Little Misfortune Mod

Little Misfortune {Mod,Hack}

Led by her new friend, Misfortune ventures in a quest to find Eternal Happiness.. Little Misfortune Mod v1.2

Update: 29/09/2022
Original price $: 2.99

Download Little Misfortune Mod 1.2 for android apk & iphone ios 7.0

Little Misfortune is an interactive story focused on exploration and characters, whether sweet or dark, your choices have consequences.

Starring Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, an imaginative 8-year-old whose happiness is a gift to mom after winning the race to find eternity. Led by their new friend Mr. Voice, they venture into a forest that will uncover mysteries and uncover some doom.

Shares the same universe developer duo Killmonday Games, the hit video game from visionary Fran Bow.


⦁ You can pet puppies, fish, wolves, octopuses, kittens and foxes.
⦁ Visit the pet graveyard with a shovel.
⦁ Now with a real human voice: hear misfortune say something beautiful, sweet!
⦁ The missing child.
⦁ There is a monster!
⦁ Fall in love.
⦁ Commitment to petty crime.
⦁ Original artwork by Natalia Martinsson.
⦁ Original soundtrack by Isak Martinsson.

Free download Little Misfortune {Mod,Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.2. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Led by her new friend, Misfortune ventures in a quest to find Eternal Happiness.. Developed by Killmonday Games. Operating system requirements 7.0. Mature 17+.

