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classic Three Kingdoms strategy game. Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord Mod vv1.0.0.2691

Update: 23/05/2022
Original price $: 12.99

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Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based lord strategy game developed by Chengdu Longyou Studio. The studio created this game world set in the Three Kingdoms period mainly based on people’s perceptions of other games of that period. The game depicts in great detail the differences between the various cities and the abilities and characteristics of the officers. The game also features an engaging combat system, where weather, terrain, and many other factors affect the outcome of each battle.
The game is based on the famous Chinese historical novel by Luo Guanzhong (circa 1330 – 1400 AD).

Game Features

I.Classic and beautiful graphics, fine line drawing
The officer avatar is a picture from the comic book “Three Kingdoms”, carefully colored by our artists. All interfaces of the game are designed in typical Chinese style.

II. Governance mode is easy to get started:
Automatic setting and operation of governance affairs allows players to easily manage various affairs and spend more time enjoying other aspects. Since it is a game of lords, players only need to pay attention to the capital city, order the prefect, formulate policies to automatically govern non-capital cities, and issue orders when necessary.

III. Rich gameplay and content
More than 1300 officers (including those recorded in historical books and novels).
Detailed ability to differentiate officers.
Officers are distinguished by more than 100 unique characteristics.
Almost 100 verified precious items appear in the game world.
Nearly 60 cities with different styles and hundreds of city characteristics.
The technology research system with rich content runs through and supports the whole game.
Six main basic arms and more than ten special arms constitute a rich arms system.
Super rich official position.
Your own marriage system and humanized parenting inheritance system.
Various natural phenomena and disasters simulate the disaster period of the Three Kingdoms.
Businessmen, prophets, celebrities, famous doctors, artisans, blacksmiths and swordsmen wander around and visit you.

Four. The turn-based combat mode requires careful planning when deploying troops
Weather, terrain and even the height of the battlefield will affect any battle in the game.
Field battles and siege battles are presented differently. Players can use a variety of siege vehicles to siege the city and loot the land to defend their castle.
The troop formation system adds to the fun of combat. Different units of different formations have different enhancement effects.

About the Refund Policy
Dear Players:
If you made a mistake or are not satisfied with the game, you can request a refund through Google Play it less than 48 hours after your purchase. Refund requests are processed by Google, and overdue refund requests will not be accepted. The developer will not be able to process any refund requests. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please refer to:

Free download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord HACK/MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 880M) - Version v1.0.0.2691. Released on September 6, 2021. By EN.VNMOD.NET. classic Three Kingdoms strategy game. Developed by ChengDu LongYou Tech. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. Everyone 10+.

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The Last Warlord Official Version Patch No. 137 Update Notice(V1.0.0.2691)
Updates Contents as follows:
New content added:
1. Added the voice effects of entering scenes and rain;

Fixed Bugs:
1. Fixed the error of the place names on Field;
2. Fixed the error of effective attack range of the fire traps;
3. Fixed the error of the number of special troops deployed..

