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Court is now in session! Crack the case and save your client's life!. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mod v1.00.02

Update: 29/09/2022
Original price $: 19.99

Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mod 1.00.02 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

no disagreement”! Watch the exciting additions to the Ace Attorney series! Become a lawyer and solve cases. The customer’s life is in your hands!
*In addition to the main game (Episodes 1 to 5), purchase of this app includes special episodes and costume set add-ons.

*Note: Please read the new “About this app” section at the end.

◆Show the road to victory◆
Just tap the screen to play. The intuitive interface includes useful features such as a backlog where you can reread witness testimony and story conversations.

◆Immersive Investigation◆
Freely examine 3D crime scenes for evidence and talk to witnesses for information you can find to use in court.

◆Quick, Fun Trials◆
Eliminate lies and resolve inconsistencies between witness statements and evidence. Solve cases and save your clients from fabricated accusations!

◆Colorful Characters◆
Join Phoenix Wright and his junior lawyers in a new cast that’s funnier, funnier, and funnier sometimes…and sometimes rude characters . In unexpected and unusual circumstances, fan favorites also return!

◆Surprising twists◆
Enjoy solving puzzles and smiling at the characters’ funny and often ridiculous shenanigans. The plot and dialogue will keep you laughing, crying and guessing until the end!

◆Popular DLC◆
Costume the three attorney protagonists and use them for some unintentional humorous trials in the main game!

Also try the extra special episode “Turnabout Reclaimed”! Can you successfully defend the falsely accused killer whale and bring a happy ending to this water punk pirate show?

◆Google Play Games Support◆
Transfer save data between devices easily with Google Play Games for gaming at home or on the go!

※The story in this game is the same as the previous version.

◆Supported Devices◆
◆◇ Settings and Environment◇◆
・Supported OS Versions:
Android 5.0 to 9.0

・Minimum Hardware Requirements
(Intel processors are not supported)

Note: You can purchase and run this application on devices that do not meet the above requirements. However, we cannot guarantee that it will function properly. Additionally, we will not be able to provide refunds if the device does not meet the above requirements.

◆Device Support Inquiry◆
To find out if your device is supported, please inquire here:

・Download Size
741 MB

Due to its size, we strongly recommend downloading the app via Wi-Fi.

◆About this app◆
・Launch the game in silent mode
This app will start in silent mode when your phone is already in silent mode. To adjust the game volume, use the phone volume control. Not applicable if you are using headphones.

・Online Authentication
To prevent piracy, this application attempts to authenticate your device when launching the application. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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Free download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Hack_Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.00.02. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Court is now in session! Crack the case and save your client's life!. Developed by CAPCOM CO., LTD.. Operating system requirements 5.0. Mature 17+.

Game Hack Features Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Free Premium
  • - All Unlocks
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlock Paid

Game Version Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
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・Fixed issues related to a change in Google Play Games
・Fixed other minor bugs.