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New comment

  1. Cedlir 113: I don't understand what's happening. I really want this game but it won't install on my phone. It downloads and asks to download again....
  2. gordon tierney: 8ts so scary But ........ kinda good 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.
  3. Catalin V: It's short and the ending is non-existent, practically it just ends when you enter a door without any conclusion it seems like it's just the first chapter.
  4. Clare Mallon: Good game. Only it crashes. Black screen. So not happy.
  5. CadenceTheCuriousKittyKat: It has a lot of glitches and almost every time I join I get a black screen and get kicked out.Restart my device three or four times and it does the same thing.When it does work the farthest I can go is right after the boat then I get glitched behind the original spawn point.When I uninstalled it I didn't get my money back like you should.I tried to reinstall it then it said I wasn't allowed to play.I recommend to think for a while if you really want to download this.If you do download it on PC..
  6. Steffannie Ochoa: Paid for game. Demo worked just fine. After I purchased full version, it opens app the asked for camera access which I allowed and then it closes app and does nothing but go straight to home screen. Waste of money.
  7. lolli Pop: So adorable and creepy the ending was quite a twist.
  8. Amira Husey: Game was fun but kept crashing.
  9. Just PAIN: Everytime I open the app, I get kicked out :/.
  10. SkeletonTwerk1point5: I love this game so much the only problem is the pause button it glitches and you can't see the words.
  11. Figgy: Amazing game there are a few bugs but not a big deal definitely recommend if you like indie games.
  12. Constance Kreese: Awesome game w humor and heart ❤️.
  13. Lizzie Neace: Sucked I downloaded it and played and it wouldn't even open it and when I tried it would immediately exit me out of it.
  14. emmaharvey7: First of took so long to download and second everytime I opened the app it closed and wouldn't let me play this is why I rate this game 1 star and you can't even get a refund because my mum told me to get a refund but when I unstalled it I couldn't get a refund dont buy this game its a waste of money.
  15. Kimberly Smith: I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH 5 STARS.
  16. Tyler Bledsoe: Loved the game!!!!.
  17. Christina Wilhoit: CRASHED MY PHONE! Now it wont open and I paid for it. I'm extreamly mad..
  18. Cat Powell (TheK1tt3n): Kept freezing and stalled could not play through..
  19. Bamora Adamson: I watched the demo and paid. It loads the main company logo then crashes, so I cannot play this. At. All. 😟 It's a shame as it looked to be a great and intriguing game.... Gutted!.
  20. Jennifer Curio: Wow what an amazing game!!! I just finished it and am in tears!!! What a ride!!! I hope there'll be more. I can't say goodbye to Misfortune yet!!!! Absolutely recommend!! Worth the money!!!.
  21. Abbigail West: It is very fun I already finished it but I keep restarting it Cuz how fun it is.
  22. Laurel: I'll update this later...First, I do love the story & character thus far - and Fran Bow is pretty much tied as my favorite Adventure game series, so I trust this developer's creativity. But I'm already encountering bugs. I I can't even access my game anymore because now, out of nowhere, the menu loads in a language that's not English (and I'm unable to use Google translate bc it's in an app). I am reinstalling to see if that fixes it, but I will have lost all of my progress thus far..
  23. lol tisha: i love this game.
  24. Venti The bard: Love it.
  25. Jacqueline Davis: App doesn't work. It crashes every time after the company logo comes onto screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled 4x. I even restarted my phone. As someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spare, this feels like a loss of money..
  26. Mîsţy Đragøøn: Idk I like the game it's cool and long and took me 89 hours to finish it it was very long (not actually that long I'm just overextended) T-T.
  27. GalaxytheAlpha Moondust: This would've been a awsome game if it didn't have so many bugs I'm stuck on loading screens and just randomly freezes but otherwise great game..
  28. Gacha gamer: Why is always black screen please fix this.
  29. gatekeeper pineapple: I've always wanted this game.
  30. Kaitlyn Morrissey: so amazing im in love with the story the chracters the voice lines everything.
  31. Karissa Arjona: It's really good a cute little horror game.
  32. Riley A: I LOVE THIS GAME! i love the character of MISSFORTUNE shes so funny definilty worth 9$ hope to see more games like this KILLMONDAY!.
  33. Sabrina Coronado: loveee this game its funny but the only probloem is sometimes when m going somewhere aka teleporting my game crashes then idk when to save it.
  34. Yen Ling Tiew: Love love the game. The ending was unexpected. But there are bugs at Benjamin House. I couldn't view the items that Benjamin share his diary Please check!.
