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Immortal Diaries (Mod – Hack)

Mobile dress up game, encounter supernatural lovers in the modern city.. Immortal Diaries Mod v1.9.3

Update: 19/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Immortal Diaries Mod 1.9.3 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4 and up

■Plot Summary ■
The day when you decide to take your life into your own hands, fate intervenes. You leave the orphanage where you grew up to live in a magnificent castle that is your legacy and learn shocking revelations about your true legacy. A mysterious heirloom reveals that you are descended from the ancestors of the vampire race. Enter a fascinating and complex world where thrilling romance awaits, danger lurks around every corner, and your path to your legitimate birthright as the Vampire Queen is full of twists and turns and surprises. Can you awaken the power in your veins to become who you always wanted to be?

■Top Features■
– Paranormal Romance Thriller
The Arrival of Modernity- Age Story that will amaze you with its interactivity, beautiful graphics and talented voice acting.

– Paranormal Lover
Cosplay different types of love with our four male love interests. Go on dates, text each other, give them gifts! Which one will be your Mr.Right?

-Diverse customization
Dress up to become the most gorgeous girl in Rose City! Build your ideal character from hundreds of clothes, hairstyles, makeup and accessories.

– Become a Vampire Queen
Complete daily quests to be promoted to Vampire Queen. Are you ready to take the throne when the time comes?

– Followers chasing victory
Grow the perfect dream team and solve problems in Rose City! Upgrade them to highlight their unique advantages.

– Adorable Pets
Adopt a puppy and raise it to adulthood before helping it find playmates!

Download the game now and join our growing community of players!

Customer Support■
Official website:
Official Discord:

Free download Immortal Diaries (Mod – Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 131M) - Version 1.9.3. Released on December 3, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Mobile dress up game, encounter supernatural lovers in the modern city.. Developed by HaoPlay Limited. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. Teen.

Feature Hack Game Immortal Diaries MOD

  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Sprint
  • - Speed

Version Game Immortal Diaries Pay Fees MOD

  • - Download Free Phone
  • - Install Free
  • - Unlock Download
  • - Unlocked Free
  • - Unlimited Resources

1) Fixed the crashes encountered by some players.

