SLIME – ISEKAI Memories [Hack & Mod]

Reincarnated as a Slime. SLIME Mod v1.0.11

Update: 28/05/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download SLIME Mod 1.0.11 for android apk & iphone ios 8.0 and up

Enter the world at the moment I was reincarnated as a slime in a brand new 3D battle RPG!
You won’t want to miss this fascinating new adventure, which brings together your favorite series of characters-Limu Road, Great Sage, Gobuta, Shion, Shona, Red Maru, Gabiru, etc.-and Introduced a whole new character!

A new story supervised by the original author of the light novel Fuse! A mysterious girl named Xinsha appeared, claiming to be Limlu’s daughter. What is the relationship between her and the witch Izis of the “Country of Mirrors”? Can the citizens of Rimuru and Tempest survive the challenges faced by Izis and her followers? Don’t miss alternate universe versions of familiar characters, such as Gabiru, who ascended to the lizardman throne in the mirrored land, or Shion, who evolved after absorbing the souls of her fallen comrades. Their stories will not be told anywhere else!

Relive famous moments from season 1 of the anime in a fully voiced cutscene!
The star-studded vocal actors also use their talents for battle sounds and interactions in the town!

Use Jianguo system to create your ideal Tempest version!
Build and place various buildings and facilities: your citizens’ houses, restaurants, blacksmith shops, laboratories, magic enhancement facilities, and more.
Walk through the town you built, interact with your citizens, and learn about their daily lives!

Combat system based on 3D commands!
The control is simple: just choose your hand. However, when you learn to effectively use the abilities learned from the original work, you can enjoy a deep strategy game! Enjoy the dazzling completion of the action animation, making you feel like you have stepped into anime!

Predator and Great Sage systems take you deep into the world of TenSura!
The predator system reproduces Limru’s unique skill Predator from the original. Use it to strengthen your character! If you find yourself unsure about the next step, the Great Sage system can provide game advice and guidance.

Animated opening and theme song!
The theme song is “Phantom Light” by Takuma Terajima!
Enjoy the theme song written specifically to capture the world of TenSura, and the animation of the eight-bit animation studio!


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The game contains some items that can be used for in-app purchases to enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details.

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© Taiki Kawakami, Fuse, KODANSHA/”Ten-Sura” project
© Shiba, Fuse, KODANSHA/”Ten-Sura Diary” project
©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Developed by WFS

Free download SLIME – ISEKAI Memories [Hack & Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 922M) - Version 1.0.11. Released on November 19, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. Reincarnated as a Slime. Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.. Operating system requirements 8.0 and up. Teen.

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Fixed a few bugs..

