My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Mod

My Derp – The Dumb Virtual Pet {Mod – Hack}

Be aware: This is NOT your usual virtual pet game!. My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Mod v1.0.4

Update: 28/09/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Mod 1.0.4 for android apk & iphone ios 4.1

Meet your Derp: Not the cute, boring virtual pet you’re used to. Take care of him in this impossible and strange adventure and get ready for action. Derp burps, shits, gets dirty, and gets into crazy accidents you can’t even imagine! Can you keep him alive?

Try to keep him fed, healthy and clean long enough to bring Derp to adulthood and unlock the secret form. Play super fun mini-games and earn coins to buy food, medical supplies and various other items to ensure Derp survives its own hash. But be extra careful: accidents like fires or insect attacks constantly endanger Derp’s little life, and it’s your job to protect him!

But don’t be too sad when Derp dies, his life will end one day. So YOLO! Play with him, bang his head against a brick wall, and make sure he makes the most of his (briefly) chaotic, troubled life! Another is coming, and your crazy and difficult journey will start all over again. Take care of this strange virtual pet and compete with yourself for higher scores!

• Easy to play but hard to master
• Chase Derp from giving an egg to an adult Derp
• Complete set of images to track the rise and fall of Derp
br>• Earn coins and buy things in the market to feed, clean and grow Derp heals
• Fast play: very difficult to keep a Derp alive in a challenging time and activity management game
• Use the market The right items (like a bucket of water and pesticides) to deal with crisis situations
• Prove yourself fast and resilient by fighting back Derp’s whole post-apocalyptic fun life

May your Derp memories never be forgotten !

Attention! This game is free, but contains items that can be purchased with real money. Certain features and additional features mentioned in the description may also be purchased with real money.

Free download My Derp – The Dumb Virtual Pet {Mod – Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0.4. Released on . By EN.VNMOD.NET. Be aware: This is NOT your usual virtual pet game!. Developed by Tapps Games. Operating system requirements 4.1. Teen.

Game Hack Features My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - Free Purchase
  • - No Reload
  • - Unlock Paid

Game Version My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Paid MOD

  • - FREE
  • - Download Free
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  • - Remove All Ads
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Bug fixes and performance improvements..

