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worMoon: Awakening {MOD – HACK}

Confront horrifying adversaries concealed in the darkness... Awaken!. worMoon: Awakening Mod v1.0.11

Update: 09/12/2023
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Download worMoon: Awakening Mod 1.0.11 for android apk & iphone ios

Embark on a captivating adventure with worMoon Awakening, a dynamic card battle game infused with RPG elements and innovative roguelite mechanics for an engaging and easily replayable experience.

Construct a powerful deck of nine cards by harnessing the unique abilities of your team of heroes. Unleash the forces of nature with Bo, wield formidable magic with Ash, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic hero, Jomei.

So, why procrastinate when it comes to playing worMoon? Perhaps you’re looking for something to fill your time tomorrow! But on a serious note, don’t delay any further; it’s time to commence your epic journey and restore equilibrium between dreams and nightmares!

The game’s core system immerses players in a rich atmosphere, complemented by an original musical journey and hand-painted fantasy landscapes that transport you from a serene beach to haunting catacombs and beyond.


These battles are so swift that you’ll have time to brew a cup of coffee, vanquish a nightmare, and even savor your coffee afterward! Wondering why play worMoon with one hand? So you can hold your coffee with the other, of course! But fret not; the fast-paced battles allow you plenty of time to set down your cup and attend to business.


Every player starts with a BASIC Starter Deck. From there, craft new cards and elevate your cards’ levels with each playthrough. Victories will yield materials, recipes, runes, dishes, and even Lunas, worMoon currency, enabling you to master the game.


Each match in worMoon Awakening is distinct, ensuring a varied and unique battle experience. It combines grid-based and card games in a vertical orientation, perfect for quick, single-handed gameplay sessions.

If you’re a fan of strategy and card games, worMoon Awakening is tailor-made for you! Set in a fantastical world where dreams and nightmares collide, its quick and easy battles make it ideal for on-the-go gaming. What are you waiting for? Embark on your epic journey to restore balance between dreams and nightmares today!


Experience the groundbreaking “Quadra” mechanic in worMoon Awakening, allowing you to play up to 4 cards each turn. Trace a path as you draw to activate each card’s actions, deciding whether to apply them to the enemy or yourself. This unique feature introduces a new layer of strategy, making every battle a distinct experience.

Salt Marie, Tijou, Eugene… ETC

During your journey, encounter a diverse array of partners, each with unique characteristics. Some offer valuable aid and support, while others present challenges to overcome. Regardless of their role, these partners shape and guide your path to success.


Immerse yourself in the captivating original soundtrack of WorMoon Awakening. Crafted by the talented composer Javier Santos Dacarett, the music enhances the game’s atmosphere, transporting players to the realm of dreams and nightmares. Whether battling creatures or exploring mysterious worlds, the music enhances your gaming experience.


worMoon Awakening offers Adventure mode and Costume mode for a replayable experience. Don’t wait—dive in and discover the enchanting world of worMoon Awakening for yourself!

worMoon: Awakening Mod – Unleash New Dimensions of Gameplay

Are you ready to elevate your worMoon: Awakening experience to unprecedented heights? Look no further than the worMoon: Awakening Mod, where innovation meets limitless possibilities. This mod introduces exciting features that breathe fresh life into the game, promising an even more immersive and engaging adventure.

Revolutionary Gameplay Mechanics with “Quadra” Upgrade

One of the standout features of the worMoon: Awakening Mod is the revolutionary enhancement of the “Quadra” mechanic. Now, players can push the limits and play up to 6 cards each turn, unlocking a realm of strategic possibilities. This upgrade adds an extra layer of complexity to battles, ensuring each encounter is a unique and thrilling experience.

Exclusive Characters: Salt Marie, Tijou, Eugene… and Beyond

Embark on your journey with an expanded roster of exclusive characters, including the formidable Salt Marie, enigmatic Tijou, and powerful Eugene. Each character brings a unique set of abilities, adding diversity and depth to your gameplay. Discover their strengths, master their skills, and forge an unstoppable team to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Unlockable Story Arcs and Quests

Delve deeper into the lore of worMoon: Awakening with unlockable story arcs and quests. The Mod introduces additional narrative elements, unveiling untold stories and hidden secrets within the game’s fantastical world. Immerse yourself in new adventures as you uncover the mysteries that await you on your epic journey.