New comment

  1. ForteUltimus: Every time I turn on the game, there are 2 problems: 1. The game automatically mutes the volume 2. Everytime a cutscene plays for the first time, the app black screens and doesn't function Fix these problems, and the game is mostly fine. Otherwise, you'll have to save manually, just in case you lose minutes of progress..
  2. giacomo tombari: Great game, unfortunately the mobile version is not optimal. Sometimes when a cutscene is about to start the game simply crash and during Athena's emotions investigation the audio and the sound effects are not playing correctly..
  3. Zephyr: Best Ace attorney game I have played so far in terms of graphics at least. The story and gameplay are also just as good as the other games of the series. I'm happy that this series is still going on and the quality of games hasn't detoriated all this time..
  4. jesica k: Sometimes black screen appear when playing anime cutscene. so i close and open the game again. Must save the game pretty often to tackle the issue. In total its about 6 episodes, include special episode..
  5. edgykay: Perfect except for the long loading time and no option to fast forward the long conversation.
  6. Emily: the game is great, apart from the crashing before every cutscene. there's no warning for those either, so I can't save beforehand when I don't know when it'll happen. I just lost another hour of play that I'll have to go through again because the only way to fix it when it freezes on a black screen is close it and restart the app. and because of the nature of a story based game, that's really frustrating and boring to redo. it's getting really irritating, this is at least the 7th or 8th time.
  7. Dean Chan: I love the Ace Attorney series. I recently finished Apollo Justice and had a stellar time. But after the first trial, I felt disappointed in DD. It turns out this game was not written/directed by the original Shu Takumi. The game often feels too hard or too easy; sometimes answers are just given to you because you'd never figure it out. There's also a glaring flaw where a suspect is allowed to waltz back onto a crime scene that the police forgot to tape off or even investigate (??).
  8. Seth Smith: Great game.
  9. Elliot Schultz: Game crashes every time a cut scene starts, causing you to lose progress. For a "premium" game, this shouldn't happen. The risk of paying $20 for a game that was supposed to be on the 3DS. Fantastic Ace Attorney game though!!.
  10. Reese Stainer: One thing I dislike is the constant need to be connected to the internet, I lost a decent amount of progress due to it disconnecting... however, other than that, this game is wonderful! It was genuinely really funny and entertaining, and probably my favourite of the series! I love Athena Cykes as a new protagonist, and Simon Blackquill is such a cool character too, I would strongly recommend this game. It is a lot darker than the others, but I think that is a good thing and adds to the story!.
  11. Ryuuga HIdeki: Major bug in Android 12 - possible black screen freeze whenever a cutscene plays. If you exit the game after the freeze, you will have to reload from your last save which is a huge bummer. This doesnt always happen but you have no control on how and when it triggers..
  12. cayleebrew: I absolutely LOVED this game. The characters were well made, the animations were smooth, and the storyline connected and made sense. The few things I would criticize are the lack of automatic saves, the black screen when the game attempted to load an anime scene (which caused me to have to rerun a lot of the game), and the 3D model for Edgeworth, which looked terrifying. I also wish there would be more characters we could change costumes for, like Blackquill, the Judge, and Detective Fulbright.
  13. Claudio N.I. NorItu: Love the story, there's just waaaay too much of it, making it tedious. 90% of the story is pointless filler... This was my second and final attempt at the same game. Bye.
  14. Clayton Willis (Muskers): Amazing game but get it elsewhere. This game refuses to run on my OnePlus 9..
  15. Vernon Gibbs: The cutscenes freeze the game nine times out of ten, but bugs aside it's a good game..
  16. Cobalt Rusher: Gotta love the fact that it's now in 3D and has amazing new characters. Although, this might be happening since i'm playing on a chromebook but for some reason the screen likes to glitch and show black sometimes when i'm either on the court record (notes, evidence, profiles, always shows up), examining the areas, sometimes when i'm in the talking category, and when I move to different areas. It's fine and doesn't do anything to the game, but it gets very annoying very quickly..
  17. Jimi Alexander: Another entry in the wonderful world of Phoenix Wright. This one is one of the better games, as the series takes the leap to 3D which breathes new life into the formula. Sadly I can't give it a full 5* review, as the game does suffer from some bugs (for example, my game crashed many times when trying to load the occasional anime cutscene). It also has localization typos that are very minor but can dispel the immersion of the story. It's also missing Turnabout Reclaimed, the DLC mission from 3DS.