New comment

  1. % Glorzo: Thanks for making a good game and not inviting the bullies to spoil your efforts. I never understand why devs want their games taken over by loonies. Keep up the good work.
  2. Zamodio John Vincent B: After Playing almost 1 month I saw some bug from the game for example in the port you can't attack the a unit who tying to climb on the left side of front the wall near the catapult and the siege tower different from what I expected in reality siege tower purpose is became a more efficient than ladder but it became a acher.
  3. Alessandra Vettori: Please allowed us edit the world more easily without using the file (import&export) and please reply to me in the Gmail that I've sent Please don't ignore my problems faced please.
  4. Talonidir: Would love to play it, but this game doesn't appear to be optimised at all for the Z Fold 3. Many options get cut off or require several attempts to get to work. Will try again later as I want to try it.
  5. Muhammad Sadiq Ali Alvi: I love this game and I would've given it 5 stars but the only problem here is that it's an offline game but it still requires internet to start. Please fix this problem. Overall it's a good game..
  6. Steve Matthew Imbong: Hi guys, can you please translate the other scenarios to english as well. And I can't seem to add new characters then save game to 'General Returns' scenario. Hope you can fix this. Thanks!.
  7. Adi: Stuck at downloading asset screen at 9.09%, any solution?.
  8. SankWarBeats: I love this game, update and add the other kingdoms Goguryeo , Buyeo,'s an ideea! More option, ex: stick fighting or more wapons, peace pact with nations, vassal, sanctioning a military, commercial nation and more other options! Greetings From Romania🇹🇩🇹🇩.
  9. Anh Nguyen: Updated review, the game definitely worth giving 5* now..
  10. D G: I wish I could play this on my Onn tablet from Walmart but it won't download the additional content.
  11. Bagus Suryo: Hi! I got trouble on app loading when i turned off the mobile data. It keep saying Downloading resources but never really come up to the game when the mobile data off. Is it neccessary if i should re-installed the game?.
  12. Mage Or Feed #Gaming: Wating for your updates and new funtions❤️ Edit.(Can we have more tech functions and why AI always wanna break ally with me.Can we make like ally through marriage like Nobunaga Ambition iron Sphere.The more functions of Dip and Tech,the game will be more fun.).
  13. philip kusuma lie: I got confuse, too little explanation too little tutorial, i even do not know how to assign the general, what is bad thing if assign only 1 general in a province or what even spy and minor spy do, even i can not recruit general or make famous people teach even they visit region that you govern, you need to make a tutorial as a gameplay for at least 1 year game, i try to like, i try to watch youtube, in the end this game is one of the worst that i buy.
  14. Khuat Ba Ha: required internet connection to start.
  15. Furqan A Sugiarto: Always force close after 5 minutes play. Device Xiaomi Pocophone F3..
  16. Muhammad Albarrozi: Very good offline game. But still need improvement in diplomacy feature and it will more fun (at least for me) if there is historical event occured that impact the game situation (such as liu Bei who struggle in the early three kingdoms period).
  17. Darren Ang: Love the game , It reminds me of Koei Romance of the three kingdom but with more historical accurate troops. Would recommend if you love strategy games like Koei's Romance of the three kingdom. The content in the game is great but it will be even better if the developer woul add on some more content in the play, like more diplomacy choices and event and maybe improve the duel system to spice up the quality of the play. Overall it is a fun game that deserve to be given a try..
  18. Lee YL: I have bought this game on my phone and STEAM as well 🙈 I LOVE THREE KINGDOMS THEMED GAMES SO MUCH!.
  19. John -John Tabora: What happened to the game?, the last update was sept 26 2018?, i can't open it now, i tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it only just pending and no progress at all... What happened?.
  20. die magnum: If you like the variant of ROTK X/XI etc. You'll definetely love this game. It's just some text are in Chinese, hopely in the future, there would be full English..
  21. Sam Guinevre: Again, I'll say what other users also said, fix the tutorial. Work the basic up, create a tutorial that actually makes sense and teach player how to play the game. Edit : Now I don't know how to finish the Snow Mountain because of how ridiculuous the boss is, and that's after I cheat all the way up. We also need online walkthrough..
