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All you need to know about Universal Studios Hollywood in the palm of your hand.. Universal Hollywood™ App Mod v1.44.0

Update: 01/07/2022
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Download Universal Hollywood™ App Mod 1.44.0 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0 and up

Get everything you need for a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood at your fingertips. Download the official theme park app for free!
You can easily:
• Purchase selected single-day and multi-day theme park tickets in the app.
• Check rides, shows and wait times for attractions at home, on the go or in the park.
• Customize your park experience with itineraries, filter lists and maps to plan your day.
• Set ride wait times and display time reminders to make the most of your time in the park.
• Stay up to date on in-park announcements and upcoming special events.
• Share your Universal Studios Hollywood experience on Facebook and Twitter.
• Explore the park with a detailed map view.

Note: Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/notrtoo?brandA=USH&intake=Universal_Studios_Hollywood

Privacy Policy: https://www.nbcuniversal.com /privacy?brandA=USH&intake=Universal_Studios_Hollywood

CA Statement: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/california-consumer-privacy-act?intake=Universal_Studios_Hollywood

Free download Universal Hollywood™ App [Mod + Hack] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 115M) - Version 1.44.0. Released on March 16, 2022. By EN.VNMOD.NET. All you need to know about Universal Studios Hollywood in the palm of your hand.. Developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC. Operating system requirements 6.0 and up. Everyone.

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We’ve continued working hard on The Official Universal Studios Hollywood App. Here’s what’s new in this release:

Universal Studios Hollywood Account – Create an account to log in to the mobile app and website. Keep all your information in one place! Manage your tickets, communication preferences, addresses and account information.
Mobile Wallet – When logged in to an account, you can link your Universal Studios Hollywood tickets and use your mobile ticket to get into the park..