New comment

  1. Ritchie Posey: Great game until this last update. Now it keeps saying "New version available" and then you click update it goes to the Google Play Store & just shows "Play" in green. When you touch "Play" it loops back to "New version available." Tried to unistall & reinstall same thing..
  2. Reagan Rice: Just downloaded newest update now the game won't had to redownload now I have nothing cheers game.
  3. James Brylle Pascual: So fun to play... (Speechless).
  4. fried fire: So far with this game and it's fun if you don't mind with the game performance which still like 💩.It's VERY FUN for me who likes to just chill and focus bcs you can just left the game for parallel processing and you can do other stuff. But it kept bugging me where I must keep up with the EP requirement to do quests, beause the gachas got more difficult to get a new character. Dark rimuru is great and all but I need new attribute. Pls fix the system & use less memory 🙏 my phone🔥🔥up.
  5. DotGot Tube: I have every intention of changing my rating to at least 4 stars, but only once the summoning bug is fixed. Every single summon I make closes my game, and to top it off I don't even get to see the summoning animation. I really hope it's fixed soon, other than that it's a phenomenal game and I'm really excited to be able to play it..
  6. Michaell Andrew: Can't open the game after the latest update, please fix it!.
  7. Monserrate Montalvo: Im soooo disappointed I lost all my data because the game crashed. I Uninstalled the app because the app don't open since last update. 😒 everything I have,lost..
  8. Pie Guy: Too many bugs consistently every single day.
  9. macky marco: For playing 30 days the game only gave me 1 awakening stone lol...
  10. Adityachairiansyah: I got black Screen after update please fix it because I still didn't get milim from diablo event.
  11. Travis Scott Batman: got a message that says update available, and sents me to playstore but there isn't any update, so i reinstalled on playstore and guess what i got an error [GGL]4000001 good thing i saved my account, please fix this..
  12. Deborah Watson: It's like the other anime mobile games and if you give time it would become something great. I don't think I come to this though because I am straight up bored at this point..
  13. Chaos Fier: If fixed random crashes than I'll 5 star it if not done already.
  14. DynamixKillz: Not a bad gacha. Good graphics and good game play. If you're a fan of the anime then you'll enjoy it..
  15. M. S.: Hard to get magjcrystals after like a week of playing.
  16. Jason Lin: Ask to update the newest version but no updates files on the google play store.
  17. Lord Deathx: Good game but needs alot of improvements..
  18. Lucas McCormick: its really great only issue for me is the banner system we need rolling pitty if they are gonna keep releasing new banners so fast.
  19. Kerry Jones: I dont even know what happened and now the game wont load past the white screen, unplayable at this point. Any solutions?.
  20. Koby Mabbett: I know you's said that you's fixed a few bugs but every time I've recruited people around 10 times in a row it crashes!.
  21. Mizlao 0: Been a really big fan of Slime's anime and manga for a good while and was really excited for this game to come out but it definitely feels like its just slowly dying now. There's barely any real good way to get more gems and the game gets very buggy a lot of the time with repeat bugs..
  22. Brian Wong: Keeps crashing in the recent update and it take up so much space.
  23. Histoire Defaradus: Fixed that black screen. Just gotya wait for the current APK update to work..
  24. Val Littles: Very nice.
  25. Valthoxus Mihai: Little gem gain , rates are very bad..
  26. Agerone fo: With this recent update, now i can't even log on to the game. I was being tolerant with so many forced close in previous versions, so please fix this.
  27. LeBron Tejano: I really love the game, developers just like what i read in the past reviews, don't rush the game ang please release the banners slowly so that we can save more gems. We'll always support you and thank you for this worderful game..
  28. Rahmat Chan: Good game, but it will be better if 1. App not closed when we minimize and open another apps. 2. We can put this app mute and play music Imo.
  29. Steven Bartle: Game is fun but there's so many crash bugs it's really getting irritating. Newest update has a long white screen on launch that wasn't in previous builds. Kinda seems like there's no testing or bug fixes.
  30. Jesus Arellano: Love it. Did a great job from based off of the anime..
  31. Chrisjunian Spencer: FIX THE BUGS!!!!!!!.
  32. Devonzell Pernell: After this recent update the game won't load at all..
  33. Marc Loza: Found the game to be good in most aspects except for having to use 1 free ticket at a time to get new characters, but overall was having fun until the new update, it said there was a new version but i had the latest and now only crashes in the opening menu, now my account got logged out and i just want to recover it.
  34. Danial Affendi: The game is getting better, although i wish that devs maintain the game's FPS to 60 or above since its quite laggy on the animation like the game is on 30 - 45 fps.