Customizable Decks and Power-Ups

Take control of your destiny with the ability to customize your decks like never before. The worMoon: Awakening Mod introduces an expanded range of cards, allowing for more strategic choices and diverse gameplay. Additionally, discover powerful new power-ups that can turn the tide of battle in your favor, providing a thrilling edge as you face the challenges ahead.

Enhanced Visuals and Environments

Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals and enhanced environments brought to you by the worMoon: Awakening Mod. From mesmerizing landscapes to intricately designed battlegrounds, every detail has been elevated to provide a visually breathtaking experience. The mod ensures that your journey through dreams and nightmares is not only challenging but also a feast for the eyes.

Unlockable Costumes and Aesthetic Upgrades

Express your unique style with the introduction of unlockable costumes and aesthetic upgrades. Personalize your heroes and add a touch of flair to your gameplay. Whether it’s a sleek new outfit or a visually striking weapon skin, the worMoon: Awakening Mod lets you stand out as you traverse the fantastical realms within the game.

Community-driven Updates and Support

The worMoon: Awakening Mod is not just an addition; it’s a commitment to a thriving community. Benefit from regular updates, patches, and dedicated support to ensure your modded experience is seamless and enjoyable. Join a community of like-minded adventurers, share your experiences, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of worMoon: Awakening Mod.

With the worMoon: Awakening Mod, the journey doesn’t end – it evolves. Embrace the future of gaming, embrace the limitless possibilities, and embark on a redefined adventure within the worMoon universe.

worMoon: Awakening Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS – Seamless Compatibility

Experience the worMoon: Awakening Mod seamlessly on both Android APK and iPhone IOS platforms, ensuring that every gamer, regardless of their device preference, can partake in the enhanced journey. The mod’s compatibility with both major mobile operating systems opens the door to a wider audience, fostering a diverse community of adventurers.

Easy Installation with APK and IOS Download

Installing the worMoon: Awakening Mod on your Android or iPhone device is a breeze. Simply download the APK file for Android or the IOS file for iPhones, follow the user-friendly installation instructions, and within minutes, you’ll be ready to delve into an upgraded gaming experience. The mod is designed to be accessible to players of all technical backgrounds, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

Stability and Performance Optimization

Optimized for both Android and IOS, the worMoon: Awakening Mod prioritizes stability and performance. Say goodbye to lags and glitches, and hello to a seamless gameplay experience. Whether you’re navigating through intense battles or exploring visually stunning landscapes, the mod guarantees a smooth performance on your chosen device.

Exclusive Features Tailored for Mobile Gaming

The worMoon: Awakening Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS introduces exclusive features tailored specifically for mobile gaming. From intuitive touch controls to optimized UI elements, every aspect is crafted to enhance the mobile gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the world of worMoon on the go, with controls and visuals optimized for the compact screens of your Android or iPhone device.

Regular Updates for New Content and Features

Enjoy a dynamic gaming experience with regular updates for new content and features. The modded version stays in sync with the official game updates, ensuring that players can access the latest enhancements, characters, and quests. Stay engaged and excited as the worMoon: Awakening Mod community continues to grow and evolve.

Security and Trustworthy Source

Security is a top priority when it comes to the worMoon: Awakening Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS. Rest assured, the mod is sourced from a trustworthy and reliable provider, ensuring the safety of your device and personal information. Embrace the mod with confidence, knowing that your gaming experience is in good hands.

Join the worMoon: Awakening Mod Community Today

Ready to embark on an unparalleled journey within the worMoon universe? Download the worMoon: Awakening Mod For Android APK & iPhone IOS and join a thriving community of adventurers. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the mod opens the door to a realm of possibilities, pushing the boundaries of worMoon: Awakening and mobile gaming as a whole.

Don’t miss out on the next evolution of worMoon: Awakening – it’s time to mod and redefine your gaming adventure!

Free download worMoon: Awakening {MOD – HACK} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0.11. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Confront horrifying adversaries concealed in the darkness... Awaken!. Developed by Andes Game Studio. Operating system requirements . Everyone.

Game Hack Features worMoon: Awakening MOD

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  • - Free Purchase
  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - No Ads

Game Version worMoon: Awakening Paid MOD

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  • - Unlock All
  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Unlock Full Version

  • Rectified an issue in the Tower and Custom game modes where some players encountered a black screen.
  • Enhanced the user interface for card upgrades and item crafting.
  • Improved the sounds and background music for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Corrected errors in Breit dialogues.
  • Introduced a new option in settings allowing players to restart the Tower mode.
  • Added a new option for selecting minimum or maximum item availability when crafting.

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