New comment

  1. Roman Savkovic: Cannot login, changed password, still can't login. Useless app..
  2. Kimberly Vallejo: Not going.
  3. KDATROCK MEAZYWOP: It was dope E there was some school break I was working on a few albums this app looks like it will be cool.
  4. R.: Tram wait times grossly inaccurate..
  5. Ana Barrera: This app helps me know what wait times there are for the rides in the univrsal studios theme park.
  6. Jack Luong: No paper directory. Hard to navigate and find ride..
  7. Lucian Gilfoil: For some reason I can't see most of the restruants or shops that I can see on the website..
  8. Jesse's Channel: Shyte app for a shyte park. Terrible app--crashes, freezes and does a poor job directing you around the park. Doesn't matter all that much though, since this is bar-none the shittiest theme park I have ever been to that costs this much. I have had a better time at my kids elementary school fair which had better rides, better food, lower prices and shorter lines. And that was run by 5th graders..
  9. ghostemane15p0tlIlsPot42o CARTELMAFIA: LLz7.
  10. Balsam Zetouna: Make everything's easy love it.
  11. Willem Flattery: App working great.
  12. Stevie G.: This is confusing. The ability to add a pass was added but it's only visible in the "Used/Expired tickets" section - which is odd for a recurring annual pass. Also the QR code it gives in that section is light gray and not black, so is this thing even going to scan at all to begin with? When going to look at "purchasing tickets", you get an "oops!" page. It seems this was rushed out with VERY little thought to any user experience whatsoever. Why is Universal so incapable of making a park app???.
  13. Joe G: Awful overall. Never could link park tickets and it would show 3 year old ti kets that have been used but not new annual passes. Recent update wiped ALL tickets out of app..
  14. Ray: Useful and accurate..
  15. Michael Rosett: BE CAREFUL: You can link annual passes to a single account! I linked all of our family annual passes to my account, and can't unlink them. Now they cannot link them to their own account. Map only shows points on a green background. I don't see an actual map. It works on my wife's and kids phones though. I have a Pixel 5..
  16. Jeffrix27: Nothing works just frozen.
  17. EvanGrey: While it's purpose is to assist with a visit, the lack of core features such as a digital pass shows that the support for this app is not a priority.
  18. Justin C.: good i think 1 star is just the people who dont know how to use the app.
  19. George Bashura: No working on my Samsung S10....
  20. Miko B: None.
  21. 9881255: Bring back printed maps! this sucks.
  22. Desiree Martin: Should not be open..
  23. Md.Robiul Islam rishad: Good app.
  24. Damian Gonzalez: I wish I was able to load up my annual pass on the app, other than that, I think it's a very useful app to help plan a day at the park.
  25. Luigi Avelar: Hehe.
  26. Michelle Harvey: The Map needs to have the names of attractions on the buildings, all buildings so I don't have to ask where everything is. The map is useless so nothing else is relevant..
  27. Sheli Douthit: I've enjoyed this app very much and I know I would like it a lot will lot.
  28. Yaroslav Udachin: Not possible to install. Pending installation for hours... And we are inside the park, and have no maps inside. If I would know, at least would print at home ....
  29. Miguelito Nunura: Faster.
  30. Pab C SP: Can't even download! It only spins!.
  31. Kamini Lee: Made it really easy to move around the park!.
  32. Rebecca Sanchez: Love this app!!!.
  33. H T: Why can't I add my season pass to my phone. The cheap paper ticket can't get damaged or lost etc so easily..
  34. David Vallecillo: Cool.
  35. Adrian Hoang: This is AWSOME its perfect for planing a visit looking forward to going there again!.
  36. Irene Horace: Irenehorace.
  37. Joshua Sanchez: I like universal Studio hollywood transformers Megatron Optimus Prime Bumblebee.
  38. Jennifer Elizabeth: The map sucks! So hard to navigate and find your way around the park and they don't do paper maps at all. Next time, I'll print out a paper map before I go..
  39. Kenneth Li: this is Lame. Six flags app able to store your annual pass on the app. why can't a big company like Universal unable to !.
  40. John Choi Hahn: Please let everyone else download it from play store it is good theme park rides.
  41. Andrew A: annual passes are made of paper and doesnt even let you add the pass to the app. terrible.
  43. Esmeraida Bustamante: 5/5.
  44. Luis Garcia: Why does it say that olivanders is a ride.
  45. Jerber Wyse: They need to add more rides.
  46. ZackAttack: bruh add a thing for the rides so you know if they operational or not, I need to know if the ride working, cuz I'm bot gonna be standing in no line if that ride broken.
  47. J. Dafool: I like universal studios hollywood and I like the experience this map is not that bad but I wish universal studios would add more rides like Orlando in my opinion but another than that it is a good park just feel like they need to add more rides and some different and in other sections..
  48. Larry Brandt: Not very helpful except for checking on waiting times. Maps are worthless.
  49. Liberty: Horrible map. Not easy to navigate. Lucky the parks not to big. Wait times not accurate. Hard to find destinations..
  50. Carlos Gonzalez: I love this app a lot it let's me know how. Long I have to wait in line..
  51. sonicfromthemovie: I kinda' wish there was a "coming soon" section. Other than that,it's a good app.
  52. Matthew Reyes: I do not know how to play this game🙁🙁. I want to go on the rides and they are all closed. This game looks like so much fun. 🌎.
  53. John wus: Very beautiful. My heart will go on..
  54. Velly Khazamula: Easy play n win.
  55. Do the Mario: Helped me and my family thanks.
  56. briandweeb: It's cool.
  57. Z Butt: Easy to navigate map and good for planning out the day.
  58. Nickiesha Grant: You have no full movies to watch.
  59. The Emperor: I love Ashley Salazar.
  60. Ju You: If your app is going to be effective, ESPECIALLY when it will play a big part when the park fully opens after Covid19, you need to accommodate Android users better. We have microSD cards we can use to help us manage the space needs that apps take up but your app does NOT allow itself to be moved to an SD card. Your app is WAY too much of a space hog to not be able to be moved. As an annual passholder I depend on this app and would appreciate your recognition and resolution of this problem..
  61. Esteban Jimenez: I love your app.
  62. Kieran Hayag: Update the map, and include a way to upload our passes/tickets. Other theme park apps have account linking abilities..
  63. Haris Hashim: I like app.
  64. Leo Cruz: Gooooooooood.
  65. Janet Le: It's very useful 😊.
  66. GiantPoogiv Plays: App no download.
  67. Marie Cruz: It was very helpful as we used it to navigate through the park..
  68. Kristina Moyor: This is super helpful in planning throughout the day. I loved being able to see the wait times and create my own itinerary. It's a must if you're planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood..
  69. Blanca Carrillo: Perfect to plan my day.
  70. Julio Loayza: If you are gonna make a reservation use the website! Not this app. I tried to buy 3 tickets thought here and as soon as I got the confirmation code the app crashed, and never got the tickets or money back.
  71. Willie Crotsley: Would like to create a profile and store my season passes on the app and use the spp to check into park. Six Flags and Knotts Berry farm already have this feature and it is convenient. Thanks..
  72. disney fan: The app feels old not up to speed of say the disney app.
  73. Chris C.: Great app, real helpful and convenient!.
  74. Bean Tako: This app tells you EVERYTHING, tells you places to eat/drink tells all the attractions, even wait times for the rides,you can also see when the shows are starting, and you can book tickets, plus many more!I would 100% reccomend this app if your going to Universal Studios in Hollywood..
  75. Justine Kimble: The app is easy to use and the wait times are pretty accurate. I am a little upset the parking is higher than the FAQs say on the app, but it's only by a couple of dollars..
  76. Sergio Merino: This is a good app. It tells you about events that are going to go on, rides on the park , and dinners. The only problem is that sometimes the time for the rides glitch and dont change..