  18. Charles Herold: The game itself is good from what I've played, but I'm really mad about the "security" requirement of an internet connection. The best place for me to play this is on a plane, but United, which is cheapest, doesn't have free wifi. Even if you start the game before take-off, it will still kill it because you don't have a constant connection. This is disgusting. I paid for a game, I should be able to play it any time I choose. It should not be hobbled. I would not buy another game from this publisher..
  19. Fantom Phoenix: Loved the game, couldn't get enough of it. The only issue was with saving and cutscenes failing to load, so I'd have to restart the game and sometimes I'd be back in a court trial I already did. Luckily the game somehow knew I already did it despite me not saving?? So it let me just fast forward through the trials I already did..
  20. Lance Bonner: Iz gud.
  21. Garren Chan: In all honesty, this game deserves a 5/5. But this Android PORT is what makes it a 3/5. CONS - Audio is f-ed up. During Athena's "psychotherapy sessions", the audio goes wonky and turns into ear-rape. - There are quite a few anime cutscenes that are sprinkled throughout the story campaign. Half the times, the screen goes black and the only thing we can do is to restart the game. (Thankfully, at times like these, the auto-save feature makes sure you don't have to replay too much dialogue).
  22. zack 12: Good.
  23. Adorable Cutie: Great port.
  24. Eak Dekpuek: Only flaw of this game is it require internet connection for save and load game..
  25. Aeryn Zael: One of my favorite AA games in the series..
  26. Hugo McPhee: Doesn't work on galaxy note 3, despite meeting requirements, freezes at first video. Google play didn't allow a refund. Apollo Justice worked on this same device so thought there would be no issues..
  27. Matt Olech: The game practically takes you by the hand and leads you through the story, even giving you a to-do list so you won't get lost. You can't inspect every little thing in every location. That's a LOT of cheesy jokes we're missing out on and a huge part of what makes these games so much fun. Appearances from some more familiar faces would have been nice too. I miss a certain scruffy fella. Without these things, the game just doesn't feel complete..
  28. Melvin Brown: Good game so far but it keep crashing before the anime cutscenes. Make sure to save often..
  29. Ecto29: Nice.
  30. Winona R: Game works well performance & control wise. Not the best Ace Attorney game storywise, but definitely not the worst. My only gripe is how easy guessing the culprit is. I mean, we're what 5-6 games into the series, could use a lot less handholding. The culprits are so out of place and jarring you'd most likely be able to guess them either during the intro, or the first 10 minutes into the investigation..
  31. Majora Moon Gaming: It's as great as it was on the 3ds but it keeps freezing when it tries to load a cutscene. Please fix this issue.
  32. Leo Faulconer: Fun game.
  33. the debate dealer: There was a problem with the app crashing every time there was a cutscene, but frequently saving makes it less frustrating. The game itself is pretty good, although it definitely has issues. The first three cases aren't great but the dlc case is really fun and the last case is phenomenal. Athena and the mood matrix are great additions to the games and blackquill is a fun prosecutor to play against. Overall I'd recommend it!.
  34. D.S. Zeldaman: Good game, but the cutscenes do NOT work and will close your game on a first time viewing.
  35. SirGroompleton: Great game, plays fine. Only thing is that the save function does NOT work. I've tried several times to save the game now and it just wipes the save every single time. Unless you plan to play the entire game in one sitting, I'd advise against getting this.
  36. Faustina Guan: The last cutscene of Turnabout Countdown Trial Day 1 doesn't load... So I had to close the game and reload my previous save to continue playing. Cutscene did play the 2nd time, but it's inconvenient even though I save often. Same with Turnabout Academy Investigation Day 2 cutscene in the Detention Center. I suspect this is the reason for needing internet connectivity. If this is true, there should be an autosave before the cutscene or a warning to be connected to the internet before proceeding..
  37. Carlin Russell: fun and cool.
  38. Arkady English: It's a perfectly decent game, but the cutscenes keep failing to load causing a lock up. When this happens they send me back to the last save because there's no suspended save before the cutscene. It's really annoying to get deep into the investigation only to suddenly hit a cutscene, have to force quit, and then have to redo the last hour of play!.
  39. Aliff Sidek: Man, I love ace attorney so much.. this port on android is really bad. I really wish Capcom could fix all the bug in the game(major crashing right after mood matrix, especially). Its a great game yet, the crashing that keeps happening ruining the experience. Now im stuck case 4, it keeps crashing right after athena want to use her mood matrix and I cannot progress. I really wish you guys can fix this issue. Otherwise, great game overall.
  40. savvy: really great game from what I've played, but the continuous crashing during cutscenes is starting to get on my nerves. having to save so often just to avoid losing progress if a cutscene occurs is very frustrating and annoying..
