but I'm really getting tired of uninstalling it and reinstalling it to get it to work..
  94. Pedro MP: Keep having to reinstall it in order to play. This still happens after months. Words are missing as well.
  95. Cristian Pallarés: The game eats the battery.
  97. Míkel Rodríguez: This app has an abnormally high battery consumption and I see no reason for it. It's evident that it is misusing the CPU somehow..
  98. carrie bishop: For years I ❤️'d this game... Now, not at all. Was so very 😞 in the changes. 💔.
  99. Omar Beni: Impossible de se connecter.
  100. Anthony Seymour: For ever crashing out, I am giving it up for good now because as it's such a mess after ten years there is not much hope of it ever working properly..
  101. Krystal Melecio: Having a hard time with the app now for the last 5 days I uninstall the app and download again still having a problem the game is just not working.
  102. Myrna van Eer: I am asking myself, why are you constantly throwing me out of the game! You have done this already 3 times. You tell me to log in again with face book or e mail, but tou do not let me. Since you have changed the game you are doing this. WHY? I am sick with this ..
  103. David Willscouth: this game this the best.
  104. Blaine Alison Clark: I had several games pending, then suddenly I can not sign in to the game. Very disappointing..
  105. Michael Klein: I used to love this before all the changes. The new perks are nice but too many bugs. I have to shut down and reopen on too many occasions. I used to be able to talk to people during the game and that seems to have an issue as well..
  106. Lakesha P: This is a fun game but way too many bugs!! I had to Uninstaller it do to the bugs!!.
  107. Jean Lucas: Can't get in to game..
  108. Elena Vishnyak: Never saw a game that so drove me but has so many malfunctions!.
  109. Merris L: For anyone seeing the login screen, follow these steps 1 delete app 2 settings>apps>Google play store>storage>clear cache And clear data 3 reinstall app 4 settings>app>word crack >storage>clear cache And clear data Works for android.
  110. Mahesh Y. Pillai: I can see some messages but when i click, it is not displaying the chat section.So don't even know who messaged me.Now the wrong words are not displayed also. Getting worse day by day. Kindly fix these issues..
  111. Charles Blankenship: This version sucks so bad that I think I'm giving up on this game, I want my old version back. Everybody, don't get a new phone you will be screwed.
  112. Ika Pavon Borrego: Always fails.
  113. SCP 939: I love the old version.
  114. Donna Guzman: Awful!!! Keeps not letting me play.
  115. Guillermina Canale: Muy mala la actualización , no funciona, es la tercera vez que lo instalo y falla sistematicamente.
  116. Daisy John: I LOVED this game. Played it for years. I was recently automatically logged out and now can't log back in. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it to hopefully fix the problem, but that didn't work either. I even tried by installing on a different device, but still no luck. So I'm done..
  117. Liz Lam: The game stopped working on my Google pixel 4a 5g.
  118. roberta reinert: It stops loading also..people dont use common words.if i dont use it in a sentence it isnt a word..sorry.
  119. Christine Wootton: It keeps locking me out! I've uninstalled and reinstalled so many times that it's not worth my time anymore. Gone..
  120. Katia Rivas Lichaa: This version is getting worse every time. It doesn't count all the wins, I'm uninstalling it..
  121. Musi Sam: What is the point of having a help email address when all you get is an automatic response and no assistance whatsoever? The bugs and issues with this new version haven't been fixed..
  122. Mégane: J'ai payé pour enlever les pubs du temps ou ça s'appelait encore aworded et maintenant je dois repayer pour enlever les pubs encore? Non merci.
  123. JoAnne: Something happened and now I no longer have this game add free.. I can't even get in and I've been playing this game for years please please fix it..
  124. Steven Cornea: Fun game when the app works, it constantly hangs when loading.
  125. Patrick P: Can't log in anymore...even after uninstalling/reinstalling the app. Disappointing!.
  126. Lisa Rider: Have not been able to play for weeks. Taking back them stars.
  127. Jaime Huete: magnífica.
  128. Brau Rojas: I like so much more the previous version but guess I have to wait for a further opportunity to download the 2D animated one..
  129. Sergio Rivas: It was a good game but now it doesn't even open. About three months without an update that success to install to maybe fix it..
  130. Stephen Oche: I prefer the much older version. I'm not so happy that I lost all chats and can't connect with most friends I made with the app. your chat section is nonexistent..
  131. Lidia Peñalver: I have been playing this game for 10 years and I never had a problem until now. I can't sign in anymore and stays in signing mode all the time. It is very strange. So I don't play anymore and I am fine with it..
  132. RAMIRO AVILA MOLINA: Can't log in, it give the option of logging in with Fb or an email, and neither work....
  133. Tammy Noggle: There is an update available but it won't let me install it..
  134. Erin Kathleen: Couldnt even sign up you need to fix your sign up page.
  135. Gil Sanchez: Uninstalling, last update made the game useless. Let me know when you fix it.
  136. Kimberly Crowell: It is now not working. What is going on with that last update. 🤔.
  137. Miriam Cruzalta: I wish there was a Spanish (mexico) version..
  138. Bonnie Sandison: I am disappointed in the reliability of this app. it seems it is down more than working. I am surprised when I do NOT get the message 'oppps something went wrong' & I can actually play.
  139. Heather G: Crashes constantly with a something went wrong error. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, doesn't help..
  140. ilochi princeben: Love it.
  141. Jan Cullen: Same problem. Loved the game, updated it now can't access it..
  142. Pam C: The other day, there was a login screen on my device before it would let me play 😐. I logged in with my email. Why did you take away my progress with this game.? What a MESS you have made !!!.
  143. Linda burr: I've been playing this for several years and all of a sudden it won't let me in!!! It has a choice of sign in with Facebook or email and neither works!.
  144. Cathie Renner: After years of playing, the game will not connect me. Cannot sign in through Facebook or email. July 6, 2021. I'm updating from the message I left about three weeks ago. I still can't get into the game. Still receiving notices, but can't play. When are you going to fix this? Please fix it!!.
  145. Tochukwu Njemanze: Suddenly can't log in again and I may lose my top position in my league 😡.
  146. Barbara Lattus: I have to keep reloading..
  147. Dan B: Utter rubbish. Horrible childish interface, almost impossible to set up a game with friends..
  148. Rodrigo Ramírez: Cannot login since almost a week, unplayable.
  149. Paul Pennington: Nice they removed the Pro version that I paid for from the store and replaced it with this vastly inferior version. Obviously on a mission to reduce user numbers. 👍.
  150. Kitty Zillionx: great 😊🌹 app. I like it 👍.

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Operating system: 5.0.
Evaluate: 409932.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 10,000,000+.
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Developers: etermax.
Votes: 4.2.
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