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Collect, Strategize and Rumble. Clash Mini Mod v1.1142.10

Update: 12/08/2022
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Download Clash Mini Mod 1.1142.10 for android apk & iphone ios 4.1 and up

Mini madness descends on the conflict universe! In this choice game, duel and rumble in a fun, strategy-filled board game.

Collect, summon and upgrade your mini army in this exciting real-time automatic battle game. Predict the opponent’s moves, then combine your winning strategy and formation. Watch your Minis come to life, collide and become the last person to stand!

Lead your cute army with heroes including the barbarian king, shield girl, archer queen, etc. Use a wizard to light a board, pierce it with a magic archer, or activate a heavyweight like Pekka. Change the game by swapping and upgrading your Mini between rounds. Play 1v1 or Rumble mode with 7 other players. Play the game as you like or participate in ranking competitions to improve your league ranking.

Clash Mini is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Get ready to make the biggest rumble of your Minis!

Dynamic composition and unlimited possibilities
• Predict the opponent’s actions and arrange your army in unlimited positions
• Use tanks, melee and long-range mini to adjust your game strategy
• Upgrade Minis in battle to activate stronger abilities

Fast and exciting 3D battles
• Every game is full of movement-less than 5 minutes of battle
• Watch Minis show their special actions from different perspectives
• Advance through the league and enter the top 1000 in the world

Collect, upgrade and customize
• Iconic conflict heroes such as the barbarian king, archer queen, and shield girl join the battle
• Complete missions to collect Minis and unlock new abilities
• Customize heroes and minis with unique skins

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Free download Clash Mini (Mod/Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 117M) - Version 1.1142.10. Released on November 8, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Collect, Strategize and Rumble. Developed by Supercell. Operating system requirements 4.1 and up. Teen.

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Clash Mini beta release!.