  77. Randy Raz Ullon: Ride wait time listings make the app..
  78. Sean Mohundro: Super glitchy. Clicking on tabs doesn't always work and frequently brings up errors. Does look like it may have useful information. If I remember I'll report back after visit..
  79. Andrea Ramirez: I love this app.😉😉.
  80. Frankie Escobar: Dam dam.
  81. Michelle Timmins: Universal studios is cool.
  82. Richard Navarro: Poorly thought out UI. Confusing presses can take you in a loop and still not get where you want to go and the HHN games portion tells me I'm not in the park while I am (yes my location is on)..
  83. Ramona & Greg Weir: Superb app. Extremely helpful. Adding weather info would bring it over the top..
  84. Dewey Nguyen: Useless app for HHN times are wrong. 2hr lines. Only did 3 mazes. Waste of money. Horrible employee relations service. Was in line over 2hrs because Jurassic World malfunctioned. Hollywood Tour tram closed at 4pm while google said 6pm and employees said 5pm..
  85. BlindedMouse9: Doesn't work... like at all. And they took the camera option away from the app to like scan the QR codes... for you know like the points and stuff!?!?! and the wait times are always wrong... and they dont even have anything to scan at the end of the mazes for HHN. #trash.
  86. Haley Shawn: Amazing way to plan ur day.
  87. Yawn Y: Awesome.
  88. NICHOLAS MEDINA: Its amazing.
  89. StarKillR02: Good.
  90. Vanessa Barrett: As of the 8/16 update, the app now crashes and won't open.
  91. Kiley Sharp: Super handy tool for your visit to Universal.
  92. Anthony Fiel: Won't open. Just crashing over and over.
  93. Jose Gonzalerz: Perfect day at theme park..
  94. Gary Galloway: App worked great until a few days ago and now it is a waste of diskspace. Will not even open now.
  95. Claribel Malfavon-Lara: Great app and super easy to use..
  96. HG Mantenimiento: thiscapp is a piece of trash, schedules for shows are not accurate, I early morning planned my day according to this app and at the end I lose walking dead and water world, the app showed presentations that disappear during the day.
  97. Randy Benton: amazing awsome.
  98. Michelle Sorensen: the best place ever going back on the 24 of this month.
  99. mr.gaming: it helps me know when the rides lower hours.
  100. Michele Darnold: i love this app. i can check in on the ride times and they are accurate and i can check on how much certain tickets are for certain events..
  101. Gina Gomez: over priced.
  102. Patricia Henry: wonderful.
  103. Kike Ruiz: works sometimes.
  104. fluff: Inaccurate times.
  105. Lisa Sauceda: map was as easy to as the rest of the app.
  106. Johnathan Walton: Great for the virtual map. Would be better if you could save your Season Pass to the app..
  107. Megan Jimenez: amazing.
  108. Max Stupa: Money charged, no tickets received. Avoid to use this app..
  109. Daniel Tarango: I downloaded the app for my trip to universal studios and its pretty accurate with times. the park is way overcrowded but the app is good..
  110. william urena: helps me go to current events.
  111. The Wkiddd: i like this app becuse its useful👍👌.
  112. Jonas Tangen: ❗Warning❗ Do not install this app! It will imbed itself onto your device and will not come off. ❗ Warning ❗.
  113. gajendra jangde: Hollywood movies old dialogues.
  114. Lee-Ann Dixon: it was a great help navigating our way around the park.
  115. RoseAnn Felt: Wait times are useless. They don't update and show 5 minutes all day, even when a ride is not open for the day or the time is actually 90 minutes. This is the official app. What is wrong that it doesn't link to the times showing at the rides. It's useless for ride wait times. Only good thing is let's you see next show times..
  116. Wouldn't You Like To Know: The cost of this park is a complete joke. Took my family of 5 and it cost the same as a 3 day Max pass for Disneyland. 1 day at universal for a few hundred for a half day of nothing or 3 full days at Disneyland with fast pass and pictures. Think about it Long wait times. Food over priced. Crowded. And it's a dead season. What a joke. Don't waste your time in universal studios. What happened to the old fun universal studios? App map location is way off. Wait times don't update. App is a joke too..
  117. Greg Duccini: worst app I have seen. They want your location and can't even searchrhe ride right in front of you. upsale is all it does.
  118. Cosmic Awkward: Had a brilliant time with my family the app made moving around so convenient due to map marking our position and showing the location of all the rides,.
  119. Luz Tejjedah: I wish the app had a description for the restaurants and maybe even menu images..
  120. Audelia Patino: We went to Universal Studios today and the wait times didn't match on the app. app said 25 min but ride showed 50..
  121. Maxim Tereshenko: The ui is not obvious. What tab filter is on/off?.
  122. Leah Richter/kvist: disappointing to say the least. it's just a gimmick to sell tickets!.
  123. Ryan Hazelwood: bad.
  124. Matt Laydon: Pretty worthless when wait times don't update. The app currently shows a 40 minute wait time for the Mummy and has for weeks. The Mummy is closed for refurbishment..
  125. Israel Hernandez: The app lags or doesn't show at all daily Showtimes. Please fix. Thank you..
  126. Esteban Quinonez: it's good to check my phone instead of walking in a packed area to see the sign for how long the rides are and show times.
  127. j Rivera: it on my 7u87to on up fo you jo.
  128. Audrianna C: this app really should allow you to login and save your annual pass for digital access, especially given how flimsy (paper) the annual pass is..
  129. Skurvyninja: didn't display show times all day. When i asked staff for showtimes they told me to check the app and then I shouted them the app they acted confused and still couldn't tell me show times. they have a wait time for the Jurassic park ride but guess what, there is no Jurassic park ride yet. wait times are all inaccurate. better just to use the website..
  130. Adrian Wright: its ok.
  131. A Google user: Hmm! It's an amazing amusement park to visit, I enjoy every time that I visit..
  132. A Google user: FUN TO look for a new place to live and Relax..
  133. ItsMeFrosty: best App Ever Helpet Alot.
  134. Luis Malanche: great app.
  135. A Google user: great gadget to use while walking the park. loved it.
  136. A Google user: This app can't be installed on my Google Nexus 5X running Android 8.1.0 and I'm going to Universal Studios Hollywood today..
  137. Jorge Delgado: SLOW ticket process. Do not use it to buy tickets at the park. Took about 20 minutes to receive tickets that didnt work because their system isnt syncronized to the app purchase system. Total wait time to get in using app 30 minutes..
  138. Farhana Razzaque: GREAT app! Only thing to improve is to be able to rearrange items in the itinerary. It would not let me change anything after adding attractions..
  139. Sophia Pena: it is useful but only includes one park.
  140. Christina Walton: This is handy especially if you make your itinerary ahead of time using that tool. You can include your restaurant for meals and things like that. I like the wait times. The annoying thing about it is that the showtimes were not included during our visit. It's also a little hard to navigate to the map..
  141. Chloe Brame: when i was at disney and we wanted yo go on something but didnt know how long the wait was, or where it was. all you had to fo was pull up the app. it was also really good for reservations for restaurants that take A LOOOOOOONG time to get into.
  142. Ynot 703: no login.
  143. A Google user: best app easy to use very helpful.
  144. Joshua Wright: it wont load the wait times for the rides.
  145. William Changpradith: Completely useless app. Did not have showtimes or wait times available. No option to save your pass like the Disneyland or Six Flags Magic Mountain app..
  146. Barbara B: great app!! we had no problem wait time was pretty accurate..
  147. Mike C: shows real time waiting times of rides. gps map ia good. however, show times always missing. can be improved..
  148. Douglas Sojico: Good.
  149. Michael Reif: Universal Studios makes Motion Pictures that are entertaining and this app is great!.
  150. German Lopez: Geranm Lopez.