  35. Loutka Games: Great game but it's hard to develop my favorite characters.
  36. loganrgamer: I like this game, it's fun. But how is it that every time am update rolls out, it breaks the game? It's kinda dedicated since it has no Google play back up.
  37. Kelly Brookes: Still so many glitches.
  38. guian montemayor: I gave 3 stars because the gameplay and characters are good ... But its too laggy FPS drop my settings is Low grapics but I use secret skill is to laggy like FPS drop you need to improve the graphics settings to improve smooth game...
  39. Shaq Still: I love the game and the issue is fixed so I give it 5 stars.
  40. Aurora Blackstone: Great Game, Good Mechanics, Clean Animation, Awesome Character Selection.
  41. Rafiq GG: Please help.. i cant get into the game and now it stuck at the starting screen.
  42. Blossom 21: still stuck on the white screen while loading and since I can't save my data on my Google/Facebook account then this game is instant "game over" for being unplayable at this point since the update. I loved the anime that the game was based on and would've continue with the story and everything about it, but since it's filled with bugs that kick you out from the game often, plus fewer ways to get crystals to for new characters I guess it's time to move on elsewhere..
  43. Athirah Ali Yahya: After updating I got blank white screen after WrightFlyer screen. I clean up my data and cache, and now I lost all my progression. Uninstalling after this!.
  44. Cloud00456: Okay my newest review the game itself is fun after 3 updates it is finally fixed on android which I want to say Thank You. But the summon of event character is ridiculous bad. I'm sorry to say I summoned 14 times on the black butler and got nothing but duplicate I summon 50 on veldora and got more duplicate and then milim I summon 30 times and I got more duplicates and then the newest one rimuru demon lord and I summon 20 times only to get more duplicates. I will raise my rate this to 3 stars.
  45. Zephyr: Edited review after playing for a while: it's quite good, I just wish there was more ways to get gems to summon.
  46. Amirul: The gacha rate is bullshut.
  47. Dead Weight: It is VERY grindy, with about 1 recruit every 6 missions with 3 stars. Not to mention, the more reliable approach to increasing power is by recruiting, so this can be VERY p2w.
  48. Yarelis Acosta: Lost all my data with the update. Complete waste of time if my data cant be restored.
  49. Jacob Johnson: Had to clear cache after the update, couldn't get my data back. Absolutely awful.
  50. Lia Lesdianti11: Why stuck after update...
  51. Fuku Dymio: S L I M.
  52. jeminic vasquez: before it was black screen. now it saying need to update but there is no update in the store!!!!.
  53. Ben Andrews: Galaxy Z Fold 3 - unplayable.
  54. Andrew Prieto: The pity system could definitely use some work, but all in all I've absolutely loved the game!.
  55. R Harris: Quickly became boring and currency has all dried up..
  56. welton smalls: its good.
  57. Lester Acosta: I lost all my data with the update, very disappointed that my time was wasted..
  58. Gusion MLBB: from 4 star to 3 star. good and nice game.
  59. Teddy Yoshua: Sometimes still kickin me out to title screen.
  60. John Ernelle Alba: After bug fixed update my game never opened again. I tried to reinstall the game and still stuck in white screen after the bandai logo comes out, plz fix this..
  61. Ignatius Lam: Game was fun and all but the crashes are insanely bad. So many bugs and glitches happening in the game and if u have tickets you need to draw 1 by 1 instead of drawing 10 at once which is quite time consuming. This game has the potential to be much better. Also the banner appearances are stupidly fast. Not enough gems to draw as an F2P player. Please fix it.
  62. CrazedWrecker: It's a good game, however the ground is so bright it makes it hard to see details. If they added a feature or a update that actually 'fixed' the ground I would give 5 stars.
  63. joey bowler: Love the game goes vary well with the original story and plot but every single update I get screwed over somehow and the game glitches to the point I can't play even lost all my saved data trying to Uninstall my game to fix it did fix the issue but it's back again and I can't play anymore really wish these typse of bugs would be fixed so I can play again.
  64. Anner: The anime is the storyline. Very cool! There are 10 chpts so far. You need to spawn 5* heroes and dups to progress. If you grind hard, you can do a 10x spawn once every few days. Though I'm running out of quests to get gems. 4-5* heroes are for fighting, and all heroes assigned for town jobs. Spawn rates seem to be worst recently. Most tickets they give you are only 3* heroes. Can't save your data to Google account, so i won't spend until that's resolved, hence 2* rating..
  65. Brandon Verderaime: Game is amazing although sometimes when activating abilities in fights the game like doesn't let u use anything and you have to restart the whole app..
  66. Dimas Ikhsan Fadlillah: Masih suka keluar sendiri saat lagi main.