New comment

  1. Omg Omg: Gud.
  2. CyborgCorgi777: I'm absolutely loving this game but could the Countess be nerfed in some way? She gets her vampirism ability really fast.
  3. Zach ZR: P2W over strategy.
  4. make a game: Its a good game but it also feels like a company just ripped off supercell even though supercell made this but other than that great game.
  5. Aiden Logasy: Better then fortnite.
  6. Firstname Lastname: goog game.
  7. Jayden Lim: Everything is very good but the matcaking system is horrid.I always get matched up with people who have better I can only give four stars.
  8. malcolm chua: Worst game ever.
  9. Parang Gila: It's good but why is the screen turns black I couldn't do anything.
  10. chester chua: nerf ewiz.
  11. the hentaiking: Im using a vpn haha to download this game😂.
  12. Mrkboi: A clash game where miner is actually good.
  13. Ivan Chtchadov: Great game with lots of potential, can't wait for the next update! People say it's pay to win, but I haven't paid a single dime and have every hero and mini in the game and leveled 3 minis to max. If you aren't good at the game then you'll assume it's P2W. Best supercell game so far..
  14. Sam Po: The electric wizard is way over powered but is a good fun game to play in free time.
  15. Geovany Mejia: This game is so cute and so good overall it's a great game.
  16. Amar Ferizi: cute.
  17. Molly Percoset: Amazing and fun game, unfortunately lacks of updates.
  18. prathamesh kadam: Tooo muchhhhh lagggyyy...Fix this lag can't play ⏯️▶️.
  19. Hasan Syed: The game needs more in it to do. I know it's pretty early in its release and updates are surely coming, but at the moment besides doing the same 5-6 daily objectives and waiting for challenge tokens there's not much going on. The concept has lots of potential, but currently its at a stage where it's pretty boring..
  20. Jordan Bechard: Boring, semi balanced.
  21. filip pro: Good.
  22. Djulskar Engel: I'll most likely give this game a 5 🌟 rating, when the bugs are fixed. I have to reinstall the game every time i want to play a new session, because the game makes my phone 15fps after not playing the game for a while. Yes, not the game, but my whole phone. Otherwise it's a really good game and i enjoy it a ton. Of course there are balance updates needed but that's everything..
  23. ts_ babymeat: Don't download this game if you have the vampire, magic archer and electric wizard you automatically won there no fun in this game and we all know they won't fix it.
  24. Amir King: 😂 😂 😂 Wow.
  25. AlexLikesBob: It was alright, clash royale was honestly better..
  26. Thet Naing Tun: Device getting too hot after playing two or more with POCO X3 PRO SD 860 120Hz. What's wrong.
  27. Dcz Brnbs: This is so good, the minis are so cute. My only problem is that the game animations, for me, run slower, and at a lower framerate, i dont know if it's becaues of the game having a lot of 3d renders open at a time or because it is not polished yet maybe... Anyways, amazing!!.
  28. MR.DOUBLE. V: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.
  29. Bryce: Just downloaded the game but stuck at opening boxes page.
  30. Bryson Richard: Great game, should go global, highly recommend getting it..
  31. Jay: Really like the game. I could see this being better then royal and quest. It just needs to have more progression especially for casual games or just remove ranked tokens.
  32. Aiden Eeftens: Hype.
  33. Bonjour Solanki: See supercell I used a vpn to download this game and I love it.
  34. dhanusu sundar: Need more very more content before global relaese but nice mechanics(make the heroes more easier to lv up you favourite hero not frok the first three when players don't know even how the game works).
  35. Marcus Tanzr: P2W.
  36. Nïckyy Chöngg: Too slow. Rewards are meh. Definitely P2W. Not worth investing time into this. Uninstalling..
  37. Musuko Rex: Awesome version of Clash Royale.
  38. HexOh1: Literally clash royale but chess.
  39. Juan Esteban Camacho Castellanos: sheesh.
  40. Yeet Yeet: Very good game, I like that it's a good time killer.
  41. Jason Lopez: The game broke its frozen no matter if i delete its frozen in the gift screen.
  42. Rodel: Geta boring after 2 days.
  43. CeadaPlaysYT: Godly.
  44. Idk Kdi: Amazing.
  45. Gadiel Aradillas: Very cool.
  46. Doug Welsh: Make it global and add more characters / star levels. Super fun and no rage quitting..
  47. anthony young: Could have potential but currently there are characters in the game that are extremely out of balance. It makes it a game you have to pay to win. The balance issues are way to great to make it worth spending any money..
  48. Bence Kurva: This Game Is Cool.
  49. xXabaloneXx: Balance ur f game how is mortis balanced have the balance team tried playing the game themselves what a p2w joke of a game.
  50. banana Beans: Used a vpn to get this.
  51. mindaugas ivanauskas: This game isn't bad its fun and tactic but after you finally understand the game it gives you oponents that have counters to your deck.
  52. Pac: Gameplay should be based on science: stats, strats, skill; NOT on flipping a coin and begging big daddy Supercell for a win..
  53. Clash Mini: Im not bot.
  54. Amar Kurtovic: Best game i ever played sooo fun but the countess is just op if supercell could just nerf this legend it would be soo good.
  55. FishOnRice: I love the game but it got so laggy on my tablet please fix this.
  56. End Bringer Oi: Ridiculously fun. But it lags on my phone so.... I haven't played in a little bit. So plz supercell fix the frame drops.
  57. Draza Srbin: Was really mad that I couldn't set up the vpn but I finally got it and I'm about to play it.
  58. Dowdowbird15 Dow: It's super good would recommend but the countless need to be more balanced.
  59. Rita Bitar: Excellent job.