  35. Betty Jo Contreras: I absolutely love this game but every time I try to get the chocolate coin out of the vending machine my game freezes I tried it multiple multiple times now and I don't know what to do about it it makes me sad....
  36. Lexiah Wheaton: I've seen it and I spent $8.99 dollars on it I tried to play it but everytime It kicked me out I've tried twice and I doesn't work I love the game to..
  37. Gracie Auger: awesome game but freezes quite a bit other than that very enjoyable..
  38. Brittany Misicka: I was so excited to see this ! I NEVER buy games this one I did no hesitation but I can't get it to load home menu then black then kicks me out 😭😭😭 help!!.
  39. Elizabeth Neal: I paid over nine dollars just for game not even play . It act like going download then it just stops. Try deleting reloading. Try completely resetting my tablet, downloading on another device..
  40. tonya vavrecan: I paid for this game and it goes to 99% and then I can't download it..
  41. khloe allen: Its a great game but just some of the clips are laggy allthough its amazing..
  42. x.xQPE!NEIx.x: Whoah! I didn't expect this! I completely love this game!!!.
  43. Maci: Incredible, the cutest horror game ever. All the dark humor makes you forget it's a horror game, I loved the twist, and the ending made me cry. Well done 👏👏.
  44. Madison Velasquez: It's good but I dont like that when I tried to make her mom happy the screen went black..
  45. Rosie Bettany: It's very good but other people and I have emetophobia (fear of vomit) and may find this traumatising to play so please at least replace the voimt and add something that glitter can please don't make her name the foods she puked out(rice pudding & glitter) sorry if I am asking to much it's very good and you guys have done a great job and all but please remember phobias is still everywhere thank you -Rosie Bettany.
  46. Cristina Reyes: This game is beautiful and edgy.
  47. Just Trin itee: I love this game so much, but... When I got to the part where you go into Benjamin's house, everytime I went inside of the house, it got to the loading screen, but than it all turned black and kicked me off! I want a refund, unless you fix this please! I am on a android btw!.
  48. Shaun McCarthy: Frame rates cuttsys is really bad art still is ok you should play the game on PC better quality.
  49. MARL HATSU: Crashhhhh If the game is not compatible with my phone, the developers must say me that, or say us the minimum requirements on my phone for the game, and do not give my money to the trash, when i can pay for this in my pc 😡😡😡.
  50. Peggy Sue: I have amazing internet. But when I open the game, normally it's a black screen or it kicks me out. Whenever it does work, I can't even play the game it's so laggy. I made it to the part where she goes into the forest and the song starts playing, then it lagged and I was like "I'm done".
  51. Celine Bensered: It crashes all the time, I've tried deleting games that take a lot of space but it still keep crashing,I've rebooted me phone 2 times and still it doesn't work, fix this please, i was really excited to play this but now... I'm not anymore, so not worth the money, since I'm from sweden this cost me 105$.
  52. Hailey_ Erinlyn: wow.
  53. Padee Vang: I was so happy to play this games. But when I download it I was kich out of the games before I even play it.
  54. Al batoul Adnan: The game is amazing! I love it! However there are some issues in this game, whenever I press the chocolate gold coin in the vending machine and it just randomly froze, never let's me to press the close button. I tried to restart device (no, I'm not using the computer) then unistallied and reinstallied the game, it's still the same. So, I'm giving it four stars ( for now ) if you kindly please fix the issue, I'll give five it five stars. Thank you for reading!.
  55. Landon Kreglow: I was so excited to play the name and once I get to miss fortunes front door to head to cross the road it kicks me out.... I don't have a computer or anything so this was my only way of playing 😭😭 so disappointed and it looks like it won't be updated 😔😔.
  56. sierra Silvas: Amazing and sad story loved every second of this game.
  57. Grace Arlene: I hate it. It was boring to begin with but I only got it cause my bf wanted to see the ending. It's glitchy but right when the end started it glitched bad and skipped it completely. Please don't get this. It's not worth 9 dollars..
  58. Renee Rodriguez: I really wanted to give this five stars because I love the game, but I cannot! Every time I try to get the gold coin, the game freezes and I can't click close to progress in the game. No boat ride 😔.
  59. Ranboo Fan: I love it! It is a well made game I love that theres voice acting too!.
  60. Madyson Gilmore: First off it wouldn't even let me in the game and second off when it finally let me in it was so glitchy 😕 I'm really disappointed cuase I was excited to play this.
  61. Doctor Why: I absolutely adore this game, it is a mixture of rainbows and optimism but also a dash of reality. If you keep making the games KM I'll keep supporting you!.