  67. Wan Kun: Like this game but i just more concerned at price u put on this game.. it's too expensive one ticket +300 diamond for $23.57....
  68. Chris Whalen: Edit: was 3/5. A month in and there is some app stability issues. The banners have been coming in like crazy and with the limited amount of crystals you get you won't be able to pull unless you whale allot. Fun game with great additional stories to the slime universe. The graphics and animation is fun to watch and the vice acting is great. Downside the constant crashing and when updates occur something else seems to break. Would be a fun gotcha game that has decent rates if it worked properly..
  69. Joshua Price: Love the game wish there was more opportunities to earn crystals tho.
  70. Dingo's Eat Babies: Was great until the last update now the game doesn't even load now good job guys..
  71. John: Modified rating It's a really fun game, mechanics and gameplay is nice, building your own town, etc. My only issue is with the difficulty scaling, it gets too steep too quickly and you're gated behind needing to build your town, but to do so you need to clear certain stages at a certain difficulty level, which is problematic early on. I feel the easy storyline should at least be scaled down, normal and higher is a little too difficult especially if you don't luck out on good character draws..
  72. David Nguyen: Very disappointing how after the update, my account data was lost with no way to restore it or way to get the ID to reach out to support.
  73. orland hinds: Good game finally fixed some bugs.
  74. Rayy TX: The most recent update would not let me even reach the home screen. So I had to Uninstall the game and reinstall. Lost, all of my data. A Day 1 account, just gone. Maybe put out more notice than a single post on the website. Horrid..
  75. patrick zheng: cannot load the game (white screen) after updated on nov 26.
  76. Turner William: I love it.
  77. DHIA WAJDI: Error, congrats.
  78. Andrew Remmel: Update to my previous review: Crashes are almost non-existent at this time. Nice job devs!.
  79. Jordan Quinn: Stopped working and kept getting a black screen after a system update. Then they updated the game and now I just freeze on another screen with words..
  80. blacker flamers: is a really good game. voice the animation are really good.
  81. Eric Galindo: The daily quest "request aid" needs removed or adjusted to something long term. If this isn't changed the long term F2P will not be possible. Enjoy the story and graphics. Would like the option to earn slow crystals daily long term..
  82. Johnny Boi: Won't even load properly after update. Don't bother with this game..
  83. Ghosting AD: In this game you follow a slime named Rimuru. While he makes friends and battles enemies, you'll be battling app crashes, error loops, common in-game systems failing, challenge quests not registering as complete, and any other miscellaneous errors that pop up. You also get an overpriced bare-bones cash shop. A deluge of limited time gacha banners along side limited F2P access to premium currency. So, welcome to the game. You're now a beta tester. Money spent is non-refundable. Enjoy your stay!.
  84. syakir azmi: Unexpected error occurred even after I restore data....this issue is almost the same as when you launched the one piece puzzle match game....please fix this.
  85. TimmyTheGenius: Great.
  86. Ariel O'Neill: Whenever I login right now, the app tells me to update the game after I've already updated it, so I can't play at all. Other than this, I love these types of games so I thoroughly enjoy recapping the episodes and seeing the characters I love..
  87. Louigi Pabico: What happen why can't enter the game. It said you need to update but where's the update damn.
  88. Vali Lucifer: Why is it always the same bug preventing me from playing?.
  89. Mlane 98: Fix all the damn bugs.
  90. JONAS JACOB NGAPPOL: Great game !! Good graphics!! But The bugs though it keeps crushing my game ... I know you can fix it so i gave 5 stars keep it up!!.
  91. Sebester Bruh: Too many bug. Please fix it all.
  92. Coll Panda: This is Purely a cash grab game. It requires nearly 400$ for a guranteed unit. There is Nothing to really do at endgame as its nearly impossible to actually do Conquest, which is the only place where you can upgrade weapons beyond level 30. The Units themselves Vary in how good they are and its not even close. Even at launch not all 5* are balanced, and if you dont have the OP units goodluck even being able to finish the story. Limited content, Not much room for improvement..
  93. nattapon phetnachom: พอใช้ได้.
  94. Cat 509: After today update from play store I get black screen issue. Pls fix it asap.
  95. Vicnoto F: It ok.
  96. Lance Layno: game is still a bit laggy.
  97. Gavin Bree: I Love the anime, art, music and characters. The game is really fun to play, however I do feel there isn't enough stamina which is a shame as you end up not playing the game much once you have burnt through your daily allowance. As a new player everything seems gated behind time syncs and leveling mechanics which are out of reach. Not being able to complete the bingo cards for example because you are locked out of content is not fun. Not very f2p friendly...