  22. msnd 17: I hope u make another game with the concept like this game... ❤️❤️❤️.
  23. Rumble Rustle: Stuck at downloading asset its always at 21,89. Already uninstall and download again for 3 times but it still stuck, I have good internet connection. Can you please fix it?.
  24. Indra Sastra: Kong ming is in the houes yo.
  25. Aung Thantzin: More feature please. look like total war three kingdom. More advantage AI ..
  26. A Google user: I wish u can add more women in the game cus its pretty hard to get married partner if all your officer a male and please add more different research technology for different faction....
  27. Havoc: Wth????? I Bought this game 2 years ago and now I want to play i cant seem to get past over installation process what the h is happening??? I'm also seeing this new reviews of this being network required now holy cr8p man First Review: Ashame though I haven't explored much of the game I know that i would be good but damn idk why but the game freezes most of the time and it would ruin my progress. Hopefully devs can fix this soon so I can give a proper review :) Happy New Year Devs!!!.
  28. A Google user: After update and loosing all of my data game is online only. This sounds like a bate and switch to me. I bought an offline game. Save your money on this one. I will not ever buy another app from this developer again no matter how much they blame Google..
  29. Kevin Tan: Just dowload it yesterday and i stuck on downloading asset screen I dont think this about google policies, im online. Do i need to wait this downloading asset? It's going nowhere.
  30. Shadow: I love this game. Please add more details like add shield and armoured factory, food and mine factory, cloth factory etc. Add more details for generals and city. Thank you for making this wonderful game. Good luck 👍🏻.
  31. ʀɪᴢᴀʟ ᴢᴀʟɪ: No longer offline this game because offline.. i want refund.
  32. Bob Liu: I've been playing this game for about 2 years. Great game and worth buying until their latest and worst update........ It suppose to be an offline game(which was the reason I bought this game), and new patch made this game need internet access to play. What a nonsense policy for an offline game. You could just simply add two options when opening the game: 1, Check updates. 2, Continue with offline mode. Anyway I am contacting google to get my refund at the moment. Fingers crossed..
  33. alejandro jimenez: Its the best strategy game made for mobile, if you have the cash and that itch about a strategy game rotk-like I'd advise you to go for it.
  34. Joh ny: So now must be online for run the game?.
  35. _Çōdēr13 _: Waited game like this for so long... good.
  36. Tek aa: Nice game Deserve money.
  37. Dhika Djolbi: I can't play anymore since the internet was needed. This is a very serious problem and must be fixed. Hopefully the next update will be normal..
  38. James Prescott: Similar to the Koei rtk series but done better! But, Please add an option to save our custom difficulties!.
  39. mcdomcdo tv: Worse update,,need internet to play..this is suppose to be offline,they said its about google policy..ia habe many google play offline games and it works fine without internet.. Every time you log in you need to connect to internet.. Come on..bring back the offline version..its pandemic and not all people are afford to have internet access... I hate that i updated this game...cant play offline anymore..
  40. Mars Dael: Everytime I play I need to turn on my internet connection because it always says downloading assets. I bought this game because I can play offline in it what a disappointment now I cant play this game without internet anymore. 😶.
  41. Nguyen Ngoc Anh: Can log in the game after download new patch , plz fix it.
  42. Oaksoe Han: Edited. Now with the update, internet connection is required to play the game.That's really bad. I hate it. Best "Three Kingdoms" strategy game available on mobile so far. Best things about this game are 1.there is no IAPs 2.maintain the taste of classic ROTK gaming experience we used to play since our childhood and it contain even more advanced features. 3.regularly update the game and add new features on updates. Really love this game and every ROTK fan must support this kind of developer..
  43. Chris Gonzalez: Love the game very much! It's very disappointing that the AI difficulty is horrible. Also there are no tool tips for officers special skills while in battle. Another issue is the tutorial does not cover transportation of resources and troops. There is a lot of work to be done but overall it's a great game..