  41. Jackie Costello: Worst game in an amazing series. The cases are as good as par for the series, but the game holds your hand considerably more than previous entries. Less puzzle more story than I'm used to with Ace Attorney. The app itself is also broken as hell. I've had it crash 3 times, each time it was triggered by a cutscene which are usually pretty rare and at the end of sections of the game. This causes me to lose huge amounts of progress for no reason which is extremely irritating..
  42. Марат Арсаев: Not a big fan of 3d, but whatever. Also this game is easier than previous entries due to lots of "handholding" and help during investigation/trial (maybe its due to user feedback about some of the actions being not very obvious) - so much that game plays more like a visual novel rather than the game. I'd rate it 3.5 if possible.
  43. Alexander Radar: Good.
  44. Amaya Sitton: Crashes before every cutscene then I have to restart the app to fix it pushing me back to my last save....
  45. Michael 'Misha' Rashkovetskyi: Great continuation of Ace Attorney, another interconnected plot with new characters & court mechanic! The chapter select feature is very cool, makes 2 saves more than enough. Cutscenes are nice too, however, the game crashed at their beginnings several times. 3D graphics sometimes felt awkward compared to old 2D, especially at start. With todo list and very limited locations to "explore", the investigations became a bit boring. I'm glad the random explorations were returned in Spirit of Justice..
  46. Astrid Singh: This. Is. Freaking. Amazing! There are so many plot twists and it has a really good story! It's really fun! Definitely worth the price!.
  47. Emmanuel Marcelo: really good. did not have any issues when playing the game. the suspended save states are very useful and reliable actually.
  48. Mangaka Connor: Я заплатил за эту игру деньги, чтобы у меня во время того, как идёт текст, не было знаменитого звукового эффекта бибиканья? Может быть для вас это мелочная жалоба, но лично мне это рушит весь опыт и погружение в игру. Подобной проблемы на других платформах я не наблюдал..
  49. Jacko Coyne: Perfection. this game was amazing to play. The characters, their designs and the cutscenses were really good except the only flaw was whenever there was a cut scene it would crash my game. Other then that 10/10. Best Ace Attorney game..
  50. S: I've always enjoyed the Ace Attorney series but this one should REALLY have options for global languages. The English voice overs are cringe worthy.
  51. Sampo: Good addition to the Ace Attorney series..
  52. Adam Mcdowell: Good game.
  53. Zachary R: Great game, and more of a return to form for the series after Apollo Justice. I love the Ace Attorney games and this is a good entry. However, while it does have a few UI quirks, it's definitely a step up in gameplay polish from Apollo Justice..
  54. Mariliz Almonte: Would have been a 5 if the face didn't crash before cutscenes, probably something to do with the suspended saves..
  55. Nuggetand: Amazing.
  56. Alexander Yu: Sometimes crashes but all in all a solid game. A little bit easier than earlier versions and easier to follow the logic. Loved every minute of this game. Samsung s9.
  57. FitzKidz: Probably the best in the series though as I'm writing this I have not played spirit of justice.
  58. Joe Van Poppel: I did not like this game at first. With patience, turned out to be a good game..
  59. Iago Cruz: Pretty good! Works well on my phone, no excessive battery drainage nor heating. Nice interface, pretty simple and intuitive. I guess this is a matter of taste, but the game in itself is my favorite out of the franchise. I did suffer from the bug that, when trying to load some cutscenes, the game just freezes. It didn't happen much but it made me paranoid so I had to keep saving all the time, which is my only major complaint about the game, otherwise I had an enjoyable experience..
  60. Purple Star: I liked Ted Tonate.
  61. Oscar Guzman: As previously stated Ace attorney is GOAT.
  62. David D: Great game. Love it..
  63. Elyse S: I had a great time playing this! I wasn't sure how I felt about the switch to 3D, but other than a few goofy expressions and gestures, it works really well. However, this game -was- very hard on my phone's battery, and my phone would often get very hot, pretty quickly. In addition, there were a few times were trying to load a animated cut scene froze the game, but it was more of an exception, not a rule. I saved frequently regardless though. Moving on to Spirit of Justice next!.
  64. Lanny Hardjono: Animation makes black screen.
  65. JBthe Man: I don't have a 3DS so this is perfect. Thanks!.
  66. Philip Black: A brilliant game, I just cant understand why the ace attorney trilogy was never brought out on android. That's how the series all started..
  67. Shadow the Hedgehog: Exceptional game, but game crashing errors cause loss of progress, which requires frequent saving..
  68. Mohammed Alturki: Good port of an good game. The ending carries pretty hard..