  98. Natsu Dragneel: Can't play the game properly.
  99. bruh moment: pretty fun and addicting but story is short and it has become difficult to get crystals.
  100. Richard Crull: Started out good but with the last update I am unable to play just goes to a black screen after start screen..
  101. Marcus: After recent update the screen is stuck on a white screen after bandai logo.
  102. Shiro: amongus.
  103. Johnny: Best gacha ive played by far and theres lots of cool features like the farming while youre gone. Would give it a 5 star if gems were actually afordable and i honestly think they would make more money if the were because very few people want to spend $25 for a single multi, also the game crashes alot but other than that great game. Edit: i have now played the game for a while would change from 4 to 3 star. They need to add more ways to earn gems and need to stop bringing out new characterssooften.
  104. Jason Callander: After recent update, game stuck on white screen after Bandai logo. 🤬.
  105. Emmanuel Quinones: Bugggyyyyy.
  106. Cecil Darkholm42: Overall great game...but.Since the last update once the load screen is clicked to start game, music plays but only black screen..tried to restart, same eveytime. (Edit: they fixed it.).
  107. Omar A. Paz: I really like the dynamics of the game as it matches the story plot pretty well..
  108. loren peter: This game is so good, but while in game there are so many errors/bugs happen. Hope they fix these soon.
  109. D-Men: i been staying on a white screen the hole time after the new update.
  110. alex ruddock: Crashes way too much, tried to give it time since release to see if it gets fixed, but after a month it's still an unstable mess.
  111. Austin Adina: Too much bugs. Recently this game would not let me log into it due to an error..
  112. Jon Wheeler: Honestly, don't play the game right now. It's a buggy mess that doesn't give you enough summon currency. Additionally one of their bugs caused black screens on login that had many people lose data. They also keep removing my rating/review of the game for telling the truth..
  113. Beta Wolfv1: Can't accept sworn friends kicks u to main menu game is bad should have wait and not early released.
  114. Never know: No what i was expecting :/.
  115. Beatchange16: Great game with some good animations and gameplay. Just a lot of problems were the game kicks me out when I summon. I still keep the characters but it ruins the suspense..
  116. Bazli Arif: I want this game to be friendly android because it keeps my gameplay lagging.Fix this please..
  117. William Flitcraft: When the devs are capable of pushing out updates that dont destroy the game for hours/sometimes days at a time, the rating will change. Every update brings more issues. I know it's a new game and its bound to have bugs, but days without being able to get into the game with very little or no compensation is ridiculous for a game from bandai..
  118. Michael Lee-Collings: Crashing and bugs, long grinds. Don't be f2p because you are not going to get any banner units to save your life. Absolute cash cow game byeeeeeee.
  119. Deadly Meliodas: Extremely hard to get 5 stars, please raise the rates..
  120. Prank Bruthas: After update it doesn't change after going to a white screen.
  121. Forge: Awesome and very fun.
  122. Jonathan Musard: Great game, honestly have had a lot of fun with this game and enjoyed it a lot. However, it is such a big game. It's larger than some console games. I have had to uninstall and redownload the game multiple times in order to allow it to consolidate space and not be so big. If you're going to make a game that's going to end up being upwards of 10 gigs you should just make a game for consoles..
  123. Matthew McAllister: Love the game. Would be a 5 star but, I'm having a lot of drop out issues. But it didn't bother me enough to stop playing. The real problem is I get to the start screen, press start, and the screen goes black and stays black. I can't get into the game to enjoy it. Need help with the fix. Update no help with the fix. Tried to reach out got no support. Had to reboot my phone and lost apps. All my work and five stars gone. Had to start over after reading, if app is uninstalled data is lost.....
  124. Samuel Nair: After the update i cant open my game.
  125. Bao Vu: Super nice game but unfortunately for most of us it is not playable because of a bug which locks you out of the game. Will revise it o ce it is fixed. Data transfer system is also not the best..
  126. Merci Merci: The rate for featured unit it's very low.
  127. Chris Anderson: This bugged rimuru banner is not accurately reflecting pull rates displayed. Man this game has a good bit of potential but it's not going to last another month at this rate...
  128. totally legit: Enjoying bthe game so far there's a lot of optimisation to be made especially in the build your nation area but overall enjoyable can't play currently because game says update but no update in store.
  129. hardstyle boy: Absolutely amazing game but its now telling me there's an update on store when I ho to update there us no update and it won't let me play.