New comment

  1. Oded Israel: Just fun/funny.
  2. Breanna (Brebre12234q): Absolutely adorable..
  3. harun rashid: STAR.
  4. Cara Zuklin: Pretty fun time wasting game!.
  5. Sam Gonzales: derp is hungry take care of derp.
  6. Molly Moo: 👁️👄👁️.
  7. Brian Hollingsworth: Cool game..
  8. John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran: Cool pet ever.
  9. lolololgg wootwoot: Very excellent for those of us that enjoy a more supportive healer role in games..
  10. lunar Eclipse: Its a really good time killer game 👍👍 With the first minute i killed derp 😅.
  11. Sarina Bock: It's good but, I wouldn't recommend it for children..
  12. Opiegal: This is such a silly game, I enjoyed it a lot when I was a little kid. It's a fun time killer and I'm glad to see that it's still a nice game :).
  13. Bronwyn Olley: Good.
  14. A Google user: Well, a little to many deaths, but can you add pink eye? And im not trying to make you sad, developer. And I REACHED LEVEL 6!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST TIME.
  15. Jadelynn Esparza: I've been playing this game since I was little and I'm still having so much fun.
  16. colette brown: Ok. What I think about this game. Can and be a game of frustrating efforts to play this. To try too reach a level 4 , even that's impossible without using gems. Die then start over. Again die then start over. Repeat repeat repeat. So I guess, ya your a stupid derp. Lol. Lol..
  17. La Creata: I like the app I should've gave it 5 stars but the reason I gave it 4 was because including death in this game is not good for kids but it teaches them to think twice before having a pet.
  18. Wesley Brutcher: Bye Derp.
  19. BestieUrSus: Its a good game and has challenges..
  20. Jacqueline Bordwell: One star only because of these reasons: 1. He starts super cute but after the teen stage he gets ugly (gave me nightmares) 2. He dies super easy like is it impossible to get past the adult stage like seriously? Bro what the heck- 3. Literally like it's nearly impossible to get gems if you wanna to revive him unless your gonna ask your parents (if your a kid like me) for money because of a stupid game! 4. He dies easy. Too easy. Didn't like it at all..
  21. Aogan Slater: Great game.
  22. dharmesh chaturvedi: No mini games at all.
  24. Craig Oda: It told me to so ye lol.
  25. Anthony Wiedeck: Really fun.
  26. xi zi [play game]: Great also guys not made for kids was like a bunch of critical reviews but it's surellllly not teen that it says right there, OH WAIT IT IS!.
  27. BillyGoat Gone: Its ok..
  28. Isabella Houston: Honestly its a good game or its least good what its post to be like its taking a twist on the normal pet simulater games, also i looked at the critical reviews and i saw a lot of people complaining about how the derp "dies quickly" well its not like thats the whole selling point of the game.. Of wait IT IS. If you didnt want to a virtial pet game where dies then you idk READ WHAT THE APPS DISCRIPTION IS NEXT TIME. Thanks for listening to my ted talk :).
  29. Casey Ewing: Its pretty fun LOL 4 stars cuz needs more ways to die 😁.
  30. Daniel Isip: Fun but its impossible to take care of derp! Him there are many ways for him to die! Pls make derp not die (evenly it said impossible pet!).
  31. Mrfizz 98: I got to the last stage on my first try boring.
  32. carter345 and chase678: Good game liked or game as in post a like nice game guys.
  33. Noemi Avillan: This game is honestly so fun. So far Im at Hunk derp.
  34. bruh duh: Doesn't fit my screen.
  35. Olivia Tidwell: Ummm what in the it's a whered game but I love it 💕💕💕💕💕.
  36. Rose Autumn: Idk this game just sucks.
  37. Kelsey Lynchesky: It's hard because every time I get a piggy bank I a start 📴 with 0 coins i,ll give it 1 star/don't get this game..
  38. Nobody Still nothing: Funny, weird, so much with the tapping....
  39. Safa Bakr: Fun but gets boring fast.
  40. Alec Marin: Really hard but really good just I think a little more time on the box thing for coins.
  41. Rowan Kasch: The Devs are a bunch of derps.
  42. Cassandra Lapatra: I literally don't get it about this game.
  43. leeann gallegos: This is one of the funnest games ever. ❤.
  44. Boss Guy: this Is my Worst NightMare Yet.
  45. NanobotsRollOut t: I hate myself so and I love suffering so that means this game is as close to perfection as you can get 10/10 love it.
  46. Sara Carolina: Do My Derp.
  47. Kia King: This is not for kids yeah it may look like it's for kids but it's all about death he died so quickly but this game is suckyish it's way too boring for my interest you should be ashamed of yourself whoever made this.
  48. Sarah Javier: It's so fun 😁😁 You'll not get bored even if you play the game for hours!!! and when you reached a new stage it's just like an accomplishment lol.
  49. Lloyd Wimer: very good game the only problem is the crisest with your derp after teen or kid and it gets hard to plan a strat to get a better score and the derps life is very insteresting but it gets hard without upgrades so you grind a LOT and i mean a LOT but other than that 5 stars 10/10 game and the only thing is update the game its been almost 3 or 4 years scence again 10/10 game 5 stars how ever the derp can die in many ways and its a bit fun to find them all good game.