  44. Xen Cogdell: Good cost a lot though was my first opinion until I realized how good it was for a phone game and the fact that this game made me want to learn bout the three kingdoms and my new favorite history person also the music is just great..
  45. Yoon Lee Kok: The new rules by Google that prevents the export and inport of saved games is a terrible decision by Google. Now I cannot backup my saves and move them between devices. Would appreciate the developers telling us how to work around this STUPID Google policy. Thanks.
  46. Sandy Irawan: Hello Developer, Did you fix the force close/crash of the game? Edit : You didn't fix the crash after so long. I'm using Realme C2 and keep crashing after several turn. Edit 2 : The Force close still here, Sir ! Edit 3 : 6GB? Seriously? If this game free, I will uninstall it. But I bought it more than half year ago. It was playable until your game updated and keep force close. Do you force me to buy a 6GB Phone to let myself play your game? Dude !.
  47. Godzilla Reaunroengjai: You will love this game.If you love the Romance of the three kingdom. I feel like.I were the lord who try to occupy every city in china for being chinese king..
  48. 展和: The game strategy is nice. The only thing I hope developer can add in is the selection of custom made character. The type of hairstyle, color, face, clothes, Etc...
  49. Dragon Man: haha.
  50. RIO Prasetio: 3/18/20: Similar to Romance of The Three Kingdoms series (pc) totally loved it! Thank you for the hardwork of making such an awesome game. Now: it's still the best single player strategy game ever exist, some people say this game is hard to play/bad tutorial. But it's really easy to play, yeah it's bit complex but that what makes it fun. It's like you're playing ROTK series (pc games) on your phone. Once again good work Dev Team! I'll give you guys 7 stars if I could lol.
  51. Moon Hope: Good all around I finally found game in historical periods that I interested in, the game have a lot of depth but The guide is so bad that I have to learn most game by myself and searching in internet which waste my time and my enjoyment. Edit , the choice between awards i think 🤔 the developer want to lock the selection only on one items so to not mixed with others items selection which is good idea but failed to mentioned in the updates release notes, which made me rated less..
  52. Sandi Agita: Bahasa Indonesia please!!.
  53. Ni Ki: Edited Review: I gave this 5/5 before because it was really a good game, despite it's short-comings. But this DRM nonsense is an absolute deal breaker for me. There are many ROTK games out there, many of them free to play, but I still pick this one even though it is a bit pricey for a mobile game, and that's because I expect it to work offline, As person who is usually deployed in remote areas I cannot play the game now anymore.... I would drop my rating to 0/5, sorry I cannot accept the fact that despite buying your game and supporting you... you treat us as if we are criminals that you need to check on whether we ripped your games or not.... I hope I can refund my money back, as I didn't paid for this kind of nonsense, but I doubt it will happen. .... really really disappointed by how things develop for this game.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original Review: A Romance of the Three Kingdoms game full of personality and flavor. The game leans just a little tiny bit towards the fantastical, but the strategy, management, scheming, (and even a little bit of role playing) are there. Lot's of personalities, events, and little things that will keep you expermenting and customizing about. Tutorial needs some improvement, but the officer creation and the very accessible cheat options will help you learn the ins and outs of the game without having to worry about ruining your chances. There are some minor technical, typos, translation, and presentation hiccups that kinda smeared the top notch presentation, but nothing that I cannot get used to. Overall it's a top notch strategy game of it's kind. 5 for me as it is a worthwhile buy..
  54. proudcandy: Was the import and export function removed from the game?.
  55. condorX2: Hello I like your game and I have few suggestions to offer. Please give us a portrait version. I prefer to hold the phone with my left hand and click it with my right hand. 2.) let us build our building from scratch and make it movable. This allow us to bond and remember our buildings like the back of our hand. 3.) Make everything easy to manage, such as hiring troop , training, upgrading, rallying etc. 4. Install The walking dead survivor. Copy it layout and ease of use. Cheers.