New comment

  1. amanda lajeunesse: just started so far it seems okay might improve this if it gets even better.
  2. Jess Nunyuh: I was loving this game but ever since they updated the app I can't sign in or even get to the login screen. Please fix this so I can play!!.
  3. the twins savage: just a bit confusing and the clothes are ridiculous, but its also kept my attention for 2 hours sooooo.
  4. Sheli Douthit: I will use this does that fairy much.
  5. Luana Kittle: good fun. good story..
  6. Sara Andre: the game is very awesome.
  7. Jena Keffer: Love the game but in the middle of playing screen will go black you can hear the music but can't see anything.
  8. Erin Tobin: great game.
  9. Vanessa Van Vliet: Love the stories and side tasks. Very frustrating though it costs millions of energy to pass a 10second conversation... Would rather the game be easier to be more enjoyable even if it is easier to finish..
  10. Faithlyn Bowers: This is amazing game I ever played!.
  11. Little Miss Sunshine: The app suck when you try to do something other than what's it's forcing you to do it doesn't work, plus you can't change your skin color..
  12. Heather Regan: I'm trying to enjoy this game but it's hard to try and wait to level up your followers 😅 I run out of money so fast and there isn't enough to keep up with it. I really enjoy the story that's what drew me in but I don't know if there were more ways to earn money I'd give it more stars..
  13. monbebe 2203: cool.
  14. Anna Minton: It's a fun game,lots of things to do and keeps you busy. I'm having a HUGE issue with it crashing every 10-20 min. When it switches screens or goes to do an action, it will glitch out and crash. I contacted support and all they told me to do was make sure the game was updated. It is, and still crashes. I contacted them again and got no reply, so support is practically non-existent. I like the game and wish I could give it 5 starts but the crashing SUCKS..
  15. Toni Jordan: better than any other interactive game ive played.
  16. Lizzy Venomfire Redhorn: so far I am loving it it is tricky and a little frustrating at times I wish there were ways today earn diamonds easier. I wish we could match up symbols and stuff like it first has us so much better but otherwise I love the game.
  17. Kheyla Collins: love it.
  18. Jennifer Michelle Richards: awsome.
  19. Zoraida Calderon: 💘 this game as I said before, just wish you could start out with diamonds as you start with none😫 but other than that everything is cool about the game and the story line.
  20. Geraldine Maranga: I used to enjoy this game. Until, I can no longer purchase. I've been missing events and clothes I like. :( i don't think the developers are working on my problem. I have sent tickets but no solutions at all :( shame.
  21. Ms. Carol B: I like this game. However, I gave it 3 stars, because the higher you get in the game the more energy you'll need. And waiting for energy to complete a story is crazy. It would be nice if when you buy diamonds or after contest wither you win or not you'll get energy..
  22. Stephanie R: I spent the 900 diamonds for 10 spins on the carousel fantasies and only got 1 spin!.
  23. Zelika: Great game...the puzzles are stressful but otherwise it's a cool game.
  24. Mya Lynn: If you want to spend a ton of money to succeed this is the game for you!!! I had played it for so long and loved the interaction with my alliance and the pretty outfits and storyline. But it got to the point where you HAD to spend money just to get anywhere. Some of us home school our kids now and don't have a job bc of that. How can we succeed! Simple. We can't. Do not bother. The game is no longer fun. Just money hungry. Oh and if you get too far ahead they'll lock your acct. And you did lock!.
  25. Desiree Nickels: good game.
  26. Danielle Dewees: quite fun, definitely kills time you'll forget how long you've been playing..
  27. Riah Lovez Ya: fun game lots to do.
  28. His Daughter: I've been pretty upset with the app creators,but the recent Xmas event 'hyme to winter' with the ferris wheel almost redeemed it. This game costs a lot of money if you want to progress that remains the same,SO do the mass amount of repeats but I liked that event. App creators..I wish you would let us get the 5* cloths more. Even paying 900 diamonds I might get 2 new items that are only 3 & 4*s and aren't all that great. PLEASE fix rosemall,it needs to be fixed so we feel less upset about our $.
  29. Latoyakey Sanders: this is the first fantastic story that I have ever listened to and I love this story is the best.
  30. Vanessa Long: this game is very interesting and fun.
  31. AmyLT Croozin'77: I am really enjoying this, so Thank You. One thing I did notice was errors in the script. If I could be of assistance please contact me. I am extremely proficient in reading, spelling, and writing. I'm just throwin it out there on the off chance that if you or anyone who reads this is looking/needing any help at all with proof reading/corrections, feel free to contact me. Again, Thank You. Sincerely, A.T..
  32. Megan Riley: i love it. just needs more girl on girl games l.
  33. Norman. L Dennies: You have a good game keep up the good work 👍. 👍.
  34. Tammy Gordert: Would be nice if game matched advertising so far it ok but storyline stalled out..
  35. Krystal Carino: Love the game. Since the update to fix the crashes, mine is crashing every 3 min. Never had to spend a dime to play. And been playing for about 2 years now.
  36. Pyxxi Styx: addicting in all the right ways~ Love that there's voices for the characters ♡.