  50. Miildaa _: This is such a good game, it's entertaining and funny. Its always fun when I find a new strategy to use that is better and level up. You should definitely download this game!.
  51. Mirror Man: I dont know this derp boi seems impossible :/.
  52. Patty T: I love this game! It's so fun and you won't get bored for hours! The problem is, I'm kind of freaked out because after a while I tried again and got a sad red eyed derp with a growling stomach but he wasn't hungry. I tried everything to make him normal but the black pill bottle made him crazy. I understand it's part of the game but I tried 3 more derps and the same thing happened. But the game is still amazing!.
  53. Doge Wow: love it!.
  54. King AJ: Fun!.
  55. Denstel Casila: Good.
  56. gashoka: Theis is realy awsome and fun.
  57. Rowan Gamblin: This is a pretty good game. I like the wide variety of ways your derp can die, making it almost impossible to get far into the game without piggy bank upgrades. I also remember on my old ipad i had piggy bank upgrades so good that I bought three cakes, and fed them to my derp to see what would happen, and they died from overeating. The developers have really thought of everything in this game.
  58. Aaliyah McDaniel: I loved him but he dead.
  59. Ziad Ghadieh: It's amazing! but oh my god it's so hard, he's a poop master it makes poop so much!! 🤦‍♂️.
  60. yeeyee: Love this game no cap.
  61. Jojo: So funny. I love it I named my derp derpy the smerfy.
  62. Erik Pont: Love it is so fun but the people that say that the food anamation that it's scary it's not he just pops.
  63. potato gamers: Lol he died.
  64. Chloe loves Guineapigs: This game scarred me.
  65. Anna_: This game is really good, i love these types of games.
  66. LeonTVRyt: It is a fun game i like the challenge and the kick when he's on fire and over all it's a fun game.
  67. Sarah Jess: I love this game. Five stars. That's it..
  68. Orion von Hubel: Fun.
  69. Niyyah Nater: It was good.
  70. ashley greenwood: I had this game when i was younger and it drove me insane to try to keep derp alive. I reinstalled it and its a decent game in my opinion. :).
  71. Daniel Gibson: The game is fun But How does someone die Of mosquitoes.
  72. watermelon kiwi 2008: It's not supposed to be Roblox it's supposed to be normal like Boo not die taps why would you make this game you're supposed to look like boo game is so frustrating I still like it five stars.
  73. Daries gmail: Amazin.
  74. Timmea Barnett (EQuest15): Its a very funny game and except for the ads.
  75. Ayan Sheikh: It's a fun and exilarating game.
  76. Mia Stephens: I love to watch it die 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚.
  77. Schmoop: very funny game.
  78. Brittany Smith: I killed Derp , this game is funny and keeps you busy doing nothing , a whole lotta nothing. Wait, lots and lots of tapping on screen, tap faster or Derp dies! Oops....
  79. ahmed butt: This is so good.
  80. Lil kirby: Very fun and addicting game. I had played it a long time ago then uninstalled it, now i came back and still as fun as ever..
  81. yekcim: My sister got to last stage.
  82. worm: Very traumatizing, I love it.
  83. Jethro Dave Sy: This is smazing you have to be there at spawn of us to go over my face and seek among the people who are not imposter its way to get my car back from the other.
  84. Danielle Olsen: Dumb.
  85. Cassandra Hensler: A some.
  86. Stefan Trajkov: ITS SO GOOD.
  87. Jasmine Williams S: He starts off really cute but when he grows up he turns really ugly.
  88. S: Nice lol I dont hav much to say :P.
  89. Cash Miller Do a Thing: Best game that gives me nostalgia from when I brought my friend on vacation and we played this game through out the time we were by the rocks. By the rocks we found this awsome cave area we would chill in because it was hot out, a year later I found a water bottle my friend left there!.
  90. Four Cornet: It's fun to keep your derp alive and reach new distances every time.
  91. Thomas Deem: A rage game. A good one. I CANT EVEN FU-.
  92. Faelan Grimm: HILARIOUS.
  93. vonderau family chromebook: I love this game! It is so much fun and it gives you a fun challenge. The only reason I took away a star is because the derp dies to quick but I love a good challenge game and this game was perfect and fun!.
  94. An1Ka ;]: It's a amazing game.
  95. Terri Gibson: This game is VERY adorable 😉 i give it a 4 star cuz... It is very hard the coin thing takes to long, and every time i die an ad pops up, sometimes 😔. But otherwise i think its a pretty good/cute game.🤗.
  96. Destiny Sheldahl: its grat!.
  97. Danny already da best 11: Bru is harb.
  98. Desi Hillestad: He is not the true derp.
  99. Irene Gamer: Its a tricky game, Ill give it that. But what I really like about it, is that there are certain stratagies you can use to get to the last derp. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge.
  100. TheGoodOmensLov: Disturbing.
  101. wolfy gacha: its dumb.
  102. Alien Gaming: Its really good And its intertaining And not boring And really fun.
  103. trish like fish: boring, dumb asf, and constant ads. Impossible to keep the damn thing alive..