  69. Leonie R: I am really enjoying this game and I absolutely love the Ace Attorney series. However, like many others I'm having the issue of the app going black and not responding right before cut scenes. This is tolerable you just have to constantly save but this this is totally unacceptable for a game which I paid almost $30 for. Please fix this this issue!!.
  70. Ryk1ng: My game keeps crashing for no reason at all sometimes it happens out of nowhere at some point in the game then I'm stuck and then it magically works again after few retries.
  71. Kord Starwood: HEY ATTENTION ANDROID USERS Several people here in the reviews have had a problem with not being able to save your game progress. I had the same problem and contacted their support. We worked through figuring out the problem, and so I just needed to share what the outcome was: this game is meant for Apple products, so it won't work well on your android. I appreciate them getting back and working with me but I'm going to have to go buy the 3DS version. I hope this warns someone. Thank you..
  72. Todd is our god: It's an overall good game, the special episode is lacking though.
  73. King of Videos: Would be 5 but crashes on anime cutscenes..
  74. X-RAX- GAMING: Amazing game. Not the best in the series and nowhere close to the trilogy but still amazing. Worth it..
  75. Larell Smith: Absoulute masterpiece!.
  76. Wimmy: This is the first time i have seen so many new features added into an ace attorney cramped all into one. this game is simply awesome, the 3D models may look a little silly but you start to get used to it, i recommend buying this game if you're a big ace attorney fan, it's a part of the story of course..
  77. Maxime Tranchemontagne: Amazing game but the android version is pretty buggy. Game seems to just not want to load animated cutscenes the first time which forces me to force stop and go through all the stuff again. Bit of a pain, but otherwise great..
  78. skissors: I LOVE the Ace Attorney series and I'm having fun playing it! However, I keep getting an issue during the game. The anime cutscenes are thrilling but everytime one appears, the entire screen goes black so I always have to restart the app (which is pretty annoying considering if I didn't save the game along the way), I kinda got used to it, though. Anyways, great game, plot, and characters!! 💞💕💗.
  79. Evan Swope: As much as I think the mechanics of this game were the best of the series, I kept having issues where the game would softlock before playing a cut scene. Currently using a Samsung s20 Ultra..
  80. Ricky Sidhu: Great game, but cutscene crashes are really frustrating..
  81. Jesús Salas Castellanos: Amazing game, one of the best in the Ace Attorney saga. I didn't experience any issues with the game. Loved the character development, the story and the overall experience 👌🏻.
  82. Fuze: Here's every culprit Case 1=Ted Tonate Case=l'belle Case 3=professor means Case 4 and 5=fulbright.
  83. Daniel Wheatley: The game itself is excellent, have played all the previous ace attorney titles and this is one of the best ones! Had a minor issue of cut scenes freezing meaning i had to restart the game - particularly annoying if I'd been playing for half an hour and not got around to saving progress..
  84. gregory woodbridge: Game will keep you occupied for literal hours i love it!.
  85. Andy Cico: Love phoenix wright and the game functions perfectly on mobile. Top notch..
  86. ViktorError: Really great Ace Attorney game I have certain gripes with it but over all it is in all a really really great game..
  87. Executive: The Game Was Super Good But During The Part Where Apollo Was Taking A Leave Of Absence The Screen Went Black The Was The Only Part Where It Blacked Out.
  88. nemsis turboverdirve: Its alot easy to .Until the final case . you wont really need search a walktrhough to figure stuff out . i didnt see case 5 coming but shame this previous mechanics like video replay to find evdaince or prints matchings or the 3d viewing of evdaince which only gets used once . it would been helpfull if it had got the 3d viewing of locations..
  89. Ethan S. Herl: Overall, it's a good game. It brought over the gameplay from the previous games and improved them. Am excited to see how Spirit of Justice does with that. Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is of the character development. Phoenix and his 2 partners were done flawlessly, but I would have put in Pearl a bit more (Not counting the DLC) and maybe an actual phone call with Maya. Oh well, overall, it's definitely worth the time and money to play this. Can't wait to try Spirit of Justice!!!.
  90. Ordepnok: Failed to start at first, deleted it. A year later, reodwnloaded it and it starts and plays fine, but simply does not load game data even after saving multiple slots. Deleted again..
  91. usplak: There's no sound. Please fix. Edit: Reinstalled it still no sound..
  92. Luthfina Saraswati Adania: I haven't played far, still in the first witness/trial. My phone got hot so quickly once I started the game. I've been playing its prequels in the last month, so maybe pls add option in settings to lower graphics quality next time?.
  93. Ryan Jeong: It's hilarious at times and sad at times, and it's a good addition to the series, albeit not the best title out there. Still worth playing, 8/10.