  56. Joshua Gouge: The best sim/strategy game out for Android!.
  58. xMazin: After update. You game need connection??? Why we will cry now 1 ☹️ game want to download file any time when i play ☹️.
  59. Jacob Carrizales: There is such a good game in here but it needs so much work. There's too much going on, but there are still clunky features also. You can tell a lot of effort has been put into this..
  60. Flying Solo: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP. IT IS A SCAM. i bought this app a while ago, and had ongoing problems with numerous bugs and crashes. i tried to give it many many chances. now, with the latest update, online DRM has been added, so that you CANNOT PLAY THE GAME OFFLINE anymore, even though it is a single player game..
  61. Mark Sipe: I billed twice but because I didn't download immediately it is attempting to bill me a third time...I want my money back for both purchases and will download at a later date.
  62. Techno 21: Hi ChengDu LongYou, Can you guys please translate to English the other items(Chinese)?? I would like to know the effects of each item but some are in chinese. Thank you! More love I like the new Icon. It is great.
  63. Forgotten Ones: The english is so bad that you cant understand the game well enough to play. Its a mind fk to try and decode the tutorial. EDIT: the game is unplayable the game is expansive it is ambitious it would be an amazing game if it was understandable because the lack of capable english makes the game unplayable.
  64. Alan Smith: Great game that's constantly updated and full of detail. Worth the price. Reminds me of romance of the three kingdoms 7..
  65. Reza Firdaus: Problem fixed. Previously when i installed it on vivo this game works perfectly normal. But when i switched to redmi note 9 pro, after i installed it the game won't even start. I've already deleted and reinstalled..
  66. Delano Arden: I loved this game , can u make an individual version such as Romance of the three kingdoms 10 ?? It will be great.
  67. Ramon Lai: It's very interesting to play but always crash and freeze. Please fix this bug, I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
  68. Mbloi Mbloi: We need more guide to defeat monster event and the soul of Xiang Yu..
  69. Steve B: I love koei RTK series and this is the best you can get in mobile. I wish there is multiplayer mode (hotseat perhaps) like in the older series 3,4,7,8. I used to play epic long game of RTK with brother and cousins.
  70. Carl Burgess: Haven't been long but I'm enjoying the game so far. One question, how do you use your created characters in 'generals return' game mode? The characters status is 'dead'.
  71. Phu Min: There's a problem that I can't play the game. It stuck on the loading screen (the blue Longyou with white background). I installed this game on Huawei Y6p, access to gg play store and open the game via Gspace. I played this game before, it is a very fascinating strategy game, but this experience disappoints me. Do you have any suggestion on this problem?.
  72. tit raksmey: Titraksmey95.
  73. Red Dawn: I like this alot hope you continue to work on it and improve it..
  74. Mike jr: Thank you..
  75. toni losi: I checked the volume it's at max no problem with my device too but still no sound.
  76. Sean Dudgeon: Top-notch..
  77. Adistra Imam: Really great game! Played for over than 100 hours during this Covid quarantine.. Great job!.
  78. Wolfer Wilder: Best game. But can u add story mode for role play. Don't need copy real stoy from three kingdom, just make it up yourself for player like about story player is son of general or something just like in drama u know.
  79. Travis Johnson: My favorite game growing up was Ro,mance of the three kingdoms IV. I think as long as the devs continue working as they have been ,they will eclipse RotK, if they haven't already..
  80. ajong 17: I like the game, i just want ask , i create a faction n officer, but i can only get 1 officer at my city, how to assign officer in my city? Tq.
  81. James Sellars: Better than the last few games KOIE came out with. Really enjoying it, but my one complaint is that the english translation is incomplete for some of the scenarios..
  82. Jay Ng: When play customised players, game unable to save. Please rectify bug..
  83. Ahmad Noor Yuhdi: Thank you dev for always updating this game, appreciate your hard work.