Download Instructions Universal Hollywood™ App latest version for Android, iOS phones

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- Download Universal Hollywood™ App mod for iphone ios phone: Click the download button to your iphone then follow the instructions to download the file universal-hollywood-app-mod-hack.ipa for IPhone IOS phone. Install without jailbreak.

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- If you are not familiar with how to download games & app mods on EN.VNMOD.NET and do not know how to install, you can follow the instructions below. Here's how to download and install it Universal Hollywood™ App Mod Apk on Android & Universal Hollywood™ App Mod Ipa on Iphone IOS.

- Step 1: Click the "Download" button at the top of the article: Universal Hollywood™ App Mod

- Step 2: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the download page: https://en.vnmod.net/download/?app_id=24263

- Step 3: Go to where the file is stored universal-hollywood-app-mod-hack.APK & universal-hollywood-app-mod-hack.IPA downloaded.

- Step 4: Go to settings on your phone and select -> Applications -> Allow installation of applications from outside.

- Step 5: Press the back button and try to install the file again universal-hollywood-app-mod-hack just downloaded. Open up and enjoy.

* Note: Before installing the MOD version, you must uninstall the original version of Universal Hollywood™ App on your phone.

Download Universal Hollywood™ App [Mod + Hack] ALL UNLOCK 115M

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Operating system: 6.0 and up.
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