  104. XxBloodXWolfxX: Death times:100000 /death causes: overfeeding starveathen musqueto'asid ??? |???=mi star y death / gamemode c kill ae lol.
  105. Klyve With a K: Its a good game! Its cool, but its hard for me in ways that are hard to explain. There are too many problems with the derp. He dies way too easy. Tapps Games i have and love alot of your games but this one? I dont think people should download this one but it is okay..
  106. maria alansari: It is I m p o s I p l e 😮😍 and addictive.
  107. eihcra sirba: good.
  108. Official Trendyy One: Good, but not for me.
  109. jelly blue beans :3: Fun but hard.
  110. Noremac Animation & Games: Fun game.
  111. MattAttack: Horrible.
  112. Dr.Hamboi: a game to play when bored.
  113. Princess Peachy: Thank you for making my dirt pet.
  114. Izaiah Fryburg: Soo dumb hey wait... my youtube user name Sodom Gaming OMG.
  115. Lindenlife: Oh gret.
  116. Amelia Brittain: Really hard.
  117. Bruen Smith (BlueBoi): It's fun it never is the same so it doesn't really get boring but it does have that dump twist but it's amazing.
  118. Jessica Wilson: Fun.
  119. Susan Patrick: My granddaughter loved this game. The baby got needy & she had to get back to school work though..
  120. Allia Qadir: Good.
  121. Mojo: This game is awesome but the thing is.. he can barely live when hes a teen! Because he gets set on fire and i don't have anything else to do! Fun game with a not-fun problem..
  122. Angela Young: I did 1star because it keeps diying from Starvation every 12 seconds.
  123. A Google user: Dumbest game I've ever downloaded! While i was reading the manual, my derp died. After i read the manual, it died. When i tried to give him medicine, it died. It died. It died. It died! IT DIED!!! WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THEM DIIIIIIIE?! anyways, dont get this....
  124. A Google user: Amazing, its so fun and addicting to play..
  125. A Google user: Hard as hell.
  126. A Google user: I like it but when he dies from mosquitoes and turns red and has white stuff coming out of his mouth it's scary, Also when you overfeed him and all the food comes out his body it's scary, And lvl 21 when he has horns 8 arms and three eyes it is scary. But other then that I like the game..
  127. A Google user: Addicting.
  128. A Google user: The game is really good and the game is easy sorta if you watch ads.
  129. A Google user: I think that it deserves a four star rating because the only bad thing about it is that it dies constantly and there is no way you have enough coins or time to revive your derp..
  130. A Google user: I would give this a 5 but the mosquitoes keep killing my derp. Also there's this bug where I buy mosquito spray the drag it and it disappears! Then mosquitoes come to attack my derp and he dies!.
  131. A Google user: This game was a good idea but the fact that derp died so easily made this game hard to be addictive..
  132. A Google user: Its is fun but hard because my derp keep on trying to kill his self.
  133. A Google user: Very fun.
  134. A Google user: Its impossible but great u should get it.
  135. A Google user: Really cool and original just why can't u get tips.
  136. A Google user: Funny.
  137. A Google user: Wow a dieing deep nice stuff to learn nice name and amazeing stuff to do.
  138. A Google user: Very difficult.
  139. A Google user: I couldnt play it my tablet but not because of the game because of th tablet.
  140. A Google user: Do you ever get a break?.
  142. A Google user: It is good but it's hard like really really hard so I just stay in my room and I PLAY IT!.
  143. A Google user: Sorry.
  144. A Google user: The game is really fun to play when you are in a car or somewhere there is no wifi and it is also just fun to play.altho the ga.e is hard its still fun to play when you are upset or bored.
  145. A Google user: Love it so fun and sad (in a good way) so my kids played this and they LOVE it!.
  146. A Google user: So fun. I have one complaint. Can you remove the egg? It's completely useless! Also please lower prices..
  147. A Google user: Its always sad and fun to find new deaths and i got to lvl 8 with 3 min and 54 seconds.
  148. A Google user: I kept on dying..
  149. A Google user: Bad.
  150. A Google user: This is odd but fun to play.

Download Instructions My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link my-derp-the-dumb-virtual-pet-mod-hack.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher Tapps Games.

- Download My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file my-derp-the-dumb-virtual-pet-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Mod Apk on Android & My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored my-derp-the-dumb-virtual-pet-mod-hack.APK & my-derp-the-dumb-virtual-pet-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again my-derp-the-dumb-virtual-pet-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of My Derp - The Dumb Virtual Pet on your phone.

Download My Derp – The Dumb Virtual Pet {Mod – Hack} UNLOCKED ALL APK + IOS

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Version: 1.0.4.
Operating system: 4.1.
Evaluate: 14771.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Tapps Games.
Votes: 4.2.
Interact: .
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