  37. Rosewoode Watts: The story line is very intriguing and keeps me wondering what will happen next..
  38. Juvia Fullbuster: I love this game 🎮❤😍.
  39. Torri Fuentes: I really like this game I play it everyday and I don't really mind the waiting for a story and all that, what really gets me and why I only gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is how you can never get the clothes that they suggest on dates even if I try to find them in the fashion store to willingly buy them you can't find them anywhere. If they fixed that id probably give them a 5..
  40. Carmen Doran: I just spent 900 diamonds on the new game yall have and all I got was the lowest box. I'm at vip 4 I will stop spending my money if yall don't give us all the better prizes. It's really ridiculous and unfair to everyone. At least give us a chance.
  41. Jacque Dietz: fun game can't stop playing.
  42. Morbid Mist: I am loving this game so much, I really wanna know who the character designer and artist for this game are because my gosh I've been drawing fanart of one of the characters in game and I wanna let the person who helped make this game know how much I appreciate them!!! 😭💚💚💚.
  43. Kendra Jarvis: Love this game although some parts of the story are a bit cliche and the game won't load the payment screen for the in app purchases... keeps me from spending money though I suppose.
  44. Tabatha Shirley: It would be 5 star but it shuts down on me ..
  45. Mr goofyxp: great story so far.
  46. Danny Forrey: Gets boring, what if the character is female and into females not males..
  47. Dakota Caulder: It's a little ludicrous how many guys, who are professionals, are attracted to an 18-year-old in this. But mostly I hate stroylines that treat college like it's high school. Per the game mechanics, it's okay. But in the last round I played, it took two followers to beat the boss even though the first one was 1.5x the power and should have won easily..
  48. Ruby Lee: love this game.
  49. Tay Tay: Love the game. The story line is good and the limited time side games and contests are a joy (Juice Bomb is my favorite 😍). However, it would be cool to toss in some matching game to build up other items to exchange foe clothing sets. It takes a while to do so and there's not much to do once you've completed all the tasks and not have enough energy to continue on with the story..
  50. Elizabeth Reynolds: Would have liked to play it but keeps saying no network which is not the case fix your game then maybe I would play.
  51. Rebecca Laska: Great game and very interesting story so far..
  52. Nic O: What a fun little interactive game. I can't put it down..
  53. Tina Manderscheid: Used to love this game but turning into a huge cash grab. Spend money and no guaranty even of getting event rewards.
  54. anna posada: Interesting game. So far I like it..
  55. Kelly Norton: seems like a pretty cool vampire game. wish getting Clothing was a bit easier for those of us who don't want to spend real money.
  56. Chraro Rambo: I'm diggin' it💜🤗.
  57. weerat Wereta-Munro: love it so much! 🥰.
  58. Sara McAtee: I'd give zero stars if I could. The report feature is utterly useless. Bullying, threats and harassment is allowed to happen, unchecked. The server I played on literally has a server bully who was so toxic that she literally traumatized the entire server by threatening to commit suicide, disbanded her alliance, blamed other players and then quietly appeared 24 hours later to join another alliance. The game-makers don't care about bullies. This bully literally used a fake suicide to disband her alliance and join a different one, just to try and "Save Face". Now she's right back to her old tricks already, attacking other people and causing drama, just like she's been doing for the last few months..
  59. Desiree Hedges: It was a fun game at first but it takes increasingly more energy to be able to access parts of the story and you need clothes to complete dates but good luck receiving things you need through rose mall or finding it anywhere. Fun story, but don't bother with it. Update: I contacted customer service about an issue and instead of getting help I was told to join their discord to chat about the game and "better understand how the game works." The customer service is terrible..
  60. Ais: The story is too convenient to be believable, but I'm curious to see where it goes..
  61. Bern: Expensive for a game.
  62. Dark Ebony: It's soooooo slow, the progress. So far, this game has the slowest story progress.
  63. Kimmie Gaines: Entertaining.
  64. Princess Nicole Peñalosa: My account was lost and already sent an email to the customer service but I still don't have any response from them. I can't retrieve my account back because I'm only using a guest account..
  65. Kiddy Wolf: interesting and engaging.
  66. Claire Mason: I enjoy this game because as well as the main story there are lots of games and events. The downsides for me are how difficult it can be to get the clothing you need even if you are willing to spend real money the amount of duplicates you get at the mall are too high and the fashion shop has hardly been updated in the 3 months I have been playing which means you can't always progress in your dates!! There needs to be more variety in rose mall and fashion shop.
  67. Amy Deeter: love it.
  68. Ella White: I absolutely love this game.
  69. Anthony Mervine: I tried it out I'm obsessed with this game I love it good too highly recommend.
  70. Amanda Giles: love.