  94. Killer: This was an amazing game. I love the ace attorney games as I have played all of the main games and this one was outstanding. I do prefer some of the others ones better than this but overall, the animations and the 3d modeling looked great! Phoenix was a little strange to me at times but only him. Apollo and (spoilers incoming) Athena look fantastic. The app did crash on me sometimes when Anime cutscenes played but it was easily fixed by just reopening the app. Genuinely loved this game..
  95. Allie West: Game is good but the cut scenes don't load and you're forced to reboot the last save file. Make sure you're diligently saving so you dont have to replay through parts like I did..
  96. David Murphey: Almost every time an anime cutscene is to play I get a black screen which soft locks the game making it impossible for me to progress unless I force stop the game. It REALLY sucks because if I haven't saved in a while, I have to do EVERYTHING all over again!! This has happened to me in almost every cutscene. Not to mention I don't like the new art and animation, the original trilogy and appollo justice did great in both categories, however in this rendition some animations are downright creepy..
  97. Shayraníz Luyanda Martínez: I love this game, it just never seizes to amaze me with the graphics and such. I would really love if the game could be offline. Besides that it's really an awesome game..
  98. Geniuslygenius (GeniuslyGenius): Very sexy indeed.
  99. N Valleria: The overall game play experience has been good so far but I have no audio which really bugs me. What's Ace Attorney without hearing the iconic "Objection!"?.
  100. Mogu Puff: Game is fine but there are far too many bugs. Game is automatically muted upon startup and every now and then the game fails to load a cutscene resulting in being forced to restart from the previous save file.
  101. Duncan The Sniper: Good.
  102. Richie Liwanto: Great story, but crashes every animated cutscene.
  103. Oliver Yeudall: The game itself is great, but the Android version is quite buggy. Whenever I start the game, it mutes all volume. Also, about 50% of the time when it tries to load a cutscene, the whole game crashes..
  104. Melissa Wohlgemuth: Son loves this app!.
  105. Jonny Oyster: As good as I remember it on the 3ds. I am having a bug where the game crashes before cutscenes. Normally it works when I load it up again but if you don't save regularly it can be annoying..
  106. Skyler Blair: The graphics and story are good, but the game feels too easy compared to the previous entries, it takes almost all sense of achievement for the player.
  107. Buton: Crashed a lot when trying to launch the game, but I still managed to play through the whole game. This game feels easier than other entries in the series, but I still think it's a good game..
  108. Idrees: Cool.
  109. Tarun Saharya: Great access attorney game as always.
  110. Alison Monk (Gordon): Very good.
  111. Adrian Nguyen: game would be enjoyable but the save function just doesnt work. i tried saving both with cloud disabled and enabled, and both times i came back with new game as my only option..
  112. A Google user: Either I'm getting too old for this, or these games are getting worse. I struggle to follow the game's convoluted logic, whereas it misses obvious and simple problems and solutions. Also, hate the cut scenes - they're awkward and cringe, you can't skip them and they crash the game..
  113. A Google user: Few minor bugs, like the cutscenes wont play and then i have to exit out and start the game up for it to work. Other than that its a good game. Glad my phone was able to play it!.
  114. A Google user: It works very well on my phone. Sadly the game needs internet connection to open do I can not play it offline. But its all fine..
  115. A Google user: good.
  116. A Google user: I love you Capcom.
  117. A Google user: Running on a Samsung Galaxy S10+, the sidebar takes up almost an inch of screen space, when I know this isn't the intention. If you could add support for larger screens such as this one, it's a five star rating. The Ace Attorney games are phenomenal and fun, but this is enough of an issue to genuinely detract from the experience. I see a planned update coming, so I hope this is sorted out..
  118. A Google user: Have not beat it yet but with the dialogue and story and jokes all about this game had me laughing more than I can count well worth the money already and it's even better when you read everyone's voices on your own and give them silly accents XD.
  119. A Google user: I did miss the old graphics but the 3D models were fun and did give it a fresh look. I'm not a fan of the game being on rails either, part of the fun of the earlier games was the exploring and investigating aspect. This game feel more like youre following s clear script than figuring out the mysteries yourself. For me, this kind of took a big part of what was enjoyable about the game play out of it. That said, I did appreciate how long the game was, the cameos from Pearl and Miles, and the DLC.
  120. A Google user: Still love the series. The reviews are correct though, this version is more of a play through than a game play... If that makes sense. The stories are kind of long and you don't play as often as you would like. But the game is still fun! :3.