  62. Kimiko Namikaze: Its lagging like crazy and it loads to slow the touch sensitivity is way off and needs to be fixed although its a cute and dark game like fran bow I'd like it more it it was playable after the mentioned issues.
  63. Madison Greene: I try to play it but it kick me out.
  64. chun_li man behind the slaughter: Funny.
  66. so unrated: It was working out good until I got to Benjamins house. Everytime I tried to go inside it would kick me out the game. This this the closest I got to the end🥺and when I run it stops. Why?.
  67. Mike P: Very enjoyable every time I look at this app now I get emotional it's a very good game now I don't know if this happened to other people but on the part where the birds pick her up misfortune and the birds lag I don't know if this has been solved yet but just wanted to mention it since it's happened to me. Very enjoyable though!.
  68. Alissa Baatzsch: I'm so mad right now. I bought this game, then I opened it and when I opend it it showed me the Killmonday logo and then guess what it closed itself and yes I tried it multiple times and yes I controlled my wifi. I want my money back!!!!.
  69. Pedram Gol: Too many glitches, the game is not optimized for larger screens. Edges of the screen are unresponsive. Developer doesn't respond to emails..
  70. moonlight: when i first saw the game, i was very excited to buy and play it, but then i played it. i couldn't finish the game. it's very glitchy and the clicks are very limited. i'll download it again if the controls are perfected..
  71. TheNani680: Game is unplayable! Too many glitches. You can't click close when you pick the chocolate coin from the vending machine. I restarted from last save and tried again. I did this a couple of times. Same thing happened. I can't progress in the game without that coin. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Now it doesn't even start the game!.
  72. im just a normal girl XD Tristen: Little misfortune is adorable also tHiS iS aMaZiNg.
  73. Sharon Gregg: More like an interactive novel or movie rather than a "game", great interaction and voices and art style over the top, very interesting hope to see a second installment.
  74. Maggie Lorimer: The whack a fox doesn't work. When ever I tap on a fox it says that I tapped it after it was gone or that I didn't tap it..
  75. Lilah and Cayla Misurka: Awesome game,awesome everything i love everything in this vert game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.
  76. em0_k13d: Creepy cute much like sally face my favorite little lady 10/10 good humor I love it 👾🦆.
  77. lily the gacha tuber: MURDER BLOOD.
  78. katelyn dowell: when i downloded the demo i was happy it was not glittchy whatever but this one is well so glichy i cant even play past reading half the diery i turned the computer off but it didnt work i cant even even play now fix this.
  79. Curfsurf: So cute and sweet I love this game.
  80. Ms Anthrope: I'm so disappointed. Basically, this wasn't even a game. I was so excited for this. Boring and really no game play. It was a neat story and could have been such an amazing experience. It had a great art style and everything..
  81. Liz Beavers: good story. good gameplay. good art. amazing game.
  82. Ben McMurray: Beautiful story and game..
  83. Brandin Titanich: Fantastic game. The full version on mobile reduces all cutscenes from video to 1 fps slides, which impacts the experience, but it's still 5/5..
  84. Privacy Matters: It was really funny. This is the first time I've played a game with so much story and very little interaction. It's more a cute story with great graphics, not really a game...
  85. Jade Meinke: I was really looking forward to this game but y'all have seriously gotta fix these bugs....
  86. Kirsty Hammond: Cute and interesting.
  87. Melanie Hooper: Love walking around with this disfuctional family girl, trying to grow up in a dark dark place much humor, makes me giggle.
  88. Ted Lund: Little
  89. PePpA pIg: This game was good i liked the animations but i didnt like how the end was a cliff hanger..
  90. Imogen Kosztelnik: AMAZING but not formatted to phone properly. I bought the game after watching a few videos on it and I was extremely determined to get ALL of the hay dolls. But sadly, I can't even get to the doll in the zookeepers office. Such a shame :( if they updated the game and fixed all the bugs I would be able to finish it and I'd give it a higher rating. If you have a computer I highly suggest you buy it on there instead. On here it's basically just a waste of money. Can't even enjoy it..
  91. Charlie CharChar: Saw this game and always wated to try it and glad i did..
  92. Teddy Flowers: Yikes forever.
  93. XxFidgetsFidgetsAndFidgetsxX Gillespie: i love this game so muchhhhhh.
  94. Sara Rogers: Never got got out the back door of the house. Was kicked out every time. Please help me fix it or refund my purchase. Disappointed..
  95. Lisa Parker: I played the demo now I can play the hole store.