  84. Dhika Djolbi: I gave 5 stars (again) this time. Because the last update was getting better. I hope the next update is more surprising than ever. But there is still a small bugs in the 'legions' policy section that each city distributes to other cities (different legions) but spends the city's own resources. So 'foods' and 'golds' become deficient. And the function of the gov, Strategist, minister, as well as Marshall has no effect on the legion? Ah, Can u add ranks for ministers, and some peerage and princes?.
  85. Jonny Ramsden: I feel like there could be a good game here but I have no idea what it is or even what the goal is. Clearly it's quite complicated but also once you start fiddling around there doesn't seem to be that much to do or an obvious goal or point to your actions. There is a tutorial but it just adds to the confusion - they take the approach of taking you through menus 1 by 1 rather than teaching you anything. I probably spent 4-8 hours before giving it up as a bad job, it was a relief when I did.
  86. Mel Jansen Bayas: Great game. Too happy to play it. But can you add mote? Somethig like war proposal. Buying cities to prevent wars from other. Thanks. By the way. Cooloest strat game i ever played. i even have a positive review here. why i need to pay again to reinstall it?.
  87. Andreas Adi Nugroho: Almost perfect now with lack of here and there. Would you make japanese era games (sengoku/samurai warior) like this, maybe like nobunaga ambitions. Just use same engine but different themes. 10/10 will buy..
  88. MAN CHUN LAI: 我想问下google的存档位置在哪里?.
  89. AZUCHIGREY: I'm thoroughly enjoying this game. I love the combination of empire building, war, and RPG elements. Looking forward to seeing the devs improve and expand this game even further! A scenario editor would be a dream come true :).
  90. Mady Rutesh: Loved it. Been playing for long times. some suggestions:- 1)while using fate for marry or sworn siblings make officers list in alphabetical order. It's annoying to check name by name. 2)while awarding and looking to employ make alphabetical order list. 3)when city is captured make option for wich officers to put in city and weather to put military unit of than officer or other military unit and it's amount to put or not. It will feel more realistic and expand game. 4)opo force make union with us.
  91. anymouz xD: awesome.
  92. Mikki Sebastian: im using realme xt with 8GB RAM , and only hv few game in my phone , i tried clear cache and restart phone but freeze still occured oftenly . are there any other solution about this issue for me ? if not pls refund my money if i paid but cant play it. *Edit : so are there any solution for my incompatibility device ?.
  93. Muhammad Mumbai: This game is perfect 😊👍 thank you so much it reminds me of my childhood playing the 8th installment of romance of the three kingdoms..
  94. Hoàng Vũ: Good.
  95. panxii panxi: Hi devs i enjoy your game it's great just an issue with the game crashing after battles but it's good overall.
  96. Baywe Liyang: Really great simulation. I like the officers creation is really enjoyable. Virtually any character of war or politics can be of value. 🏅🏅😎.
  97. Ej L: If u r ROT3 Kingdoms strategy fan. Like the pc version style. No pvp or p2w. Just like old times. Then this one is for u. It is blended with rpg elements as well. Tons of officers with abilities some new elements. Not totally perfect can be abit messy but great enough to play n enjoy a long time. Great job for developing such a good game. Ty developer..
  98. Austin Porter: It's cool but I'm unable to customize my avatar at all or my general's. I spent roughly 13 to 14 bucks on this game and not even all the buttons work on the main title screen....fix this or give my money back.
  99. Paul Nolasco: hi I really love the game when it was starting and with the last few updates its not working anymore i tried re downloading the game but still crashes.
  100. Brad Gray: Game looks promising but can't play longer than 5 mins without a freeze or crash. 16.99 wasted.
  101. Christian Canoy: this game is more enjoyable to play if you are familiar with each of the characters during three kingdoms period, i suggest players to watch rotk 2010 series before playing if they haven't watch it yet.. for the devs i suggest to create a medieval europe version of this game if you still can, i'll be more than willing to buy it if there is.
  102. Fajar Nurcahyo: Love the game so much. Quick question, if im deleted this game after buying it, will I must pay again for installing it? Ex: switching over devices.
  103. megyn Kelly1: So much freezing bugs cannot play normally..
  104. prima afianady: why the game always freeze/crash in the middle of the game? i just try restart the game so many times. my device Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. only this game just like this. thanks.