  121. A Google user: Love this game and love the Phoenix Wright series. The new characters were great, returning ones even better! Story was solid but it did feel like the game was holding your hand too much at times. Still a strong 5/5 and worth the buy..
  122. A Google user: I love the Ace Attorney series with all of my heart! This game provides literal hours upon hours of gameplay. The cutscenes are amazing and the extras are just adorable! It's so much more than a visual novel! If you love the series - do yourself a favor and get this game!!.
  123. A Google user: Amazing game full of twists and turnabouts you'd expect from an ace attorney game..
  124. A Google user: Solid Port, but online only. This doesn't need to be online only at all..
  125. A Google user: Favorite series since nintendo ds. Now i can play it with smartphone, better graphics, good looking and ease of use UX.
  126. A Google user: Good as usual, but not as good as previous titles (too easy and the story is much more predictable). Runs well in my asus zenphone 3. Overall a good game, as I still enjoyed the good old objection!.
  127. A Google user: Masterpiece, everyone needs to play it!.
  128. A Google user: Really fun game, sucks that you need WiFi or internet to play. :(.
  129. A Google user: Good but sometimes doesn't make sense.
  130. A Google user: 👌.
  131. A Google user: If autosave and offline were available it would make it a much more feasable app. As far as game ports go its very good.
  132. A Google user: Good game but WAAAAAAY to much dialogue.
  133. A Google user: What a boring story, i tried to stomach the horrible mechanics and gameplay but its hardly a game. I hated this. I hated this a lot. Anyone that is looking to get into this series. Stop here and take my word of advice and find something better to play.
  134. A Google user: it's fun but, a little easy.
  135. A Google user: plz add a auto save.
  136. A Google user: There is nothing wrong with the game from a technical standpoint, so rest assured on that department. The game itself, however, feels like a dumbed down and linear anime version of LA Noire and is kind of annoying if you really just want to get into things without having some new character get in your way..
  137. A Google user: fun.
  138. A Google user: I love the game- love the series and it s worth the buy. i like how creative and unique each case is. They hit the nail on the head with this one! one suggestion- there needs to be a way to silence the sound of the typing alone..
  139. A Google user: EDIT: I can't even get a refund! I just wasted 20€ and I'm not getting any of it back. Get away from this game! Screen blacks out and freezes after the intro cutscene (which is stuttering a lot and doesn't even have sound). I cannot play the game past that. Refund asked..
  140. A Google user: My favorite Ace Attorney game to date. The story is amazing (though sometimes a little bit cheesy). Runs perfectly fine on my Pocophone F1, with sometimes a few graphical glitches that aren't game breaking. Only downside is it's too easy compared to other Ace Attorney games..
  141. A Google user: Beautiful! I always loved the Phoenix Wright series! it's amazing, issue.. Internet, please fix this if possible, thanks bye!.
  142. A Google user: very nice.
  143. A Google user: an amazing game in the series.
  144. A Google user: wow.
  145. A Google user: For visual novel gameplay the stories and plot twists are great..
  146. A Google user: Great app. While I appreciate the need to protect against piracy, the fact that it requires a network check when I start the app is a bit annoying..
  147. A Google user: Love this game series..
  148. A Google user: This is a solid port. Has everything from the 3DS version, including the DLC. Only thing not so great is you need an Internet connection due to the copy protection and the screen doesnt fill completely because the 3DS and phone screens have different aspect ratios. $20 is pretty steep for a mobile game too, although it's cheaper than the 3DS title. There's not much reason to get this if you have the 3DS version as there's nothing new, but if you're new, it's a solid way to experience the title..
  149. A Google user: I am having the time of my life with this game.
  150. A Google user: the end justifies the means.

Download Instructions Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link ace-attorney-dual-destinies-hack_mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher CAPCOM CO., LTD..

- Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file ace-attorney-dual-destinies-hack_mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file CAPCOM CO., LTD. provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

How to download & install Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies file APK / IPA MOD

- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mod Apk on Android & Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored ace-attorney-dual-destinies-hack_mod.APK & ace-attorney-dual-destinies-hack_mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again ace-attorney-dual-destinies-hack_mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on your phone.

Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Hack_Mod [UNLOCKED FULL VERSION]

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