  71. Jennah Wittenbarger: Juice Bomb event glitched and duplicated a prize for reaching the 13000 point mark. Instead of awarding one of only 2 items left in the set, it duplicated earrings. I submitted a ticket with screenshot and customer service refuses to fix the issue, exchange item or offer any sort of compensation! I spend A LOT of ACTUAL money on this game for this nonsense to be acceptable!!.
  72. Kat Hipps: I understand that there are simply "money" games out there but I believe that it should be put in the description of the games that these are ones only for people who are willing to pay. This would save everyone time and the game would not get as many negatives if they just admit what it is!.
  73. Kyndra Childresss: Really addictive! Well done!.
  74. Happy Bubble: There's a lot to do on this game and I like it. It's not for young kids as a dress up game. It is annoying that I cannot progress through the story as well as I'd like because my followers keep losing in boss battles. Going on day 4 trying to beat Natalia. It's getting discouraging. I have 4 followers I focus on powering up. One has even reached 100 and purchased the watches. I blast through debates but can't beat a boss FOR 4 DAYS? I am losing patience, but tomorrow I should get it!.
  75. Eerie Games: Update: it is a good game, but if there was an easier way to get the diamonds and level up to the bosses it would be that much more great. It has a great storyline too. It was fun in the beginning but I have been stuck on a boss and I don't have the right clothes for a date, so I'm at a stand still and it's getting expensive buying diamonds. Definitely do not get enough, it is a cute game but only if you have a ton of money in the bank so you can pay to play..
  76. Norma Holmes: it is fun interesting and you can proceed without paying real money into game..
  77. Kat Hatasyou: should have the option to be a male! ☆ or date women too ♡.
  78. Beky Tibbedeaux: Fun!.
  79. Nara Bailey: I absolutely love the storyline so far and the puzzle elements are a unique add in..
  80. Lori Frame: Game is addictive but storyline runs slow. I've also heard there is only one chapter...however, I've been playing for months now and still haven't reached the end of that chapter..
  81. Kaitlyn Kerr: I am updating my review to answer the response. I do not have Facebook to contact them. I'm not going to discord ro discuss anything either. I emailed and sent a query in the game. Sonce thwn I've deleted it. It's really a waste of money especially if there is no support for issues..
  82. Erika Pearson: Has potential. The story is interesting enough, with some obvious grammar issues. Clearly pay to play though like so many others which makes it much less enjoyable sadly. Also seriously dislike the inconsistencies in being able to claim points post events..
  83. Michelle Parker: Been trying since 5PM yesterday to get contact with an issue I'm having with juice bomb everytime I try to submit my issue it will not go through so what's next.
  84. Ellie Fletcher-Lobo: It jumps directly to spend money spend money but it's cute if your looking for something new...
  85. Foxy Ghang: It is fun at 1st until you get to the bosses in the story line that are 30M+ points higher than you. It's like a road block in the game. There is not enough to do to catch up without spending money or being bored for days. Only the people who spend $ win all of the contests too (spoiler alert). It's not a casual game. The story is good when you actually get to play through it though. It could be a good game if you even got close to the amount of influence needed to beat the story bosses..
  86. Staci Drachenfels: so far so good. will update after a few days of play.
  87. Tammy Gooch: good.
  88. Scarlet Lightwood Shaw: I really love it having all different things and the games to win stuff is cool and the storyline on ur character is amazing the dog's r color as well getting all different kinds of shoes clothes hairstyles jewelry accessories and taking on the the boss's that is fun and u also ur character will become the queen. I have become addicted to this game :-) :-) :-).
  89. Janae Price: I like the stories and graphics..
  90. weirdishmis hello: Its fun and interesting.
  91. Doreen Lanza: I like the story line and like how the girl is like brave and not a damsel in distress.
  92. Niki Carmicle: Unable to make purchases will not load.
  93. Jennifer Coutermarsh: I like it.
  94. paula workman: longer chapters and more clothes would be nice.
  95. Kalie Todd: It's a really fun and interesting game, except the bosses health shoot up so high it's impossible to beat them in one day. You can only buy one clock to revive ONE follower and even then it barely does anything even if you use all of your coins to level up the followers its still impossible to beat them. It becomes boring after that. I originally had 4 stars on here, but I'm dropping it down to one because of this and I'm thinking about deleting the game..
  96. Rebecca Stallkamp: Every thing is PERFECT except I can't make purchases. I have the latest version on my phone. There is no problem taking the money out of my account the game just doesn't recognize it. CS has reimbursed me, just wish it worked. (Might be my old @ss phone).
  97. Jennifer Mayhall: Extreamely addictive.
  98. Ashley Rhodes: there's a lot ore to this game than i realised. more story telling based, and choices than match 3 game play. but, there's a lot of energy to made by just playing the game and claiming all of the rewards..
  99. Zen Within Me: I love the game but it's been glitching for days now and booting me off. :/ I reached out to customer service but haven't heard back. Still waiting......
  100. Olivia Early: so far love it has beautiful grafics.
  101. Ashlen Meneses: ᴛʜɪs ᴍʏ ғᴀᴠ ɢᴀᴍᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ🤩.