  105. Peter Chit: Really good game but battle field strategy is still not enough good. Herores ability are not much useful too.
  106. Greg Moore: Installed. Started game. Immediately crashed out..
  107. Paul Ong: 游戏整体设计得很细腻,很细节化的游戏操作,对于喜欢单机手游的三国玩家,这是一款值得下手购买的游戏。.
  108. Rizky Pratama: Best ROTK for mobile.
  109. The Cong Vu: Great game!.
  110. walter wolfe: 5 stars for me. A great way to pass the time when. Took a little while to get used to all the different things to do. Long live Cao Cao..
  111. Vincent Kwong: When will be the Traditional Chinese veraion available?.
  112. Angelo Manaligod: Rotk vets consider this as a home in mobile gaming; Full of features which builds up the flavor of the game and the art style is great. Players new to this type of strategy game or new to strategy games at all would have a hard time to grasp the basic means to maintain a smooth experience as it lacks a thorough tutorial, which I recommend would focus on how to stabilize internal affairs such as the economy and employed officers. Once the two issues are addressed, this game is 5-star worthy!.
  113. MH Ta: Great classic KOEI style ROTK. I hope the support and updates continue! Update: Over 2 years of updates to finally the "official release" which has really added so much depth to the game. Great work. No ads straight one time purchase really worth it wish there were more game releases like this..
  114. John Joseph Martinez: When you activate the age of turbulence DLC... At the very last army you try to conquer, the game closes.. Fix this pls.
  115. Jin Lim: Wish Koei comes up with one of this. Until then, a great game (-faces).
  116. Kaito 01: Really interesting game. One of the best game i ever play and it's offline too!! It's rare to find this kind of game offline nowadays. Keep it up developer.
  117. Imam Aminoto: Best mobile kingdom building.
  118. Yu Santoz: Not working on my new phone,but its work now...
  119. jackson jr: I been play for a long time but... this update when I occupy city it force close please fix it .I love to play your game as support but please do with all what your have.
  120. Daryl Diaz: The game crashes everytime during manual fights and it also crashes randomly. Im already annoyed and I already sent an email about this but no one respond I've waited for the next update because i thought the crash issue will be fix but it still there and THEY SAID THAT THEY WILL FIX THIS ISSUE......
  121. Hoàng Phạm: Crash when starting tutorial.
  122. Caelan: Very complex game and i like it! For those people who encountered freeze in game, don't close the game, click your home button from your phone like alt tabbing a program. It will stop the freeze. Hopefully this will help you..
  123. Hieu Do: Chơi khá thú vị. Like cho nph ngoài việc tiếng việt hơi chán.
  124. DevilSnake1990: Change this review to a 3 star, because now it's mostly freezing most of the time.
  125. Ren: I saw a pc version, how can i get it for free if i am already purchased the mobile version???.
  126. Double V: Problem fixed thank you.
  127. damien ost: on android, the only grumble I have about this wonderful Three Kingdoms strategy game is the font size, UI size etc. (I play on pc as result) wonderful game, regardless of it's screen size..
  128. OmniCloud: A GREAT ACTUAL mobile three kingdoms app with no BS micro transactions and feels like the streamlined ROTK games. Unfortunately it CONSTANTLY freezes, usually by ending your turn, or randomly during battle. Happens very frequently during battle, to the point of unplayable, which is a shame cause I see the love put in the app. Really hope this gets patched up..
  129. Zhask Krow: Plss fix the gamecrash.
  130. Mar Joseph Formigones: Can you please translate to english all the names of the characters from special scenarios. I would like to try the scenarios with all rulers were emperors. thanks.
  131. sickNsane Official: Playing through this game shows just how passionate your development team was. This game is more inspired and in depth than any that Koei have made in a very long time! I would happily donate if you guys crowd fund a sequel! Put Koei's money hungry asses out of business! Thank you for this!.
  132. Antony Ho: Why is the app keep on crashing? I want my refund please....
  133. Travis: I really want to like this game. It has a lot of stuff to keep you busy, but it keep crashing in combat. Every time. Please fix this, I will give more stars when it gets fixed. I did not refund to help support the devs to fix this..
  134. 高行本田: 還是行的,有被吸引到 多選項多勢力選擇增加可玩度 不過治安方面會比較虧,徵兵大損難賺回治安,招募武將每月只能一個人,給遊戲體驗些折扣,主公戰死沒能繼承就遊戲結束,少時會強制退出或當機 頭像人設地方很陽春,希望可以給自創武將人頭調換側臉,也可以從相簿選擇圖像,親嫌關係能夠選擇正史武將,還有任意選武將相性.