  96. Roro chill: I love that game! Today was my first trial! I don't got in the Eternal Happiness but tomorrow I'll try again! I loved the story of the game, the graphics are very good! While I was playing I really enjoyed it! And one of the things I love most about games is when they have choices! I appreciate a lot the work from y'all, because you put this game available for Android! This is very good for people who cannot afford a computer! I don't have any complaint about that. I recommend! Love y'all 💞.
  97. Carmen x: I absolutely adore this game. Unfortunately, it is super laggy (unlike the demo version). I can barely get through the game. Please fix this issue, thank you so much.
  98. Ava Lambe: Very disapointed, i played the demo and got the full game. I cant load in, it crashes, i am very upset as i love this game. If you fix this i will change my rating..
  99. Serenity Sexton: Can't even get the game to open. Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Cant believe we wasted $8 and can't even find a way to get a refund. Very dissatisfied..
  100. willow Weeb: i love this game but i do think its a lil over priced but other than that its amazing and i like how it has different endings!.
  101. Barbara Jean: Lovely game! One of my favorites, the story is very magical and funny. Its more like a movie you can interact with, and an experience that I highly recommend!.
  102. Logan Modica: Make a 2.
  103. LoloHxneyBee: This game was super fun. I really liked the art style but its kinda glitchy.
  104. gamer plush: its really fun.
  105. Kenopsia: Unable to play on new device..
  106. Claire M: Unable to play It just turns black screen and doesn't load..
  107. Anna M Jones: i need my monEy back right now!!!.
  108. Merlina Martinez: I have been playing this game for a while now and overall it's pretty good....but the things that annoy me is that the character is super laggy whenever Misfortune runs...When I play "Wack A Fox" I click the fox so she can hit but..It waits for a while then hits which makes the fox go down and makes me lose..
  109. aaronwoke 92: Great game love the story.
  110. Catherine McGlynn: This game is great! There are a few glitches. I'm stuck in phantasmagoria, because every time I get the coin, the screen freezes and doesn't allow me to press close..
  111. A M: One of the most emotionally intense and deep games out there. Really makes you invested in the character. Got pains in my chest at certain points. Took a star off for the relative shortness..
  112. Nameless Cat: I really loved this game, thats why i wasted my money to this. But now the game doesn't even let me in! I just got to the hamster party. The money i wasted was my christmas gift. Im not angry,im just a bit sad.I even tried to uninstall and install it again. The game is actually cool.2 stars bc i got to the hamster party..
  113. Kathryn McLean: I love it.
  114. Tyler Bobbitt: Overall the graphics were great the only problem was it was really laggy and sometimes even froze or crash so I'd bave to star all over again..
  115. Sarah Martin: Cute but the movement feature was annoying. You couldn't just walk or run you had to keep tapping for her to keep moving. The storyline was interesting but I would have loved to have gotten more for $8.00. It was too directional, not very challenging. Not worth money spent..
  116. Veraque: Divertido e bem agradável esteticamente, mas desaponta nos finais. Há apenas 2 finais possíveis, e eles só mudam por um pequeno detalhe, são praticamente a mesma coisa. O jogo tem muitas escolhas diferentes, mas o desenrolar da história é quase sempre o mesmo. Final muito anti climático. Deixam muitas coisas sem explicação. Suas escolhas não interferem muito. No mais, é legal pra jogar 1 vez apenas, não acho que vale o dinheiro gasto..
  117. Taes fischkuchen𖨆ت: I really love it I have no complaints about it The story was very cute the voices were clear and the design was beautiful. I had lots of fun playing it👍🏼.
  118. laila shakeel: unfortunate I had to rate this 2 stars, when I first got this game (in February) it worked perfectly fine, a bit laggy but endurable, although now when I open it I can't get past a black screen, it's very upsetting. 2 stars as it is a very good game.
  119. Jesse Wood: Game might be good but I'll never know. After playing the demo for this game I bought the full game at full price. Only to find out that the very first item I interact with, I can't back out of. The diary under the bed will not let me close it! The back button doesn't work on screen and I've tried everywhere else. I've seen one other review so far mention this. Very disappointed as I loved your previous game and was ready to love this one as well. Please fix!!.
  120. Seth McCann: Had a few issues with the game loading properly. Screen would be frozen but the audio would continue as normal. Just had to close the app and open it back up..
  121. Lauma Vilciņa: Unfortonatelly, I had to get a refund as the game wasn't working for me. Couldn't get past the main menu. Perhaps it's an issue with low-end or older phones. I recommend purchasing this game for your PC rather than your phone. 3 stars because I love the devs :).