  102. Bri Pittman: Boring.
  103. Monique M.: Fun at first but I'm stuck on dates because I can't access the clothes I need to finish it. It's ridiculous that clothes can only be purchased by diamonds and not coins. I also cant collect more rewards for finishing chapters because I'm stuck at the "Sign in Day 2" reward collection. So, I've been at a standstill because I can't finish dates and I can't collect more rewards because I'm still playing on day one. This is absurd. Please dont suggest I purchase diamonds with my money. No way..
  104. Kimberly Zeitler: I love it. such a fun game very addictive..
  105. LadyTam Tam: So now you respond by deleting my comments!! Wow!! Great way to treat your customers!! Not very professional at all!! 😡 why should I have to be on Facebook for you to actually LISTEN to your customers!!.
  106. Liza Rowe: It is a great and fun game. Only let down is that it is money hungry but if you don't play the little mini games that's fine and saves you money. But it is an enjoyable game 😊.
  107. Nicoleta Labordus: Very addictive!!!.
  108. Kelsey Adair: So far I love this, I went ahead and spent some money for some quick VIP access. I like that each day regenerates so I can get more resources. I am getting to a point though where it's taking me 2 or 3 days to accumulate enough energy and influence to progress in the story. Would love to see a trading post for players or even inside the alliances so I can get clothes to complete dates instead of disassembling all my duplicates to try to get what I need..
  109. Sm S: I love this game. Reasons for 3 stars. 1, the amount of energy that it takes on each level is just insane. It can take 2 to 3 days to get enough, unless you want to spend stupid money. 2, competitions are always won by the same people because lower levels are put in the same category. Its a huge gripe of mine in this and other games. It's hugely unfair. The price of items is so expensive, it makes it hard to complete dates. It's a shame, the story/game itself is awesome..
  110. Kim D'Arsiè: The gameplay contains a lot of stats and features to upgrade with no clear overview, it's very disorganized. Besides that, what disturbs me the most is the misogynistic, sexist and non inclusive content. It gives the message that you must be skinny, straight and be interested in abusive/toxic/rude men in order to get somewhere. This is just disgusting..
  111. SunNi Lin: I love the game, and happy I can also interact with other players as well, but what i am upset about is that I used my google account so that if something were to happen i can log into my same account without losing my stuff... My phone got wet and I didn't want to miss anything so I tried logging in with my tablet, and I use my same google account but I had to start all over from the beginning again. Other nationalities would be awesome too thank you! Aweseome Game to play!.
  112. Sandra Joseph: So fun.
  113. Valtiel: Good story. Good game play. About what you would expect. Late game grind is mindmeltingly awful, tedious and boring. Only way to overcome it is by paying for it. Very good for first few days, then the fun just disappears in a cloudy fog of daily grinds, missions and other repetitive junk. I would recommend this but due to the ludicrous prices I would not spit on it. I can buy actual games and actual fun with the money these people want. Play til the grind then go somewhere else..
  114. Olga Trubarac: Not worth your time. The game on it self is not that bad, but unless you are willing to pay good money you can not advance. So disappointing. I have brought endless amounts of diamonds and coins, and rearly received them. Sure i have received my money back, but i have missed so many deadlines to by special items. Customer service and support are bad in my opinion. The only thing the know to say is - thank you for understanding. Well, i have deleted my account, and i will never play it again..
  115. Yia Lee: Love the game but there's a few problem that need to be fix. The server is always disconnecting and that get so annoying while you're in a middle of something. Clothes are expensive and hard to buy, please make it cheaper or easier to get items..
  116. Tammy O'Connor: Fun at first but progress becomes painfully slow as you progress through the game as energy consumption and collection are very very far apart, this makes it start to drag on and get boring..
  117. Aazline Ferrell: $$$ expensive $$ Customer service is terrible. The events are all pay (money) if you want to win. They make it impossible to advance in game play and only paying players win the contests. The "luck" rates change as you level getting worse. So you spend cash to get clothes. The glitches...if you don't get what your supposed to good luck with Customers service. Game has potential and is fun if your rich..
  118. Dungeon Master: Thus far, very, romantesque..
  119. Amanda: was fun at first but then it just too long to collect anything without spending a ridiculous amount of money. couldn't advance the story without the resources and the jump in boss levels was insane. just wasn't worth it in the long run..
  120. Christine Hopwood: Very frustrating you cannot get anywhere unless you spend money.
  121. Laura Healey: Good game just needs some tweaking and need to offer ads to watch to get extra diamonds and coins. It's expensive..
  122. Michael Burchfield: Great.