  135. Brandon Sim: So good so far but can someone advise how to make more gold and is there any fb page for this game?.
  136. Eel Chiong: I've just bought and installed it. My prior experience is with PS1 Romance of the 3 kingdoms VI. So I don't know how this game works in Android. Can you send me a manual on how to play? The tutorial is unhelpful. Waiting for a reply. Will change my rating when I start playing..
  137. ed soo: Can already.. thankyou.
  138. Habibi: Full screen view is not working. Home button still appear..
  139. Minh Lương Hoàng: Frequent crashing make it unplayable. Update: It can be any interfaces: in battle, officiers, items, city ... I can still hear the music as normal. Even when click on some spots of functional buttons, I hear the clicking sound. Seems like every things still work fine but the UI is stuck..
  140. Firdaus Hadi: The game is good, i can feel the RTK game atmosphere here. But sometime it's crashing and need to reload..
  141. Thanh Hải: It usually crashed/freeze on my Rog Phone 3. Please fix it..
  142. Julie Indah: I often experienced lag/freeze whenever i clicked on something. I freezed when i clicked strategy before and the other before that. Can you please fix it?.
  143. Payak: It crashes mostly in combat, but after a while, it now also crashes anytime in-game. Even when editing an officer. What should I do?.
  144. Jessica Johnson: Love this game a true rotk not just some random clone..
  145. Cloud: Game wont start after installation: stuck on the second screen (the music company logo or whatever) just bought the game and really hoping i can get some help or ill have to request a refund..
  146. Dark BoyZ: after some update i can't loggin anymore...just stuck at second screen while opening app..please check and fix it...
  147. Patrick Fiorito: CLASSIC ROTK!! Please make debates and duels more interesting..
  148. Austin Eads: Its a great turn based battle game but its beginning to crash when playing and designing characters this happens everytime theres been a update.
  149. Zoo wee: Over my expectation,just tutorial feels not complete,gameplay a bit complicated but doesnt bother overall experience,need learning to know how to play this game,still recommended,better than other related type games,also really like how the developers make the three dlcs free and the game premium with offline gameplay,will buy the future dlcs if not free to support.
  150. Kun Tara: Love the game but u need to make improvements in graphics.

Download Instructions Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord latest version for Android, iOS phones

- Download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord mod for android phone apk: Click the download button on the Android device that corresponds to your phone's operating system at the top of this page! Here EN.VNMOD.NET commit to bring the file download link three-kingdoms-the-last-warlord-hack-mod.apk & full other version, the most accurate from the publisher ChengDu LongYou Tech.

- Download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file three-kingdoms-the-last-warlord-hack-mod.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

- Download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord original version on google play: Click the download button to android device, then continue to click the button (Original Google Play Link)

- Download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord Original version on app store: Click the download button to your iphone, then continue to click the button (Original App Store Link)

- Download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord for computer / PC: before downloading files from EN.VNMOD.NET, please "download android emulator for computer" download & install, then download the apk file ChengDu LongYou Tech provide, upload files to the emulator and use.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord Mod Apk on Android & Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page:

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored three-kingdoms-the-last-warlord-hack-mod.APK & three-kingdoms-the-last-warlord-hack-mod.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again three-kingdoms-the-last-warlord-hack-mod just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord on your phone.

Download Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord HACK/MOD [FULL APK + IOS] 880M

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Operating system: 5.0 and up.
Evaluate: 3.7.
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Votes: 4,406.
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