  60. Daniel Hristov: Remove archer queen thanks.
  61. Jun Long Ang: Nice game 👍.
  62. Ethan Egyr: uhm the game may crash during a match but other than that its well made.
  63. Frédérick Gaudet: Would give 5 stars when they nerf the eletro wizard..
  64. Nana Yaa: Good game.
  65. white tiger: I DID ITTTT.
  66. WinninGuy: As of Black Friday, this game need A LOT of work. I've a list but this isn't the place. Wait to get this game to settle in.
  67. Demarcus Quennevilla: The game is great..
  68. roope pihlaja: The game is good, but the META is strong and if you don't use it then you can't win. If everyone uses the meta, you either use it yourself or you can't get any joy from playing the game..
  69. Vpn Store: The best game so far.
  70. pineapplez 23: This game is very p2w. If you have money, you can buy the vampire hero and basically win every fight. Only be prepared to win if you spend money..
  71. MAGIC GAMER: the gameplay is really fun and well made but the balance issues man i am giving it two star only because of that ewiz toooooo op countess too op barb king too weak at all game need balance changes asap.
  72. Bot 2: Maybe there can be a 2v2..
  73. D B: Matchmaking is broken. Spend money or be crushed..
  74. Alexander Hung: Come on, dont limit ranked tokens to 5 per day... not going to play like this. Shame, would have spent good money here if we didnt have to scrounge for ranked tokens..
  75. caps Locks: Clash royale mid clash mini peak.
  76. MaFi Mini: Very terrible game..
  77. Clashmini Minimum: Fun.
  78. Shasam: Fun game, but massive paywall. Prices are exorbitant. No way to earn premium currency like in brawl stars. Needs f2p balancing or this game is dead..
  79. Arnþór Einar Guðmundsson: Its a good game but i feel like it's a little bit luck based the first one or 2 rounds plz add something like this:you load inn and you see your whole deck and you pick 3 cards to start with it gives you a better sense of what is coming next and adds a little bit more strategies other wise 5 star.
  80. Rami darwish: There is one Problem the problem is you can't play with your friend but we now it's beta for now.
  81. yardy boy yt: The game doesn't work for me . And everytime I try to login my game frezzes and I can't login into the game but other than that the game is great and I love it but I only got to play like 5 times before the game started to not let me login and yes a created two accounts and they both are frozen and I can't log into none of them.
  82. עודד חביב: I love this game and it is great, but i have this weird bug that some things are low resolution and some aren't, I am playing on a samsung A30 so maybe you can fix that?.
  83. Ahmad Hassouneh: Basic , but much fun.(CR is better).
  84. Grant Miller: If you want to win at this game just play Countess. Horrible balancing on this hero, they win 95% of the time. Don't bother playing unless you want to be a weiny and main Countess everytime.
  85. Broken- Brawl Stars: Amazing game with a fun experience..
  86. RedstoneRosh 12: The same problem with clash royale is happening, magic archer is an auto win.
  87. oof ehh: Gameplay is amazing the graphics are great the style is really good but the game runs very laggy for some reason and it's very unenjoyable to play.
  88. PaperKnight: TLDR: great game but ruined by the monetisation system I need to preface that this game at its core is great, but balancing wise has been absolutely done terribly. It's literally, pay to win. Higher level units have better skills and health. The ONLY reliable way to upgrade units is to either play everyday to get a CHANCE at the unit you want, or just buy it off the shop for real life money..
  89. Baboon Man: Fun but rage enduring and encountered multiple bugs which lost me the stage.
  90. doxral k: Nyggga.
  91. Albert Sharma: Nice.
  92. Hassan Attar: best game and has amazing graphics for a game in beta and is the most fun bored game and actually requires more strategy then i thought.
  93. Matthew Paquin: Great game, I'm enjoying it alot but ewiz needs to be address he basically wins games for people hands down. He needs a nerf ASAP, the game gets stale when one unit is soooo strong. Other than that we should get gold from playing causally..getting nothing when playing causal mode is dumb. Come on Supercell, give a little you guys have billions...
  94. Tarf Dac: This is agreat game !.
  95. Frogs Frever: Remove challenge coins.
  96. Sherri Emms: Joe Biden exe 💩.
  97. The Might Pie: Good.
  98. Joel Lees: it wnt let be press ok even though im putting my name as j0el and no one has taken it.
  99. Jake Girouard: Huge clash fan, I've played clash royal since the beginning and I must say that this game could rival clash royal super competitive if your really playing against people..
  100. Lucas Alguire: ily.
  101. Jannohwa Jerbox: This game has great potential. I'm not gonna be surprised if it goes global. This game is so much fun.
  102. Kaiden Desjarlais: It's new let's review!.
  103. Bendik Breiby: It's too hard to upgrade "minis"...
  104. Kylee Capp: I don't know what's up but my frame rate is horible my tablet is old but it just started 30 minutes ago and I've never had problems with it sense I first downloaded it so I don't know..
  105. Diego Barran 20: Great game no bugs or errors in the game.
  106. Cesar Gaming: Daddy.
  107. mrtvgames: Smol.
  108. GamingGravitee: In progress but it's on the right track.
  109. Adam Asteway: There are some weird glitches like for example I can't place a troop no matter how hard I try 2 the troop I placed diapers I 've lost multiple matches because of this but author than that its a grate game and I'm addicted to it.
  110. Tyrone Martin: Decent fun.
  111. Chris Wilson: Solid version of clash that's fun and super simple to play..
  112. mr gaming: Good game.