  123. Donna Grainger: I am giving three stars because the graphics are nice, the concept is very interesting, and there wasn't a ton of ads shoved into n my face. Is this a pay to win game? I am not sure. I know it pushes hard for the player to make purchases as it heavily limits your options as a free player. I will not buy anything until I know how well I like a game. I quickly became bored with it, as there are too many things you need to do when starting, which made me feel as if I were being cornered into buying.
  124. Jessica Kendall: Still deciding whether I like the game or not. It's a bit confusing tho. Wish I had more training on the game itself..
  125. Maria: The fun sim story that is well written and the voice acting is quite good but the mechanics of the game ruin everything. The deeper you get into the game, the more days you have to wait to get back to the main plot, sometimes you have to fight 3 or even 4 times with each boss, once every day because the stats reset at midnight and you run out of energy before this happens. I would rather listen to an audiobook of this than having to go through this waiting/grinding tedious hell..
  126. Felicia Seay: Love it 😊.
  127. Amanda Falcon: For sure a casual play if you play for free major challenge to do that but you can work it out with patience a storyline is good. I suggest build up alot before digging to deep in story if you new to it..
  128. Tran K T L: cute game :)).
  129. Stephanie Travis: It's a fun game. On the expensive end, but fun. I wish they would focus more on game play than impossible contests that you have to spend way to much money on. Please try to remember that not everyone has money to spare right now.
  130. Siti Nursyawani: Wasting my money Too expensive,When to refund but guys cannot refund my purchases.
  131. Kim Elkins: It is a pay to win game. If you want to play without paying be prepared for a long wait to get anywhere. Main story isn't even finished and they are focusing on other things like seeing bats fly around in the background. I enjoyed it at first, but I'm at a standstill because I can't get items I need unless I dish out a lot of money..
  132. Lisa Connell: still unsure.
  133. EveUwU: great game to play if bored.
  134. Heather Painter: I am enjoying this game but a few suggestions. The rewards u get when complete tasks shouldn't stop when u get to the login another day one. Let me skip collecting that reward to get the other cause I kinda need them. Also why is everything so frigging expensive?!.
  135. Stacy Ruberton: LOVE IT FAVORITE GAME, some areas are still a lil confusing and could maybe explained a lil better, but yea one of my favorites.
  136. Carlos Andujar: Application is good to use.
  137. Tori Clinton: So far, so good. A fun, captivating story game!.
  138. Rebecca Owens: A single clan has taken over. Other players do not have a chance to win any of the contest. It's definitely a pay to win..
  139. P Tiedt: Love the game. Develop the game faster for the stories and add different clothes etc. in the store. the app needs more development. Voices for all characters throughout the app would be awesome..
  140. Connor Ryan: Few ads! Gorgeous art! Play is slower than frozen syrup and 4 books in, I'm still stuck with three outfits. Everything is expensive, and I still don't know how you get Moral - the 2nd boss is still waiting for me to defeat her and the 3rd was out of my weight class from the jump. Also, getting a pet? Annoying. Oh, and I never did figure out how to get snowmen so I could have the red hair from the Winter Collection. Ran me in circles for 5 minutes and ultimately why I tossed the game..
  141. Sonya Repass: After a few chapters in, it becomes very difficult to progress the story. It's also difficult to buy the right clothing items needed to progress dating. It's really hard in general getting clothes and makes it less fun. The one very big positive and reason for 2 stars because this game is ad free and you could play casually without spending money..
  142. Lisa Moreland: Very fun game! Lots of things to keep you interested and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.
  143. Ladean Ross: I'm hooked!.
  144. Daria Wengenroth: I'm still having issues with the game shutting off in me randomly at times. And it would much much much better if you didn't have to buy everything just to keep up in the game. It's not fair to those who can't spend money..
  145. Marisa Mikusko: Addicting.
  146. Mattie Rose Wright: It's a good story but after a while it gets overwhelming with all the extras plus forever to wait on continuing unless you pay which is sad because there are some good games that are still enjoyable.
  147. melissa Brennan: Won't load reinstalled now it says server error got it installed on phone and two tablets.
  148. Stephanie White: Pretty cool game:).
  149. Annie Boullard: I gave this game a 4 star rating because it kept lagging but other then the lagging it's a wonderful game. 😇 I would appreciate it if the lagging was fixed. Thank You!.
  150. Fawn Wood: started playing hours ago today and only just stopped to leave this review! I am hooked!.

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- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored immortal-diaries-mod-hack.APK & immortal-diaries-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again immortal-diaries-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Immortal Diaries on your phone.

Download Immortal Diaries (Mod – Hack) [Unlock All Apk + iOS] 131M

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Version: 1.9.3.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: 4.5.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
Developers: HaoPlay Limited.
Votes: 15,845.
Interact: Users Interact.
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