  130. Tk0Rahl: Not bad... a few too many crashes to get 5 star, but the game is good and its not pay to win, but pay to expedite. I wish the packs weren't quite so expensive, I would spend a little here and there, but I'm OK with the price considering the way the rest of the game is set up. Devs if you see this, I would spend money on the game much more often if the packs were cheaper. To buy 10 rolls for a limited time character event, if it was $10 instead of $20 would be an easier decision..
  131. Joshua Thao: still buggy.
  132. Mahin Shah: Game keeps crashing and the premium currency rate is dogshit.
  133. Merpsz: Disappointed in reviews about small bugs, most gachas that I know of don't give out free summons, I'm lucky to obtain plenty of 5*'s f2p but I feel fine with my progression, gameplay and story. Most ppl treat this game as if they NEED to collect every character or just incredibly unlucky. I'm not even a fan of the building ur own city stuff but the gameplay makes up with satisfaction. The only bugs that I encounter is returning to the title screen and mismatching version..
  134. Grace Hatcher: Love the show and now the game.
  135. Senko: the game is fun, gacha rate is pog.
  136. edmond khoo: Stop being so greedy bandai!!!!.
  137. Austin: Graphics/story are great however...(1)consumes a huge amount of space on phone (2)tons of bugs...couldnt play the game for a few days due to bugs and updates(3)hard to actually play due to extremely low 5 star summon rates and it is really hard to get gems(4)in game purchases are ridiculously expensive. Id be willing to buy in game items normally but $25 for a 10 summon and also not even get a worthwhile character?!?.
  138. Inomata Misaki: great game that really feels like your in the anime. The city building and leveling systems are really good as well. (Update" 11/26/21 - The game has a great foundation, but some systems are flawed aka conquest mode not always dropping the required items and after you beat the story there is no currency to farm. Probably going to a awesome game after several updates.).
  139. Justin Luketich: Great concept, just no room for getting good characters unless you make purchases which is an obsurd amount. There's a lot of repetitive grinding which gets boring fast and really difficult to level up your characters.
  140. John Saavedra: Fun game and good setup but a little buggy and with the latest update it doesn't load up anymore.
  141. Alan Jarvis: I really want to give this game a higher rating but there's just too many problems. First being all the loading screens and if your internet connection isn't perfect than you gotta refresh the game. Second, anytime I try using 3 skills at one time thr game soft locks. Characters are still animated and move but I can't click do do any moves. Third, having three times events running together sucks! Out of the three that were available (Diablo, veldora and milim) I only got Veldora..
  142. Callum Antrobus: Game was great initially but the pity system is revolting, there's naff all gems to be gained and its absolutely disgusting that within two to three weeks 4 different banners have been thrown out three of which end on the same bleedin day, I have never seen this kinda bollocks in a gacha before, it's so bad that all four banners have terrible characters that's were poorly designed and are weak upon release, only two banners are worth pulling on, let alone all four banners are dark....
  143. Theodore Benau: I LOVE Isekai Memories, I get to build and stylize my own town from the series, and battle with the characters, and their story is amazing, the only problem I have is I can not access the magicrystal shop, and there is only one source to get the hammers..
  144. Shammy Chukwudulue: Thanks for fixing freezing problem..
  145. Saisha Boyle: It tend to kick me out from to time.
  146. Elijah Roach: W game.
  147. Chong Lao Yang: You can't skip battles in events with parallel thought so grinding event items can be really time consuming. In battle you only see the next action which can have really bad RNG, so you can't really plan ahead, wished it shows you the next 3 instead of just 1. Otherwise a fairly fun game..
  148. Moses Lockhart: Started off good. No it won't work.
  149. Anthony Sabo-o: Please fix the error that's plaguing everyone and will change the rating. I really like this franchise... Shame the launch had such a bad execution....
  150. BlueShark Beauty: I have watch the anime and it's just as good. I really enjoy this game and watch my characters grow..

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- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again slime-isekai-memories-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of SLIME on your phone.

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Version: 1.0.11.
Operating system: 8.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.6.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 500,000+.
Product: $0.99 - $79.99 per item.
Developers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc..
Votes: 87,092.
Interact: In-Game Purchases.
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