  113. Mark Virata: Some heroes are overpowered, like the countess and monk. Any starting hero don't stand a chance. Bugs on some abilities (i.e. monk stuns on special eventhough there is nothing in the ability description about it). Definitely a pay to win game..
  114. OGISA: Its very good i have to say.
  115. lolpop 127: Good.
  116. Cherry Blossom: Normal Clash Royale is better, this is just a cheap copy (not trying to be rude)..
  117. Daki & Dragan: This game is so fun to play.
  118. M3an Kid: Really fun.
  119. hippity hop my account i lost: Rn it has to be a 1 star for some reason im stuck in The quest screen with darker colur its uplayable than ive already tryde reinstalling the game didnt work please help.And i see im not the only one with this problem fix this bs how is anyone gonna enjoy it if it dosent work (from an angry customer).
  120. The_Mysterious999: laggy as heck. force closed the app and it was still frozen.
  121. Stacy Foo: Very p2w game.
  122. R OLeigh: research g gr Vergennes be e e GT1 re e re be 3hwec.
  123. Lynx: Good game, but it's almost impossible to progress. You get way too few challange coins so you only play 3 ranked games every day unless you use all your gold to buy more, and you only get 1 for 200 gold. It's also way too hard to get gold. Eats battery.
  124. Vedant Kamat: Clash Mini feels like Clash Royale in its Beta days! It has A LOT MORE POTENTIAL ahead. I would love to see this game going global very early due to the FUN GAMEPLAY. The game has a LOT OF STRATEGY which is really very interesting!.
  125. GamingTerminator 360: Global release please this game is amazing.
  126. Hmm Yes: zero balancing.
  127. Claro: Fun for a little bit but like any clash game it requires a lot of time to get better units if you don't want to pay. Game low-key gets repetitive pretty quickly. I know its a newer game but also not being able to play with friends is kind of a negative..
  128. Shorts arms: This game is so amazing. But, it has room for improvement. The countess is really over power and makes the game no fun everytin you go against her. Any other hero could be a level four and a level two countess could absolutely domolish you. And sometimes the quests glitch and don't go through. Obviously the game is still being developed and is only in beta right now. I would love to see a friends feature in the future. I absolutely love this game and can't wait to see what they do with it!.
  129. Adam Pek: It's a good game and good grafics.
  130. Z Scruffs: It's really good just needs stuff to keep it fun.
  131. James M.: Game has potential. Unfortunately, at the moment, some units seems really unfair/overpowered and I am ready to bet that the win rates of said troops would prove it. Troops that needs some nerfs in my opinions: - Electro Wizard (too many targets hit on ulti) - Giant Skeleton (the stun on death is a bit much considering how much damage it deals) - Shield Maiden (seems like the ulti happens too often) Buff Healing Ranger, he gets killed most of the time before activating ult once..
  132. tattooer24: The game is fun. Really a good experience. But very very unbalanced. After a few matches you really notice. If the game becomes more balanced I'll easily raise the rating. There are minis and heros that need some adjustments..
  133. Ranbir Clowa: I cant do use 5 clash abilitys.
  134. Dora cc: This game is amazing. It has really cute characters and it's really easy to play! I recommend this game a lot..
  135. Akila Jayawardana: 🤩.
  136. Mr Neighbor: Fix the f hero countess.
  137. 6 悲し 9: high graphic pls 👌🏻👌🏿.
  138. Evan Martins: Won't load past 50%.
  139. Habibi Hamood: Beautiful game.
  140. colt paauw: I find every mini in this game is so broken and unbalanced doesn't matter what you use just everything is broken I hate to say but this game is going to be in beta for a very long time.
  141. t S: I like the simple game play. I also like how there is not much waiting. I only gave it a 4 star because it still Has bugs and things I do not like. One of the things being the battle coins. Other wise it is a good game if you just want something to do when you are bored..
  142. Rylan Is amazing: Very fun. Just think there should be more troops.
  143. Carlos Montoya: Needs more content.
  144. Rode: Boring to be honest, unbalanced and shaky..
  145. Eric: Pretty fun.
  146. jjordon686: To all the people who say it's lagging don't blame the game it's other ur device or ur internet.
  147. Jon Chan: Pay to win trash. Auto Chess games are fun when it's an even playing field. I don't want to have to grind units to be able to win. Supercell presentation is gorgeous and gives the dopamine drops it's supposed to. I have no issue spending money on F2P games, but I don't like feeling like I can't win without paying money..
  148. Adam Tse: Bugged, could not even finish the tutorial.
  149. Ryan Gao: Good game but laggy af.
  150. Pashan Fernando: The countress is way too overpowered. I'll come back to this game once stats have been balanced, if that ever happens..

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Clash Mini Mod Apk on Android & Clash Mini Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Clash Mini Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored clash-mini-mod-hack.APK & clash-mini-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again clash-mini-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Clash Mini on your phone.

Download Clash Mini (Mod/Hack) UNLOCK FULL VERSION APK + IOS 117M

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Version: 1.1142.10.
Operating system: 4.1 and up.
Evaluate: 4.8.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 500,000+.
Product: $1.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: Supercell.
Votes: 9,120.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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