  122. ashley simmons: Do not buy this game it is terrible it's not even letting us Play Don't even waste your time spinning your Money.
  123. Alice Evergreen: Anytime i try to get the medle it wont let me get out.
  124. iris: I love the game but it ended so abruptly, and I dont understand any of this "magic".
  125. Kitten Mimi: Great game, great graphics. Ending is a bit confusing though.
  126. jesse mesta: Didn't work on my device and i also didn't get the option to refund. Waste of my hard earned money...very disappointed.
  127. Anti Star77: Bought it and it crashed i want my 10$ back.
  128. Savanna Maree: it has not been installed, i paid for this and i cant find it anywhere. i need a refund!!!!!!!!!!.
  129. Megan Hanrath: LOVED the game but was extremely disappointed in how abruptly it ended (zero explanation of the symbols & "magic" throughout the game and no back story on Benjamin). This felt more like the first of many chapters in Little Misfortune; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for part 2!!.
  130. Animation Chan: It's an amazing game I recommend it to anyone who enjoys choose your story games.
  131. Victoria Meyer: The game lagged and kept freezing up.
  132. OverDramaticOwO: I love it.
  133. Kyle J: Absolutely hilarious. Bug free on my LG V40 running Android 10..
  134. emulousx: Won't load past title screen on Nvidia shield tablet.
  135. Nick Carpenter: I herd about this fame from Mxr plays. I love the game tho its unfortunate I couldn't get far its too buggy and wouldn't let me finish just got past the digging up the goldfish grave... Very unfortunate yikes forever.
  136. Shelbi Langston: Love this app.
  137. Isadora O: This is basically an interactive movie. The animation and voice actors are great. The story itself is a little simple, but still fun. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt, but maybe there will be a sequel? I admit I was expecting there to be a bit more game play, like Fran Bow. But once I realized this was pretty much an animated film you can interact with, I was able to enjoy it for what it is. It's a little pricey, but still glad I got it. It's done very well..
  138. Melonie Jen: I kind of wish we got to see what happens if we go with Mr. Voice/Morgo instead..
  139. Jayla: Didn't even open the game I'm un satisfied Im a big fan of little misfortune I've watched the gameplay on YouTube but its good I guest the game personally is good but haven't got to open the game :'(.
  140. ᴏʟɪᴠᴇʀʀシ: This game is very fun to play with I have no idea why people are saying this is a copy of Fran boy though the creator of this game is the same creator of Fran boy. Btw Idk why people are giving this a 1-3 this game is just- AMAZING!!.
  141. Strawberry 2020: Kinda slow but awesome!!.
  142. Yoonie HQ: ♡♡♡.
  143. piper Smith: I like it.
  144. Stephen Mears: How can i explain how much i love it- idk :D.
  145. Bunny Boo: Very fun not laggy at all i loved it the art style is so beautiful.
  146. Island: This game is fun but I get stuck on parts and when I press cancel it doesn't work.
  147. freddyfright04: It fun.
  148. Suzie Q Margerum: Terrible disgusting it's a cute game and everything but when you get in the hallway you can't move when it says double tap to run I double tap and guess what happens she doesn't even run the music still running the game wasn't Frozen because she was moving but I just don't understand why she couldn't move please fix this and if you fix this you might just get a 5 star review!.
  149. Vivid Vivian95: Loved Fran Bow, didnt know the creators of Fran bow made this game, but thanks to Jacksepticeye I got to watch the game play and absolutely LOVED the game! Great story line, definitely recommend it! Fancaaaaaaaaay.
  150. Starless: I bought the full version. No updates. I haven't gotten to actually play the game. I always get stuck in the hallway and Misfortune glitches walking back and forth. On Instagram my messages are ignored. Very disappointed because it's like a cash grab..

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- Download Little Misfortune mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link little-misfortune-modhack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Killmonday Games.

- Download Little Misfortune mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file little-misfortune-modhack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

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- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Little Misfortune Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored little-misfortune-modhack.APK & little-misfortune-modhack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again little-misfortune-modhack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Little Misfortune on your phone.

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Operating system: 7.0.
Evaluate: 786.
Content rating: Mature 17+.
Installs: 10,000+.
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Developers: Killmonday Games.
Votes: 4.0.
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